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Life in Pink

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‘Semua manusia punya pilihan dalam memandang kehidupan. Seperti yang dilakukan Melissa Sunjaya dalam setiap karyanya. Apa yang dia alami, baca, dengar, lewat hatinya bisa berubah jadi suatu kejutan manis yang ditunggu banyak orang. Kita semua punya pilihan ini dalam hidup; melihat sesuatu dari sudut pandang berbeda. Tak terkecuali mereka yang sedang merasakan kesedihan atau kegelapan. Mau terus menangis atau bangkit dan mulai memeluk kehidupan dengan segala warna di dalamnya? Berbagai kejutan indah dalam hidup akan senantiasa menghampiri kalau semangat dalam jiwa selalu ada.’
– Sarah Sechan


‘Bio Fantasy’ is a tribute to Chairil Anwar, depicting a series of visual and storytelling experiments inspired by abstract microbes and their relation to human emotions. Six art prints by Melissa Sunjaya were selected especially for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and are a prelude to our Bio Fantasy illustrated editions which will debut on 28 October 2015.

During the month of October all proceeds from the exhibit will benefit underprivileged patients receiving palliative care from dr. Maria Witjaksono.


LIFE IN PINK (See, Understand & Love) 
A Breast Cancer Awareness campaign
brought to you by Monolog Coffee & Tulisan
at Monolog Coffee in Plaza Senayan, Jalan Asia Afrika
1 – 31 October 2015

Seeing the facts will give us knowledge.
Understanding our options will empower us.
Loving every molecule of our being will give us peace.
Now is the time for us to fight breast cancer.


Each special work includes a short story and a red film lens for a second layer viewing experience. Available in petite size: 250 x 200 x 40 mm (Rp.650,000) and in medium size: 500 x 650 x 40 mm (Rp.2,000,000). Giclée orders will take 5 working days – FREE shipping is included.

Warmest Regards, Tulisan Chronicles Team

(Photography by Michal Gorzynski)

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Letters Edition


Tulisan proudly presents the newest piece of our Bio Fantasy collection: the Letters Edition. These exclusive prints by Melissa Sunjaya, are made of the finest materials in the style of hand-lettering. This collection showcases simple and straightforward designs fit for everyone, while still maintaining the quality and aesthetic of Tulisan.


BBT 1510 – LE: Boat Bag, Aku, Light Ecru  |  Rp350,000

The artworks in this edition feature the excerpt “Aku ini binatang jalang” which was taken from one of the most famous works by literary maestro Chairil Anwar, Aku (1943). The excerpt conveys the message of someone who refuses to be subordinate to society at large, and instead chooses to remain confident and unapologetic for who they are.


This edition is presented on two styles of bags: Boat Bag & Postal Bag. These are available through Tulisan Boutiques in Plaza Senayan and Darmawangsa Square on Wednesday, 30 September. The styles that are included in this edition reflect our belief that confidence and comfort should be extremely accessible to everyone.

Triple kisses, M. S.

(Photography by Michal Gorzynski)


BPS 1510 – PR: Postal Bag, Aku, Purple Rain  |  Rp450,000

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A Hope to Many

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dr. Maria Witjaksono is one of the few doctors in Indonesia who specializes in palliative care. For patients with serious illnesses, like cancer, palliative care focuses not on curing the disease, but on improving the quality of life for both the patient and their loved ones.

My good friend Evie Karsoho invited me to chat with her and dr. Maria at the Dharmais Cancer Center in Slipi to better understand the benefits and implications of this type of healthcare.

A recent article by the Ministry of Health revealed that the cancer incidence rates are on the rise. There were approximately 330,000 people living with cancer back in 2013 and the numbers have continued to increase each year.


“It is important that we become aware of the facts regarding breast cancer and understand that there are options to fight it,” explained dr. Maria Witjaksono. For the patients dr. Maria cares for, fighting cancer doesn’t necessarily involve curing the disease, but rather finding relief from the pain, stress, and mental anguish that the illness entails.

Every day, dr. Maria dedicates her time to palliative care beginning at 6:30 every morning and often finishes around midnight. With the help of a team of nurses, she provides care to an average of 12 patients per day, spending at least one hour with each. For over 15 years dr. Maria has dedicated her time and services to providing this specialized healthcare.

With palliative care, the practitioner takes into consideration not only the patient’s medical condition but also other important aspects of their life such as their family situation, financial needs, and their psychological well-being. It is a personalized approach, regardless of the medical diagnosis.


“My role as palliative care physician is not only for those who has no access to treatment, but also to support those who are receiving cancer treatment, so that their quality of life can be maintained or improved. We address their psychological distress, social difficulties and spiritual concerns. For those whose physical states are too weak or too sensitive to undergo cancer treatments, we provide special care for them so that they can live with better conditions.”
– dr. Maria Witjaksono

dr. Maria was first introduced to this type of treatment while working at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in the USA. Upon returning to Indonesia, she recognized that palliative care could provide vital support to the increasing number of people diagnosed with cancer.


dr. Maria’s work in palliative care brings hope to many people in Indonesia. It is for this very reason that Evie and I decided to assist dr. Maria’s ongoing efforts with a special exhibition that will take place at Monolog in Plaza Senayan during the month of October 2015. This exhibition is dedicated to “Life in Pink” – a breast cancer awareness campaign, featuring 6 art editions from my Bio Fantasy collection. All proceeds will be donated to dr. Maria Witjaksono’s palliative care services for breast cancer patients who do not have access to proper healthcare in Indonesia.

Tripple kisses, M. S.

(Photography by Evie Karsoho)


Save the Date:

A Tribute to Chairil Anwar, ’Bio Fantasy’ Exhibition by Melissa Sunjaya.
Featuring 6 illustrated archival giclée prints

at Monolog Coffee in Plaza Senayan, Jalan Asia Afrika
1 – 31 October 2015

LIFE IN PINK (See, Understand & Love)
A Breast Cancer Awareness campaign
by Monolog Coffee & Tulisan in the month of October 2015.

Available size:
Medium giclée (500 x 650 x 40 mm on stretched canvas)
Petite giclée (200 x 250 x 40 mm on stretched canvas).

All proceeds will be donated to dr. Maria Witjaksono’s palliative care services, for breast cancer patients who do not have access to proper healthcare in Indonesia.

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Inking Chairil Anwar’s Words

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The craft of hand-lettering plays a big part in my next science fiction project, Bio Fantasy. The project is a tribute to Chairil Anwar. He had transformed the way our language, Bahasa Indonesia, was used in the past. He deconstructed formal syntax, to create different layers of emotion in his poetry. My exploration was about adding sensuality to the letterforms of his words.


Like all handmade crafts, hand-lettering allows ourselves to experience mistakes. This craft can be therapeutic on a neurotic day.


Imperfections are bound to happen with this craft. Mistakes such as misspelling of a word, smudged ink or a bad curve line.


When I do find these technical defects on my page, I continue to ink. Until the flaws become a charming aspect of the work.


It is important to get rid of the fear of making mistakes. I often get so anxious of making all the possible mistakes. This fear can stop me from inking the page. So the real challenge is to face this fear and to see the real beauty in many forms. The esthetic is subjective, so I have the option of breaking some lettering standards.


What is most important for me is the experimental process which can open our mind. If the first word is ugly, the next one will be better and the 100th word will be inked with joy. So I practice a lot.


The satisfaction from hand-lettering happens when the hand movement is free flowing like water. The aim is to make the pressure of the stroke to be light weight.


We can twirl the pen as we drag it across the page to produce contrasting thick and thin strokes. Contentment and confidence usually produce a better quality of line.


This year I have hand-lettered excerpts from Chairil Anwar’s poetry. The first one of this series is ‘Aku ini binatang jalang’. This work will make its debut on 30 September 2015 as part of Tulisan’s new product line – the Letters Edition.


I hope you will enjoy this collection.

Triple kisses, M.S.


(Photography by Michal Gorzynski)

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A Tribute to Chairil Anwar

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A Tribute to Chairil Anwar

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In the following six months, my work is a tribute to Chairil Anwar. It is my first science fiction project, titled ‘Bio Fantasy’.

Bio Fantasy is dedicated to honoring Chairil Anwar’s legacy with the intention of reconnecting with his values that forever changed literature and language in Indonesia. I have invited fellow artists to explore their own interpretation of Bio Fantasy. Using the avant-garde principles inherent to Chairil Anwar’s literary approach, each artist had to relinquish their conventional work habits, defy their rationales and tear down any strategical methods, in order to manifest and explore new emotions.

Chairil Anwar was the pioneer of “Angkatan 45” (Indonesia’s art and literary movement that began in 1945). Most Indonesians are familiar with Anwar’s most celebrated poems ‘Aku’ and ‘Krawang-Bekasi’; however, today, information pertaining to his work, his life, and his credo are not widely available. This year-long project, Bio Fantasy, seeks to continue the discourse Anwar began. He was a literary mastermind who single-handedly broke through every conventional protocol and created a new paradigm for Indonesian poetry. His rebellious use of casual diction, unorthodox patterns, and innovative syntax has never failed to inspire new generations of artists, philosophers, and poets.

The first chapter of this Fall-Winter collection will make its debut in October 2015. With this project, I hope you will enjoy Chairil Anwar’s work from a different perspective.

Triple kisses, M. S.

Photographed by Lia Subianto

Photographed by Lia Subianto

Voice of the Night, Chairil Anwar's Poetry with English Translation by Burton Raffel

‘Voice of the Night’, Chairil Anwar’s Anthology of Poetry and Prose with English Translation by Burton Raffel, was the book that inspired me to undertake this ‘Bio Fantasy’ project.

Chairil Anwar

Chairil Anwar


Saya berharap proyek seni ‘Bio Fantasy’ karya Melissa Sunjaya dapat mengabadikan warisan budaya ayahanda, Chairil Anwar, sehingga semua generasi bisa menikmatinya dalam khayalan hayati masing-masing, untuk seribu tahun lagi.

– Evawani Alissa Chairil Anwar
Jakarta, 15 September 2015

Save the Date:
1 October – 31 October 2015
LIFE IN PINK (See, Understand & Love) 
is a Breast Cancer Awareness campaign by Monolog Coffee & Tulisan
in the month of October 2015. The campaign features
6 illustrated archival giclée prints of ‘Bio Fantasy’ by Melissa Sunjaya.

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