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Tulisan, Where Story Unfolds


Tic Tac Toe…
the Queen of Hearts is not your foe
You may win when she folds
at Tulisan, where the story unfolds!

Today is the day we will have our grand boutique opening on display!
at Tulisan Plaza Senayan, Level 2
Today Wednesday, 25 March 2015, 10.00am – 10.00pm


Meet Melissa Sunjaya and come for an autograph!
Special souvenirs from the artist will be available throughout the day.
Play games in the afternoon and win limited edition bags and gifts!

Indulge in gourmet food prepared exclusively by our friends at Komunal 88.
In the morning, we will serve mini croissants, mini chocolate danish, & mini raisin danish. At midday, we will serve mini quiches & parmigiano puffs.
In the afternoon, we will serve mini lemon meringue, madeleines, financier nature, & financier Chocolate.
Throughout the day, there will be mini biscotto & foccacia with butters.

This event is open to the public!


Photography by Michał Górzyński
Illustrations by Melissa Sunjaya & Sébastien Théraulaz

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Whimsical Wonderland Winner


After much discussion with the team (and a pretty tough one with all the great entries!) We hear by announce the winner of the photo contest is Muty Djuhari with her instagram post @myuts:

“Ride the rainbow to the other side, catch a falling star and then take a ride!” (dear jessie, by madonna) ‪#‎tulisanstoryunfolds‬ the beauty of wonder in light coco, the perfect tote for my wonderful moments”

Her post fits our ‘whimsical wonderland’ theme perfectly! Congratulations. Please claim your prize on our grand opening day this Wednesday!

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How to Play: Anima – The Game of Life


With only 3 more days to the grand opening of our second boutique at Tulisan Plaza Senayan, Level 2 on Wednesday, 25 March 2015, 10.00am – 10.00pm, we also will be hosting a our Anima: The Game Life board game competition where the final winner will win themselves a prized Tulisan Prints Edition of their choice!

The goal of Anima: The Game of Life depends on speed. There is a five minute rule on how long the game will proceed.


1. Find a group of four people to play with.

2. Shuffle all cards and take out the Joker card (You won’t be needing them), leaving you with 52 cards.

3.  Divide all 52 cards to all four players, which will be a total of 13 cards per person.

4. You will notice on the board there will be four types of Kingdoms: Terra (Earth Element), Aqua (Water Element), Aer (Air Element), and Ignis (Fire Element).  Each Kingdom is represented by the face cards: the King, Queen, Jack of each element.

5.  The first one to shuffle the cards would be the one to start – the one who starts can claim a kingdom with any face cards (King, Queen, Jack) if they have the elements by placing the cards facing up.

6.  Continue in a clockwise pattern, the one who starts should take one card in exchange from the next player. The next player can continue to claim a kingdom (if they have any) and continue to grab a card from their next player).

7. Continue to do this in a clockwise position until one player is able to complete claiming their whole kingdom with the three face cards. The time limit is ONLY five minutes.
The competition will be done in rounds from 16 players to a final one player, and the final winner can then claim their own prize.



Illustrations by Melissa Sunjaya & Sébastien Théraulaz

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Tulisan by Plus 62 opens in Singapore!


We have landed to the centre of the metropolis shopping centre of Singapore – Orchard Road – and have scaled up our presence through newest store Tulisan by Plus 62, our Singaporean distributor organised nicely by Ima S Chambers, Richard M Hurst, and Farah S Suraputra.

This wide space store located at Mandarin Gallery Orchard is home to a blend of renowned international brands around it. The store’s presence resembles an elegant gallery on its own with the placement of Tulisan Giclee’s — featuring the classic ‘Delightfully Yours’ to the selection of the latest ‘Anima’ —  up on the wall around it.

The store is a visible sight on the shopping arcade floor as we are welcome to a store with no doors but an open space and ceiling and all its vibrant colors of the Marigold Knit, Luca, Plume, and Wonder Collection.

Tulisan’s store by Plus62
Mandarin Gallery Orchard Unit 4-28, 333A
Orchard Road, Singapore 238897
Opening hours: 11 am – 9 pm



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Invitation to Play Anima: The Game of Life


Tic Tac Toe…
the Queen of Hearts is not your foe
You may win when she folds at Tulisan,
where the story unfolds!


The game of life, much like a game of cards, is a wild mix of luck and destiny.

Ancient Greek philosophers believed that four classical elements were the basic constituents of all matter. These elements were Earth, Water, Air and Fire. As we are mortal beings, all of our elements eventually return to the universe.

Our flesh returns to the soil.
Our blood dissolves to the sea.
Our breath diffuses into air,
the heat of our emotions dissipates into flames.

Come and see what our Anima cards have in store for you!


at Tulisan Plaza Senayan, Level 2
on Lucky Wednesday, 25 March 2015, 10.00am – 10.00pm

Autograph session by Melissa Sunjaya. Special souvenirs from the artist will be available. Play games and win limited edition bags and gifts. Indulge in gourmet food prepared exclusively by Komunal 88.

This event is open to the public.

Photography by Michał Górzyński
Illustrations by Melissa Sunjaya & Sébastien Théraulaz

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Plume and Wonder Photo Contest


In celebrating the festive grand opening of our second boutique at Tulisan Plaza Senayan, Level 2 on Wednesday, 25 March 2015, 10.00am – 10.00pm we are hosting a photo contest which runs from March 16th, 2015 until March 22nd, 2015 to give a our lucky winners a chance to win our Tulisan Prints Editions. 

To participate, follow the steps below:

1. Take your most creative picture of yourself with your phone or camera wearing our Plume or Wonder collection with your idea of a whimsical wonderland inspired theme

2. Tag your images on instragram, twitter, or Facebook and tag us on our account @mytulisan by also including the hashtag #tulisanstoryunfolds before March 22nd, 2015 12:00 AM (GMT +7).

3. We will select and announce three of the best winners on Monday, March 23rd, 2015 and our founding artist Melissa Sunjaya will give the gifts to the lucky winners at the grand opening on Wednesday, March 25rd, 2015 at 3 p.m.

Have fun with the photoshoot!


  • The participant of the contest must own the Plume and Wonder collection before joining. 
  • Submitted images may be displayed in Tulisan’s Blog, Twitter, Facebook, and/ or Pinterest account for competition purposes only and may be used by Tulisan for future promotional purposes (with prior notification). 
  • Tulisan employees are NOT eligible to join the photo contest. 
  • The prize cannot be exchanged for cash or other products. The prize delivery will be borne by Tulisan.
  • The winner will be contacted on the 23rd and will need to confirm their attendance on the grand opening on March 25th, 2015. Failure to attend means we have the right to pass on the gift to the next best winner. 

580_BATCH_OF_8_46 580_BATCH_OF_8_51

Photography by Michał Górzyński
Illustrations by Melissa Sunjaya & Sébastien Théraulaz

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Save the Date


Tic Tac Toe…
the Queen of Hearts is not your foe
You may win when she folds
at Tulisan, where the story unfolds!

Join us for the festive grand opening of our second boutique!
at Tulisan Plaza Senayan, Level 2
on Lucky Wednesday, 25 March 2015, 10.00am – 10.00pm


Autograph session by Melissa Sunjaya.
Special souvenirs from the artist will be available.
Play games and win limited edition bags and gifts.
Indulge in gourmet food prepared exclusively by Komunal 88.

This event is open to the public.

Photography by Michał Górzyński
Illustrations by Melissa Sunjaya & Sébastien Théraulaz

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Wonder: A Film by Michał Górzyński


‘Wonder’ is a film by Michał Górzyński which features a tango performance by Melissa Sunjaya and Gennysam Delos Reyes Alcantara from the Los Sueños Association in Singapore. It was filmed in Jakarta, in Melissa’s grandmother’s house, where she grew up. The music ‘Desilusión’ was composed by Pablo Motta from Buenos Aires. In this piece, Pablo played the piano and double bass with two other musicians: Anna Kostyuchek – Violin and Ginger Murphy – Cello.

The Argentine tango is a unique dance depicting a dialogue between two people. Every action is like a sentence and dancing through a song is akin to completing a whole conversation. In social dancing, a Tango is never choreographed. For both the leader and his partner it is about listening, not only to the music tempo but to the movements of each other. The emotion and drama inherent to the tango is the reason why many call it “the dance of life.”

All great tango dancers focus on three things: being utterly grounded to the core of the body, breathing tall, and maintaining balance while creating an internal rotation along the spine. From a top view, the movements of two people dancing Tango often illustrates the symbol of infinity (∞). The tango is a spiritual dance in which two minds unite.

The latest Wonder will be available at Tulisan Boutiques on February 25, 2015.

Film by Michał Górzyński
Text by Athina Ibrahim

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Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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It begins with a small step,
Moving against an entangled web.
On a journey to a thousand miles,
Filled with turbulence and trials.
Ploughing the hills with devote,
As we welcome the cashmere goat.
Furry and fuzzy with a fleece,
Mistaken to be slightly obese.
Attracting fortune piece by piece,
While they shout, “Gong Xi! Gong Xi!”

Welcoming the year of the sheep! Have a happy  Chinese New Years 2015!

Text by Athina Ibrahim

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A Tulisan Woman: Putri Miranti Indra

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“I was hooked by the enjoyment and appreciation of seeing the expression people had over my cooking”Putri Miranti Indra

A hazy yellowish tone accompanied by a classic French chanson and the mysterious arms pouring sugar over a steel pot. Discreet and unknown, this anonymous body adorning a Tulisan Admiral Kasarung Apron then gently fuses the ingredients together to form a delicately sticky form of caramel as our view is later shifted to the face of the taster and cook as she quietly moves away from the focal shoot. This was my first memory of Putri Miranti in a cooking video before finally having met her a year later.

Two things that immediately attracted my attention to Putri Miranti upon our first encounter were her brightly lit red lipstick and her bulging eyes. All of which speaks volume to her vibrant personality. With her straight-cut bangs that gave ample attention to her eyes, Putri embraces a wonder to whatever comes across her. She radiantly throws her confident smile as we shook hands and moved on to our meeting.


Any cook I have encountered would always mention the love of cooking to start from the home. As for Putri, whose family owns a catering business, the exposure to the cooking world was natural for her. Her favorite pastime as a child would be playing cook, “I have always been an ambitious cook,” explaining her process in a cooking set-up where she favored creating a make-believe ‘Gado-Gado’ (Indonesian mix vegetable dish) with leaves or Chocolate Chip Cookies with mud and stones. “I always dreamed of having a Doraemon pouch filled with cooking utensils.”

Even during high-school years, she knew where she was headed, she forgo the Science Major by requesting the school Principal the course would not be convenient for her future interest to pursue cooking wholeheartedly.


What she does today in becoming a cooking host for an independent cooking YouTube Channel, KokikuTV, and mastering the balance of teaching cooking lessons and becoming a private dining chef may be perceived to happen by instant in this self-made generation. But Putri has actually gone through a series of exploration before finally setting foot on a path she confidently feels arranges her love for cuisine. She has worked 12 hours straight in a day in the hospitality business in Singapore which resulted in a serious case of backpain for the tedious routinity of carrying 12 or 15 kilograms of mixers and repeatedly doing the same form of recipes.

It was as if she was guided by her two TV food personalities, Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson, who became the benchmark to express her true artistic vision. After the pain of overworking, she decided to take a break from the culinary world to take on an offer which answers her love for traveling. She became a TV host for a traveling program, in hopes she could shift gear back into her main love of making food.


Early on, before having her own cooking show, I asked – rather awkwardly afraid of using the wrong words – of her love of being in the spotlight, to which my reserved question she dismissed confidently, “You mean whether I love appearing in the spotlight? Of course! I prefer talking for hours than writing” (The exact words she used in Indonesian was “Banci Tampil” which is roughly translated as being a “Spotlight Hogger”) as she laughed her giddy laugh.

It was the priorities of a married life which pushed her to review her frequent travels. “Maybe it was meant to bring me back to creating.” Putri realised the initial discipline behind the kitchen combined with the curious tastebuds from traveling made her want to influence and share her knowledge to a wider audience. The more viral it is through media, either print or online, the more she feels of it as a learning experience to upgrade her skills.


Today, her recipes are a merge of techniques and recipes of international and local. Especially after having two people, her mom and the much-respected father of Indonesian culinary, William Wongso comment on using the variety and abundant resources found in Indonesia. For the Tulisan team, she made the Banana Profiterole which was inspired by the classic Indonesian Banana Fritters.

She continues to innovate with much perseverance and a stimulated motivation, “I like to have fun in the kitchen, once you are rigid, it shows in your food.” As Putri’s voice animates from lines of squeaking sentences to glaringly laugh without reservation, she embodies the fun and excitement ready to fire blaze and lit the room with her persona and visual treats.


Text by Athina Ibrahim
Photography by Michal Gorzynski
Styling by Alexander Zulfikar Lalisang

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Just Love

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Once the Romans were romantic drunks,
Naked and wild acting like punks.
Marked on the fourteenth day of the second month,
Where flowers become the main hunt,
And chocolate a great stunt.
To whisper the words held close to the heart,
before they dissipate and break apart.
Becoming the hallmark of the year,
Celebrating a lifetime full of cheer.

May your valentines be filled with the joy from your loved ones. Cherish what you have!

- Tulisan Chronicles Team

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Unveiling the Mask: Batavia Hotel Time Capsule Launch


In welcoming the symbolic Chinese New Year of the goat, we recently showcased the launch of our exclusive Batavia Hotel Time Capsule Limited Edition. Derived from the story of Batavia Hotel where the main character is a goat, Melissa Sunjaya shared to the room of people who were given a golden masks the symbolic meaning behind their concealment. Batavia Hotel is a means to portray the masks everyone wears in their daily life. It is a story of romance narrated through the eyes of the protagonist who conceals the pain and loss of the love of her life – the goat-head man who strayed from the truth and dissolves in a world of deceit and luxury.

This special edition is a precise reproduction of the Beach Bag with much advance quality featuring a custom serigraph art print. With only 12 pieces offered on the launch, each tote was packaged nicely in a wooden box where you will find a hand-stitched hardbound book of the Batavia Hotel Story.

In line with the launch of the Batavia Hotel Time Capsule was the introduction of two new colors from the Fall/Winter 2014 – 2015, the Plume Prints Edition. The two shades introduced were Light Snow and Smokey Night, where each purchase was accompanied by a special Plume Fortune: a red feather including a special word of charm.

JOU_150209_BTVLNC_02 JOU_150209_BTVLNC_07 JOU_150209_BTVLNC_06 JOU_150209_BTVLNC_04 JOU_150209_BTVLNC_03JOU_150209_BTVLNC_08


- Tulisan Chronicles Team
Photography by Hotmaidah Nainggolan

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New Shades for the New Year

Plume: Light Snow Traveller’s Clutch 

As the new year calls for a time for reflection, the passing month of January invites us to recall the preceding years with an open arm as we welcome the new with a (hopefully) light heart. Still giving the spotlight to the Fall/Winter 2014-2015 collection, last January, we presented to you another set of our ‘Plume’ collection featuring two contrasting shades of Light Snow and Smokey Night. ‘Plume’ is an Art Nouveau inspired illustration of an owl, where the forms and function of the designs were reconstructed to suit the daily habits and lifestyles on a greater scale.

As we mentioned previously, this Fall/Winter 2014-2015 collection digs deeper to explore the primal instincts of human beings finding connections between our subconscious and the rest of life. The contradictory shades featured extends a basic human condition summed by the words of jewellery designer Vivianna Torun Bulow-Hube, “Where the sun shines strong, there will always be deep shadows.” Giving thought to the idea that darkness will always walk together with lightness. With the new year 2015, Tulisan invites you to embrace both shades of life with Plume and carry it with pride.

Plume: Light Snow Cruise Bag 
Plume: Light Snow Olio Clutch

Plume: Smokey Night Hobo Tote 

Plume: Smokey Night Cruise Bag

Plume: Smokey Night Concerto Purse

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Batavia Hotel Time Capsule Preview


The following video with photography by Michal Gorzynski and Hotmaida Marttianggo Nainggolan with editing done by Michal Gorzynski previews what we will launch this January 28th, 2015.

This exceptional set, the Batavia Hotel Collector’s Edition Time Capsule, is a special gift we hope can be passed on for generations for its intricate detailing. Taken from the 2011 illustrated collection written and illustrated by Melissa Sunjaya, the story is layered to depict a complex romance filled with passion and jealousy which speaks of the alarming irony of a social climber.

With only 12 editions available this is an heirloom-quality serigraph art print is made on a limited run. Handcrafted with the finest materials in small batches with signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Read more on how you can have your hands on this limited edition here.

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Up in The Sky

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She toyed around with the toy plane, a reminding gift of their adventures together, seeing what her eyes were not accustomed of seeing. Flying up in the air, overlooking the oceans which sparkled brightly against the sun.

She paused to ask her father “Can I not stay up here and settle with the brightness and beauty of the sky?”
He gently replied, “You need to land once in a while to keep you grounded. And once you do, you will realise how precious it is to reach this charming view.”

Last march were the last of her adventures together, as he closed his eyes to a higher place. She leaned by the door, hoping the weight will bear the anticipation of her next adventures as she recalls the warmth of her father’s words. 

Cruise Bag: Wonder Red Sangria
Concerto Tote: Wonder Light Mint

- Tulisan Chronicles Team


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