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Galloping into the Chinese New Year

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As we welcome the year of the wooden horse, we decided to take a quick visit to the place where all the pre-celebration preparation takes place.


We headed to Pasar Glodok: known extensively as the traditional market where electronic gadgets are sold at a bargain.


Annually, weeks before the Chinese New Year, Jakarta’s own Chinatown is instead transformed into a heaven of decorations adorning the symbolic and vibrant color red.


From corner to the next, the joy of welcoming the Chinese New Year is felt through being in between the peak of the crowded market.


Swarming back and forth, the mass bargained their way to acquire fresh oranges, mooncakes, abundant sweet confections, cartoon adorning angpaos to the glitzy choices of lanterns.



While the market is closed three days for the vendors to celebrate the festivities, we hope you can at least enjoy the holidays through our collection of snapshots.



Pasar Glodok,
Jl . Pancoran, Tamansari,
Jakarta Barat 

Gong Xi Fa Cai!




— Athina Ibrahim

Photography by Athina Ibrahim 

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Mom’s Best Friend: The Beach Tote


We get a lot of moms coming into the store looking for a bag that is both functional for their little munchkins’ needs and their own but that is also not covered in teddy bears. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE teddy bears, dolls & toys but sometimes, it’s just wonderful to bask in the glory of being a lady.

One of the bags that everyone loves, is the beach bag.

DSCF2140Here is why.
There are a two really handy pockets that fit bottles up to 1.5 liter (milk, water, juice), and the best part is that it stands upright when you set it down, so no spills! We like to use a couple cubes or organizers for diapers, wet wipes, and an extra set of clothes but they fit well without them too. There is enough room for a few tupperwares for snacks and solid food as well.

DSCF2158The bag itself is really light so there you don’t have an extra “child” to carry around. We also love that is has a snap button closure for easy access.
DSCF2161For all your own stuff, you know your phone, your wallet, there is a zippered compartment to keep them safe.

And finally, all of our bags are so easy to clean! A warm, damp, cloth with a natural cleaner or just some mild soap and you are done.

This bag solved my diaper bag problems, we hope it helps you!

Triple kisses,

Photography by Urip 

Rani is shown here with the Beach Tote from the Marigold Prints Edition in Orange Oriental and the Malta Dress. More colors available in stores and online. For delivery orders within Indonesia, please send an email to and for international orders, visit our online store at


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Caffeinate Your Skin: A Homemade Coffee Scrub Recipe

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WP_DSCF1885As the new year comes around, many of us make many resolutions: exercise, eat better, impress the boss, get a raise, spend more time with your kids. They are all well intentioned but when it comes down to it, it really just means less beauty ZZZs, unless you put rest more on your list of resolutions of course. 😛

For those of us that did NOT add sleep more to that list, there are a few things that get less and less attention as the year starts picking up speed, one of the first being our skin! Aside from drinking heaps and heaps of water, sometimes we still need a little pick me up after a long week.

My favorite part of 3pm is the little caffeine break I take, a quick Macchiato and bam! I am back the front of the race. Well, it turns out that caffeine works the same way for your skin. DUH?! The magic drink does it again!


So if you’re having a long week, or just feel like a little natural pick me up for your skin, body or face, try this SUPER easy little recipe. I swear by it. The best part is that you probably already have all of the ingredients sitting in your kitchen cupboard!

WP_DSCF1876So here it is:
1 part Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 parts Coffee grounds (a super fine grain like Turkish or Espresso are recommended if you plan to use this for your face)
2 parts Brown Sugar or Palm Sugar.

FOR FACE: I recommend using honey for your face because even the the finest grain sugar can be a little rough for the gentle skin on your face. So try cutting the oil, and substituting it with honey.

WP_DSCF1920Mix it all together. Then scrub!

WP_DSCF1916If you find the combination a little too oily for you, cut down on the oil, and subtitute the remainder of the liquid with honey to wet the grounds and sugar.

I like to do this right before I sleep so I can let the olive oil moisturize my skin after that energizing coffee boost. You know, channelling my inner Greek Goddess!

xx Gabbie 
Photography by Urip

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Remembering Michael Ruslim

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I have a deep admiration and endless appreciation towards the late Michael D. Ruslim (29 November 1953 – 20 January 2010) for having him as my life mentor and father figure. Since my childhood, he has supported my mother and I with pure unconditional compassion and kindness. I found out much later in my life that every single pair of shoes that I had worn throughout my elementary school years was given by him. In the middle of his busy days in Citibank or in Astra International, Michael had always been there for me to set aside time in tutoring and editing my essays. He gave me the confidence in writing. His belief in my capacity had been the most profound gift I could have ever asked from anyone. Today, writing has become one of my deepest passion and remedy. It has lifted me up from the worst fear, sadness and pain in my life. Writing has empowered me to catch all my dreams.

Michael was a very detailed and patient mentor. He made me feel that I was his own daughter and his only apprentice. The truth was that he always cared for everyone as his own children and students. He gave compassion without any prejudice. I will celebrate his unconditional love by following his footsteps.

Michael Ruslim was a leader who place humanity above all.

To our dearest Michael, thank you for everything.

Tripple kisses, Melissa

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Sunday Lunch: Rose Mint Water

WP_ROSEMINT-8Sundays are such a wonderful day to just sit back, relax with the family and FEAST!

Because we would rather be spending time with everyone, than standing in the kitchen, we have come up with some recipes for Sunday that are blissfully simple, but so delicious.

This Sunday, with the Chinese New Year coming up, we thought we could try something a little festive: Rose Mint Water. It is spectacularly stunning, and impressive but ridiculously simple to prepare.

WP_ROSEMINT-9You will need:

– about 1/2 cup Rose Petals (Make sure they are well washed and patted dry with a paper towel AND that you use Rose Petals with no pesticides.)

– 1 teaspoon of Rose Water

– a few sprigs of Mint leaves

– 4 cups Distilled water

-(optional) Ice

-(optional) 10-15 super thin slices of cucumber



Instructions: Add ingredients into a pitcher except Rose Petals. Give it a little swirl. Top Pitcher with most of the petals but save a few for a pretty little garnish for each glass.




Enjoy your Sunday Lunch!

xx Gabbie

Photography by Urip. 


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It’s Here! And you are INVITED!

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release_effected-002Our latest delivery is here and we would love to cordially invite you to the official release party for our Marigold Sangria Red and Nero Jet color ways on Wednesday, January 22, 2014 at our flagship store at Darmawangsa Square. We are open 9AM-9PM

cny3_effected In celebration of the Chinese New Year, we will also be serving tea and homemade banana bread and chocolate oatmeal cookies. The delicious homemade banana bread and chocolate oatmeal cookies will also be available for sale in their own festive attire, and ready to be gifted. Don’t forget we have a limited edition print of Ang Paos, specially designed by Melissa Sunjaya, for the year of the horse.

cny4_effected cny1_effected

Melissa will be available for signings from 9AM to 3PM.

cny release_effected-001We hope you will join us on this joyous occassion as our Marigold Nero Jet and Red Sangria are just waiting to be yours. Gong Xi Fa Cay!

cny2_effectedFor more info, please leave us a comment, give us a call at +62 (0)21  7278 0235 or send us an email at

xx The Tulisan Team

Photography by Urip. 

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The Map of Imaginary Instructions


With our eyes half-wide shut, and the remaining daydreaming of our cozy beds, our Saturday morning on a seemingly hectic November was shaken and transformed in an abrupt manner.


MyraArianiLydia, and myself were the four – with later assistance by Farid – who became part of a grueling yet enlightening workshop prepared by our Swiss-based artist/designer/visual practitioner, Sébastien Théraulaz.


A fellow school friend of Melissa Sunjaya in the Art Center College of Design (Europe), Sébastien has always carried a creative streak in him, having worked in TV productions and various advertising agencies before deciding to establish Sub Communications in 1999 and Subtitude Foundry in 2004, that focuses heavily on typography. Having traveled to Jakarta for the first time, he made sure he fully equipped us with the proper knowledge necessary in his tight schedule.


Before day one, we were prepared with a few easy tasks: to write our names on a piece of paper, bring a photocopy of our photograph, and select one of our favorite images, all of which were assigned with a purpose.


Our written names and photograph became an analysis of our character and a visual projection of ourselves, what we consciously or unconsciously portray, whereas the favorite imagery was a study of dissecting the layers and intention behind the image producer.


He helped us to understand how a simple projection can determine so many messages. What followed was an intense week of breaking down what Tulisan meant to us through word association and visual representations. Our days from then on were divided into morning art and design discussions and afternoons of refining our technical design skills.


The process was new, often frustrating and accompanied by numerous cups of coffee (and snacks!), but it gave us a simple fulfillment to see and do things through varying perspectives not be limited to our familiar routine. As a writer, this became a refreshing exercise to break down my linear and literal thought-process and experiment with ideas through color palettes and visual imagery in tactile or digital mediums.



My utmost gratitude to both Melissa and Sébastien for the opportunity to explore our creative endeavors and by having it compiled into a physical copy we all were surprised to have.



We are proud to announce our exploration in a book we call The Map of Imaginary Instructions. Why imaginary? Because this book became a guide to break down the imaginary head voices often stopping us from trying.

– Athina Ibrahim

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The Year of the Horse: Hung Paos

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Chinese New Year is approaching! With the year of the horse coming around, we have a special edition set of Hung Paos designed by Melissa Sunjaya. They are available at our Darmawangsa and Plaza Indonesia stores now!

Supplies are limited.

WP_EVP_PHOTOOne set of 8 designer Hung Paos for IDR 100,000!

Gong Xi Fa Cay!

xx The Tulisan Team

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Good Riddance, You Darn Plastic Bag You!


There are a couple chores in my life that seem to be never ending: laundry and grocery shopping. It seems like every time I think I’m caught up with either task, it’s time to start over.


I love to eat, so grocery shopping can be incredibly fun, knowing that during dinner time, it was well worth the trip to the market. I also am a list making maniac so making my weekly meal plan, writing a list & then checking off the list is so gratifying. The part that is most daunting however is after: unpacking. I feel similarly about unpacking after a great trip; the best part is over and now it’s just work, a massive pile of STUFF to be organized and no more adventure.

My problem with grocery shopping, is finding a way to fit all the food into our tiny little fridge and then figuring out what to do with the massive amount of plastic bags I am left with. I feel so guilty throwing those little bags away, so I used to have a “OPEN AT YOUR OWN RISK” cupboard full of them. Like a volcano with an impending eruption, my plastic bag collection was constantly waiting to explode.


Unfortunately, the groceries are not going to walk themselves into the fridge, but in the last few years, I have come up with a way to reduce the amount of plastic bags that I need to find a place for, and to reduce the looming danger in that cupboard. It’s not a new solution to this problem but I still love it: Re-usable Grocery Bags!

Re-usable grocery bags are such a godsend, and though there are times that I just can’t avoid getting plastic (meat, seafood and some produce), coming home with 2 plastics is so much better than 10 every time!

Aside from reducing the amount of plastic bags I have to find a place for, I really feel great about using my bags knowing that in a small way, I am doing something to reduce the amount of waste I am producing, and that will end up in a landfill. While cotton may only take 6 months to 1 year to decompose (Science Learning), liberal estimates for the decomposition plastic bags are around 10-20 years with more conservative estimates at 500 years (New Hampshire Department of Environmental Science).

In addition, with the growing Great Pacific Garbage Patch, our marine life is in great danger because of our waste (Smithsonian Ocean Portal). Obviously, plastic grocery bags aren’t the ONLY waste we find in our oceans but if we all reduce how many bags we use can create a significant impact in preserving our oceans.

Plus, carrying around a pretty, printed Canvas bag is oh, so much more chic, that those noisy, flimsy little things.


Just a word of advice, make sure you take disinfect your bags every now and then to stay germ free. A wipe down with a wet rag and a few drops of tea tree oil will do the trick.

Now, isn’t this so much better?

Back to my laundry,

P.S. If you have any suggestion to make the laundry less painful, my ears are open!

Photography by Urip

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