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First Bud of Summer

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I was in the crowd
who dreamt of applause
carried through the waves
of blurry frequencies
So I kept myself from falling in a knot
When she came with the first bud of summer
She said, time remains and friends withstands
And, darling, you should bloom,
And turn away from the noise,
To the subtle calls within yourself,
against the overbearing shadows.
With the visions of green grasses,
Under the setting sun. 

– Athina Ibrahim


WP_APP13_15 WP_APP13_16

Andalusia Skirt in Red Sangria IDR 649.000/- available at the Tulisan Flagship Store in Darmawangsa Square or by mail order at

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Cinematheque: Waste Land

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“What I wanted to do is change the lives of a group of people. With the material they deal with everyday.” – Vik Muniz

As the popular saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” the documentary WASTE LAND speaks volume about transforming the everyday waste into a valuable piece of art. Following the journey of Brooklyn-base Vik Muniz as he retreats back to his hometown Brazil, visiting the largest dump in the world, Jardim Gramacho, located in the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro.

Living in Jakarta, many of us understand and have noticed the equal effort it takes to manage the endless amount of waste in the capital. Piling becomes the inevitable causing deliberate stench and environmental issues. While the piling may be the detested outcome of the limited waste space available, it is the people who scavenge their way through these trash which we often forget about. Vik Muniz, makes a blunt approach to personally learn about what they call as “catadores” – pickers of recycle materials. He takes his time to learn about these ranging characters and place them in the lime light by photographing and expanding the size into great proportion with the garbage being the pieces which mark their existence.

With what Vik Muniz has materialized with the pile of garbage will only make you realize how the smallest things can bring a greater impact to you and your surroundings. WASTE LAND is an endearing tale of empowerment and life value.

– Athina Ibrahim

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Inside Tulisan’s Creative Process #7

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Step 7: Editing Material and Construction

No good product comes to form without being altered more than once. Once the prototype of shape and silk screening materials has been made, the construction of both forms are put together in the editing process where the bags and materials are stitched together.


This process is a crucial step to ensure quality of each bags are maintained towards the degree of standards we hope to attain on a local and global scale. Each textile sheets are measured and cut one by one using cutting patterns which applies the zero-waste concept of leaving no waste behind. Each stream of thread are thoroughly checked to see if it appears in line and are sturdy for lifting heavy weights.


Through this process, our production team becomes hands on in ensuring the prototype of every artwork is stitched manually by the highest level of craftsmanship, done by those who has an instinctive experience and an eye for detail.


Read the previous steps below:
Step 1: Preliminary Research and Sketching
Step 2: Writing the Stories
Step 3: Research and Development
Step 4: Prototyping (Print)
Step 5: Prototyping (Design)
Step 6: Silk Screening and Protective Coating

– Tulisan Chronicles Team 

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Discovery: BLESS Nature’s Best


Food as we know it has an affect to one’s state of mind and health, thus the popular saying “you are what you eat.” In this extremely fast pace generation we live in, often we focus so much of our energy on daily deadlines and the needs of others, we often find immediate gratifications for our needs and health. The rise of instant food and snacks with high-levels of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) gives our body quick fixes for hunger and a satisfactory illusion of fulfillment which degrades our body to function as it is.


Bless Nature’s Best stems from a believe our abundant resources of greens are the best natural remedies for our bodies. While relatively new, this moms and pops store was established by Gwen Winarno, daughter for renowned Indonesian foodie, Bondan Winarno, an equal food enthusiast, who started her journey on health route from her blog Gwen’s Healthy Kitchen. The humble start-up offers the finest Raw Almond Milk alongside, the deliciously made smoothies combined from the freshest fruits and vegetables, almond and cashew spreads, and quick bites of salads and glutten-free muffin.


While it takes extreme efforts to change our dietary habit, understanding of the cause and effects of what you eat brings longevity for a healthy and peaceful body and mind.


Facts on Raw Almond Milk: Raw almonds are one of nature’s most perfect foods. Not only delicious as milk, but they are also high in fiber and minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium. Packed with vitamin E, they make an excellent source of antioxidants. Naturally alkaline, rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids that can lower bad cholesterol, and loaded with phytonutrients to protect against diseases. (Source: Gwen’s Healthy Kitchen)


Bless Nature’s Best
Jl. Terogong Raya Pondok Indah,
Jakarta, Indonesia

Opening hour
9 am – 7 pm weekdays
9 am – 1 pm weekend and holidays

– Athina Ibrahim

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Once Upon A Time…


Left to Right: Clio Set in Red Sangria and Miya Set in Red Sangria

It always starts with Once upon a time,
In a land far far a way from where we are.
Once upon a time, stories concealed the birth of courageous boys and girls,
of reserved desires and infinite longing, the clash between darkness and light,
in search for the silver lining.

Once upon a time, in green pastures and the deep blue sea,
magic was a mystery that fed the appetite of the world.
Kingdoms rise and fall, gypsies roam endlessly to the depths of the earth,
and talking dragons lured people towards unspeakable temptations.

The greatest discoveries occur when we swim against the pool of familiarity,
cross path upon strange lands and the piercing of one’s eye gaze.
Once upon a time, may not end happily ever after,
But Once upon a time, always begins with a dream of the unknown,
and ends with a place where we are free to be.

– Athina Ibrahim



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Sunday Lunch: Avocado Salad Bowls

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blogGAB-20140404-025.JPG_effectedFirst and foremost, Happy Easter to everyone that is celebrating.

In Jakarta, we don’t really have winter so claiming to shed that winter layer is a little futile, but nevertheless, something about the June/July holiday months still instill a small frenzy to continue shedding that layer of love we’ve been carrying around.

And despite not having a winter per se, we are coming upon the hot, dry months that just sap all our desire to leave the air conditioning. In that heat, a hot, heavy meal is the last thing we want to add to the sluggishness we will be trying to hard to battle.

Perhaps on somedays, it would be great to lay around as Eve Ensler says, “drinking milkshakes, and thigh expanding” but we’re movers, and adventurers and that is just not an option. This recipe is perfect for just that, a quick, light and tasty bite on your Sunday, or any day that will beat the heat and keep you nourished.

BLOG-GAB-20140404-021.JPG_effectedThese avocado salad bowls are so easy to make, and guess what, afterwards, you have one less dish to wash! We chose to prepare a watermelon feta salad, baby caprese, and a quinoa, blueberry, mango salad.

Watermelon Feta Salad
-1/4 cup Watermelon
-1/4 cup Feta
-red onion, finely diced
-fresh mint leaves, finely sliced into ribbons
– 2-3 ripe avocados

Put all the ingredients in a bowl & mix, chill. When ready to serve, half the avocado, remove the seed from the, and fill the hole with the watermelon feta mixture. Serve.


-4-5 Bocconcini Balls, cubed
-1/2 cup Sweet Cherry or Grape Tomates
-1/8 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
-Fresh Basil, sliced into thin ribbons
– Balsamic Reduction or Balsamic
– Sea Salt
-Fresh Ground Pepper
– 2-3 ripe avocados

Mix the tomatoes, bocconcini, basil and olive oil in a bowl. Half the avocado, remove seed and fill the hole with the salad mixture. Drizzle with the balsamic reduction, sprinkle a small pinch of sea salt and fresh ground pepper to taste. Serve

Quinoa Mango Blueberry Salad
– 1/2 cup cooked Quinoa, and cooled
– 1/4 cup blueberries
– 1/4 cup mango, peeled, cubed into small pieces
– 1/8 cup red onion, finely diced

1 tbsp tahini
1 tsp raw honey
2 tbsp Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix all the salad ingredients in a bowl. Chill. Mix the dressing ingredients into a bowl and beat until well mixed. Add dressing to quinoa mixture. Half and remove seed from the avocado. Fill the hole with the salad. Serve.

And there you have it! Each recipe yields about 2-3 avocados (about 2-6 servings depending on if you consider one half an avocado a serving or 2 halves as 1 serving)

You can bring this to your Easter Sunday meal as the “healthy option” to offset your roast, or that wonderful Brunch. This is also a great option at a barbecue or a picnic! We also love to fill them with tuna or egg salad, and they are awesome to take to work.
BLOG-GAB-20140404-024.JPG_effectedBon Appetit!



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Bibliofiles: Born Under A Lucky Moon

Tulisan Bibliofiles Born Under A Lucky Moon

A confession:  The time I was the most embarrassed I’ve ever been occurred when I was in middle school and my younger brother thought it would be hilarious to come out of my room wearing one of my bras over his t-shirt.  I was working on a group project for school when he started parading around the table, commenting on our work as if he were me.  Perhaps it wouldn’t have been so bad had the object of my girlhood affection not been present (and thoroughly entertained by his performance). I was instantly and irrevocably mortified. My cheeks turned crimson, my ears were burning hot and my heart raced (gearing up, no doubt, to flee yet somehow my legs became immovable lead stumps).  Yes, it seems that a good family is at once your greatest asset and a cross to bear.

With humor and heart, Dana Precious captures this ubiquitous scenario in her book, Born Under A Lucky Moon.  Her debut novel spans two years of Jeannie Thompson’s life as she tells her current beau (in 2006) of her family’s antics in an attempt to warn him of their chaotic nature (with stories from 1986). The story jumps effortlessly from past to present in a style that is both fast paced and engaging.

Tulisan Bibliofiles Born Under A Lucky Moon

Jeannie is the youngest of five children, brought up in a loving but unruly household where drama and embarrassment occurred on the regular.  Having married and subsequently divorced a man who never saw past the Thompson family debacles enough to appreciate the steadfast love that lingered underneath the commotion, Jeannie is extremely reluctant to let Aidan, her current boyfriend, anywhere near her family.  In addition to keeping her family away from Aidan, Jeannie works at a demanding movie studio where her position and rank are perpetually in jeopardy.

Juggling a challenging career and love life would be hard for anyone, but especially so for someone who never wants those worlds to overlap.  At times I wondered how Jeannie envisioned her separation of love and family to shake out in the long run.  Not to mention that the effort she put forth to keep the two apart was exhausting and oftentimes seemed selfish on her part, when loved ones were lied to and/or hurt by her behavior.

Tulisan Bibliofiles Born Under A Lucky Moon

After all, not even little Prince George of Cambridge has the perfect family (Aunt Fergie, anyone?) but if your family has your back then you owe it to them to always have theirs too.  At times Jeannie seems too focused on the foibles and not grateful enough for the foundation her family gave her.

In the end the humor and likeability inherent to the Thompson family elevates the story and crafts a plot that is enjoyable and heartening.  Born Under A Lucky Moon reads like a movie you’d enjoy on a date (no doubt due to the author’s professional background working in the film industry).  It is a good choice to take on vacation, or pick up when you need something light to read.  When you’ve finished it you may want to call up your brother and ask to speak with your niece—there may be a story or two she’s never heard before…

~Melany Zwartjes

**Join us next time as we discuss Silas Marner by George Eliot.  Written over 150 years ago, this seemingly simple tale of a reclusive and misunderstood man ultimately conveys a deeper message about loneliness, hope, and the impact that love can have.  It’s a deftly written short novel that you are sure to enjoy.

Tulisan Bibliofiles Born Under A Lucky Moon







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Clear Your Clutter the Toy Box Way

DSCF2016Do you ever feel like your house is growing stuff?

We try our best to live a minimalist life, but things somehow still pile up and organizing them while also keeping the house tidy and cute is always a challenge. In addition, of course we ONLY have cute things but somehow, they just don’t always look amazing on display all the time.

Ibu Didi is our constant inspiration to battling these little problems and this is her solution that we can’t get enough of!

xx The Tulisan Team 

DSCF2010 DSCF2021The Toy Box is available in our flagship store at Darmawangsa Square, Plaza Indonesia Level 4 in front of Playground, on our website or send us an email at 

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Inside Tulisan’s Creative Process #6

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Step 6: Silk Screening and Protective Coating


Silk Screening

The very essence of Tulisan’s artwork is accentuated with a classic reproduction art form that has dated way back since 1910, this silk screening technique uses filters where the pores are closed with a photo emulsion switched off by an ultra violet ray. This filter functions as a stencil blocker of the color substance resulting in a color print recording an image created by the emulsion layer.

As big admirers of artisanal crafts dating way back throughout century, the silk screening manual are often printed with uneven layers and registers untidy color prints highlighting the imperfections made by the involvement of hands. This screen printing manual are often presented deliberately in Tulisan’s work of the Original Editions and By MS with Love Edition, giving the illustrations a life of its own. On an advance scale,  particularly for the Tulisan Prints Edition, the silk screening art form is created with a rotary machine which focus on the basic mechanism and greatest level of precision.

Through extensive trial and error and manual dexterity, each Tulisan product ensures to preserve the traditional art form which values the highest artisanal craftsmanship.


Protective Coating 

In our sincerest effort to promote a healthier infrastructure for both ourselves and our environment, all Tulisan soft goods are hand-made using non-bleached (chlorine- free) cotton canvas, eco-friendly water-based inks, non-toxic water-resistant coatings, and certified nickel free components with low impact and energy-efficient fabrication methods. Each components involved in the process ensures zero-waste are left behind, and so our workers working in the production site have a better exposure to materials which are less hazardous to their body. Each bags features a PU-coated poly lining, coating which creates, durable and resistant composite which eliminates brittleness and ensures each artwork is enriched with proper protection.




Read the previous steps below:
Step 1: Preliminary Research and Sketching
Step 2: Writing the Stories
Step 3: Research and Development
Step 4: Prototyping (Print)
Step 5: Prototyping (Design)

– Tulisan Chronicles Team

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Her Love for Skylight

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There she was, having a ball
As the grass grows tall
Where the sun beams bright
With the love for skylight
She sits upright with a feeling of no fright
“Everything is alright,” she mutters
As her eyes twinkle, while the butterflies in her flutter 

– Athina Ibrahim





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Sunday Lunch: Beet Hummus with Baby Carrots

BLOG-TUlisan-GAB-20140404-007.JPG_effectedI know, we’ve expressed our love of treats here at Tulisan, but under it all we really are on the hunt for the best flavor and health ratio. With that in mind, we’ve whipped this awesome treat!

Not only is it so tasty, with those baby carrots, it’s gluten-free, great for your blood, cholesterol, high in protein and is also a crowd pleaser that will also appeal to your vegan friends!

BLOG--Tulisan-GAB-20140404-017.JPG_effectedSo it’s as simple as this:

-1 1/2 cups Beetroot, peeled, cubed and roasted until soft
1 can Organic Beets

-1 1/2 cups garbanzo beans soaked and boiled
1 14oz can garbanzo beans

– juice of 1 lemon

– 2-3 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

– 1 tbsp Organic Tahini

– sea salt to taste

– 1-2 cloves roasted garlic
– feta crumbles (Non-Vegan Option)

Toss is all in a blender.

BLOG--TUlisan-GAB-20140404-014.JPG_effectedWe used some organic baby carrots to dip. You can use a toothpick to poke some deep holes into the top of the carrots and the cilantro fits perfectly!

This is also really tasty with warm pita bread, pretzel chips, or any other array of fresh veggies! AND, if you have leftovers, use this instead of mayo in your sandwiches!
BLOG-Tulisan-GAB-20140404-009.JPG_effectedBon Appetit!

xx Gabbie

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Inside Tulisan’s Creative Process #5

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Step 5: Prototyping (Design)

Our design instructor Sébastien Théraulaz always repeated time and again “when we have an idea, make the prototype,” that way, we see the tangible form of our ideas and notice if it translates well visually or whether we would need to tweak bits and pieces before achieving our desired result. After the four separate creative process of research, sketching, writing, and playing around with patterns, here is where everything should come to its ultimate form.


When Melissa and the Tulisan team has already sat down and settle on the type of bag they want to realize, the process from here is to first produce a very detailed technical package. As I once talked to Tulisan’s technical designer, this activity requires an eye and sensitivity for detail. A strong sense of logic in calculation and imagining form is key in this step. From here, the team would need to research on the various fabrication methods, test the components used for the bag, develop cutting patterns which apply the zero-waste principles of leaving no waste behind to the final construction of product prototype.


Often, during the cutting pattern development, the extra materials are turned into a completely new product which occur spontaneously and stray from the initial plan — making it a bonus product complimenting the rest. Other times, once a form has been produced, many changes of removing, adding, or replacing the components to altering size may occur to ensure the design still retains its main function.


Even though Tulisan is rich with character and bold colors, a minimalistic approach in product design is still necessary to follow the functionality foremost. Prototyping here is  crucial in evaluating the simplicity of the bag without overdoing it. A contributing product designer of Muji, Sam Hect once said, “it [product design] requires great restraint from a designer. The designer must almost not design. The removal of unnecessary function, to allow gaps to exist. In these gaps, life can breathe.”

Through these gaps is where the patterns and livelihood of Tulisan stories breathe on the simple form of canvas.


Read the previous steps below:
Step 1: Preliminary Research and Sketching
Step 2: Writing the Stories
Step 3: Research and Development
Step 4: Prototyping (Print)

– Tulisan Chronicles Team

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Discovery: The Beauty of Nursery Floribunda


As nurseries are meant to serve its role as a place of care, Nursery Floribunda has the exact same purpose of initiating care to its environment. Firstly established in the year 1988, this humble plant development has been a family enterprise handled by a mother and her two daughters. Having encouraging the habit to be concerned of their surrounding since a young age, Nursery Floribunda has extended their voice in making us aware of the importance of organic farming. They offer a range of green initiatives by being an agritourism offering their variety of plants, cooking class, flower arrangement class, to vertical garden services.

With a two-hour ride (more or less) from Jakarta, Nursery Floribunda will help you stay in tune with the lushness of mother nature.

Kampung Dawuan, Desa Cimacan
Kecamatan Pacet , Cianjur
West Java, Indonesia
+6221 7379326

– Athina Ibrahim

Photography by Jatidiri Ono 




WP_JOU_1404FlORI_01 WP_JOU_1404FlORI_10


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