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A Subtle Touch

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Meet Gazo and Kabe a new addition from the Giclee family. “Gazo” and “Kabe” carry pattern ornaments – a derivative from our illustration – which plays with color ways in different sizing. And now our minds thirst for a living space arrangement session! Put them together in as a panel in your living room or rotate them as a head board for your bed. You can go for a room make over with it.

The first Gazo and Kabe collection is the one from our second illustrative edition: Celosia Cristata. Available in three color ways, they are made just after you order. Contact our team at store (021-72780235) or order them online ( For a complete collection, peek them here.


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A Little Pepe Story

Pepe’s stories had been told and spread out rapidly ever since he was first introduced to you. We are pleased to tell you that Pepe Dolls are being spread all around the world through the hands of the kind customers of Tulisan and volunteers at KDM. It’s great to see every one come together for this cause.

We put together a petition board so that everyone who made a purchase could show their support to the children of the street at KDM. Hopefully, more lives are again inspired and more hearts thrill for these children.

Updates: Tulisan and KDM are continuing this project, we welcome your support through Pepe Doll purchases and help us spread the words. If you have more ideas to show the support you can share, you can visit and share them your idea.

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A Pad on the Shoulder

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It’s always pleasing to find our products functioning in a public space to help build the room the way it should be, and Pad28 at Tulodong did just that.

This bar, bistro, and coffee corner feels like a common room that you would have in your house. It has real novels and reading materials that you can actually indulged in, a menu description that tells what is in a course without too many hassle, and the people who seemed to be even more cheerful whenever you arrive.

The space feels very honest and is a new favorite with their flat white – a cappuccino like drink with more milk and less foam and rich flavored Four Cheese Pizza. Finally a place that keeps itself from too much layering.
– Rassi Narika
Click here to get directions to Pad28.
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Midnight in Paris

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Paris is breathtaking and Woody Allen is brilliant. The city has been captured in so many movies yet he made it again filled with enchantment. Allen’s Paris was made with the vibe of its songs and dances were its vibe; with arts as part of their quotidian.

Salvador Dali, Fitzgerald, and Hemingway swarming in this movie and around the city as if they were original Parisiens. They were so alive it almost felt as if the city breathed these liveliness to them.

I have been mesmerized for weeks now, as I slightly wish that anytime at any corner of Jakarta, I would bump with Hemingway who would confront my stories over sips of brandy. – Rassi Narika

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Contemplating on Balzac

Tulisan’s production is moving fast to a phase that is extremely exciting yet challenging. With higher demands of our products and interests from the international market’s, we knew it is time to step things up. For the last few months, we’ve been working hard to settle a platform for our international launch: expanding our production capacity while retaining the traditional methods and idealistically insisting that our products should be made as a labor of love.

The thought of the overwhelming work to meet our deadlines and high standards – at times jittered this clueless-self the most. But giving up sounds too lifeless. Suryo, our new Head of Reserach and Development, led this project. With his experience as an automotive designers, Suryo’s precision helped developed a new standard of our collection, aiming for high quality products. Starting with creating technical packages to set up the packaging system, surprisingly we have a lot of fun doing this. Here are some pictures I took last week at our R&D meeting.

I never really contemplate on this, until one hectic day I fled for a 15 mins coffee break, my eyes got stuck on this notebook which was a gift from my significant other almost a year ago. There’s a quote from a French novelist, Honore de Balzac, on the front cover. It said, “When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt”. I hope it makes a heartwarming encouragement to you as it did to me.

xx, Myra Bianda

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How Symbols Rule The World

I spent last Saturday exposing myself to arts. I have never thought of myself to be a serious art aficionado, I merely only enjoy the big picture. So when I was lucky to found that the New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)’s online course was available in a series of art lecture  facilitated by At America in Pacific Place (more of it, here). It is a 10 week sessions moderated by Amir Siddharta from SidhARTa Auction House. And each week, we would discuss the online course which brought a range of artists from Van Gogh’s post modernism to Dali’s Surrealism with Picasso in between. MoMA’s videos provided access to the audiences to explore the artwork up close (and purely close, we even get to see the intensity of the brush and texture of canvas) along with the deliberated insights.

As we talked on symbolism, I was beside myself. It was surprising how I can relate easily with this genre. The genre is an in between of realism and surrealism with artists interpreting how reality is portrayed through many elements of symbolism, includes objects, stroke of brush, and the scene setting. The lecture started to talk on Redon who interpreted the world he seen and was very much influenced by Edgar Allan Poe, another  favorite author  of mine. His monochromatic lines were as intense as the colorful yet vague smogs he did on ‘Robert and Angelica’.

The artwork of these symbolist artists is somehow closely related to the spirit of illustrations that we have in Tulisan. Ensor, Klimt, Rousseau, Munch and Redon‘s paints portrayed the depth of their thoughts and feelings, an interpretation of the world that operated around them. They told a story. Rousseau portrays the exotic world of the wilds – through his eyes who never even left Paris; Klimt absorbed the human senses; while Munch took the invisible agony. And the mystery of these hidden stories were the beginning of the beauty of these artwork. It was about the details, the slight tensions of emotions recorded, and the untold message that add story to it all. – Rassi Narika

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