Dimensional Morphology

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Cycle 01

Cycle 01

Dimensional Morphology is a modular and systematic learning programs structured for the emerging generation, allowing creative practitioners to experiment with visual elements in order to research, analyze, and decode the varying transformations which occur in our daily lives.

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8 Symposium – Intensive program by Melissa Sunjaya
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“I wish to share my hands-on experiences of working in a myriad of creative industries for over 20 years to others. I have designed my classes so that we can critically evaluate our own work and also stimulate an exciting self-learning experience”  –Melissa Sunjaya, Jakarta 2017

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Instagram: @mytulisan
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  1. Tri Wibawanto (Wanto) says:

    I would like to learn more so i can contribute to my organization to help nature conservation.

    I hope i will be able to be considered as candidates.


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