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Jane Sees


Beloved friends,

My eyewear collection will be available at all Tulisan Boutiques at the end of March 2017.
These are handmade and limited editions.
Say hi to Jane!
–Triple kisses, Melissa Sunjaya


Jane says
I’ve never been in love
I don’t know what it is
Only knows if someone wants her
I want them if they want me
I only know they want me
–by Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction, Los Angeles 1988


Jane Sees
there are three shades
of the story
yours, mine, and her view
Everything takes its turn
in a circular motion
Jane sees the bright side
–by Melissa Sunjaya, Jakarta 2017

LB_EYE_1609NJ_13_1200x800Every pair includes a carrying leather case and a microfiber cloth.

Twitter: @mytulisan
Instagram: @mytulisan
Facebook Fan Page: Tulisan
Youtube Channel: Tulisan Jakarta

Artwork by Melissa Sunjaya
Photography by Bima Chris & Krishni Swandayani

Tulisan Chronicles Team

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Tari Pulsar: 1/3


Tessitura – Blue Note

“The fate of the orangutans, who have gradually been deprived of their living habitat, did not affect how I slept, primped, or ate. At least, I was this naive when I first received data showing that the orangutans were on the border of extinction. In 2016, their population had reached a critical point, around 55,000 of the Pongo Pygmaeus species which settled in Kalimantan and only 200 of the Pongo Abelii which still survived in the Sumatran rainforests. Including myself, hardly anyone panicked due to the fate of these orange-scarlet haired creatures with intelligence and behavior almost identical to those of humans. Its enormous head and robust demeanor with a height of almost 1.5 meters surely did not have to scare me. Even with their huge teeth, they were not beastly predators. They only consumed honey, mushrooms, nectar, and other plants. With their sensitive intuition, they would only attack humans if we were to upset their lives.


Skipper Bag – Tessitura, Nero Forest

The endless and unruly forest fires in Indonesia had impelled me to imagine if my home were to be set on fire by an inconsiderate neighbor; if I were to moan in pain due to the heat of the surrounding flames; if I were to have a defective respiratory system due to heavy smoke pollution; if I were to lose all my family; and if I were to live all alone in this world. If all of these things happened to me, I would definitely go crazy in one day. Facing an unbalanced gender population, these rainforest inhabitants would suffer a breeding depression, where their successors would no longer have the vigorous genetics necessary in order to survive in their natural domain. Extinction would eventually take place. Without these orangutans, I was still curious about how much this fact would alter my personal life.” Excerpt from Surat Pertama, Melissa Sunjaya.


Sailing Bag – Tessitura, Blue Note


Original Edition: Tessitura & Filogenesis
will be released this coming
Wednesday, 25th of January 2017,
at all of Tulisan Jakarta Boutiques,
in Colony Kemang, Plaza Senayan,
and Darmawangsa Square The City Walk.

Please find the link below for full catalog
The New East Indies: January Release


Feliz Tote – Tessitura, Blue Note


Feliz Tote – Filogenesis, Nero Forest

We offer free delivery for order destination within Indonesia
Give us a call at:
Plaza Senayan +62 (21) 5790-0412
Colony Kemang +62 (21) 2952-9927
Darmawangsa Square The City Walk +62 (21) 7278-0235
WA Messenger at +62 (815) 1051 7424
or email us at if you need further assistance.


Twitter: @mytulisan
Instagram: @mytulisan
Facebook Fan Page: Tulisan
Youtube Channel: Tulisan Jakarta

Illustrated by Melissa Sunjaya
Photography by Bima Kris
Choreography by Davit Fitrik

Tulisan Chronicles Team

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A Tribute to Chairil Anwar

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In the following six months, my work is a tribute to Chairil Anwar. It is my first science fiction project, titled ‘Bio Fantasy’.

Bio Fantasy is dedicated to honoring Chairil Anwar’s legacy with the intention of reconnecting with his values that forever changed literature and language in Indonesia. I have invited fellow artists to explore their own interpretation of Bio Fantasy. Using the avant-garde principles inherent to Chairil Anwar’s literary approach, each artist had to relinquish their conventional work habits, defy their rationales and tear down any strategical methods, in order to manifest and explore new emotions.

Chairil Anwar was the pioneer of “Angkatan 45” (Indonesia’s art and literary movement that began in 1945). Most Indonesians are familiar with Anwar’s most celebrated poems ‘Aku’ and ‘Krawang-Bekasi’; however, today, information pertaining to his work, his life, and his credo are not widely available. This year-long project, Bio Fantasy, seeks to continue the discourse Anwar began. He was a literary mastermind who single-handedly broke through every conventional protocol and created a new paradigm for Indonesian poetry. His rebellious use of casual diction, unorthodox patterns, and innovative syntax has never failed to inspire new generations of artists, philosophers, and poets.

The first chapter of this Fall-Winter collection will make its debut in October 2015. With this project, I hope you will enjoy Chairil Anwar’s work from a different perspective.

Triple kisses, M. S.

Photographed by Lia Subianto

Photographed by Lia Subianto

Voice of the Night, Chairil Anwar's Poetry with English Translation by Burton Raffel

‘Voice of the Night’, Chairil Anwar’s Anthology of Poetry and Prose with English Translation by Burton Raffel, was the book that inspired me to undertake this ‘Bio Fantasy’ project.

Chairil Anwar

Chairil Anwar


Saya berharap proyek seni ‘Bio Fantasy’ karya Melissa Sunjaya dapat mengabadikan warisan budaya ayahanda, Chairil Anwar, sehingga semua generasi bisa menikmatinya dalam khayalan hayati masing-masing, untuk seribu tahun lagi.

– Evawani Alissa Chairil Anwar
Jakarta, 15 September 2015

Save the Date:
1 October – 31 October 2015
LIFE IN PINK (See, Understand & Love) 
is a Breast Cancer Awareness campaign by Monolog Coffee & Tulisan
in the month of October 2015. The campaign features
6 illustrated archival giclée prints of ‘Bio Fantasy’ by Melissa Sunjaya.

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Profile: Della Nathalia

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It is Christmas day and close to dawn, for the past seven hours I only thought about Della Nathaliaour technical designer who has joined our team for two years. At the end of this year, she will be leaving Tulisan and progressing to another professional experience. It is hard to face this truth, for she is by far the best apprentice in design whom I have ever met during my twenty years of being a visual mentor and practitioner. With all honesty, she is determined and hardworking individual who is adamant in delivering the best under all circumstances.


Della has been involved in many duties and responsibilities at Tulisan, from the most difficult problem-solving tasks to the most unimaginable roles, such as modeling for our look-book photography.


With her slender figure and graceful composure, she was always ready and accommodating all my needs during the photo shoot, both as a photo subject and as a set assistant. It was extremely easy to work with her and painless to art direct her.


Della has always been supportive and dedicated to her work, to her co-workers and to her parents. Everyday before this young woman goes to work at Darmawangsa Square, she starts her day super early, around 4 – 5 am, to help her parents’ business selling Indonesian snacks. Regardless of her family obligations, she has never been late to work.


At work, Della is responsible in creating the technical package for all our soft goods. She takes this meticulous job seriously, proudly and diligently. It was these attitudes that have propelled her to becoming our most trustable source in R&D, regardless of her non-creative and logic oriented academic background in accounting.


I remember of one early Sunday, at 7 am, she woke me up to develop the prototype of Lilliput Tote at our atelier. Even under an extremely bad weather, agonizing traffic jams, or weak physical condition, Della has never given me any excuse to be absent from her work. She was always around to support both our Design department and R&D team.


Della is a dependable team player, an honest apprentice and a loyal friend. All of us will miss her a great deal.


She embodies many qualities that I seek as a one of Tulisan’s guardians and ambassadors.


I admire the fact that she always acts boldly without any prejudice.


Della is a die-hard perfectionist when it comes to her work. Often I wish that she can confront mistakes more openly, because life always takes us to an unexpected turn. The ability of embracing our imperfections and mistakes gives us a deeper understanding of our true beauty.


We are a small team chasing for a big dream. Each member is required to take on many responsibilities in sales, design, R&D, marketing and finance. We can always count on Della, when it comes to handling cashier’s duty, customer care or as a brand spokes person. She has given us the confidence that she can complete these duties well.


I get frustrated from how hectic and messy Della’s work space gets. When I expressed my discontent to her, she would try to calm me down by assuring me that it was an organized mess and that in fact everything was in order. I find that cute and annoying at the same time. At least, we can be frank to each other.


She has also been in charge of building many of our exhibit installations and designing our planogram (a systematical technical plan of arranging visual merchandising based on a specific retail objective). This is a job that requires both strong logic and powerful imagination.


Della carries and maintains a special toolbox which contains essential hardware instruments and measuring gadgets for building exhibition sets. Once we timed ourself in building one of the sets (as shown in the picture above), and it took 30 minutes for the two of us, crazy ladies, to complete the exhibit.


Della takes our company’s vision close to her heart, every morning she part-takes in a team effort in caring for our work-space and making it a pleasant and clean environment.


In 2011, Fadly, our Chief of Financial Officer, brought her in for the first time so that she can intern as an accountant. Della was Fadly’s student in Atmajaya University. Her very first duty was to account all assets, raw materials, and finished goods inventory. I believe that this was a very good foundation for her to build her passion and trust in my ideas for Tulisan.


I have enjoyed every minute of this journey with her. I wish for her to be a solid leader who always march forward with confidence and content.


To our Black Beauty, Merry Christmas and kisses to you, Melissa Sunjaya.

Photography by Melissa Sunjaya


A Self-fulfilling Pursuit

by Athina Ibrahim


“Our first responsibility is to ourselves – to be true to our sense of right and wrong, our sense of purpose and meaning. That’s how we contribute to the world. Anyone who is able to do that for him or herself is already contributing a great deal of human potential into our collective, shared pool of humanity.”Maria Popova of Brain Pickings.

Upon first impression, Della Nathalia exudes a cool and composed sense of being. She carries herself in such a thoughtful matter, often constructed with precision. Her choices of clothing undertones her interest for simplicity without being understated — classic, neat cuts, combined with occasionally colorful tones. Nothing that blatantly hurt the eye.

Her focus grabs the attention of those around her. She talks when necessary and joins the rowdy conversation of office breaks when needed. When it calls for work, she gets her concentration gear on and keeps distraction at bay.

Walking side by side, I cannot help but be engross in the sense of determination of her stride. Della remains calm as we sit for a cup of coffee. She eventually relaxes when I make a joke confirming of my intention to keep the conversation casual. Despite intruding her personal space with a recorder ready on the table.

It was only during minutes into our talk that her disposition changed. She slightly panics when the conversation revolved around her. Often, breaking into a nervous giggle when I ask about her personal achievements.

Maybe it is too difficult to lay it all out. For almost two years, Della has undergone a series of transformation. Joining Tulisan, she started as an accounting intern. As time went by, she was placed into different departments as learning experience to find what fits her capabilities. From an accountant to working under branding and marketing, before finally grabbing the responsibility she holds till this day: a technical designer.


“I have a very strong sense of logic in calculation and imagining form,” she repeatedly exclaims, when asked about her final transition. She boldly jumped into the opportunity when presented by Tulisan’s owner Melissa Sunjaya. Being a technical designer at Tulisan encompasses various different aspects. An eye and sensitivity for detail is necessary to carry out this type of activity. Her days comprises of researching new fabrication methods, testing components, constructing product prototypes to developing cutting patterns with Zero Waste principle and reviewing final bills of materials.

Beyond that, is where the challenge may lie. Being a technical designer at Tulisan surpasses creating only patterned forms, you also need a humanistic approach in overseeing the artisanal fabrication methods done by the production team. Discipline to accommodate a standardized process can only be achieved with a certain sternness, ability to multi-task and and an acute awareness of Tulisan’s values and work ethic when operating each tasks – an extremely high requirement that not all can master, but Della takes with serious consideration.


The roots of her logic may date back from her school years, when everyone was engulfed in romantic novels and Chiclit (Chic Literature), Della was obsessed with the proper structure of language. To my surprise, by high-school, she managed to pull-off writing her own novel only because she was irritated by the disarranged usage of language in novels of her age. Instead her daily readings then were by experienced literalist as Mira W. and W. Lestari. Her affinity for linguistic has grabbed her attention since.

Everything about Korea — the language, the films, and overall culture — maybe something that has captured her interests today, but she has grown up with a liking for so many other languages — Japanese and Chinese included. And language doesn’t defer to only structure and logic, it bears a cultural context to it. Language has its prose and poetic form – making it an equally beautiful and abstract form of art. Maybe, without her noticing it, a sense for the aesthetics have already been embedded in her since a young age. Despite her claiming only learning about aesthetics at this present age.

Her greatest influence are Melissa and Melissa’s Mother, Didi Hersubeno, giving her responsibilities and often visual guidelines on the proper way of designing the visual interiors of the store or even booths that bear Tulisan’s product elsewhere. She remarked her current environment at Tulisan is what made her more bold in her visual sense. Although, she claimed she probably would not be seen around with a pop-color scarf she pointed out I was wearing.

At a young age of 23 years old, Della remains dedicated to her work. Different from her peers who continue pursuing what they are most familiar with academically. Della continues to do the things that give her personal fulfillment. She hopes to see Tulisan flourishing worldwide, while being able to produce a product of her own once she has completely mastered the design and crafting techniques involved in making her responsibility as technical designer whole.

Photography by Tulisan Chronicles Team

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Exploring the Incomprehensible Shape


Like a drawing that starts with only a few lines and continues to imprint an incomprehensible shape, life always leads us to mysterious paths that are filled of imperfections and fractured corners.

At that moment, most of us choose to stop drawing for the fear of tainting the page with a horrible mistake. A very few of us take the decision to stop asking questions on life’s ever changing directions and gallantly ink without any doubts towards an unexpected end.

The beauty of life lies on facing our biggest mistakes and loving our most dreadful self-portraits. Only after passing that point, we can capture a clear view over the horizon that human beings are not made of flesh and blood, but we are an infinite idea that we choose to project.

Always ink courageously because time only becomes meaningful when we start exploring, Melissa Sunjaya

JOU_DRAW_01{  Indonesian  }

Bagaikan sebuah gambar yang dimulai dengan goresan dan menghasilkan gambar dalam berbagai bentuk yang sulit dipahami, hidup akan selalu membawa kita ke jalan misterius penuh ketidaksempurnaan dan sudut yang retak.

Dalam saat itu, banyak dari kita memilih untuk berhenti mengambar karena takut menodai halaman dengan kesalahan yang mengerikan. Segelintir dari kita akan mengambil keputusan untuk berhenti mempertanyakan perubahan jalan hidup dan berani berjalan tanpa ragu menuju akhir yang tak dapat ditebak.

Indahnya hidup terletak pada kemampuan kita menghadapi kesalahan-kesalahan terbesar kita dan mencintai gambar diri yang menakutkan. Hanya setelah melangkah dari titik itulah, kita mampu melihat jelas bahwa manusia tidak hanya terbuat dari darah dan daging, melainkan suatu proyeksi ide-ide yang tidak ada batasannya.

Teruslah menorehkan tinta karena waktu hanya menjadi berarti saat kita mulai menjelajah, Melissa Sunjaya

Photography by Trish Haulz, Translation by Athina Ibrahim

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Melissa at Pecha Kucha Jakarta Vol. 16

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We are excited to announce that Tulisan’s very own Melissa Sunjaya will be one of the speakers of Pecha Kucha Jakarta Vol. 16.

A little bit about Pecha Kucha:

Pecha Kucha (pronounced as “peh-chak-cha”) is a Japanese term to define the conversational sound in a room full of people. This term was taken by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham as the first people to establish Pecha Kucha since the year 2004 in Tokyo. This is a casual networking event inviting key figures from the creative industries to share their stories, ideas, and experience.

The uniqueness of Pecha Kucha lies in its quickly paced 20×20 presentation format where speakers are welcomed to share their stories of 20 slides in only 20 seconds each slide. Resulting in a exciting 6:40 minute talk of each speakers.

This month Pecha Kucha Jakarta Vol. 16 will be highlighting the theme Storytelling and Melissa Sunjaya — alongside the other great speakers — will be ready to share to you her journey and stories of Tulisan.

Monday, 25 November 2013
Time: 19:00 – 21:30 (Registration will be opened from 18:30)
Location: Erasmus Huis
Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav. S-3, Jakarta, 12950

We hope to see you there!


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Namarina 8th Season Performance

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WP_NAMARINA8_01Whatever you have planned this weekend, you don’t want to miss 8 by Namarina Youth Dance! The performance will be showing twice at the Gedung Kesenian Jakarta: on Saturday, 23 November at 8.00 pm and on Sunday, 24 November at 4.00 pm. Admission: IDR200,000.  Tickets: or call +62 21 829 4777.WP_NAMARINA8_02

“8” has been used as symbols since 5,000 BC. To the ancient Egyptian, “8” symbolized the cosmic order; to the ancient Greek it meant love and friendship; to the Chinese it represents the universe; to the Japanese it is a symbol of multiplicity; and when positioned horizontally it becomes the mathematical symbol for ‘infinity’.


One subject can be viewed differently, and this is exactly what this production is all about. With different cultural and technical backgrounds, three Asian choreographers interpret Western-based dance forms and make it their own. Jeffrey Tan from Singapore explores ballet in contemporary approach, Kim Jae Duk of South Korea lays out his expression in modern manner, while NYD’s very own Dinar Karina expresses her ideas with her own jazz style in one number, and embracing the local traditional dance in her ballet piece.


Jeffrey Tan came from a classical background, and was former Principal Dancer and Resident Choreographer with The Singapore Dance Theatre. Currently Jeffrey is the Principal of The Singapore Ballet Academy. 

WP_NAMARINA8_05Kim Jae Duk received the Best New Dancer Award in 2010 from The Modern Dance Promotion of Korea, and aside from being the Artistic Director of his own company, Modern Table, Jae Duk is also the current Associate Choreographer for T.H.E. Dance Company, Singapore.

WP_NAMARINA8_06 The performance will be held for 2 (two) days, at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta, featuring Namarina Youth Dance dancers, two guest dancers, and also supported by Namarina Youth Dance Apprentice and selected students from Namarina School. WP_NAMARINA8_07 Dance pieces that will be featured in this production are Symbiotic Metamorphosis (by Jeffrey Tan), Second Hand (by Kim Jae Duk), Identity and Jegeg (by Dinar Karina).WP_NAMARINA8_08

Namarina Youth Dance (NYD) is a semi-professional dance company, established in 2006 with its roots in classical ballet while incorporating traditional culture, with hopes to be able to put Indonesia on the map of the dancing world. NYD was initiated with the aim to become a vessel to nurture and develop the many talents of young Indonesian dancers, and to improve the position of dancing as a profession in society. Moreover, Namarina Youth Dance also carries a mission to participate in the development of healthy, creative and character-rich Indonesian dancing heritage and to take part and enrich Indonesia’s cultural life.

WP_NAMARINA8_09Photography by Namarina Youth Dance


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Thank you for Ernst & Young EWW 2013

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The Founding Artist

The Founding Artist

Thank you with all my heart to all my beloved team, dearest friends and family who have supported me in winning the Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Winning Women 2013.

In my humble opinion, earning this award will grant an elevated perspective to the profile of any growing business. A perspective that would open doors to many new possibilities and would earn trust based on the essence of our business. The major obstacles that I have continued to overcome in starting this brand have always been about building the system from ground zero, setting our own standards, and establishing an impressive track record in order to validate our concepts and earn trust from the related parties we work with. Earning this highly regarded award would give confidence to my young team, would raise the barometer of our commitment, and would propel our brand to a noble ground.

Tulisan will never be a place for one solo artist with vested personal ambitions. It is an honest and clean company that is dedicated to empowering others, celebrating individuality, and caring for our world. The organizational structure has been designed to reflect a guild that accommodates artists from different disciplines and honors all forms of art from illustration, literature, music, cinematography, dance, ceramic to wood work. The manufacturing methodology has been planned carefully to showcase Indonesia’s finest artisanal craftsmanship and excellence in production quality. The design principles of our base products have always been simple and pure, which appeal to a universal audience. With this groundwork set in motion, Tulisan is preparing a blueprint for a stage that is ocean deep. A stage where a label imprinting ‘Jakarta’ will tell a different story about this city and will be a spotlight witnessed by many nations for the first time in history.

Without further ado, it takes courage, determination and constant discipline from each individual to break through the conventional molds so that we can project our very best of our beings and compose our blueprints into reality within the near future. I have hand-picked a team of young willful individuals who together have self-taught themselves in becoming a potent team of experts in the daily operations of Tulisan. As the captain of this team, I choose to devote my time in mentoring these individuals to be free thinkers, entrepreneurs and leaders.

Triple kisses from Jakarta with Love,
Melissa Sunjaya

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Weekend Movie: À Bout de Souffle

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NEWS_BREATHLESS_04À Bout de Souffle (Breathless) is a movie to watch. If you have not, you should; and if you have you should watch it again. This Jean Luc Godard’s masterpiece is the real thing.

NEWS_BREATHLESS_02Breathless started the embodiment of French movies’ new wave in 1961. Godard translated his idea that “a film should have a beginning, a middle and an end, but not necessarily in that order”. In all senses, he delivered it triumphantly.

NEWS_BREATHLESS_03Looking beyond the beauty of its intentionally-chaotic storyline, I was mesmerized by the natural yet dramatic view of each scene, close-up shots of Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jean Seberg, and the alluring feature of monochromatic pallet.


Our Residence Artist, Myra Bianda shared this movie as she created her own cinematic translation for her debut collection “Bawang Putih and the Night Sky”. The complete collection of Bawang Putih and the Night Sky will be available this Summer 2013. – Rassi Narika.


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Tulisan at The Mulia, Bali

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The exquisite Originals and vibrant Prints of Tulisan collections are now featured at The Mulia Bali’s retail shop, “Salto”.


Amongst the stunning beach at Nusa Dua’s bay, The Mulia’s relaxed and polished sensibility of the nature’s beauty expanded to its spaces and guests’ experiences.


Featured at the recently opened Salto Boutique, Tulisan’s took stand with the illustrious Originals and Prints Collections.


Tulisan’s Visual Merchandising Team traveled to Bali to set up the space and provide our signature touch in each corner.


You can find Salto at

The Mulia, Bali

Mulia Resort Level 5

(next to the escalator)

Jl. Raya Nusa Dua Selatan

Kawasan Sawangan

Nusa Dua, Bali 80363, Indonesia

T. (+62 361) 3017777 ext 6745

Store hours: 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.

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Weekend Movie: Marley

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I am a big fan of biography movies. I develop this weird interest of wanting to know why a person become the person they are, and not many can be as big as Bob Marley – making this movie on top of my list to watch.

WP_JOU121024_MAR_05The movie went chronologically, starting from Nine Mile, Bob’s hometown in Jamaica where he was agonized with his mixed-race background to his struggle with poverty as he moved to Trench Town.

WP_JOU121024_MAR_04Marley’s powerful music and honest lyrics were results of complex upbringing: of society ignorance and corruption, of compulsive bureaucrats that care nothing but political power.

Emancipating ourselves from mental slavery is a journey that requires perseverance and virtue. It was never meant to be easy.


Yet, even though none but ourselves can free our mind, having portraits of Marley in Tulisan’s studio surely help :) – Rassi Narika

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Cruise 2013: Casual Look


The Cruise 2013 Collections expand the reverie of monochromatic playfulness in every day look. You can find Beach Bags, Siesta Totes, Hobo Totes, and Gallery Totes in three new swatches: Nero Jet, Green Lime, and Teal Sea.

Available exclusively at Tulisan Flagship Store The Goods Dept. Outlets, and Online Orders through

Free shipping within Indonesia applies. For a complete Cruise 2013 Collections, visit our Pinterest account here.

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Free Shipping within Indonesia

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All Mail Orders for Indonesia delivery is free for a limited time – and without minimum purchases applied, too! Find out how you can get Tulisan delivered to your door here.

Happy shopping!

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Portable Filing System: Atelier Box

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WP_JOU130502_BAT_NJ_01To help me organize my working space, I created my own portable filing system.


I use several black cardboard and fold them based on the number of file folders I need.



Using 18 pt. Gill Sans in all caps – white on black background, I make the label tag for each folder.


Fold the tab into half and round its edges using a rounded-corner punch cutter. This will give a long lasting tab for your folder.



I stick the tabs to the cardboard based on the folder I use the most.


These neatly stacked folders then get organized inside my Atelier Box.


You can even use the Atelier Box as a portable filing system to store your documents, book, and binders.

For a step-by-step DIY to this portable filing system, visit our Pinterest.

Triple kisses, Melissa

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Walk with Confidence

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The most wanted Tulisan’s Confidence clutch is now available in 10 color ways.


These clutches are exclusively produced in a super limited quantity.


It is sexy and chic for pool parties or cocktail nights.


Contact us at +62 (815) 1051 7424 or +62 (21) 7278 0235 or email us at to get your favorite color

JOU_COL_PRE2012_05We are pleased to offer free shipping within Indonesia for a limited time. Happy shopping!

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