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Tulisan in LA Fashion Market

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Tulisan took part in the renowned LA Fashion Market on January 14-17, 2013. This Fashion Market comprised a week of designers’ trunk shows for the 2013-2014 collections on apparel and accessories in the heart of LA Fashion District.


The colorful palettes of Tulisan’s collection were exhibited by Namaste Showroom of the Cooper Design Space, at The Intersection


The Cooper Design Space, also known as the Cooper Building, houses brands of contemporary men and women outfit as well as accessories.


Among the names featured here are Dolce Vita, Juicy Couture, Mason by Michelle Mason, Ted Baker – London, and Trina Turk. Namaste Showroom is still showcasing Tulisan for buyers and retailers.

WP_JOU_130116NAM_04For inquiries on distribution and availability, write to or visit our website here. Tulisan is currently available for online shopping in IndonesiaU.SHong Kong, and Japan.


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The Year of the Ophidian

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Chinese New Year will come in a matter of weeks. Chūnjié or the Spring Festival is one of the most important day in the Chinese calendars and we are excited to celebrate!WP_JOU_130114FOR_04

The Year of the Ophidian Fortune Cookies set is a unique way to welcome the year of snake. Each cookies is home-baked using all natural ingredients out of a personal recipe of our friends Ana&Ani.


Of course, we have inserted a phrase of wisdom in each crumptious bite. It is our pray for your good luck and fortune in the coming year.


The set comes in three sizes that you can choose accordingly to suit your preferences.


It is also a great gift for a housewarming party or a package of love for any occassion.


Advance order is recommended. Contact for a personal clientele service or visit our Darmawangsa Store for further assistance.

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Weekend Reading: 1984

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George Orwell’s 1984 is an ultimate classic that I have pend to read for way too long. I decided to take my vintage copy of the book and slipped into reverie.


When Orwell started writing the book, Europe had just ended its most futile war and was in the edge of Cold War. He predicted that within 39 years, this war on ideology would take over society and control human’s life.


I found it interesting to read Orwell’s vision now that the year 1984 has passed. I wonder how readers, in the years that lead to 1984, felt withf= the idea on this dystopic society where independent thought is a crime.

As surreal as it is for me, I could no longer tell if today’s news, how history is told, or even how our minds operate were results of our own thoughts or opinions we absorb because there were no choice – more or less resembling to Orwell’s prediction. In some parts of the world these matters come to an extreme.

WP_JOU_121128ORW_01The book’s political tone and opinion in seeing the course of society, humanity, and freedom aroused controversy yet remained relevant today. I guess, when ideology and politics becomes the only thing that matters, we no longer control them. – Rassi Narika

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Giclée Block Type

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Melissa’s obsession to fonts and types is so contagious. Her passion in typography fills our studio wall where classy and quirky typefaces comprise mood boards as we search for ideas.


The Giclée Block Type series is our exploration of ornaments, letters, words with playful colors and strokes.


The series brings you the power of wordings to the walls of your houses and offices. It gives excitement to a room’s name and recite quotes that inspire.

WP_JOU130104_BLO_03Write to for personal clientele assistance or visit our Darmawangsa Store to see the complete collections. – Rassi Narika


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An Afternoon at Coffeebeerian

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My writing session is an escapade in which I take my doodling/ note-taking sketchbook, a favorite Muji pen and a mind that endlessly wanders while watching the world operates.

To do this, I have been running to Coffeebeerian over the weekends. The place add up my other needs: subtle and laid back atmosphere, friends that would also wander in their own thoughts for hours as I do with mine, and a favorite poppapot – which reminds me to the an evening of coffee with sweet condensed milk in Hanoi.

The place is located at Panglima Polim road, right across to Convivium and  just a few blocks away from Tulisan’s Store in Darmawangsa.

Coffeebeerian offers a wide range of coffee – from the classic espresso or cappuccino to the more playful frappuccino and fused coffee. Along with that is a selection of beer in bottles or draught and the house’s specialty: Black Pony – a mix of espresso, mint, and stout; Cobe Brown with coffee, lemon, and draught; and the Milky Gut – where they top the coffee and beer mix with vanilla ice cream and cherry.

A glass of soothing coffee or refreshing beer with friends is a perfect follow up to an afternoon of jumbling words and observing world. I am forever tempted. – Rassi Narika

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