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Eid-ul Fitr Just Around the Corner

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We’re having so much fun this week and it keeps getting better. While the showcase at Darmawangsa Square is still going on, a new product is finally done at the right time. Yeah.., it is right on time for The Ramadan season. These 4 personal blank cards are inspired from Middle Eastern architecture. It makes a perfect gift as well as a greeting note to share this blessed moment, a very joyous day with friends & family and real joy for the health, strength and the opportunities of life.

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Darmawangsa Temporary Showcase

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This week ‘Tulisan’ will be available at Darmawangsa Square, we were excited for this opportunity. This isn’t the first time for us invited by Darmawangsa for temporary showcase. But we’ll sure it’s going to be so much fun like before!! So see you there..

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Kakatua Raja

For every new sketch, I love to work with an imaginary character that would help me in setting the overall tone through the entire collection of that specific print edition. For last July 2010, I created a special story about ‘Kakatua Raja’ – an exotic empress inhabiting an enchanted tropical forest, her very own magical universe. She is a symbol of strength, resilience, and purity against all odds. Her unique and solitary life becomes a solace to all wound.

The process is really about handmade labor of love. From the original pen and ink sketch, I developed three art work: the signature art (the original sketch refined), surface study (a layout where we experiment with different ink textures), and tile work (a repetitive composition using some element of the signature art). Each of these art work are silkscreened on to cotton materials with a limited print run for every color way. The colors are hand-picked to best depict the spirit of ‘Kakatua Raja’ using tropical tones of fresh green, coffee brown, orchid pink and navy.


Melissa Sunjaya

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