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Promenading Through Jakarta’s


Persinggungan: Irisan

I imagined how romantic Jakarta could be, if only the street vendor culture could be preserved and refined following the progress of time…” —Excerpt from Surat 2, by Melissa Sunjaya


“…In due course I discovered there were many people who appreciated the harmony of life…” —Excerpt from Surat 2, by Melissa Sunjaya



“…A cart merchant offered affordable food and entertainment for many people. If I were to take my fantasy seriously, maybe I would sell ‘putu mayang’, a Javanese desert which reminded me of my childhood…”  —Excerpt from Surat 2, by Melissa Sunjaya



“…This is not impossible to apply even though I only dream of it. In other parts of the world, a healthy and friendly community had been built by the humble activities of street vendors and fresh markets, just as pictured in my daydream…” —Excerpt from Surat 2, by Melissa Sunjaya



From this dream, I reckoned that consumers who cared for the environment would encourage the industry to be more responsible—Excerpt from Surat 2, by Melissa Sunjaya



“…I asked myself, “How could I participate in destroying the veil which had prevented me from reaching my dream?—Excerpt from Surat 2, by Melissa Sunjaya


“…Ten years ago, while still dreaming away, I was promenading through Jakarta’s congested street markets and traditional stores. In spite of the heat, traffic, dust, and dirt, I absolutely enjoyed walking in this city…” —Excerpt from Surat 2, by Melissa Sunjaya


“…I walked to one corner of town, where there were a bunch of silkscreen workshops. Silkscreen printing in Jakarta is a method used to manufacture promotional items such as t-shirts, caps, and so on…” —Excerpt from Surat 2, by Melissa Sunjaya


Read full in “Surat No. 2”

Give us a call at:
Plaza Senayan +62 (21) 5790-0412 | +62 857-8087-9732 (WA)
Colony Kemang +62 (21) 2952-9927 | +62 857-8087-9702 (WA)
Darmawangsa Square The City Walk +62 (21) 7278-0235 | +62 815-1051-7424 (WA)
or email us at if you need further assistance.

Twitter: @mytulisan
Instagram: @mytulisan
Facebook Fan Page: Tulisan
Youtube Channel: Tulisan Jakarta

Artwork by Melissa Sunjaya
Photography by Zharfani Padmasedhana
Style Director by Aji Bagjaraya
Stage Designer by Farid Irnaldi

Tulisan Chronicles Team



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Tulisan Pop-Up Store at Hyundai Mall


For those going through the chilly autumn breeze in South Korea can be warmed by our Marigold and Luca Prints which are now available at Hyundai Mall, Kintex Point. For only one week, we suggest you fight the urge of staying in your home and dive into the bold selection of home accessories, totes and bags.

27th of Oct to 9th of November 2014
Hyundai Department Store
Kintex Point
South Korea

WJOU141104_KOR02 WJOU141104_KOR03 WJOU141104_KOR04 WJOU141104_KOR05 WJOU141104_KOR06

Photography by Farid Irnaldi 

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The Last Hurrah & More…

FB ProfileAs Spring is around the corner, we are preparing to put winter behind us, but not before we release the VIth and Final Delivery of the FW 13/14 collection of the Marigold Knit: Smokey Plum and Fuchsia Fantasia. Smokey Plum and Fuchsia Fantasia are the perfect transitional pieces to move from Winter to Spring, with colors just bright enough to evoke the spring spirit but subtle enough so you’re not dreaming of summer before spring even sets in!


We also know since we released the collection in October, many of you have been just dying to get your hands on the Journalist Tote (Trust us, we have been waiting rather impatiently here too!) Well people, the time is now!

Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset

On Wednesday, March 19, 2014, we will be releasing both the Fuchsia Fantasia and the Smokey Plum plus the Journalist Tote in 12 colorways! We will be serving tea and some cookies to anyone who stops by from 9AM until closing, and Melissa Sunjaya will be around from 1-3PM for signings!

BLOG-VI--Delivery-1So many options!!! We’re so confused about what to choose. What are your most excited about?
See you Wednesday.
xx Tulisan Team

P.S. Don’t forget that if you can’t join us in the store that you can order online at AND that orders within Indonesia enjoy FREE shipping! 

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Homemade Cookies and Hampers & Gift Set


Available only this 6 – 7 December 2013, Tulisan will feature a special holiday gift box filled with homemade cookies made with love. Drop by our Pop-Up stall at Plaza Indonesia Level 2 from 6 PM to midnight to get your hands on our delicious sweet treats.


While at our Pop-Up corner you can browse our five unique hampers. Each of these special hampers showcases our colorful illustrated-editions which are handmade with the finest artisanal craftsmanship. Choices include the Gingerbread Soldiers, Magical Snowflake, Marzipan Waltz, Sugar Plum Fairy, and the Nutcracker. Pick your favorites and have them delivered for FREE within Indonesia.

Tulisan presents a joyful holiday celebration with
Pepito and Friends
6 – 7 December, 2013
Plaza Indonesia, Level 2
6.00 PM – Midnight!

Follow our Blog, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more updates on the event.

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The Traveller’s Clutch


Take my hand and run with me through the dark tunnels and small streets.
Sit with me by the old station, to write a journal full of love and hope.
Promise me to record all good things, remember the whimsical moments,
and dispose any unnecessary memories.

Triple kisses, Melissa Sunjaya


Designed by Myra Bianda and Melissa Sunjaya, the Traveller’s Clutch is an old fashioned organizer with a string closure (closed size: 18 x 23 cm, opened size: 46 x 18 cm). It comes with a 200-page A5 journal, zipped pocket, compartments for cards, bills and travel documents.


Available for IDR 618,000 in 4 colorways:
Marigold Green Grass (CTR1203 – GG)
Marigold Fuchsia Fantasia (CTR1203 – FF)
Luca Fuchsia Desert (CTR1206 – FD)
Luca Orange Tangerine (CTR1206 – OT)


Enjoy Free Shipping for Mail Order within Indonesia!
Get your favorite editions and have them delivered to your doorstep

Contact us at: +62 {21} 727 80235 | +62 {815} 1051 7424 |


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Par Avion – from Jakarta with Love


On Monday, 14 October 2013, Tulisan is introducing the first delivery of my illustrated editions of Fall/Winter 2013-2014 Collection. The prints of Luca feature five-colored textile work using illustrated character and botanical elements from my Original Edition ‘Love Letters of Roro Mendut’. This edition was based on a classic Indonesian folktales, about a young Javanese princess in her adolescence who fought for her believe and passion. JOU_1206OT_02

I re-told this fiction from a personal angle where the story focused on the princess’s audacious spirit and her letters which conveyed messages of emancipation and freedom. JOU_FW13_14

In my version, Luca was the name of Roro Mendut’s beloved friend, a white homing pigeon who was the keeper of her deepest secrets and the courier of her private letters.JOU_FW13_11

As part of my reseach in developing the prints of Luca, I was inspired by William Morris – the most influential Medieval artist, writer & poet from England in the nineteenth century. Later in the work, I also infused fresh contemporary colors of tile works from Peranakan Chinese, so that the final print collection depicts a sensual taste of East and West.


Please come to my boutique at Darmawangsa Square on Monday, I will be there to meet you and to sign your bag if you wish. Thank you for appreciating my work. Triple kisses, Melissa.


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Holiday Shade


Our Olio Clutches are now back in the ever vibrant Green Grass and Fuchsia Fantasy shade of the Holiday Edition. They are ready to sweep into your totes and boldly accompany you in any occasion.


We managed to integrate everything one would need in a clutch – compartments for card, bills, change – and at the same time refined its process to meet the organic canvas that we want you to feel.


All pieces are hand made by artisans in small batches using internationally certified components. Each textile work is manually printed on non-bleached (chlorine-free) cotton canvas with eco-friendly water-based inks and protective PU coatings. This Holiday Edition’s Olio Clutches are available exclusively at our Flagship Darmawangsa Store in small batches periodically.


Enjoy free shipping services for Mail Order within Indonesia. For more of our latest collections, visit our Pinterest account. You can also reach us through 021-727 80235 or for our team’s assistance. Cheers!

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The Fabric of Hmong

One of the most memorable moment during my trip to Vietnam was my encounter to the Hmong – the minority tribe. Hmong people live in a fascinating world of fabrics and colors. The colors of their cloth identify one among the varieties of Hmong tribe that existed. In Sa Pa I met with the Black Hmong, Red Hmong, and Flower Hmong.


Bắc Hà weekend market was a melting pot for the Flower Hmongs and travellers. It was a once-a-week community market where locals socialized and did their groceries chores. A place where everything from rain boots to buffalos, fruits to local corn wine were sold.

It was an exquisite treat to see a vibrant interactions of – mostly women -in robes of rich color and patterns. They carried piles of harvest, negotiated the prices of boars, back carried their sleeping babies, or chose a new skirt to wear.

The Hmongs wove their own fabrics and wore the clothes in layers: inner blouse, skirts, waist belt, shoulder cap, leg warmer, bags, head scarf. All of which comes in distinct pallet and simple cross stitches which layered to create their traditional ornaments.

In the Hmong community, one’s marital status, tribe, and village origin are identified through their look. Without formal education in color proportion, composition, or pattern-making, the Hmongs shaped their presence through these shades of yarn. Catching beauty, a thread at a time. Rassi Narika

Many thanks again to Arif W. Brago and Dika Satya for lending their eyes through these images.

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First Batch of 12: Cushion Cover

To complete the First Batch of 12 Home collection, the Cushion Cover sets are coming in. Also available only twelve pieces per series before its complete launch next Spring.

Mail Orders are available only for delivery within Indonesia by sending inquiries to


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The Secret Garden of Admiral Kasarung in Modern Ballet

“In a time long ago, deep in the forest of Java there lived an enchanted admiral by the name of Kasarung. Kasarung was half-man, half-ape but he was no beast.”

This November 15 and 16, Namarina Youth Dance brings you the world of Kasarung and Purbasari through the ballet adaptation of Tulisan’s illustrated edition and story, “The Secret Garden of Admiral Kasarung” .

Magical Celosia Cristata and curious animals of the forest will be revealed in an atmosphere of ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance. Using a compilation of world acoustic beat and classical music, this performance is art directed by Maya Tamara and choreographed by Sussi Anddri and Dinar Karina,

For ticket information, you can contact:

Namarina Pusat (@_Namarina)

Jl. Halimun No. 43, Jakarta 12980

+62-21- 829 4777, 829 4778

Namarina Kebayoran

Jl. Gandaria Tengah III No.9

+61-21-739 8557

Gedung Kesenian Jakarta

Jl. Gedung Kesenian No.1

Jakarta Pusat 10710

+62-21 380 8283, 344 1892

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Presenting Collector’s Edition: Victor Totes

Tulisan proudly presents the premiere of “By MS with Love” tote collection on 22 October 2012, inspired by “Les Papillons de Victor” storybook. This signed and numbered Limited Edition of 100 is part of our Collector’s Edition series and will be available in six different color ways, exclusively at our boutique in Darmawangsa Square.

Meet Melissa Sunjaya, the artist behind these collectible pieces, on this launch date. She will be available for a book signing between 12.00 PM – 02.00 PM. Each tote that she designed reflects a unique scene from the story of Victor and his butterflies.

Every tote is manually silk-screened and individually made with artisanal craftsmanship using our finest trim components. It comes with a matching pouch, a special dust bag and a certificate of authenticity.

“Look carefully inside yourself, you will discover
hidden butterflies sleeping in every corner of your heart”

The original version of this delightful story was written by a French writer, Virginie Kasse, who now lives in Paris.

Due to high request of these limited edition pieces, please let us know if you would like to pre-book this collection. Email us at or contact at + 62 21 727 80235 / +62 815 1051 7424.

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A True Grit

The first time I heard about Maya Tamara – the principal/ artistic director of Namarina Dance Academy  – was from Didi, Melissa’s mother. She loved our Les Papillons de Victor aprons so much that she asked Didi if it was possible to combine two aprons and make it into a dress. I thought, “Wow, that is one awesome lady.” When I finally met her last Sunday, in between the rehearsal of “The Secret Garden of Admiral Kasarung in Modern Ballet”, my presumption was confirmed. I prepared myself for an inspiring session with her.

“I have been dancing since I was five, so ballet was deeply rooted in my body. I realized that this is where my heart is, my life-calling.”

Ms. Maya indeed captivated me. I remember watching her at the corner of the ballet studio during the rehearsal and immediately felt her strong passion to ballet. As a student at the Royal Academy of Dance in London, Maya explored Ballroom Dance to European Folk before finding that her heart was bound to fall in love to ballet. This strong love fulfilled her childhood dreams to travel around the world – something that she thought was only possible if she was to become a stewardess. “I have never thought that I could eventually do it by becoming a ballet teacher, so now I am even happier.”

Her inspirations come from various sourced: classical musics (Vivaldi is her personal favorite), dancers like Margot Fonteyn and Mikhail Barishnikov, to the details and colors of the clothes she wears.  “I never wear dark colors, because it would make me feel miserable. So I wear colorful clothes to make my day brighter. That is also how ballet fits in my world, it makes my life sparkles.”

At the end of the day, there I was sitting in the backseat of a taxi, contemplating on how I have been feeling disconnected with my own body in the past few years due to a certain condition. I used to dance as a young kid and and I remember how good it makes me feel. After the talk with Ms. Maya, I know that it is not too late to rekindle that love. It is time to reconnect and re-explore my own body. I am signing up for a class next week.- xox, Shalimma Robbiaswaty

 “The Secret Garden of Admiral Kasarung in Modern Ballet” is a Namarina Youth Dance 7th Season Performance that adapts Tulisan’s illustrated edition with the same title. The performance is scheduled for November 15-16 at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta. Follow their tweets @_Namarina for more updates.

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A recent trip to the Natural History Museum in downtown Los Angeles took me back in time and revealed what a rich and extraordinary history our planet has.

This amazing museum is full of wonderfully engaging details. Even the signs and wall text employ vibrant colors and bold typography, which enchant visitors along every step of the way.

Each section was clearly explained with illustrated diagrams and user friendly touch-screen monitors.

Each tableau provided a fresh and informative perspective and really connected the prehistoric fossils to our existence today.

It was also fascinating to remember just how layered and intertwined our histories are.  The fact that birds are related to dinosaurs is amazing.  It reminded me that if you are able to adapt to new challenges, you will always be able to soar.

A special section for kids allowed children to be little paleontologists.  They absolutely loved getting to piece together a plastic dinosaur skeleton. It was like solving a gigantic puzzle!

Our trip was not merely about acquiring knowledge, but also about gaining a new perspective on life.

It’s incredible that one can be inspired today by fossils that are 40,000 years old!

I think of evolution as the process of enduring, and even thriving, when new challenges are thrown our way.  If we allow our souls to be generalists rather than specialists, we will always be able to find contentment, no matter where we find ourselves.

 Triple kisses, Melissa Sunjaya

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Pure Friendship

My earliest memories of friendship were of giggles, tickles, and pure delight to be in the company of a friend. Back then; we had carefree days of braiding each other’s hair and fixing tea for our stuffed animals. Friendship was naive and unassuming; kids never think about what they get in return from their friends, they are friends because all that matters is that they have fun when they are together. Friendship should always be this simple.

Miya and Caitlin were god sisters that once again reunited after four years. The minute they met, their eyes sparked and connected in a different sphere. They talked through their eyes, smiles, hand holding, and of course through giggles. Miya prepared a Tulisan bag and a Pepe Doll for Caitlin. In return, Caitlin gave Pepe a home.

Pepe’s new home is with Katie – the mouse Caitlin already had. The mouse house is compact but Pepe and Katie did not seem to mind sharing the room.

A new friendship was made. Katie and Pepe are to have the best role model to look up to.

Rassi Narika

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A Night of Vaudeville

Last Wednesday, we spent a balmy evening outdoors with the girls at a concert for an old friend of mine, Janet Klein. The concert was just up the street from us at the Levitt Pavilion Pasadena where they host free evening concerts in the park.

Janet’s sound is vintage South Pacific, early 1900s with a touch of Vaudeville (her Parlor Boys.) Her style is feminine with her auburn 1920s bob neatly pined with large daisy clips, pale skin and cherry red lips.

She is an artist in the truest sense, from her musical talent – playing the ukulele to her design work – designing the covers of her now, 7 albums – Janet is a Renaissance woman.

We were thrilled to have a chance to visit with Janet following her show – Miya was delighted.

Clio was ecstatic, holding on to one of Janet’s albums.

Janet gave me an illustrated poster and her one-of-a-kind sheet music that I will use for practicing my violin!

In return, we gave Janet our “Club Tote” in the Celosia Cristata print which like Janet is classically feminine with a pop of flirt and flair.

Janet Klein and Her Parlor Boys tour the Los Angeles area frequently. Find out more about them and their music here at



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