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Happy Halloween!

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An eye for a scream and a tooth for a sweet
Haunting down the streets for a little mistreat
Legends of mystery coming alive from its history
The day of mischief buried in a pool of grief
Daunting harrowing tales leaving children shivering pale
Held once a year dusting days full of cheer
Have a scary ghoulish day!

Are you in for a treat? Or would you dare for a trick?

– Athina Ibrahim

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Plume: A Film by Michal Gorzynski


This film by Michal Gorzynski demonstrates a tour of Poland’s Gdańsk in the following fashion video of Tulisan’s Plume & Wonder Fall/Winter collection 2014-2015. The video plays with light and shade in a city of trade by the baltic coast, which is home to a central seaport in Poland.

The prominent influence of the Plume & Wonder edition was based on the crossing line between the subversive conscious of our dreams and our projected reality. The film joins the ethereal connection between the self and nature, following the steps of a young woman supporting a Plume Panama Bag in Orange Salmon as she follows the haziness of sunlight, embarking on a discovery through the shifts of emotions captured through the streams of sound and the boundless landscapes.

The video accompanies Indonesian-band Polka War‘s ambient track “Horse Hooves” which will be released in their upcoming album this year.

The Plume Prints Edition will be available in November 2014.    

Film by Michal Gorzynski
Music by Polka Wars


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ANIMA: Voyage to the Subconscious Mind


ANIMA are Tulisan limited edition playing cards illustrated by myself and a Swiss Canadian Artist, Sébastien Théraulaz. We have been working on this project together through the internet and long distant communications since last December 2013. The four suits correspond to the four classical elements: Air (Hearts), Fire (Spades), Water (Clubs), and Earth (Diamonds). Additionally the deck features two jokers depicted by the artists’ Oracle of the Sacred Catfish and two special Anima cards portrayed by their Supreme Hippocampus.


Time passes through and divides our lives into several facets. My very first sensory of this life was the warm skin of my mother. The very first shape of emotion was her eyes that gave me a blanket of protection. Since then, between reality and dream, I hold a set of cards which unfold both weaknesses and strengths. Every encounter and dialogue with other individuals became a game where we exchange our cards, for the better or for the worse. As I play my game, I discover something new about myself.


We all live in four different dimensions. The first fundamental dimension is an awareness of the corporeal body and its changes.


The second dimension is our dream and our vision. The third dimension is our soul and spirit. The fourth is our mind and how we conquer it.


These dimensions are like chambers of games.


Only the self have the ability occupy the four chambers at all times. A balance person takes full control of these four dimensions.


With most other players, we share at least one dimension. If we are lucky, we would meet another player whom we get to share three chambers. Then at a very rare occasion, we might cross our path with another player who plays the game in the same four dimensions.


The Anima Playing Cards is a project is about facing the truth of our being, confronting the worst of our fears, embracing all imperfections and setting the mind free from any dogmas.

Throughout history playing cards have served a variety of enigmatic purposes. Originally only the front of cards were printed, while the backs were left blank. This free space combined with their petite size made them ideal for use in sending secret love letters and covert messages. Playing cards have also been linked to secret societies as it is believed that the seemingly benign symbolism used for the cards’ suits and values actually relayed hidden messages. This complex and mysterious history adds to the charming allure inherent to a deck of cards. Whether it is through the love of games or secrets, playing cards have been bringing people together ever since their creation hundreds of years ago.

Tripple kisses,

Melissa Sunjaya
Founding Artist

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Presenting the F/W 14 -15: Wonder Prints Edition


Dear Tulisan Friends,

After much anticipation and an exclusive preview of our Fall/Winter collection 2014 – 2015 held last June, we proudly present the official release of our Fall/Winter Collection ‘Wonder’ Edition. 

The textile design are based on a few original pen and ink drawings which are then arranged manually into motifs. For the 2014 prints editions, ‘Wonder’ is an Art Nouveau inspired illustration of a cat fish and its habitat. The October collection will be available in two Wonder Prints Edition color ways: Smokey Lunar and Light Coco on 16 types of bags, organizers, and pouches.

We will be hosting the intimate launch at our boutique in Darmawangsa Square City Walk, Jalan Darmawangsa VI, Ground Floor, next to Ranch Market. This event is opened to the public on Wednesday, 22 October 2014, from 09:00 to 15.00. The artist Melissa Sunjaya will be available for a bag signing.

Come by for an autograph, a quick hello, and sit with us for warm cup of tea!

Warmest wishes, 
Tulisan Team


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Spotted: Tulisan on My Spring Days!

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Our Smokey Plum Marigold Print Apron and Blue Note Marigold Print Pouch was recently spotted on the South Korean Drama: My Spring Days! Moreover, the wearer of the apron and bearer of the pouch is none other than the beautiful Choi Soo-Young, the favored actress and singer of the girl group band, Girls Generations!

A beautiful print on a beautiful actress in the land of Kimchi’s! Our week is complete!

WP_JOU161014_KS02 WP_JOU161014_KS03

Image courtesy of

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Namarina Youth Dance Evaluation


In the dance film Vers Mathilde we are brought into the life of movement following the routine of modern dance choreographer Mathilde Monnier. With minimal dialogue, each dance movement is deconstructed to show the intensity of repetition and dedication one goes through in interpreting one of the most meticulous art forms.



This is a glimpse of what we saw during the Namarina Youth Dance Evaluation. As the groups prepared for the upcoming Hotel Batavia performance – a special collaboration between Tulisan and Namarina Dance Academy – Melissa, Michál, and I witnessed the three dance groups who performed in front us showcasing their ability to increase their agility and quality of movement based on the practice which undertones the complexity of speed, transfer of weight, and strength.


Dance such as ballet requires the ability to push the body to its limits, as each group was evaluated by the number of judges in the dance studio, we understood the seriousness these dancers has to master to complement their body to sound,  body contour to expression, and the ability to master emotions over technique.


Established in the year 2006, Namarina Youth Dance under the precedent 1956’s Namarina Dance Academy takes on its roots of classical ballet while fusing the traditional culture to showcase the young talents in Indonesia and place their dance ability to the map of the world.

The audition was divided into two segments first being the ballet group audition, where  the groups of dancers has to amplify various dance techniques as Plies, Tendu & Glisses, Grand Battement, to Pirouette in Attitude before showcasing to us their ability to preform dance variations.


The second part was the jazz dance. A range of dance Jazz routines with the intention to warm up the major muscles group of upper and lower part of the body as well as evaluate the dance technique, dance performance, and musicality of each dancers.


Each dance group’ movement was evaluated by the Artistic Directors and observed by the number of choreographers, musician and NYD’s Board of Advisors to ensure their dedicated efforts are translated into the technique and tempo of music they are able to portray.


As once stated by the late ballet dancer and choreographer Rudolf Nureyev “Technique is what you fall back to when you run out of inspiration,” and the Namarina Youth Dance (NYD) group has proven that mastering the versatility in technique can push for a soul-enriching performance.

We look forward for the upcoming Hotel Batavia performance coming up this November 28 and 29, 2014. 




Tickets can be purchased at:

Namarina Pusat (@_Namarina)
Jl. Halimun No. 43, Jakarta 12980
+62-21- 829 4777, 829 4778

Namarina Kebayoran
Jl. Gandaria Tengah III No.9
+61-21-739 8557

Gedung Kesenian Jakarta
Jl. Gedung Kesenian No.1
Jakarta Pusat 10710
+62-21 380 8283, 344 1892

Text by Athina Ibrahim
Photography by Michál Gorzynski & Athina Ibrahim

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Discover Events This Week!

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#TerimakasihVeteran | Tuesday, October 7 2014

In the event of supporting the nationalistic and patriotism in oneself, the event #terimakasihveteran (thank you, veteran) will be held to trace back history. In the year 1940, the number of veteran has fought colonialism to preserve Indonesia’s Independence. But what do they get out of it now? This event is established as a form of gratitude for the veterans who are almost forgotten by the government.


Kelompok Penerbang Rocket
Melanie Subono
Anda Perdana
Uda Sjam

Fundrasing project for veterans.

Level II
The Foundry


BAND PERFORMANCE: Jirapah | Saturday, October 11 2014

In welcoming the Salihara Festival, a number of young and energetic bands will be preforming in complementing for the larger and main performances during the event. Each will bring their own style and centre to give for a memorable performance.

Taman Serambi
Jl.Salihara No.16.,
Pasar Minggu

For more information:


Be Your Self | Saturday, October 2014

Be Your Self (2010) is a choreography that takes the human’s body and the meaning of being a human back to the stage. This performance fuses different narratives: Buddhism philosophy, feminism discourse, and medical text. The movements of the dancers are designed to be highly athletic, sophisticated, and dangerous.

Australian Dance Theatre (ADT) is a contemporary dance company based in Adelaide. This company was established by Dr. Elizabeth Cameron Dalman in 1965. Garry Stewart has been working as ADT’s artistic director since 1999. This company has been consistently presenting provocative contemporary issues with progressive dance movements.

ADT has successfully won 28 awards; to name a couple are the Green Room Awards (2014) and Australian Dance Award (2013).

Teater Serambi
Jl.Salihara No.16.,
Pasar Minggu

For more information:

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