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Garden Party with Alice

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When that golden afternoon arrives, there is few (out of many things) that one should never miss doing: to leisurely glide with little skill, with the little arms that are plied.


These little hands pretends that their wanderings are guided truthfully and adventurously.


With such dreamy weather, tales are to be foretold and minds to take of to faraway lands.

WP_JOU130524ALI_15A pinch of chrysanthemum, brought from old Orient land, to add the sparks in your eyes and the smirk in your smile. – Rassi Narika


Inspired by “Alice’s Adventures in the Wonderland” by Lewis Carol. Images and set by Shalimma Robbiaswaty.

Featuring: City Tote, Atelier Box, Toy Box in Celosia Cristata’s Red Rumor; Cushion Cover, Large Pouch, and Large Cube in Celosia Cristata’s Green Lime.

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Trotting the Beach Bag

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The endless possibilities when one holds a Beach Bag, is the very reason why we love it oh-so-much.

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Perfectly Pumped

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WP_130419PP_01The large pouch is a perfect bag for pumps.  Put each pair into one pouch and store the pouches side by side. The more color, the merrier!

Visit our Pinterest for collection, tips, and inspiration boards.

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Tulisan at Fang Fong Projects, Hong Kong

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Tulisan Premier Collections are now featured at the heart of Hong Kong’s SoHo district, in collaboration with the eclectic Fang Fong Projects.

Fang Fong uses vintage-modern coexist concept utilizing stock and vintage fabric to create contemporary styles.

They curate colorful swatches and playful pattern for the shop. I love how our products seem like it was meant to be there.

WP_JOU_130516FANG_05Our Hong Kong distributor and team – One Arcane Road – brilliantly translated Tulisan’s visual merchandise concepts through the window display.WP_JOU_130516FANG_07

The color schemes boldly pop as you walk by.


Fang Fong Project is at: 69A Peel Street, Central, HK | Phone: 00 852 3105 5557


One Arcane Road also visited our Flagship Store in Jakarta last Fall to shoot this video feature on Tulisan. – Rassi Narika


Also watch: Tulisan in collaboration with Fang Fong Project. 


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Travel Light and Bright

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Traveling is never about the distance for me. It is about the journey and being on the road. So, it is important for me to pack light and bright.


I use the Medium Cube to store outfit and beach wear. It keeps everything neat and allows me to color code.


Toiletries and body care fit in the Small Pouch. It is an easy grab and go.


Putting sandals and flats inside a Large Pouch keep the sand away from littering my bag. It can even store your high heels – for a possibility of fancy nights.


WP_JOU130419BAT_TS_07And books! A must bring. I love spending my travel, reading. It really adds up to the journey. Usually I brought a couple that could fit inside a Small Pouch.

WP_JOU130419BAT_TS_05 WP_JOU130419BAT_TS_04

I load everything inside a Tulisan Atelier Box and bring it with me into the cabin or for a day trip to the beach. How do you travel? – Rassi Narika


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Cruise 2013: Casual Look


The Cruise 2013 Collections expand the reverie of monochromatic playfulness in every day look. You can find Beach Bags, Siesta Totes, Hobo Totes, and Gallery Totes in three new swatches: Nero Jet, Green Lime, and Teal Sea.

Available exclusively at Tulisan Flagship Store The Goods Dept. Outlets, and Online Orders through

Free shipping within Indonesia applies. For a complete Cruise 2013 Collections, visit our Pinterest account here.

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Free Shipping within Indonesia

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All Mail Orders for Indonesia delivery is free for a limited time – and without minimum purchases applied, too! Find out how you can get Tulisan delivered to your door here.

Happy shopping!

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Portable Filing System: Atelier Box

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WP_JOU130502_BAT_NJ_01To help me organize my working space, I created my own portable filing system.


I use several black cardboard and fold them based on the number of file folders I need.



Using 18 pt. Gill Sans in all caps – white on black background, I make the label tag for each folder.


Fold the tab into half and round its edges using a rounded-corner punch cutter. This will give a long lasting tab for your folder.



I stick the tabs to the cardboard based on the folder I use the most.


These neatly stacked folders then get organized inside my Atelier Box.


You can even use the Atelier Box as a portable filing system to store your documents, book, and binders.

For a step-by-step DIY to this portable filing system, visit our Pinterest.

Triple kisses, Melissa

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Home Workshop

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The initial Tulisan workshop started in Melissa’s garage. With an old 1940’s Singer sewing machine, Melissa, Didi, and Myra created the foundation of Tulisan’s products and craftsmanship.


Today, the house remains a workshop for the Home collection, headed by Senior Artisan, Nur Hasanah.


A couple of months ago, Nur started training Irwan and Vero from KDM, focusing on a more intricate craftsmanship in sewing.


The workshop that started from home now provide its own deal, producing high quality products while developing skills and empowering talents. – Rassi Narika

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In Collaboration with Fang Fong Projects

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We are super excited to share that Tulisan is now collaborating with Fang Fong Projects in the heart of Hong Kong’s Soho. If you live in Hong Kong or happen to be in the area, do meet our products there. Oh, and did I mention the beautiful display they have put together? It feels like a home away from home!

Fang Fong Project is located at 69A Peel Street, Central, Hong Kong.

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Walk with Confidence

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The most wanted Tulisan’s Confidence clutch is now available in 10 color ways.


These clutches are exclusively produced in a super limited quantity.


It is sexy and chic for pool parties or cocktail nights.


Contact us at +62 (815) 1051 7424 or +62 (21) 7278 0235 or email us at to get your favorite color

JOU_COL_PRE2012_05We are pleased to offer free shipping within Indonesia for a limited time. Happy shopping!

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Retail Magic

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WP_130415NVM_01No one could avoid the homey and warmth of Tulisan’s Flagship Store in Darmawangsa Square. It was a world of wonder created through the magic of Didi Hersubeno’s hand.

WP_JOU_121207DID_01Didi co-founded Tulisan with Melissa, her daughter, and put foundations on Tulisan’s values and principals. Her detailed nature brought in every fond retail experience that she had been in and customize them for Tulisan.


She self-picked furniture, lamps, floorings, and paints; add the touch of essence oil to the room; and treat you with her home-made hot tea when she is around for a chat.


From the façade to the pantry area, Didi imparts her energy every time she walks in, passing it to each product she touches. Every thing is specifically aligned for an eye treat.


Her heart and mind interact with every single detail in the store, creating an experience that even I – who come every day of the week – could never get weary of . – Rassi Narika


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Leavin’ On A Jet Plane…

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This week, Melissa packed her Cruise Bag and headed out to New York for Designers&Agents, an independent, international trade fair to showcase some of our most popular styles from the Tulisan Prints collection.


From May 6-8, thousands of fashion retailers and buyers descend on New York to attend the shows, identify emerging talent and create relationships in the fashion and lifestyle realm.





D&A, is one of the most highly-recognized and respected independent shows with gallery like venues – setting the stage for brands from around the world to influence the advanced contemporary market.

This year, the show is located in the historic, Starrett-Lehigh Building in Chelsea.


Wish Melissa luck and look for the photos from the show, coming soon…

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National Education Day

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OK_1psdThe 2nd of May commemorates Indonesia’s National Education Day. The date was chosen after the birthday of Ki Hajar Dewantara, who fought for better and equal education for Indonesia’s local people during colonizations

In honor of the day, I feel much obliged to share some of my favorite movements in education. Happy National Education Day! – Rassi Narika

1. 10 x 10: Girl Rising


Girl Rising is a powerful film that showcases the power of education – especially among girls – to change the world. The film features 9 extraordinary girls from 9 countries, written by 9 celebrated writers and narrated by 9 renowned actresses. I can’t wait for it to be played in Indonesia!

2. Kampus Diakonia Modern (KDM)


The courageous staff, volunteer, and children at KDM have created one of the best story for me through Pepe Doll. Since 1972 KDM reaches out for the children of the street to provide them with skill, education, and a better life quality.

3. Indonesia Mengajar


The name literally means “Indonesia Teaches” when translated. Initiated by Anies Baswedan, this movement recruits the nations’s best minds to be sent as elementary schools’ teachers in remote areas for one year. Despite being crème de la crème of their degree, these teachers are prepared to enrich and inspire children – with limited access of higher education – to dream beyond. At the end, however, it was these young teachers who came back retaining the lesson of life as they take parts in building the future. Image taken from Indonesia Mengajar Facebook Page.

4. SabangMerauke


A friend of mine introduced me to this rigorous and passionate initiative. Founded by a group of young Indonesians who learned how intercultural experiences open doors for tolerance – especially in a country as diverse as Indonesia. The name literally stands for Thousands Children of the Nation Travel to Return. It seeks middle school students to take part in an exchange program for two weeks within Indonesia. These students will then be triggered to intercultural understandings through interactions of different customs, beliefs, and family life.

As the team crowd fund to help funding the program, they are also seeing the debut of the first batch in Jakarta this June. Contribution in logistic, fund, and volunteers are still open through this link.

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