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Selamat Idul Fitri!


The Tulisan team extends their warmest greetings  for the Eid break. On that note, we would like to inform you the operating hours of our store:

Darmawangsa Store:
The day before Lebaran: Closed 6 at PM
Lebaran Break: Closed 28th of July to 31st of July 2014
Normal Operations: 1 August 2014 from 9:00 to 21:00

Pop – Up Store in Plaza Indonesia:
The day before Lebaran: Closed at 4:00 PM
Lebaran Break: Closed on the day of Lebaran
Normal Operations: Normal operating hours after the Lebaran break. 

Selamat Idul Fitri 
Mohon Maaf Lahir dan Batin!

– Tulisan Chronicles Team

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Tulisan Pop-Up Store in South Korea!


We are ecstatic to announce that Tulisan has popped its way to the land where K-Pop singers reign supreme. Yes, we are talking about Korea! Our friends in South Korea have prepared a delightful looking pop-up store with details of our favored Marigold flower brimming brightly in Yellow surrounding the walls of the store from the outside.

Inside you can find a mix of our favorite prints in blooming colors of the Toy Box, Cruise Bag, City Tote, Beach Bag and also our Coterie to prepare you for the sunny summers ahead.

For those in Korea, see the address below and have a quick visit to the pop-up store which will only be around until July 30th, which is next Wednesday!

101 Dongyoung Bldg.
534-13, Sinsa-Dong,
Gangnam-Gu, Seoul
South Korea


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Gift Essentials for Leo


Born in the month of July 23 to August 22, Leo’s are known to be leaders of their pact. They are charming, courageous, and naturally love being in the limelight. Luxury is the epitome of their life, they delve into the boldness of colors and grandeur of life. When in comes to gifts, be sure to astound their dramatic nature.


For their lavish nature, we recommend going for the City Tote collection which has a hefty amount of space and pockets to fill their active lifestyle to always be on the dynamic side of life. The color of choice should complement their vivacious character of wanting to attract everyone passing them. Go for the collections of Luca in bright Orange Tangerine or opt for the classic Marigold Premier in Yellow Sunflower.

– Athina Ibrahim

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Discover: Events this Week

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The World & I: Heri Dono’s Art Odyssey | Until 16 August 2014

Jakarta born artist Heri Dono is presenting a solo exhibition that will feature more than 100 works. This unique exhibition will also involve performances, sculptures, and installation pieces. Don’t miss the chance to see never before seen paintings by Heri Dono himself!

Jl. Rajawali Selatan Raya No.3
Jakarta Pusat 10720


The Arabian Night Food Fest| Until August 31, 2014

To usher in the Islamic fasting month of Ramadhan, La Piazza – Sentra Kelapa Gading will host and exciting Arabian Night FoodFest as a place for people to break their fast and appreciate a blend of Middle Eastern and local food. Visitors will be able to work their way through intricately designed booths, enjoying the exotic decorations that add to the Arabian atmosphere of this event. This is the perfect place to celebrate the holy month of Ramadhan with family, friends, and good food!

Sentra KelapaGading,
Jl. Boulevard
KelapaGading Blok M

For more information visit:

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Cinematheque: Le Grand Voyage

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Movies about families normally leaves audience with moments of gratitude and often a tinge of sadness as we realise the changes we have progressed from. We understand families are central in making us who we are. The ideologies our family instil in us become values we grow attach to or have chosen to detach from.

Le Grand Voyage becomes the epitome of this thought as the story chronicles the journey of father and son as they embark on a journey to Mecca. The story starts with resistance as the father, a devout Muslim, asks his reluctant son to drive him by car to Mecca. A thousand kilometre road trip from southern France traveling all the way to Italy, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Turkey, and other cities before making way to Saudi Arabia. As travel are made enjoyable only with good company, the journey the father and son had to endure was the least comfortable knowing the bond they needed to mend.

What reveals towards the end is a harrowing journey of discovery: the astonishing beauty of connecting cities they stop by at unraveling moments of truth and disappointments they bitterly have to accept in the name of family.

As the famous saying goes, “blood is thicker than water,” the movie becomes a pivotal idea of reconciliation and acceptance as the son learns about the values of Islam he has chosen to stray away from, also learning about the important aspects of being family.

Le Grand Voyage is an endearing story for anyone who wishes to wonder into the beauty of the world while giving gratitude to closest people who made you who you are today.

– Athina Ibrahim 

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Discover: Events This Week!


Jakarta Old Town Reborn| July 13 – August 14, 2014

After the success of the exhibition during the Kota Tua Creative Festival 2014, we have transferred the Kota Tua exhibition into the smaller gallery at the Erasmus Huis.The curator, Yori Antar, worked together with 7 Indonesian and Dutch architect firms. The exhibition shows realizable ideas for the use, restoration, and re-use of the special older buildings in the old town of Jakarta.This attractive presentation will give you an idea what the Kota Tua could look like.The Netherlands Embassy hopes to realize more of these projects in the future.

Kota Tua Jakarta
Jalan Taman Fatahillah
Jakarta Barat

For more information visit:


Bazaar Art Jakarta | July 17 –  20, 2014

Bazaar Art Jakarta (BAJ) is the most prestigious art fair in Indonesia
consistently convened annually since 2009 presenting by Harper’s Bazaar
Indonesia Magazine. In 2014, BAJ will be held on July 17-20 2014 at The Ritz-
Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place, still in conjunctioned  with CASA, a premium
living & interior exhibition presents by Bravacasa Indonesia Magazine. This
year’s event will be the special moment for BAJ to enter the new era to become
international class art fair.

Grand Ballroom – CASA Stage,
The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta,
Pacific Place Mall
Jalan Jend. Sudirman
Kav 52-53 Jakarta Selatan

For more information visit:


Arti Gidwani Exhibition at Artotel | June 4 – August 2, 2014

Arti Gidwani is a New Delhi artist currently living in Jakarta who experiments with emotional and moving clay sculptures. Looking to celebrate life and capturing emotions, she has produced meaningful solo ceramic sculptures that will be on display at Artotel until August.

Jl. Sunda No. 3
Jakarta Pusat

For more information visit:

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Lebaran Gift Set

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The month of Ramadan is about re-evaluation. Re-evaluating your values and learn a few things about yourself and how much control you can have over yourself mentally and physically. After a month of self-constraint, Lebaran (Eid) will embark you on a fresh spiritual journey which hopefully will bring better deeds to people all around you. To celebrate your good deeds and those who follow the same journey as you, we have prepared a special Lebaran Hamper as a gift to your loved ones.

Our hamper includes: 
1. Coterie Bag in Marigold Pattern
2. Tasbih – Praying Roserie
3. Patterned Hung Pao
4. Notebook
5. Praying gear




– Tulisan Chronicles Team

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Discover: Events This Week!

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L’ Histoire du soldat | Friday – Saturday, 11 – 12 July, 2014

Histoire du soldat (The Soldier’s Tale), comes from a Russian folktale The Runaway Soldier and The Devil, written in 1918 by C. F. Ramuz and Igor Stravinsky, set to the background of World War I and a devastating economic condition.

Choreographer Gerard Mosterd will present a Javanese version of the tale in this performance. Unlike its previous presentation at the 2012 Indonesian Dance Festival, Goenawan Mohamad has adapted the original to strengthen narrative spirit of this play. For the current performance, the narrator uses a wayang and a bottle as puppets, to enliven the dialog between Yusuf and the Devil. It is also told that the Devil cannot die and has the same worries as humankind.

Teater Salihara
JL. Salihara 16,
Pasar Minggu,
Jakarta Selatan,

For more information:

2014 Presidential Election | Wednesday, 9 July, 2014


In Indonesia’s history of elections, the 2014 election campaigns can be said as one of the most intense with the media has enforcing the two candidates as being a battle between the “The Old Vs. The New,” “The Iron Fist VS. The People’s Person.” With a surprise involvement of young individuals taking part in a possible new change, this vote can mark a surprising turn for Indonesia five years from now.

If you are Indonesian, we hope you make your vote count this coming Wednesday!

For more information about the election visit:

Lost in Translation | 2 – 11 July, 2014


In this year of 204, legislative and executive elections have been organized in direct way. As such, the issue ‘political transaction’ has again become a phenomenon that closely related to political practices. With the selection of the theme of ‘transaction’ this painting exhibition explores various perspectives showing the recent phenomena concerning the issue of general elections in Indonesia. These perspective will be cultivated with artistic exploration as well as research on reality taking place concerning the issue. 

A Solo Exhibition by Asep Topan
Galeri Cipta III
Jl. Cikini Raya 73
Jakarta 10330

For more information:


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Bibliofiles: #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso

Bibliofiles--Girl-BossMake no mistake about it: #GIRLBOSS is an entertaining read.  With a sharp tongue and engaging candor Sophia Amoruso recounts her employment escapades (which included becoming a Sandwich Artist at Subway, working the information desk at Borders, and getting hired as a campus safety host) to her current position as Founder and CEO of Nasty Gal.  Always the irreverent outsider, Amoruso shunned attending college, choosing instead to open her own vintage shop on eBay.  With a passion for vintage and an eye for styling, Amoruso arrived on the eBay scene right when it was becoming the online shopping destination for the cool kids.

She named her shop Nasty Gal Vintage (after funk singer Betty Davis’ 1975 album) and less than a decade later Nasty Gal had become its own website and expanded its inventory to include new designer pieces as well as its own exclusive line, while making millions of dollars along the way.

Bibliofiles--Girl-Boss-3What is clear is that although Amoruso had not been great (or in most cases, even good) at any of her previous jobs, she had definitely learned a lot from each of them.  It took being her own boss for her talent and passion to be fully unleashed, and when combined with the practical skills she’d picked up along the way, her business took off in a way not even Oprah could have imagined.

Her book is filled with tips, advice, and candid stories from the trenches of retail.  Admittedly, reading #GIRLBOSS over and over on the pages of the book detracts from the message.   Soon I began to wonder: is the hashtag really necessary?  Would Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged be as effective if it was instead @las Shrugged? I guess that’s hard to say, but what is equally open for discussion is her use of “GIRL” as a term of empowerment.

Amoruso writes, “#GIRLBOSS is a feminist book, and Nasty Gal is a feminist company in the sense that I encourage you, as a girl, to be who you want and do what you want.”  I would wholeheartedly agree with this if we were all 14 year olds having a conversation about feminism.  But presuming that most of #GIRLBOSS readers are over the age of 18, I’d say that the term girl undermines what would otherwise be an empowering message.  Would it be empowering for Steve Jobs to be called #BOYBOSS?  This exclusive use of “girl” in lieu of “woman” is inexplicable.  Amoruso states, “I like to say that Nasty Gal is dressing girls for the best years of their lives whether a girl is eighteen, twenty-five, thirty-five, or sixty.”  I hope by the time I’m 60 we will all agree that I am a woman.

Bibliofiles-Girl-Boss-2Semantics aside, Sophia Amoruso is one of a kind and #GIRLBOSS is equally unique. This sharp and insightful book will motivate many to pursue their dreams and chart their own path.  With any luck, those she inspires will one day be called #BOSS.

Written by Melany Zwartjes
Photography by Tulisan Team

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Five activities before breaking your fast!

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The month of Ramadan is known to be the month of self-restrain, the month to take things at ease and cut down on most grueling activities. Which also means cutting down on the amount you spend on food.

To help you get through your day without constantly paying attention to the ticking of the clock. Here are five things which you can do before you break your fast. (Click on the name for the link of the place)

1. Museum Hopping: Jakarta is home to various different museums which some people may overlook considering the number of Malls growing every now and then. Have time to check these ones.

– Museum Fatahillah 
– Museum Wayang
– Museum Layang 
– Kantor Pos Kota Tua

2. Cultural Institution: Almost every month, the following art institutions provides a range of movies and art performances which can get you through your day. Most even have their own public libraries which you can quietly enjoy the selection of books or movies.

– IFI 
– Goethe Institute
– Eramus Huis
– Instituto Italiano

– Salihara
– Taman Ismail Marzuki 

3.  Arts & Crafts Classes/Events: If you are bored of scrolling through your browser. You can instead opt for the following choices of classes to keep your mind occupied while learning something new.

– Traditional Dance Classes
– Instameet
– Ceramic Classes

4. Fun Sports Activities: If you have more energy than the other, there are a few of the following fun activities which keeps you moving without being too exhausted. 

– Ice Skating 
– Bowling 
– Bike Ride
– Ping Pong 

5. Beauty Treatment: If you want to relax instead, try pampering the self and make yourself glow with these following beauty treatments.

– Massage
– Manicure and Pedicure
– Accupressure Treatment
– Hair Treatment

 – Tulisan Chronicles Team

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Simon, The Skimpy Sailor


“He no longer dreamed of storms, nor of women, nor of great occurrences, nor of great fish, nor fights, nor contests of strength, nor of his wife. He only dreamed of places now and the lions on the beach.” The Old Man and The Sea

Santiago, Ernest Hemingway’s protagonist in the book, The Old Man and The Sea, is a fisherman who goes offshore and finds the greatest catch of his life. A classic tale of endurance in adventure, of the love of sea and the reflections of those he leaves behind.

As Santiago unravels the greatest discovery bound against the vastness of the sea, on a sunny Monday afternoon, I sat across a man who had push his own limits to find the beauty that lay beneath the unpredictable current of the ocean.

Simon Davis is a chiropractor by profession but a true sailor by heart. He has spent the last couple of years going through the breeze and waves of different continents by his favored sailboat he names Skimpy. On a chance encounter traveling to the Marshall Islands, Simon registered his Yacht under the surprisingly existing Port of Bikini. Highlighting the playfulness of his character.


A well-built man with a dream bigger than himself, Simon has long dreamed of cruising around the world since the age of 18 years old. Having parents who encourage traveling might have been his first trigger, but having come from, as Simon says, “one of the most isolated city in the world,” namely Perth, his yearning to see beyond the cityscapes made him plunge into the unknown.

After a few minutes into our conversation, it was easy to grasp how much joy he found in the world. A couple of times, he would throw his big hearty laugh, other times, his facial expression were often at ease as he took a bite into his Veggie Brie. What was most memorable about Simon was when sharing something exciting, he would have this habit of making a giddy grin that highlighted the sparkle in his eye and crowfeet around it. It was without a doubt he had found the pleasure of living in the now.


Since his first decision to sail against the sea, he has gathered quite a following of 5o people – by personal invitation or through social media – who carry the same attitude of life of enjoying music, adventure, and definitely good food. “Life is too short to eat bad food,” he says in determination. As a food person, Simon, has luckily surrounded himself with a number of people who have the right skills (him included) to cook everything from risotto, pasta, and even bake good bread. As people often question the probability of sailing with good food, Simon ensures with his fellow travelers, they make a pit stop to get good vegetables that can  complement their ability to spear good fish.

Sailing at this point was more than a personal pursuit. It became a daring a place of communion. Skimpy Sailing became a website Simon built as a platform to document his wild and passionate discoveries. Other than the fact that sailing in groups accounted for better safety, he strongly believes moments are meant to be shared —  “If you cannot share your experience with someone then what is the point.”


Crossing borders was not only about living lime light of enjoyment. It was also about seeking balance. Simon and his traveling friends ensure they remind themselves to get back to grassroots and immerse in the act of giving. Throughout his travels, rather than providing monetary funds to those in need, he has been hands on in providing supplies to charities and giving a helping hand every now and then.

Simon is a big appreciator of life. The humanitarian part of him always feels at one with a sense of community. As a group, the Skimpy Sailors may travel with their own agenda, but there is one golden rule applied to each one on board: “every single day we would watch the sunset, listen to jazz music, drink cocktails, maybe have a cigar and talk about life, art, and philosophy.”

“If you don’t stop, it passes you by,” confirming his utmost gratitude in life.


Before we part our ways. I was curious with all this daring adventure and seeking his own freedom. What did freedom mean to him?

“One would be time – freedom of time. To have the space in your life to follow your passion and financial freedom to do what you love. Follow the inklings and itching of your soul, whether it is to go to a place or to do something.”

Even though in two years time, after his next sailing adventures, Simon might call quits to try something as new as mountain climbing. Skimpy has always been part of the passion and inspiration he looked for.

As Santiago faced the upheaval and abundant promise of discovery, Simon hopes by attracting people to his own experience he will inspire people to seek the direction that makes their heart sing and follow through.


– Athina Ibrahim
Photography by Gabriela Bhaskar and Simon Davis

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