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Melissa at Pecha Kucha Jakarta Vol. 16

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We are excited to announce that Tulisan’s very own Melissa Sunjaya will be one of the speakers of Pecha Kucha Jakarta Vol. 16.

A little bit about Pecha Kucha:

Pecha Kucha (pronounced as “peh-chak-cha”) is a Japanese term to define the conversational sound in a room full of people. This term was taken by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham as the first people to establish Pecha Kucha since the year 2004 in Tokyo. This is a casual networking event inviting key figures from the creative industries to share their stories, ideas, and experience.

The uniqueness of Pecha Kucha lies in its quickly paced 20×20 presentation format where speakers are welcomed to share their stories of 20 slides in only 20 seconds each slide. Resulting in a exciting 6:40 minute talk of each speakers.

This month Pecha Kucha Jakarta Vol. 16 will be highlighting the theme Storytelling and Melissa Sunjaya — alongside the other great speakers — will be ready to share to you her journey and stories of Tulisan.

Monday, 25 November 2013
Time: 19:00 – 21:30 (Registration will be opened from 18:30)
Location: Erasmus Huis
Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav. S-3, Jakarta, 12950

We hope to see you there!


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Spend the Holidays with Luca


The 3rd chapter of our Fall|Winter 2013-2014 Collection has arrived! Our latest Prints Edition features our Luca Blue Note and Luca Green Lime motifs.  These vibrant Home and Accessories additions were inspired by William Morris’ ornate floral prints.  With its fresh and contemporary blend of colors, we hope Luca will bring a joyful spirit to your holiday season.

Available at our Boutique in Darmawangsa Square – The City Walk
starting Monday, 25 November 2013. From 9:00 am to 3:00 pm come and meet me for a special bag signing session and some colorful retail therapy!

Triple Kisses, Melissa Sunjaya


Tulisan’s Home Collection is produced through a sustainable community program called KDM for the Home, where each product has been made with fairness and goodwill. The goal of this initiative was to generate fair employment opportunities for women and young people who live in the surrounding rural areas of KDM, a non-profit organization which rescues children from the streets of Jakarta.WP_FW13_3_02 Hot arrival in store! The Coterie Bag  was designed for those who enjoy reading in the park, sun-bathing on the beach, and attending music festivals. It comes with a matching quilted mat (113 x 53 cm | 44.5 x 21 in.) and mat sleeve.WP_FW13_3_04

Tulisan soft goods are hand-made using non-bleached (chlorine-free) cotton canvas, eco-friendly water-based inks, non-toxic water-resistant coatings, and certified nickel free components with low impact and energy-efficient fabrication methods. We are dedicated to developing and enriching our community by investing our time in training and employing local artisans and providing them with wages and benefits that exceed market standards.


Enjoy Free Shipping for Mail Order within Indonesia! Get your favorite editions and have them delivered to your doorstep Contact us at:

+62 {21} 727 80235 | +62 {815} 1051 7424 |


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Ariani, the Woman behind the Wheels


Ariani is a caring and powerful woman with a big heart and exotic eyes. She began working with me in 2011 to further develop Tulisan’s vision and build a healthy production infrastructure.


Her passion for the performing arts has given her an enduring appreciation for classical music and the piano. When Ariani turned 18, she started giving private piano lessons at the Yayasan Pendidikan Musik, a highly regarded music school in Jakarta. Teaching requires compassion and determination, two qualities Ariani embodies.  But, it was her exceptional analytical and math skills that lead her to major in Computer Science at Binus University. This field of study allowed her to delve into the world of hard coding and logic.


Ariani’s rare skill set, characterized by a seamless blend of the arts and applied science, has made her an invaluable asset at Tulisan. As head of our research and development department she guides our team with compassion and discipline.


For her, it has always been a priority to listen to her team members in order to lead effectively. The biggest joy in her work comes from having the freedom to express herself while upholding the strong fundamental values of our company’s work ethic.


To date, one of Ariani’s proudest achievements was leading KDM for the Home – a manufacturing program for Tulisan’s Home Collection in conjunction with Kampus Diakonia Modern (KDM), a non-profit organization which rescues children from the streets of Jakarta. The goal of this initiative was to create a sustainable program aimed at generating fair employment opportunities for women and young people who live in the surrounding rural areas.


Over a period of several months Tulisan team members trained participants from KDM until they mastered the fine artisanal skills, discipline, and self confidence needed to sustain a business. Tulisan constructed a work area for the students to practice their craft.

WP_ARIANI_06 Tulisan’s Home Collection is a direct result of this labor of love – each product has been made with fairness and goodwill.WP_ARIANI_07

Ariani’s believes that the secret to happiness is working with passion. She hopes that one day she will be able to incorporate her talent for the performing arts into her work at Tulisan.

WP_ARIANI_08We will be launching these fresh color prints of Luca Blue Note and Luca Green Lime
on Monday, 25 November 2013 at Tulisan Boutique, in Darmawangsa Square City Walk.

Save the date and meet us there for a bag signing session from 09.00 to 15.00 !
Triple kisses, Melissa

Photography by Melissa Sunjaya

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Namarina 8th Season Performance

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WP_NAMARINA8_01Whatever you have planned this weekend, you don’t want to miss 8 by Namarina Youth Dance! The performance will be showing twice at the Gedung Kesenian Jakarta: on Saturday, 23 November at 8.00 pm and on Sunday, 24 November at 4.00 pm. Admission: IDR200,000.  Tickets: or call +62 21 829 4777.WP_NAMARINA8_02

“8” has been used as symbols since 5,000 BC. To the ancient Egyptian, “8” symbolized the cosmic order; to the ancient Greek it meant love and friendship; to the Chinese it represents the universe; to the Japanese it is a symbol of multiplicity; and when positioned horizontally it becomes the mathematical symbol for ‘infinity’.


One subject can be viewed differently, and this is exactly what this production is all about. With different cultural and technical backgrounds, three Asian choreographers interpret Western-based dance forms and make it their own. Jeffrey Tan from Singapore explores ballet in contemporary approach, Kim Jae Duk of South Korea lays out his expression in modern manner, while NYD’s very own Dinar Karina expresses her ideas with her own jazz style in one number, and embracing the local traditional dance in her ballet piece.


Jeffrey Tan came from a classical background, and was former Principal Dancer and Resident Choreographer with The Singapore Dance Theatre. Currently Jeffrey is the Principal of The Singapore Ballet Academy. 

WP_NAMARINA8_05Kim Jae Duk received the Best New Dancer Award in 2010 from The Modern Dance Promotion of Korea, and aside from being the Artistic Director of his own company, Modern Table, Jae Duk is also the current Associate Choreographer for T.H.E. Dance Company, Singapore.

WP_NAMARINA8_06 The performance will be held for 2 (two) days, at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta, featuring Namarina Youth Dance dancers, two guest dancers, and also supported by Namarina Youth Dance Apprentice and selected students from Namarina School. WP_NAMARINA8_07 Dance pieces that will be featured in this production are Symbiotic Metamorphosis (by Jeffrey Tan), Second Hand (by Kim Jae Duk), Identity and Jegeg (by Dinar Karina).WP_NAMARINA8_08

Namarina Youth Dance (NYD) is a semi-professional dance company, established in 2006 with its roots in classical ballet while incorporating traditional culture, with hopes to be able to put Indonesia on the map of the dancing world. NYD was initiated with the aim to become a vessel to nurture and develop the many talents of young Indonesian dancers, and to improve the position of dancing as a profession in society. Moreover, Namarina Youth Dance also carries a mission to participate in the development of healthy, creative and character-rich Indonesian dancing heritage and to take part and enrich Indonesia’s cultural life.

WP_NAMARINA8_09Photography by Namarina Youth Dance


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Tulisan at The Goods Dept. Lotte


As the purveyor of “all things cool”, The Goods Dept has stood against the plethora of international retail by focusing on local and ready-to-wear labels.


While the recent hype for international brands may not recede any time soon, it is a great reassurance to have local visionaries see the potential of what our local talents are capable of.


Since the year 2011, The Goods Dept has made its permanent mark in showcasing the array of local brands – the product of young and upcoming designers with a vernacular approach and international relevancy.


These fresh talents – of brands as Nikicio, Cotton Ink, Amble footwear – were first given platform through the establishment of a small-scale and conceptual bi-annual market named Brightspot Market, before the owner, Leonard Theosabrata with partners of husband and wife-duo Cynthia Wirjono and Chris Kerrigan, as well as Anton Wirjono and Eldalia Wirjono decided to push for a higher retail standard.


With their latest expansion, The Goods Dept has decided to include an array of international brands that were carefully selected on the basis of valuing process and craftsmanship of their brand.


One international brand we saw was Nudie Jeans, extracting the importance of process into their jeans, “At every stage, from the harvesting of the cotton, through to the indigo dyeing and the weaving, down to the sewing, men and women have used their hands to create your jeans.”  Alongside brands as Katsunori Ueda, Yatch21, or even Baggu Bag.


Growing together since its initiation, Tulisan today still stands to support their local vision by being part of their newly opened store in Lotte Shopping Avenue, Ciputra Mall.


As the newly opened store received a pop and bright revamp in comparison to its predecessor stores at Pacific Place and Pondok Indah Mall, Tulisan’s availability makes a perfect blend through its infused pop colors of the latest Fall/Winter 2013-14 Luca and Marigold Knit collection.


Presenting also the re-issue of Originals 2013 of Admiral Kasarung, Roro Mendut, Bawang Putih, together with our previous collections of the Marigold and Celosia patterns.


In hoping these local aspirations receives greater recognition locally and internationally. A desirable visit to The Goods Dept is necessary to preview and applaud the quality of the curated local picks.


While you are at it, grab yourself a little gift from our Tulisan corner, or enjoy Jakarta’s finest rainbow cake by Ibu Alma at their thoughtfully designed Goods Café.

The Goods Dept
Lotte Shopping Avenue
Level 1 Unit 1F #18-19
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 3-5
Karet, Kuningan
Jakarta 12940 Indonesia

– Athina Ibrahim


Photos by Melissa Sunjaya

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Plan a Joyful Holiday Season

JOU_HOLIDAY13_01Tulisan has been known to be the place to find special hand-made gifts that honor and nurture Indonesia’s artisanal legacy. So plan something special for your loved ones and send a memorable gift. We offer Free-Shipping on delivery within Indonesia.JOU_HOLIDAY13_02

Gift Set 01. Gingerbread Soldiers  |  IDR.500,000

  1. Medium Pouch
  2. Small Pouch
  3. Petit Journal – Cover illustration may vary
  4. Everyday Gift Tag


Gift Set 02. Magical Snowflakes | IDR.800,000

  1. Traveller’s Clutch with 200-Page Lined Journal Included
  2. Passport Envelope


Gift Set 03. Marzipan Waltz | IDR.1,100,000

  1. Siesta Tote & Matching Pouch
  2. Small Organizer
  3. Daisy Loop


Gift Set 04. Sugar Plum Fairy | IDR.1,800,000

  1. Atelier Box
  2. Hobo Tote & Matching Pouch
  3. Daisy Loop


Gift Set 05. The Nutcracker | IDR.3,000,000 *

  1. Toy Box
  2. Coterie Bag & Matching Mat
  3. Beach Tote
  4. Daisy Loop

* Only available for delivery within Jakarta area only!


Enjoy Free Shipping for Mail Order within Indonesia!
Get your favorite editions and have them delivered to your doorstep
Contact us at: +62 {21} 7278 0235 | +62 {815} 1051 7424 |

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Tulisan at roomsLink, Taiwan


We are happy to announce that Tulisan is participating in the trade show named roomsLink in Taiwan from November 7 to 10, 2013.

Located at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Taiwan, roomsLink has carefully curated a prestigious number of retailers and buyers showcasing the latest trend in fashion, art, and décor selected predominately from Asia.


This year, our best collection was made available through the earnest interest of our roomsLink vendor, Serafina Cheng.

Serafina Cheng as a full-time mother came across our brand at a pop-up store we held in Grand Indonesia Shopping Center, Jakarta, last February. Having bought her first Toy Box and as she mentioned “was amazed by the quality of the product,” she made sure a second visit to Jakarta was planned for future purchases.


Since then, our relationship with her as our valuable vendor in Taiwan took off to make our products and dreams of simple and pure living available to those in Taiwan.

For those interested in the distribution of our brand can have a visit at roomsLink this weekend or contact Serafina at the contact information below.

Nov. 7th – 10th 2013
Songshan Cultural and Creative Park
No. 133, Guangfu S. Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110

For Taiwan Distribution please contact:

Serafina 13 Ltd
TianMu, Taipei, Taiwan

Contact person:
Serafina Cheng

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Autumn Fibers: Marigold Knit


Marigold Knit Prints Edition, the 2nd Delivery of the Fall | Winter 2013-2014 Collection brings forth a new sensation by combining the sultry texture of woven fiber and cosmopolitan colors from the Art Deco era of the 1960s. Featuring ultra-bright canary yellow and and luscious grassy green, this color and texture combination feels spunky and sexy.

Available at our Boutique in Darmawangsa Square – The City Walk
starting 6 November.

Triple Kisses, Melissa Sunjaya


There are a few significant advancements in product fabrication in the Tulisan Fall | Winter 2013-2014 Collection. Tulisan is proud to announce that our textile works are now produced using a reactive dye printing method on a non-bleached (chemical-free) raw cotton canvas. This change allows us to deliver soft goods with excellent color fastness, and a water-resistant protective PU coating which  is more durable than the previous collections.


Every single Tulisan product is a whimsical luxury. The Marigold Knit prints are based  on the pen & ink illustrations by Melissa Sunjaya, which were created specifically for one of our short fictions ‘Les Papillons de Victor’, written by French writer, Virginie Kasse. Each work is handmade one by one through a very detailed and elaborate process. Tulisan proudly showcases Indonesia’s finest artisanal craftsmanship and portrays a new perspective of our culture.


Enjoy Free Shipping for Mail Order within Indonesia! Get your favorite editions and have them delivered to your doorstep Contact us at:


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