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Weekend Reading: Beatrice Wood

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You know that sweet and wise little old lady (who plays the aged Rose) in James Cameron’s movie Titanic?  That wonderfully eccentric character was inspired by the incomparable ceramic artist Beatrice Wood.

Beatrice Wood led a remarkable and thoroughly inspiring life, all of which is captured in her book, I Shock Myself: The Autobiography of Beatrice Wood.  Her life was layered with rebellion and ambition.  As a young girl growing up in the early 1900’s she defied her socialite mother and pursued her passion for acting.  Along the way she became friends with iconoclast artist Marcel Duchamp, and lover to the French writer Henri-Pierre Roche.

Her book is a fascinating read.  In her own words she describes how it wasn’t until she was 40 that she discovered the passion that would change her life: pottery.  Unlike most acclaimed artists, Wood enjoyed the most success during the last 25 years of her life and stayed active in the art world until her death in 1998 at the age of 105.

She is remembered not only as one of America’s most prolific ceramicists, but also for her avant-garde nature.  Everything about Beatrice Wood, from her personal style and way of looking at the world, to her artistic pursuits and romantic encounters, was exceptional and unconventional.

Whether you are an art enthusiast, incurable romantic, history buff, or are just looking for a charming read, I Shock Myself is an enchanting way to pass the time.  Don’t be surprised if after reading it, you find yourself wanting to watch Titanic again! – Melany Z.

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Loco for Taco Local

Being always on the lookout for a good taco in Jakarta, we jumped at the chance to give Taco Local a try.  Located on Jl. Panglima Polim 5 # 38, this tiny resto is easy to miss.  Inside we found limited seating ( individual tables/semi-uncomfortable little stools) but once we received our order of Elote, Carne, and Al Pastor Tacos, we were sold.  You’ll be hard pressed to find a more delicious combination of Tex-Mex flavors in our fair city. Seriously, each dish we tried was incredibly tasty.  The only disappointment we found was that not everything on the menu was available for us to try.

Partially owned by the former food critic for the now defunct Time Out Jakarta Magazine, Sebastian Subakti, this little taco joint is the real deal.  Cheap tacos, beer, and other assorted Tex-Mex delights are offered up in a hole- in-the-wall type atmosphere the likes of which we’ve only previously experienced in Texas.

Having consumed as many tacos as humanly possible, we left Taco Local completely stuffed, but still wanting more.  We suggest that you head there immediately and get your taco on.

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Never Too Late for Ballet

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Remember the time when you put your fluffiest frock on, put your hands up, then  twirl and do a jeté in your living room? Well, do not let go of that dream just yet.

Namarina, the oldest ballet institution in Indonesia and South East Asia , holds once a week class for adult. It is so much more than just a new way to work-out. Regular ballet exercise promotes better posture and alignment, develops poise and body awareness, strengthens the back and abdominal position, helps to relieve stress, and it is also a form of artistic expression.

So wear that tutu and dance your heart out! xox, Shalimma Robbiaswaty.


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Travel Tip: Organizing Currencies

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When traveling, I take the age-old idiom of “Do not put all your eggs in one basket” to heart. I usually divide my money bills into separate places according to amount, placement safety, and country of origin. In my opinion you should at least have one pouch for emergency that should be kept hidden or near your body at all time. So if your handbag, or luggage is stolen or lost, you would still have back-up.

When I go country-hopping, I find it is easier to split my foreign currencies into different pouches. Mastering currency conversion takes time, and to have different currencies in one wallet is just too confusing. I like to have them in different colored pouch, so it is even easier for me to identify which currency I need without having to dig my purse for a long time.

– xox, Shalimma Robbiaswaty

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Les Papillons a Paris

Virginie Kasse, the writer of  “The Butterflies of Victor”, will share her story and inspirations behind the creation of  Victor book in Pages Apres Pages – a charming book shop on 29, rue des Dames, Paris. We are so happy that the butterflies have flown far and arrived safely at the heart of the City of Romance.


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A recent trip to the Natural History Museum in downtown Los Angeles took me back in time and revealed what a rich and extraordinary history our planet has.

This amazing museum is full of wonderfully engaging details. Even the signs and wall text employ vibrant colors and bold typography, which enchant visitors along every step of the way.

Each section was clearly explained with illustrated diagrams and user friendly touch-screen monitors.

Each tableau provided a fresh and informative perspective and really connected the prehistoric fossils to our existence today.

It was also fascinating to remember just how layered and intertwined our histories are.  The fact that birds are related to dinosaurs is amazing.  It reminded me that if you are able to adapt to new challenges, you will always be able to soar.

A special section for kids allowed children to be little paleontologists.  They absolutely loved getting to piece together a plastic dinosaur skeleton. It was like solving a gigantic puzzle!

Our trip was not merely about acquiring knowledge, but also about gaining a new perspective on life.

It’s incredible that one can be inspired today by fossils that are 40,000 years old!

I think of evolution as the process of enduring, and even thriving, when new challenges are thrown our way.  If we allow our souls to be generalists rather than specialists, we will always be able to find contentment, no matter where we find ourselves.

 Triple kisses, Melissa Sunjaya

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The Art of Snail Mail

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There is no digital form of correspondence that can beat the feeling of a handwritten message. The scent, the texture, the sweet surprise and all things that easily translate to “Hey, I care about you, I really do.”
Let’s celebrate the art of snail mail!
xox, Shalimma Robiaswaty
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Mesmerizing Kyoto

My trip to Japan was a dream came true. The night before my husband and I tied the knot, we made a dream destination board and Japan was on top of our list. I knew that we would make it happen and then there I was, eating udon in a Japanese standing restaurant.

Every spot that we walked to was a delight. Town-hopping to Naeba, Kyoto and the capital city of Tokyo was an enriching treat. The three areas have their own distinct charm, but my heart fell deeply in love with the modesty of Kyoto.

Formerly known as the imperial capital of Japan, Kyoto is a fuse of historical sites and modern lifestyle. You would find a businessman crossing the main street wearing yukata, or an old lady riding a bicycle wearing a big summer hat.The simplicity and strong character of the city was very attractive.

This enchanting city made me wanted to dress modestly in my neutral-colored dress and straw hat. I enjoyed cycling around the town and stopping by everytime I found a house with colorful flowers at the front porch.

Kyoto has left me inspired and I’m all set to create new things. I am fully charged.

– xx, Myra Bianda

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Hearts on the Radio

Last week Melissa was invited by 97.9 FeMale Radio to share her tale on air. Being the “Funtastic Female” of the week is a such wonderful way to start your morning, don’t you think?  Like a good cup of coffee, only much better. The Tulisan’s family was swiftly swooned with contagious excitements that last through out the day.

I accompanied Melissa to their studio (it was a five minute drive from our Tirtayasa workshop!). Gery Puraatmadja and Marcella Lumowa welcomed Melissa like an old friends. In no time, I forgot that it was a radio interview and thought that they were purely hanging out. Gery admitted that he is a big fan of Tulisan and dreadfully wished that Melissa launch a Men’s line really soon.

Gery was so well versed, knowledgeable, and I feel like he had stalked us before the interview. He knew everything about Tulisan and Melissa! Marcella was very excited listening to Melissa’s story. They planned to ambush our store right after the session.

A serendipitous surprise closed our interview session as Melissa and I was greeted by Hanny Soemadipradja, Head of Masima group, who wore the exact same dress code as Melissa: Tulisan’s skirt – Mel’s from the Delightfully Yours collection and Hanny’s from the Hotel Batavia collection – with a white peasant blouse along with their favorite Tulisan style. They look so good together that people started to gather around and have an impromptu inquiries about Tulisan. The story sharing affair continued off-air.

Melissa and I went home to our Darmawangsa nest fully charged with new energy and use it to fuel our work with dreams to uphold and more stories to be told.

– Rassi Narika


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The Butterflies of Victor

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Dear Dreamers,
“The Butterflies of Victor” in its English version is back in stock! You can catch them in our store and keep it near your heart. Let the words fly once more to perch in the ears of your family and friends- real or imaginary.
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When we went with the Bluelounge team to Convivium for Sergio’s birthday, we knew we were in for a treat. Indeed, the restaurant not only serves authentic Italian cuisine – it also pampered us with the creative details in between the gaps.

I love the simple embellishments that were found all over the place. It created a mixture of Southern Italian style with the comfort of Indonesian warmth.

The playful patterns they use for the tile reminded me of the old colonial Governor’s house in Java. It was uber-chic!

Oh, and just like how we adore handmade items, Convivium served fresh ingredients from their kitchen! Their bread is freshly made and fresh vegetables garnish the plate. They also served a complimentary bread stick to nibble on as guests wait for their orders to come.

The scene was almost complete however their famous Red Velvet Cake was not available. But, with a good crowd to laugh with, I don’t think we should be too greedy.

Rassi Narika

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Ghibli Museum

As a little girl, I was not a big fan of animated movies. I spent more time playing outside rather than watching the cartoon marathon on TV. I remember watching Doraemon and Tom & Jerry, but that was all about it. But years later my brother introduced me to Studio Ghibli and it won me my heart.

Studio Ghibli is a Japanese animation and film studio headed by the directors Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata. Their Howl’s Moving Castle caught my attention. I repeatedly watched Spirited Away, My Neighbors The Yamadas, and Ponyo.Their works have touched me deeply.

During my visit to Japan last month, I would not want to miss the chance to visit Ghibli Museum in Mitaka – a suburb area in west of Tokyo. My euphoria rose from the moment I arrived at the nearest train station.

It was not allowed to take pictures in the museum. They wanted us to experience the ‘journey’ within the place and forget everything, including our camera. But I was too stunned anyway.

The front gate was like an entrance to a fantasy world with the little windows and aqua blue canopy – it looked like one of a troll’s house in a nowhere land.

The patio had a bench and was surrounded with wild plants. I imagined Mr. Miyazaki sat there with his cup of hot coffee whilst the rain fall. At his back, the giant forest spirit Totoro stood silently to accompany.

At the front door, my imagination went wilder. I met the characters from their movies on the stained glass of the windows and jumped with excitement while recalling their names. I recorded each details in my mind and suddenly I grew younger. I was a child again and, for a moment, my so-called obligations as an adult passed from my sight.

Myra Bianda.

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