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Red Revolution

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WP_FALL12_RL_05Red is a curious color. I love that it perpetuates passion, elegance, mystery, and radiance altogether. WP_FALL12_RL_02

For generations the color stands for revolution, embodying the spirit of courage.


I adore its boldness, especially as the weather gets gloomier in some parts of the world this time of the year. Red emerges, makes notions, and rises to color your days.


The color goes well with the classic elegance of purple and black ebony, or the soothing ecru and deep grey. Add a tint of french blue for that graceful charm.


Revolving with red is indeed a world of ever changing, ever daring. – Rassi Narika

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The Fabric of Hmong

One of the most memorable moment during my trip to Vietnam was my encounter to the Hmong – the minority tribe. Hmong people live in a fascinating world of fabrics and colors. The colors of their cloth identify one among the varieties of Hmong tribe that existed. In Sa Pa I met with the Black Hmong, Red Hmong, and Flower Hmong.


Bắc Hà weekend market was a melting pot for the Flower Hmongs and travellers. It was a once-a-week community market where locals socialized and did their groceries chores. A place where everything from rain boots to buffalos, fruits to local corn wine were sold.

It was an exquisite treat to see a vibrant interactions of – mostly women -in robes of rich color and patterns. They carried piles of harvest, negotiated the prices of boars, back carried their sleeping babies, or chose a new skirt to wear.

The Hmongs wove their own fabrics and wore the clothes in layers: inner blouse, skirts, waist belt, shoulder cap, leg warmer, bags, head scarf. All of which comes in distinct pallet and simple cross stitches which layered to create their traditional ornaments.

In the Hmong community, one’s marital status, tribe, and village origin are identified through their look. Without formal education in color proportion, composition, or pattern-making, the Hmongs shaped their presence through these shades of yarn. Catching beauty, a thread at a time. Rassi Narika

Many thanks again to Arif W. Brago and Dika Satya for lending their eyes through these images.

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Mango Mania

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Indonesia is the home of some of the best tasting mangoes in the world.  The fruit is not only rich in flavor, but also in nutrients. The antioxidant vitamins A and C, beta-carotene,  and polyphenols are only a few to mention.

To pick that fresh and well-ripen mango, I noted these tips from Didi, Melissa’s mom:

  1. Look for that fresh green skin. The more vibrant it looks, the fresher it is.
  2. The end-shape of the mango – where the stem used to be – should be round. It tells if the fruit has grown to its maturity level and sweetness.
  3. The tenderness of the skin would also tell if the mango has completely ripen. If it is too hard, the mango is still raw and sour; too soft then it is too ripe.

With a pinch of salt and a drip of lemon juice to top it off, enjoy the freshness of every bite!

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Tulisan at Lotus Bleu

Good news if you are residing in California Bay Area, Tulisan’s collection is now available at San Fransisco’s über-chic Lotus Bleu boutique.

This home decor and interior design boutique at Hayes Valley, San Fransisco is shaped based on Jeannie Fraise’s love in travel, artistic background, and design experience.

The brand travels out to Paris to look for colorful graphics and modern textile to create an exciting selection of home textiles, lighting and accessories with a twist on materials and motifs.

Their rich colors and bold patterns are perfect combinations to home Tulisan’s bags. Lotus Bleu boutique is at 325 Hayes Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 – Rassi Narika

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First Batch of 12: Cushion Cover

To complete the First Batch of 12 Home collection, the Cushion Cover sets are coming in. Also available only twelve pieces per series before its complete launch next Spring.

Mail Orders are available only for delivery within Indonesia by sending inquiries to


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Tulisan’s Debut at The Goods Dept.

Expect surprises at Tulisan’s kiosk at The Goods Dept.‘s new spot in Pondok Indah Mall 2. It is right next to the Food Court area on the 3rd Floor, so you would not miss it. Opening for public this Friday, December 14th.

See you there!

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First Batch of Twelve

Beloved Friends of Tulisan,

It is an overwhelming joy to receive your genuine appreciation and to know that you believe in what I do. I started Tulisan in 2010 by creating illustrated print editions, limited to 12 pieces per series. In nurturing this newborn brand from Jakarta, our collection has continued to grow while we maintain our unique artisanal craftsmanship by constructing every piece by hand in small batches until this day.

On Wednesday, the 5th of December 2012, we will be pre-launching “First Batch of 12” for 2 new editions of Spring 2013: “Bawang Putih & the Night Sky” by Myra Bianda and “The Love Letter of Roro Mendut” by myself. Each piece of the “First Batch of 12” series will be numbered on a special label. Myra and I will be available in our store on this pre-launching day. We hope to meet you then.

Happy Holidays and Triple Kisses,

Melissa Sunjaya and Tulisan Team

The “First Batch of 12” comprises the following signature articles: Beach Bag, Hobo Tote, Librarian Tote, Tea Towel, and Apron. Cushion Covers series will also come in the following week.

Mail Orders are available only for delivery within Indonesia.

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The Best Three Hours Drive

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Often the most memorable time came from making a spontaneous trip with an ideal companion. This one was a three-hour drive from Jakarta to Bandung, with a girl named Cella in one sunny weekend. With her, everything seemed to flow effortlessly in modesty and without pretense. We chatted about many things, argued on a few cases and giggled away on some humiliating incidents. Time flew and for once it did not matter.

From Bandung, we continued to travel South until we reached the White Crater, also known as Kawah Putih lake. The lake is one of the two craters of Mount Patuha, a relatively stable stratovolcano with no significant records of activity since 1600 among many numerous volcanoes in Java.

Standing 2,430 meters above sea level, the air around the lake was brisk and surreal.

It was breathtaking to watch the lake change its color from teal blue to pale jade, depending on the temperature and sulphur concentration.

The acidity of the lake had painted the sand and rocks around the crater with a white wash, making the whole scene charmingly mysterious.

Driving back, I thought of how some people could easily be unconscious of the natural richness and beauty surrounding them. Sometimes, we hardly need to travel so far and spend the high expenses to find one of these unforgettable experiences. It could just be standing close to you.

Warmest regards, Fadly CAP

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Holidays in Hue

Home coming is essential for holiday seasons. It is the rush hour for traveling and family gatherings. Yet, the excitement of meeting your loved ones could be overturned with the hectic preparation one could not avoid. So, let’s plan ahead to ensure this holiday is tuned in style.

Explore more Tulisan’s colors for your Holiday Style here.

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Bangles in A Cube

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For the longest time, my bangles had been stacked unstably on my dressing table. As the collections grow, I knew I need better solutions.

So, I got myself a couple of small cubes. It could store around 10 thick bangles (depending on sizes) in one cube.

Furthermore, the cube was constructed with such detail that its structure would not easily deformed. This is especially great to shield the bangles while traveling.

As the cubes became an exciting addition to my dressing area, I am at ease that the bangles are enjoying their rest when not providing colors to my wrist. – Rassi Narika.

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Antiques at Jalan Surabaya

In the midst of our rapid city development, where new skyscrapers, malls and highways are constantly emerging from every corner, there is a little street in the heart of Jakarta where one can find beguiling items from the past.

Jalan Surabaya was originally opened in 1974 by Ali Sadikin, the seventh governor of Jakarta, as a place to accommodate all the antique street-traders who were roaming around the Old Town of Batavia in search for the matching buyers. It was once a street full of great colonial mansions.

It was originally opened by Ali Sadikin, the seventh Governer of Jakarta as a place to accommodate all the antique street-traders who were roaming around the Old Town of Batavia in search for the matching buyers.

Along this short walk, a series of wooden stalls are offering rare vintage goods, such as classic blue & white ceramics from the imperialism era, copper statues, wooden carvings, and vintage luggages.

It has always been a place full of inspirations for dreamers, painters and writers. We can find albums of historical stamps, postcards and photographies which take us back in time and make us imagine how people used to live.

If we are looking for somethings with a distinct personality, some items can be used as unique room decorations and can become wonderful gifts.

Mick Jagger and other music celebrities have been spotted strolling on this street. Besides its charm, there is also one tiny vinyl record shop where they have a collection of old pop, classical and world music from different parts of the world.

Just before the end of the market, there was a Vietnamese coffee shop, Madame Ching, where we stopped by to enjoy fresh bowls of home-made organic noodles.

Tripple kisses, Melissa Sunjaya

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Purple Poise

The monochromatic scenes of the cold days is a borderless playground for colors. I wake up every morning with the excitement of exploring new tones to the day’s outfit.

I feel most comfortable wearing neutral hues as my fashion canvas. It really is easy to start working from it. Add a pinch of purple tote and maroon leather gloves to highlight the look – and there you have, the elegant flair whenever walking down against the wind.

Purple is indeed a color to watch this fall and winter. I especially love how Chanel used it in their Fall/Winter Paris Fashion Week session. Finally, a shade that poises any skin color and gives boldness to one’s character. – Rassi Narika

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Every Story Enables Others

For only IDR5,000.-, pick a story and contribute to Tulisan’s community workshop!

There are several rural areas around Jakarta where the social infrastructure is seriously poor and unemployment level is high. Many people who live in these areas have low education background, and only a few have the opportunity to earn a decent living.

At Tulisan, we have incubated a simple community program where we select a small group of local people from these areas and give them methodical training in various art & craft projects. These community workshops have been conducted in a very practical way, enabling the participants to learn organically at their own pace. As they refine their skill, we give them opportunities to be involved in bringing our products to life with much higher earning standards and better working conditions.

We wish to do more of these community workshops and enable others to reach their dreams.

Triple kisses, Melissa Sunjaya

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The Port of Jakarta

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The breeze was perfect for taking a gentle cruise around the port of Jakarta. Our friends Genevieve, Thierry, Phillip, and the owner of the boat Tom had invited my husband Dom and me to join them on an amazing voyage around the bay. We eagerly set sail aboard a charming fifteen meter French sailboat named Michelle.

We were the only ones on the water to simply have fun. Those who shared our magnificent view were local fishermen, oil tankers, and industrial cargo ships which were there for the sake of making money. It was surreal to have this oceanic stage all to ourselves. Later on I learned about the unfortunate lack of marine tourism in Indonesia. In most any other part of the world this setting, with its perfect weather, would have summoned ocean lovers to set sail.

As an archipelago, Indonesians have a long and rich history as boat makers, sailors, and fishermen. It is a culture that has seduced many travelers. Once upon a time, there was a yacht club called the Jakarta Offshore Sailing Club on the harbor of Pantai Mutiara, which was founded in 1973. It hosted many regattas and cruises, and promoted the splendor of Indonesian nautical activities. Due to a very convoluted issue with the local authorities, many boat owners have lost their licenses and have abandoned their boats on the pier. All activities have been put on hold since February 2008. It is sad to watch this sailing tradition slowly dwindle as the water level rises gradually around the luxurious residential area of Pantai Indah Kapuk. One can glimpse the once beautiful docks, now virtually unrecognizable moldy structures, submerged under three meters of water.

My thoughts drifted off as I gazed towards the islands of Rambut, Damar, Onrust and Bidadari. Tom’s voice broke my contemplation, “Ready about!” he called. Everyone shouted back “Tack!” as Michelle took a turn and followed the wind gracefully to the quay.

Triple kisses with salutations to Tom, Phillip, Thierry, and Genevieve, for teaching me how to tie a bowline knot and instilling in me and appreciation for sailing, Melissa Sunjaya.

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The Secret Garden of Admiral Kasarung in Modern Ballet

“In a time long ago, deep in the forest of Java there lived an enchanted admiral by the name of Kasarung. Kasarung was half-man, half-ape but he was no beast.”

This November 15 and 16, Namarina Youth Dance brings you the world of Kasarung and Purbasari through the ballet adaptation of Tulisan’s illustrated edition and story, “The Secret Garden of Admiral Kasarung” .

Magical Celosia Cristata and curious animals of the forest will be revealed in an atmosphere of ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance. Using a compilation of world acoustic beat and classical music, this performance is art directed by Maya Tamara and choreographed by Sussi Anddri and Dinar Karina,

For ticket information, you can contact:

Namarina Pusat (@_Namarina)

Jl. Halimun No. 43, Jakarta 12980

+62-21- 829 4777, 829 4778

Namarina Kebayoran

Jl. Gandaria Tengah III No.9

+61-21-739 8557

Gedung Kesenian Jakarta

Jl. Gedung Kesenian No.1

Jakarta Pusat 10710

+62-21 380 8283, 344 1892

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