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Tulisan at Dulcetfig, Singapore


The delicate patterns of our Marigold Premier collection are now available at an electric vintage store Dulcetfig, Singapore.


The charm of this store lies in its devotion to offer handpicked collection of vintage styles that feels as if your have rummaged your mother’s closet.


You can find anything from a bright selection of floral-patterened dresses or the array of accessories as necklaces and clutches.


Today you can find Tulisan’s Marigold Premier collection fitting seamlessly with the store’s flair of popping colors and effortless style.


You can find Dulcetfig at:

41 Haji Lane,


Singapore 189234

+65 6396 5648

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Gift Essentials for Libra


Born in the month of September 23 to October 22, Libra’s are the most considerate bunch of the horoscope. Their symbolic sign, the scale, often make them spend long hours weighing the pros and cons of anything presented to them. When it comes to gift giving, they enjoy the finer things in life — as long as you are the one that make the decision for them.


They adore balance in life and would push for the daily beauties and comforts of life. Which is why, instead of giving them the benefit of choosing, as the great gift-giver try opting for a beautiful combination of our Tulisan hampers. Presented in all sorts of sizes,  our special gift set includes the selection of Marigold Premier that come in an assortment of colorways of Yellow Sunflower, Orange Fuschia, or Orange Oriental in various shapes of totes and bags.



– Athina Ibrahim

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Discovery: Pipiltin Cocoa


The symbolic orange logo is hard to miss when you pass your way through Barito area at Jakarta Selatan. Inside it is a two-stories chocolatier and dessert cafe that has undergone a rigorous process of scouting and roasting the best chocolate beans before it makes its way to tantalize your taste buds. (Read through their Bean to Bar Process here)

Pipiltin Cocoa was founded by brother and sister duo, Irfan Helmi and Tissa Aunilla. Their Bean to Bar process offers a range of well-plated dessert menus and single origin chocolate that were developed overtime with farmers cooperation in both Aceh and Bali.

We talked with part owner Tissa Aunilla about Pipiltin Cocoa’s values and why we think Tulisan shares the same ideals in highlighting Indonesia’s wealthy resources.


Where do you source your chocolate from?

We take our cocoa seeds from a farmer cooperation in Aceh and in Bali. Before it reaches us here in Pipiltin, it goes through these three processes: Growing, Drying, and Fermentation to extract the complexity of its flavors.

What was the aim of establishing Pipiltin Cocoa?

I was reading the news and found out that Indonesia is the third largest country in the world to export cocoa beans. Whenever we travel abroad, we often bring back chocolate gifts from Belgium or France. But when you look into it, the chocolate they make are normally exported from Indonesia. Cocoa can only be grown tropical countries. The number one exporter is Ghana, second being Ivory Coast, and Indonesia is the third. It’s impossible to nurture cocoa beans in four season countries.


After acquiring those information, I realized I wanted to make something of my own.  So my brother Irvan and I, started researching and found out that in America had what they call as a bean-to-bar concept. Simply because Americans are great consumers of chocolate. Statistically in America one person would consumer five kilograms of chocolate in a year. Compare that to Indonesia, which is only 0.7 ounce per year. It is relatively low.

So even though we wanted to apply the bean-to-bar concept here, we realized we had to start from desserts and hope it can increase people’s interest in chocolate.


Who is involved in the making of Pipiltin Cocoa?

There is my bother Irvan and me. Before we opened this place, I wanted to learn about about the chocolate process. So I went to take a short course about chocolate in Swiss. Whereas, my bother is more of a coffee enthusiast, he is one of the owners of Anomali Coffee. At Pipiltin, he is involved in sourcing the quality chocolate beans.


How did you come up with these varieties of deconstructed dessert menu?

When we started we had to find something unique to sell. People think we are selling molecular gastronomy dishes where in fact it’s just the plating of our desserts. The only molecular thing on our menu is probably the foam we infuse in one our dishes. I would say our display is more Avant Garde.

What was the biggest challenge in opening Pipiltin?

Finding the quality chocolate beans because the fermented kinds are not readily available in the market. There are two kinds of chocolate available, Covertures, which is the kind that has high chocolate content, and Compound, where the chocolate oil is replaced by vegetable oil. You can tell the difference when consuming the two. Covertures has complex layers in its taste, there are hints of sweetness, sour, and bitterness. Whereas compound chocolate simple melts in your mouth because of the oil it contains although it is less rich in nature.

We normally have a monthly chocolate tasting event here in Pipiltin so people would know how to differentiate the different kinds of chocolate available.


What else do you want to explore in the future?

We want to focus on retail by making offering our own variety of chocolate flavors. Currently, we are in the process of making the package of our chocolate bar and would want to sell them soon.

For more information about the chocolate process and monthly chocolate tasting visit, there website at:

Pipiltin Cocoa
Jl. Barito 2 No. 5 Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12160

– Athina Ibrahim

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Profile: Fadly C.A.P.


Among his fellow friends and collagues, Muhammad Zulfadly is known as the ‘talker.’ He can command the whole crowd with his fired up opinions about anything from politics to daily musings. As much as he passionately expresses his thoughts, his actions works accordingly as he plays an important role in handling various operations in Tulisan. I talked to Fadly to find out why he persistently pushes his efforts to improve the working standard and craft of Tulisan.

What is your role in Tulisan?

I am the chief of finance and operation. I handle everything from finance, accounting, tax, human resource, legal, operations and production.

How would you say is your daily routine?

I have a routine, but normally I would just plunge into the task at hand. I work together with the coordinators from each department. In production there is Ririn, on the legal and accounting there is Melly, in operations there is Ani, and she also handles the sales and marketing aspects of Tulisan.

Could you tell us the story on how you first became the Chief of Finance and Operations at Tulisan?

My background is in accounting. I’ve worked as an auditor, business analyst, financial analyst, and I think one of my expertise lies in internal control development, including policy and procedure development, increasing efficiency, and risk management. When I joined, I initially was only going to focus on accounting, but as this is a small company, there were a lot of room for improvement. So, from my own initiative I asked Melissa whether I could be involved in different operations of Tulisan.


What is the best thing about working in Tulisan?

The best thing working here is I have the freedom to express my thoughts and opinions. I think working in other offices here some of us are accustomed to the feudalism in their leadership approach – it’s difficult to question whatever is given to you. As a leader in Tulisan, I feel I have the responsibility to build a team that has a strong foundation but are working ethically without a political agenda.

We try to give the team a chance by guiding them and treating them fairly. It gives me great joy if we can help give the right support and appreciation the team deserves. This way, I am sure the workers are much more willing to give back to the company.

What is your great achievement in Tulisan?

My achievement in Tulisan is the ability to bring out the professionalism of the people. With the right working ethics, the team are more likely to work earnestly without having personal feelings intervening. Instead they would focus on solutions and would think of the company’s best interest.


What is your favorite Tulisan product?

If we’re talking about the artwork, I would say Ruba’iyat of Amma Supahilo. In that collection, I saw the potential of a great artist and artwork.

What activities do you enjoy doing outside of Tulisan?

I love teaching. I enjoy guiding my students to work on their dissertation. Aside from that I enjoy playing classical music, watch films, and read books. Currently I am reading about a history book about when Majapahit kingdom transition to Islam.

What is the most exciting thing about living in Jakarta?

Jakarta is an amazing city for anyone in the world. I can see an increasing amount of people wanting to work or live here. We have an array of tradition and cultures, it’s hard not to want to live here. I don’t think I’ll ever move away from Jakarta.

– Athina Ibrahim

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Yayoi Kusama

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The first time I saw a Kusama artwork, I was left mesmerized and soon after perplexed. At first glance her work was deceptively simple but as I stood still against the plethora of dots I found myself drawn into her world — a disconcerting psychedelic world filled with myriads of circles.


“My art originates from hallucinations only I can see. I translate the hallucinations and obsessional images that plague me into sculptures and paintings. All my works in pastels are the products of obsessional neurosis and are therefore inextricably connected to my disease. I create pieces even when I don’t see hallucinations, though.”


Although Yayoi Kusama’s body of work has span for over 60-years in the conceptual and contemporary art world. I only knew of her existence last year, during her collaboration with luxury brand Louis Vuitton.

This year, I was lucky enough to join the celebration of her work at Roppongi Hills, Tokyo.


The polka-dotted area was dubbed as “Love Tokyo Summer.” It consisted of beer and whiskey gardens, a café, children’s activities and creative workshops. You could even order polka dot shaved ice, cakes and other polka-dotted dishes in “The Me that I Adore” cafe. The whole event provided a full immersion into Kusama’s world.


Her work, called ‘Love is Calling’ was also one of the highlights in Mori Art Museum, “All You Need is LOVE: From Chagall to Kusama and Hatsune Miku” exhibition. The installation is an infinite world of glowing dotted tentacles that change colors.

With the wonderfully weird surreal surrounding, I am glad I could enjoy a Yayoi Kusama experience at its best.



xox, Shalimma

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Homebound: A West Sumatra Road Trip


After seven years of not setting foot in her homesoil, a fully grown woman returned. And my friends and I came along for the ride.


Earlier this year, my college best friends and I succeeded on convincing our friend Avi to take us to her hometown. Being the oldest in the family, Avi, has spent her years being the backbone of her family. She works hard. Often to the point of forgoing the luxury of coming home during the yearly Lebaran break.


My working days are often spent in Jakarta, where the suffocating grey sky has become a norm. But as I set foot in Padang, I couldn’t help but compare how the sky looks majestically blue. A mesmeric view that only got beautiful as we explore through the depths of the town.


We gossiped and giggled our way through a narrow winding road. Occasionally silenced by the surroundings as nature demanded our awe and respect. West Sumatra has everything from lakes, beaches, waterfalls to green hills and rocky mountains. Not to mention, the food that is as rich as sumptuous as the land we set foot upon.


The sun was beginning to set as we passed the very vast Danau Singkarak. We stopped to enjoy our last dusk in West Sumatera. The sky gradually changed its colors and blessed us with one of the most spectacular sunset I ever witnessed. Sitting there overwhelmed — being in Avi’s hometown and among friends — I also found my comfort to almost call this home.

– xox, Shalimma R

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Gift Essentials for Virgo


Born in the month of August 23 to September 22, Virgos are zodiacs that live under the earth sign. They may be practical and grounded beings, but their eye for detail and perfectionist character (said to be picky) make them appreciate the art of a good gift. They will love you more for putting thought into the gift you give to them.


When choosing for a gift, understand that organization is the pillar of their lives. Virgos enjoy going to great lengths to keep everything neat and clean. Go for our Atelier Box to give them a sense of order in keeping their working essentials intact. With its angular shaped corners, this box makes a perfect storage for books and their little needed pouches. For greater storage space, the Toy Box comes with larger symmetrical space — storing everything from toys, shoes, bags, to even being a resourceful groceries bag.


On top of helping a Virgo keep out a messy load, the great feat is that these boxes come with delicate patterns to quench their desire for anything of detail and great design.


– Athina Ibrahim





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Profile: Rassi Narika


Two years ago, Rassi’s email to Melissa opened her path to become one of Tulisan’s great storytellers. Since joining the team, she has produced a number of stories which includes “Mrs. Picklenuts,” “Delighfully Yours,” and  “Hotel Batavia,” making her receive a Special Recognition for Her Imprints in Literature. Before she sets out on her new adventure in the UK, I sat down with her to learn about why Tulisan is special to her and what she expects to explore in the future.

What is your role in Tulisan?

I am a brand strategist.

I focus on making the brand known. Communicating the brand from its concept and positioning.  We share anything we come up with to the audience and make sure they get the message as we want to.

How would say is your daily routine?

There are a number of audiences that I handle in communicating the brand strategy. I communicate with media, online customers, and our followers.

My daily routine would start with checking online orders every morning and online interactions. After lunch, I would proceed with replying each email. I don’t have a specific schedule in answering emails because with international audiences, they would expect us to have fast replies, so you need to handle all requests as soon as possible.


Could you tell us the story on how your first started as a writer and then the brand strategist of the company?

It kinda grew over time. When I first joined Tulisan, I was a writer for the stories behind some of Tulisan’s product. At the same time, I had always started helped in working on different tasks. At first, we wanted to make a bigger presence for Tulisan. We started communicated Tulisan’s values on various medium channels and different set of audiences.

I can’t say I gained the position — it was just a title to something I had always been doing since I joined.

What is the best thing about working in Tulisan?

You always have room for yourself. Of course you sometimes have to compromise with the commercial aspect of the brand, but I always have room where I can just write the way I want to.

What is your greatest achievement in Tulisan?

Writing the Hotel Batavia Story.

I never knew how to write fiction. I only started when I was in Tulisan. With hotel Batavia, I experimented with the history of Jakarta and actually put some visual incidents, cases, and periods of time. I had to do a lot of research for this piece.

It is a very personal piece for me. It also gave me leverage to expand writing fiction and made me wanted to explore writing a story infused with a complex layered past.

How can you translate Tulisan’s values into written words?

I think I am pretty good observer. The best way for me is just to be with the people and its surroundings. I realize every time I spend time away from the store, I loose of the warmth and the sense of Tulisan.

Visually, the colors helps in understanding the essence of it. Normally, I’d pay attention to the details and ask myself how I feel about it and put it into words.

Observation takes a big chunk. Another 35 percent is references and the 5 percent is me talking to myself.


What are your hopes for Tulisan?

I hope I will bump into it somewhere, someplace, sometime. Without me knowing it.

What activities do you enjoy doing outside of Tulisan?

I really enjoy reading and hanging out with friends. Another thing I enjoy doing is volunteering. I have been volunteering in an organization that works with exchange students. I work with young students and see them go abroad, learn new stuff, and come back sharing their experiences.

What is the most exciting thing about living in Jakarta?

The Alleys. Because it always lead you somewhere, sometimes there is a dead end but there is always hope that it can lead you to a different path.

It makes you feel like you live in a labyrinth.

Where do you like to go to in Jakarta?

Jakarta coffee house. I have been going there almost every night for the last two months. They have really good coffee. The owner of the place is obsessed with coffee. He would grind and roast his own coffee there. He is very personal with his customers and enjoys educating people about what makes a good coffee.

Good luck on your new adventures, Rassi!

– Athina Ibrahim

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