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Discovery: Pasar Mayestik


We spend our times on our personal computers, tablets, and mobile phones, often letting the whirling pace of information drag minutes to hours of our time away. We seek to nourish our minds, yet as a fly is attracted to lights, we get sucked into the illuminating brightness of the digital world. And we forget. We forget to take notice of what happens if we shut ourselves away from our compelling schedule that lies within the tap of our fingers.


With the grappling modernity of our time, we tend to overlook the finer details found away from our computerized built world – the vastness of our senses tuning itself with people and interactions.


Spending a day at a local market brought me back towards the fleeting feeling I have placed aside, the buzzing excitement of finding myself amongst the locality of a traditional marketplace. Taking in the sense of nostalgia and the rowdiness of honking cars, shouts of the vendors and customers bargaining, and the tempting aromas from the food stalls nearby. All elements which are toned down in a modern settings of shopping arcades.


Although the scorching heat gave my team-members and I a reason to stay indoors, it was the exuberant colors from the objects encountered that gave us a reason to explore. Standing proudly since the 1960s, Mayestik Market or familiarly known as Pasar Mayestik has been a place of trade for generations. Inside it, I could easily find any of my daily needs, everything from textiles, stationaries, fruits to cosmetics was available at proper navigation of the market.


For years, as other great traditional markets, Mayestik has given Jakarta its vibrant identity. A sense of its culture, inhabitants, and rooted tradition found through its Indonesian snacks of Kue Cubit, Kue Apem, Es Doger, and other tantalizing treats.


Contemporary marketplace might still be favored for its convenience and sealed air-conditioned rooms, but nothing can ever beat the feeling of going through patterns over patterns, buttons over buttons, or rummaging over the endless amount of colorful textiles and seeking collectible finds of home display.


Whether I needed what I bought and discovered was later to be evaluated. What I knew was traditional marketplaces led to the imaginative possibilities of piecing together crafts that I probably wouldn’t experience through a digital search engine.

Pasar Mayestik
Jl. Tebah, Kelurahan Gunung,

Kebayoran Baru,

Jakarta Selatan

– Athina Ibrahim



Photos by Shalimma Robbiaswaty

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The Traveller’s Clutch


Take my hand and run with me through the dark tunnels and small streets.
Sit with me by the old station, to write a journal full of love and hope.
Promise me to record all good things, remember the whimsical moments,
and dispose any unnecessary memories.

Triple kisses, Melissa Sunjaya


Designed by Myra Bianda and Melissa Sunjaya, the Traveller’s Clutch is an old fashioned organizer with a string closure (closed size: 18 x 23 cm, opened size: 46 x 18 cm). It comes with a 200-page A5 journal, zipped pocket, compartments for cards, bills and travel documents.


Available for IDR 618,000 in 4 colorways:
Marigold Green Grass (CTR1203 – GG)
Marigold Fuchsia Fantasia (CTR1203 – FF)
Luca Fuchsia Desert (CTR1206 – FD)
Luca Orange Tangerine (CTR1206 – OT)


Enjoy Free Shipping for Mail Order within Indonesia!
Get your favorite editions and have them delivered to your doorstep

Contact us at: +62 {21} 727 80235 | +62 {815} 1051 7424 |


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Discovery: Librairie De La Louve

JOU_CH_LIBR_01 It was almost 6.30 pm in Lausanne and we were about to have dinner in Melissa’s favorite restaurant. We were passing through a tunnel from Place de la Palud to this big square, called Place de la Louve. The square was surrounded by old buildings with pretty windows and balconies. Most of the windows were decorated with colorful flowers which captivated me and one drew my full attention.

JOU_CH_LIBR_02In front of me, there was a big arched window with old books displayed behind the glass. I came into the store immediately and found piles of rare and old books. JOU_CH_LIBR_03 Many books were wrapped up in hand-made bindings. JOU_CH_LIBR_04Traditional typography arrangement, which consists of letters and decadent ornaments were often seen on the covers of these old books.

JOU_CH_LIBR_06Just when I was about to leave, I saw a door that connected to a bigger room with many more books. JOU_CH_LIBR_07Inside there were other doors that connected to another rooms. JOU_CH_LIBR_05I was immediately drawn into this heavenly maze of books like a child in a toy store.

JOU_CH_LIBR_11I put down my bag hastily and examined every corner until I found my corner to dream. JOU_CH_LIBR_10That little corner was filled with English books and equipped with a single chair and a small ladder which invited me to indulge myself in these literary treasures.JOU_CH_LIBR_12

JOU_CH_LIBR_09In the middle of the piled and organized books, I spotted a number of intaglio prints of the city. Intaglio is a traditional printing method that uses an engraved metal plate. The engraved plate is then covered with ink and wiped. Paper is placed on the plate and compressed, so the remaining ink in the engraved plate is transferred to the paper.

JOU_CH_LIBR_14The book shop has been operating for 26 years. Emanuel Landolt, the owner, took over the shop from his retired boss three years ago. JOU_CH_LIBR_13Emanuel, who is currently working on his PHD thesis on late Soviet philosophy, wants to keep the shop in its original condition. He likes the old formula and has no intention of changing it. His goal is only to get more interesting books which he usually buys from inheritors who ask him to evaluate books of their late relatives. As le grand tour ended, I stepped outside to the cobblestoned square and brought along a book about Eugene Grasset, Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and Orwell’s Animal Farm. JOU_CH_LIBR_08I left the shop with curiosity and a hope that someday I could go back.

JOU_CH_LIBR_15My day in Lausanne ended nicely with a book-reading performance in front of Librairie de la Louve. Backed by a cello, flute and piano players, the story-teller sang and told the story in a very delightful and quirky manner. Like Emanuel said, Lausanne is a small town in one of the most beautiful countries in the world that proposes a huge offer of cultural possibilities. I could not agree more. Lausanne instantly made it into the list of my favorite cities.

Librairie de la Louve 
Place de la Louve 3,
+41 2131210 51  

– Myra Bianda

JOU_CH_LIBR_16Photos by Melissa Sunjaya.

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Store Closed on 15th October 2013


Dear Valuable Customers,

This is to inform you that in celebrating the Eid’ul Adha festivity tomorrow, our retail at Darmawangsa Square will be closed on 15 October 2013. We will open and commence our operation on Wednesday, 16 October 2013.

In the mean time, we would like to thank all of you who came to the launch of our LUCA collection today and were lucky enough to have their bag signed from Melissa Sunjaya. Looking forward to welcoming you to our store this coming Wednesday.

Happy Holidays!

– Athina Ibrahim

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Par Avion – from Jakarta with Love


On Monday, 14 October 2013, Tulisan is introducing the first delivery of my illustrated editions of Fall/Winter 2013-2014 Collection. The prints of Luca feature five-colored textile work using illustrated character and botanical elements from my Original Edition ‘Love Letters of Roro Mendut’. This edition was based on a classic Indonesian folktales, about a young Javanese princess in her adolescence who fought for her believe and passion. JOU_1206OT_02

I re-told this fiction from a personal angle where the story focused on the princess’s audacious spirit and her letters which conveyed messages of emancipation and freedom. JOU_FW13_14

In my version, Luca was the name of Roro Mendut’s beloved friend, a white homing pigeon who was the keeper of her deepest secrets and the courier of her private letters.JOU_FW13_11

As part of my reseach in developing the prints of Luca, I was inspired by William Morris – the most influential Medieval artist, writer & poet from England in the nineteenth century. Later in the work, I also infused fresh contemporary colors of tile works from Peranakan Chinese, so that the final print collection depicts a sensual taste of East and West.


Please come to my boutique at Darmawangsa Square on Monday, I will be there to meet you and to sign your bag if you wish. Thank you for appreciating my work. Triple kisses, Melissa.


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Luca Delivery I: Fuchsia Desert & Orange Tangerine

JOU_LUCA1206_DREAMAWAY_01 The Dream Away Series include all the styles designed for a perfect day at the park or the beach.JOU_LUCA1206_DREAMAWAY_02 JOU_LUCA1206_DREAMAWAY_03 JOU_LUCA1206_DREAMAWAY_04 JOU_LUCA1206_ROAMAROUND_01 The Roam Around Series include all styles designed for a chic stroll around town.JOU_LUCA1206_ROAMAROUND_02 JOU_LUCA1206_ROAMAROUND_03 JOU_LUCA1206_ROAMAROUND_04 JOU_LUCA1206_RUNAWAY_01The Runaway Series include all styles designed for traveling.JOU_LUCA1206_RUNAWAY_02 JOU_LUCA1206_RUNAWAY_03 JOU_LUCA1206_RUNAWAY_04 JOU_LUCA1206_RUNAWAY_05All styles are available in fuchsia desert and orange tangerine.

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Thank you for Ernst & Young EWW 2013

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The Founding Artist

The Founding Artist

Thank you with all my heart to all my beloved team, dearest friends and family who have supported me in winning the Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Winning Women 2013.

In my humble opinion, earning this award will grant an elevated perspective to the profile of any growing business. A perspective that would open doors to many new possibilities and would earn trust based on the essence of our business. The major obstacles that I have continued to overcome in starting this brand have always been about building the system from ground zero, setting our own standards, and establishing an impressive track record in order to validate our concepts and earn trust from the related parties we work with. Earning this highly regarded award would give confidence to my young team, would raise the barometer of our commitment, and would propel our brand to a noble ground.

Tulisan will never be a place for one solo artist with vested personal ambitions. It is an honest and clean company that is dedicated to empowering others, celebrating individuality, and caring for our world. The organizational structure has been designed to reflect a guild that accommodates artists from different disciplines and honors all forms of art from illustration, literature, music, cinematography, dance, ceramic to wood work. The manufacturing methodology has been planned carefully to showcase Indonesia’s finest artisanal craftsmanship and excellence in production quality. The design principles of our base products have always been simple and pure, which appeal to a universal audience. With this groundwork set in motion, Tulisan is preparing a blueprint for a stage that is ocean deep. A stage where a label imprinting ‘Jakarta’ will tell a different story about this city and will be a spotlight witnessed by many nations for the first time in history.

Without further ado, it takes courage, determination and constant discipline from each individual to break through the conventional molds so that we can project our very best of our beings and compose our blueprints into reality within the near future. I have hand-picked a team of young willful individuals who together have self-taught themselves in becoming a potent team of experts in the daily operations of Tulisan. As the captain of this team, I choose to devote my time in mentoring these individuals to be free thinkers, entrepreneurs and leaders.

Triple kisses from Jakarta with Love,
Melissa Sunjaya

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Weekend Reading: Nausea

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Nausea was Jean Paul Sartre’s first novel. It told the story of Antoine Roquentin, who settled in Bouville after spending his days traveling. Over time, he generated a nausea feeling for the things he used to enjoy doing or the people he was fond of. He was disgusted with existence while at the same time wanted to find meanings of the existence of things surrounding him.

It is discourteous to capture Sartre’s mind in such a short review. However, I wanted to point how I constantly relate Roquentin’s restlessness to every post-traveling session I made. In every homecoming, my comprehension of things I thought I knew was altered. Travel redefines perception, compromise values, and leaves you feel estrange of the things you were once familiar with. As agonizing as these feelings are, they are exactly the reasons for me to set another journey to find meanings.

– Rassi Narika


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Discovery: Koko Bogana


Indonesians love to have their food mixed with variety of condiments. It’s not enough to only eat rice with meat or vegetables, if we can, we would prefer to have a flavorful meal complete with choices of spices, sauces, crackers, and not forgetting fried shallots or dried Tempeh. When it comes to Indonesian food, it’s about having it fuse and pop with oozing flavors in your mouth.


Here is where Koko Bogana comes to the picture. Located in the corner of a compound at Cikajang Street, Koko Bogana offers choices of Indonesian cuisine that are found in Central Java. The rice meal is wrapped in a banana leaf and includes rice and various side-dishes to choose from. You can go for the banana-leaf wrapping meals of Nasi Kanoman, Nasi Pagongan, Nasi Rembang, Nasi Toek Toek, or just opt for the filling delicacies of traditional snacks.


Normally packed with workers during lunch hours on weekdays, the rather breezy restaurant is equipped with vintage Javanese doors, classical ornaments and paintings, and an artisanal dining-ware that sets the tone of being an authentic Javanese restaurant. 

Koko Bogana
Jl. Cipaku 1 no. 2,
Kebayoran Baru,
Jakarta Selatan 12170
021 – 7203754

– Athina Ibrahim




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Profile: Lydia Parengkuan


Lydia Parengkuan has always had an interest in the world of design and the arts. Having worked in Advertising and further pursuing her studies in fashion product development, she then found her way to become the creative director of Tulisan. I talked to her about how she was able to explore her craft in this dynamic brand.

Can you tell us your role in Tulisan?

I am the creative director here. Basically I set the creative direction for the brand.

How would you explain your daily routine?

I don’t have the same routine. But my design process starts from brainstorming with Melissa (founder of Tulisan), then we would start the design, revise it, until we narrow down the direction, and find the finalize the artwork before we finally make the mechanical file. The artwork is then given to the vendors and have it ready for print. Meanwhile, we would ask for quotations to know how much the specs would cost. We would have to think in economically terms, how to minimize waste on the printing – that is also something we need to think about from the start.

So what you do encompasses both design and technical aspect. Can you explain your design process?

Normally we start with sketching. From the sketches, we would make diagrams and develop logotype. We explore the fonts according to the look and direction by experimenting a lot.


Where do you gather your inspiration?

It could be from everywhere. But for color, we pick it up from the fashion trend forecasting, which normally is a future prediction of the trends ahead, we now can preview the spring and summer trends of the year 2014.

We see the colors available and adapt this again, if there is green, we find a shade that is more suitable to Tulisan. We have to adjust to see what feel we are going for, whether it is whimsical, playful, or passionate.

What is the most enjoyable thing about working in Tulisan?

There is endless of possibilities. Here we can go crazy with our imagination, even though when it comes to execution, we, of course, have to narrow it down. But we can be as wild and playful as we want to be. Anything is possible here, and we would only compromise a little to make it work.

What is your greatest achievement here?

I have learned a lot of the technical aspect from Melissa. I love designing, but during execution, we need to understand the specification of production, and learn from other colleagues on how they craft their work.

What else do you want to explore in Tulisan?

There is a lot I want to explore in. I want to develop the brand guidelines and also learn about brand retail and visual merchandising.


What is your favorite Tulisan product?

I like the club tote. For the collection I like Ruba’iyat of Amma Supahilo.

What’s your favorite activity outside of Tulisan?

Traveling. I still would love to visit Cape Town, South Africa.

What is the most exciting thing for you in Jakarta?

Just being around my family and friends.

– Athina Ibrahim

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