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Window Dressing through the Night

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The Goods Dept. Pacific Place dedicated their main window display and 12 squared meter retail space for Tulisan.


9.30 pm: Twelve people of Tulisan team started to prepare key ingredients and create magic.


9.45 pm: The Goods Dept. team cleared the space for us to work


10.00 pm: Myra and Didi prepared the props.


10.15 pm: Ariani (Deputy of Production) helped with stuffing in our products, after a long day at the factory.


10.30 pm:  Didi arranged the flowers that went inside the biscuit canisters. The typography composition on them was designed by Myra, our Art Director.

JOU_GDPP_0710.45 pm: Each one of us was busy with our own to-do list.


11.00 pm: The theme was “Garden Party with Alice”.


11.15 pm: Didi (Partner & Advisor) created the magical set: a picnic area of a girl who spent her afternoon reverie reading “Sherlock Holmes” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and drinking tea.


11.30 pm: Working in silence, we designed and installed every display and lighting fixture from scratch.


11.45 pm: As a complete perfectionist nut, Lydia (Creative Director) was responsible in displaying all products within a grid structure.


12.00 pm: Vina (Chief of Business Development) made sure that we all worked according to the planogram that Della designed a few days earlier.


12.15 pm: Rassi (Brand Strategist) assembled the display table.


12.30 pm: Fadly (Chief of Operations and Finance) was resting on the floor after carrying the heavy yellow cabinet with the help of Misbah, Ismail and Bawon.


12.45 pm: Della (Technical Designer) was in charge of all assembling tools and visual merchandising components.


01.00 pm: The yellow cabinet was finally completed with all the props, lighting, and posters.


01.15 pm: All the products line-up were almost ready ready.


01.30 pm: I designed and prepared all the information graphics and solution cards.

JOU_GDPP_1902.00: We all went home around two in the morning. It was a late night, but we were so satisfied with the work. We hope you could come and see this installation at The Goods Dept. in Pacific Place.

Triple kisses, Melissa

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Tulisan at The Goods Dept. Pacific Place

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This Friday, 26 April 2013, Tulisan’s Cruise Collection 2013 will be available at The Goods Dept. Pacific Place. Encounter the new reverie shade of Green Lime, Teal Sea and Nero Jet on your favorite models. À demain!


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Coconut Cloak

WP_JOU_121025COCCoconut water is my ultimate drinking partner – especially when I need to hydrate after a long day out. It has everything you need to replace the essentials liquid that energized your body: high potassium and minerals.

It is also a great beverage when having a get together on a hot day. Mantle the coconut with Celosia Cristata Luncheon Napkin, serve it to the guests, and voilà – fresh and healthy drink for all! – Rassi Narika

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Storing Essentials: Cubes

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Monolog Morning

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Monolog at Senayan, is one of my family’s Saturday mornings destination for quality time and coffee.


My mom and I would grab our favorite Tulisan totes (hers a Yellow Mustard Beach Bag, mine a Purple Plum Siesta) and bring the girls to have brunch there.


The shop operates daily from 7.00 am, like how most bakery in Europe would start. With their fine selection of pastries – crisp layers of croissant and cinnamon rolls – I feel like entering a bakery shop in France.


On weekdays, I often stop for a cup of espresso before my day starts. Their award winning baristas are pros in making smooth espresso that gleefully dance in my mouth.


One of the best thing of the place is that Nina Simone and Louis Armstrong’s music perfectly livened the place.


After a week of routines and errands, a moment of great coffee with great company and feel good music is definitely a way to start weekends.

Triple kisses, Melissa Sunjaya

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Live & Work


Visit our Flagship Store in Jakarta for storing and organization ideas or browse through our online shop for designs and colors available for U.S & international orders.

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