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A Camden Market Story

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Camden Market Pop Up Installation that we held at Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall was one week filled with fun and excitement.

WP_JOU_130217CAMD_01It was such a great opportunity to bring Tulisan closer to everyone and of course to meet new people.

WP_JOU_130217CAMD_06I enjoyed all bits of Tulisan’s Camden Market. From the installation and preparation (which you can also watch in our Vimeo), the colorful products, and the photo fiesta. (By the way, check the photo competition line up in our Facebook album. Winners will be announced through Tulisan’s Facebook this weekend.)


WP_JOU_130217CAMD_03 WP_JOU_130217CAMD_04Some new Giclée Block Type illustrations and Melissa’s limited 1989 Camden Note Card collection that premiered in the event was my center of excitement. In addition, new color ways came in from the tote collections.



All in all, every body in the team can not wait to see you again in our next event. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@mytulisan), like our Facebook account, and subscribe our mailing list to receive our updated Newsletter. Adieu! Rassi Narika

WP_JOU_130217CAMD_07 WP_JOU_130217CAMD_08 WP_JOU_130217CAMD_09

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Singkawang’s Minutes of Rhapsody

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My Chinese New Year celebration last year took peak in Singkawang, Kalimantan for the lantern festival. It takes course on the fifteenth day after the Chinese New Year, thus come the term Cap Go Meh.


Throughout the city, there were series of celebrations. Singkawang was filled with lights and the days leading to Cap Go Meh, the festive vibe got more intense.


Tatung parade was the main spectacles that brought people to Singkawang. The city was literally closed from early in the morning to give ways for parade. It involved 700 temples from the surrounding cities and even contingents from Thailand and other parts of Indonesia.



The word “Tatung” referred to the men and women appointed to gave in to spirits of ancient gods, goddesses, and legendary heroes. Only chosen ones could take part as Tatungs.

WP_JOU_130225CAP_06Rumbles of the drums and cymbals were essential to keep the spirit’s presence throughout the day. These musical instruments helped to keep maintain the spirit within.

WP_JOU_130225CAP_07When you were chosen to be a Tatung, you are obliged to indulge yourselves to fast and pray before the gods. This rituals were believed to be the reason why they feel no pain, even when they have to pierce themselves without anesthesia.

SONY DSCI always love to be surprised with the unexpected stories on corners of Indonesia’s richness. It was indeed a Chinese New Year follow up like no others. – Rassi Narika

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Video: Tulisan’s Camden Market Behind the Scene

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Camden Calling Jakartans


Camden calling all Jakartans!!! Take a picture at Tulisan Camden Market Pop-Up Installation and tweet your funky photos to @mytulisan.


Express yourself, dress crazy, and be original. Win our MOST WANTED Collector’s Edition Portico Tote and other goodies.


Join the fun and see you there!

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Tulisan Pop Up Installation: Camden Market

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Tulisan Pop-Up Installation of


JAKARTA 11 – 17 FEB 2013



• Limited prints of Melissa Sunjaya’s first pen & ink sketches from her London days in 1989.

• Her latest typography and hand-lettering work in Tulisan Block Type and Giclée.

• The new Cruise 2013 print collection of Hobo and Siesta totes in 3 colorways.

Mark your calendar to join our photo competition:

Dress up as a Londoner, take a picture at Tulisan Camden Market and tweet us your photo! Prizes include: Collector’s Edition Portico Tote, Tulisan Block Type, and Tulisan Poster.

For more information, reach us via Twitter, Facebook, or


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Camden Market

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Since 1974, Camden Market has been the most popular open-air market in London, showcasing handmade arts and crafts. It is a very eccentric district and is also known as the birthplace of Rock and Britpop artists. Many music legends such as Sex Pistols, Jimi Hendrix, The Stone Roses, and Amy Winehouse had started their carrier and made their marks in this place. Prince (a.k.a. ‘The Artist’) started his own purple painted shop in Chalk Farm Road.

JOU_CAMDEN06In 1988, I used to live in London and visited Camden Town on every other weekends to buy vintage street signs and biscuit tins. I remembered the alleys, the market, and the street musicians. What inspired me the most from this place was the street artists selling hand-lettering and pen-ink sketches. In fact, it was the year when I started to take my first art studio class in pen and ink. From Camden, I knew that I love typography, that I am crazy about sketching and that one day I will open my own painted shop.


I would like to relive this memory by creating Tulisan’s version of ‘Camden Market’. Please come and share this reminiscence of 1988 with me at Grand Indonesia, Sky Bridge, Floor 3A, on 11-17 February 2013. I will have a limited number of blank cards with my very first pen & ink sketches that were created when I was fifteen.

Triple kisses,


P.S.: Here are some photos of London that I took during those days!


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A Chinatown Exploration

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Chinatown always intrigued me. The crowd, the food, the smell, the people are one of a kind. It brings back the memory of my childhood.


This attraction  continues during my travel. Chinatown appears in almost all parts of the world, a result of  Chinese long history of exploration and finding new worlds.


Each Chinatown is enriched with the local culture that nurture them. Singapore’s is visually colorful – reflecting its diverse culture.

WP_JOU_130107CHI_05It was scenic with the colorful European-influenced buildings, Chinese characters billboard, and women walking with their saris to the nearby Hindu temple.


San Fransisco has the oldest Chinatown in North America and the largest Chinese community outside Asia.


The city of was one of the port of entry for Chinese immigrants in the early 1900. For me, it was a great portrayal of how Chinese people survived to keep their roots while adapting to the local routines.


My favorite is Jakarta’s Chinatown in Glodok. As a child my memory was filled with its red lanterns and burns of incense as people start roaming the area during Chinese New Year.



Jin De Yan temple was the center of the crowd. People not only come to pray but also to watch the barongsai – the dancing dragon which brings good luck and overthrow devils.


On Chinese New Year’s eve this February, family would come to bring offerings for gods and pray for guidance on the coming year.


The burning candles followed by a moment of silence to honor the gods and ancestors would fill the night.


Every year would be challenging, but with lots of joy and fortune it would be promising. Gong Xi Fa Cai!  – Rassi Narika

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