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Letters Edition: “Betina”

Boat Bag - Betina, Light Ecru

Boat Bag – Betina, Light Ecru

Beloved Friends,
will be released this coming
Saturday, 22th of July 2017,
at all of Tulisan Jakarta Boutiques,
in Colony Kemang, Plaza Senayan,
and Darmawangsa Square The City Walk.

Postal Bag - Betina, Purple Rain

Postal Bag – Betina, Purple Rain

Postal Bag - Betina, Red Rumor

Postal Bag – Betina, Red Rumor

Tulisan proudly presents the newest piece of The Letters Edition. These exclusive prints by Melissa Sunjaya, are made of the finest materials in the style of hand-lettering. This collection showcases simple and straightforward designs fit for everyone, while still maintaining the quality and aesthetic of Tulisan.

We offer free delivery for order destination within Indonesia
Give us a call at:
Plaza Senayan +62 (21) 5790-0412 | +62 857-8087-9732 (WA)
Colony Kemang +62 (21) 2952-9927 | +62 857-8087-9702 (WA)
Darmawangsa Square The City Walk +62 (21) 7278-0235 | +62 815-1051-7424 (WA)
or email us at if you need further assistance.

Twitter: @mytulisan
Instagram: @mytulisan
Facebook Fan Page: Tulisan
Youtube Channel: Tulisan Jakarta

Artwork by Melissa Sunjaya

Tulisan Chronicle Team


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“… It would be easier to evaluate others, even if there were many important factors that I tend to ignore when speculating about others’ personalities…” —Excerpt from Surat 2, by Melissa Sunjaya


“…I named this process ‘crystallization’…” —Excerpt from Surat 2, by Melissa Sunjaya


“…I did not view any of my weaknesses as a disability or as a minus value…”  —Excerpt from Surat 2, by Melissa Sunjaya


“…I was more interested in giving every weakness a value of zero. A zero represented a special number with infinite possibilities…” —Excerpt from Surat 2, by Melissa Sunjaya


The more I accepted my flaws, the larger the connection space with others became. To unite with others, I had to first know myself—Excerpt from Surat 2, by Melissa Sunjaya


“… Union of sets demonstrated the human primal desire to establish relationships with one another in the effort to improve the self and to become an evolute… Outside humanism, the analogy on crystallization and union of sets could be applied in various aspects” —Excerpt from Surat 2, by Melissa Sunjaya


“…From another angle, donuts, pretzels, and gelato had customarily been the types of food that could be enjoyed by different races in almost all countries…” —Excerpt from Surat 2, by Melissa Sunjaya


We offer free delivery for order destination within Indonesia
Give us a call at:
Plaza Senayan +62 (21) 5790-0412 | +62 857-8087-9732 (WA)
Colony Kemang +62 (21) 2952-9927 | +62 857-8087-9702 (WA)
Darmawangsa Square The City Walk +62 (21) 7278-0235 | +62 815-1051-7424 (WA)
or email us at if you need further assistance

Twitter: @mytulisan
Instagram: @mytulisan
Facebook Fan Page: Tulisan
Youtube Channel: Tulisan Jakarta

Artwork by Melissa Sunjaya
Photography by Zharfani Padmasedhana
Style Director by Aji Bagjaraya
Stage Designer by Farid Irnaldi

Tulisan Chronicles Team

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Nesting Place


LB_FW1617_HOME_1625RS_07_1200x800Hi, I’m Fani.


Since I started working in Tulisan, I have spent numerous hours discussing projects in Melissa’s own house which also served as her art studio. She treats her Tulisan team in kinship. We would be having breakfast, lunch and coffees together like a family. Among this tight working team, we would share many touches of laughter while tackling deadlines.


LB_FW1617_HOME_05_01_1200x800I rent a 4×5 square meter urban room in South Jakarta, not far from my office. It is a simple space with tiny ventilation panels giving it a descent natural light source. I often wonder how to redecorate this space without spending an excessive budget and a huge effort.LB_FW1617_HOME_1625RS_012_1200x800


One rainy afternoon as Melissa was working on her household responsibilities, I asked her for some tips on decorating rooms. So she took me to see her room. To my surprise, her bedroom was humble, yet warm and cozy. She loves spending time at home, and especially a lot of ‘me time’ in this room for reading, writing, and drinking tea.

LB_FW1617_HOME_1625RS_010_1200x800Her bare room was filled with only the basic sleeping necessities, such as a low mattress, a colonial arm chair, a reading lamp, candles, and a ladder as hangers. Her handwriting over the mattress gave the space a very poetic touch, like a lullaby before bedtime.



Melissa suggested me to redecorate my room with a limited colour palette of white and grey, making the creative process easier and giving a lasting satisfaction. The neutral tones made the room more spacious and friendly for the soul. Her bedroom was overall covered in neutral coloured linens, then vibrantly accented with Tulisan’s home collections.



I discovered a couple of unique ideas for my own space. As an example, the tea towel could be used as an interchangeable wall decoration and as a seat cover. The car organizer could also be hanged on the wall to organize tissue, books, and notes.


I felt inspired that day because her decorating tips were easy to apply. A pleasant atmosphere doesn’t have to be expensive.

I hope you have a great day,
Zharfani Padmasedhana

Twitter: @mytulisan
Instagram: @mytulisan
Facebook Fan Page: Tulisan
Youtube Channel: Tulisan Jakarta

Artwork by Melissa Sunjaya
Photography by Bima Chris

Tulisan Chronicles Team

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Jane Sees


Beloved friends,

My eyewear collection will be available at all Tulisan Boutiques at the end of March 2017.
These are handmade and limited editions.
Say hi to Jane!
–Triple kisses, Melissa Sunjaya


Jane says
I’ve never been in love
I don’t know what it is
Only knows if someone wants her
I want them if they want me
I only know they want me
–by Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction, Los Angeles 1988


Jane Sees
there are three shades
of the story
yours, mine, and her view
Everything takes its turn
in a circular motion
Jane sees the bright side
–by Melissa Sunjaya, Jakarta 2017

LB_EYE_1609NJ_13_1200x800Every pair includes a carrying leather case and a microfiber cloth.

Twitter: @mytulisan
Instagram: @mytulisan
Facebook Fan Page: Tulisan
Youtube Channel: Tulisan Jakarta

Artwork by Melissa Sunjaya
Photography by Bima Chris & Krishni Swandayani

Tulisan Chronicles Team

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Tari Pulsar: 2/3

Chemist Bag: Deformasi - Yellow Sunflower

Chemist Bag: Deformasi – Yellow Sunflower

“In this pseudo-dream, my position as Earth and human was often a blur, even a blend of the two. Both roles could be discerned by all my senses. Like a scar inside my head, I recalled the moment Mother Earth uttered, “My universe is far different than that of this human which is presently rotating on its own axis with a virtual speed stronger than what his ratio is able to grasp. However if his determined heart is prepared to erase our differences, my every joint too is capable in repainting this dance. Only for him, I wish to create a fantasy, colored by countless leaps of possibility. In silence, I await a signal to construct a new world which cannot be seen by prejudiced eyes.”

Chemist Bag: Transgresi - Red Sangria

These catastrophic eruptions prompting reformation to the Earth’s contours became the solo direction in sustaining this pulsar dance. This was the essential part of the relationship between Earth and humans. The nature of these calamities was also very temporary. Every deformation or disorder must be appreciated as a catalyst driving us to a higher position. The most challenging thing to me was the deformation of the mind. The ‘Deformasi’ of self which examined every imperfection and undressed every defect would definitely shock many faces. Through the transparency of this approach, the vanity of individualism was deliberately sabotaged in order to become aware of the importance of taking down the ego, destroying old masks, and forming a fresh character.” –Excerpt from Surat No. 1, Melissa Sunjaya.

Concerto Purse: Deformasi - Yellow Sunflower

Concerto Purse: Deformasi – Yellow Sunflower

Prints Edition: Deformasi & Transgresi
will be released this coming
Wednesday, 22th of February 2017,
at all of Tulisan Jakarta Boutiques,
in Colony Kemang, Plaza Senayan,
and Darmawangsa Square The City Walk.

Please find the link below for full catalog
The New East Indies: February Release

Metropole: Transgresi - Red Sangria

We offer free delivery for order destination within Indonesia
Give us a call at:
Plaza Senayan +62 (21) 5790-0412
Colony Kemang +62 (21) 2952-9927
Darmawangsa Square The City Walk +62 (21) 7278-0235
WA Messenger at +62 (815) 1051 7424
or email us at if you need further assistance.

Twitter: @mytulisan
Instagram: @mytulisan
Facebook Fan Page: Tulisan
Youtube Channel: Tulisan Jakarta

Illustrated by Melissa Sunjaya
Photography by Bima Chris
Choreography by Davit Fitrik

Tulisan Chronicles Team

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489th Jakarta

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Happy Birthday Jakarta!

Happy Birthday Jakarta!

“Jakarta is not London, Paris, New York or any other great city. Despite its pollution and bumper-to-bumper traffic, living in Jakarta is about taking chances, being close to family, and having true friends. It is a melting pot where you will find many inspiring minds and undiscovered talent. Appearances are often deceiving. This is definitely the case with a chaotic city like Jakarta, but once you delve into its inner beauty you realize that this is a place brimming with vitality and an abundance of untapped creative energy.” –Melissa Sunjaya-

Happy Birthday to our beloved Jakarta!

Tulisan Chronicles Team

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Letters in December

Postal Bag - Red Rumor

BPS1509-RR: Postal Bag, Aku mau bebas dari segala, Red Rumor | Rp450,000

The New Letters Edition “Aku mau bebas dari segala”
has arrived at our stores today
Wednesday, 16 December 2015,
at Tulisan Boutiques,
in Plaza Senayan and Darmawangsa Square The City Walk.

BPS1509-PR: Postal Bag, Aku mau bebas dari segala, Purple Rain | Rp450,000

BPS1509-PR: Postal Bag, Aku mau bebas dari segala, Purple Rain | Rp450,000

Now available in three bold colour ways:
Red Rumor,  Purple Rain, and Light Ecru

BBT1509-LE: Boat Bag, Aku mau bebas dari segala, Light Eru

BBT1509-LE: Boat Bag, Aku mau bebas dari segala, Light Ecru | Rp350,000

The artworks in this edition feature the excerpt “Aku mau bebas dari segala” which was taken from one of the most famous works by literary maestro Chairil Anwar, Merdeka (1943).

Give us a call at +62 (815) 1051 7424
or email us at
if you need further assistance.

Tulisan Chronicles Team

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Batavia Hotel Time Capsule Preview


The following video with photography by Michal Gorzynski and Hotmaida Marttianggo Nainggolan with editing done by Michal Gorzynski previews what we will launch this January 28th, 2015.

This exceptional set, the Batavia Hotel Collector’s Edition Time Capsule, is a special gift we hope can be passed on for generations for its intricate detailing. Taken from the 2011 illustrated collection written and illustrated by Melissa Sunjaya, the story is layered to depict a complex romance filled with passion and jealousy which speaks of the alarming irony of a social climber.

With only 12 editions available this is an heirloom-quality serigraph art print is made on a limited run. Handcrafted with the finest materials in small batches with signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Read more on how you can have your hands on this limited edition here.

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Up in The Sky

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She toyed around with the toy plane, a reminding gift of their adventures together, seeing what her eyes were not accustomed of seeing. Flying up in the air, overlooking the oceans which sparkled brightly against the sun.

She paused to ask her father “Can I not stay up here and settle with the brightness and beauty of the sky?”
He gently replied, “You need to land once in a while to keep you grounded. And once you do, you will realise how precious it is to reach this charming view.”

Last march were the last of her adventures together, as he closed his eyes to a higher place. She leaned by the door, hoping the weight will bear the anticipation of her next adventures as she recalls the warmth of her father’s words. 

Cruise Bag: Wonder Red Sangria
Concerto Tote: Wonder Light Mint

– Tulisan Chronicles Team


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Happy New Year!


Melissa Sunjaya always mentions, “life always leads us to mysterious paths that are filled of imperfections and fractured corners.” As we embrace the new year and reflect the past 2014, the whole Tulisan team wishes everyone a new beginning. “The beauty of life lies on facing our biggest mistakes and loving our most dreadful self-portraits.Only after passing that point, we can capture a clear view over the horizon that human beings are not made of flesh and blood, but we are an infinite idea that we choose to project.”

May your 2015 bring you the whimsical luxuries of life!

– Tulisan Chronicles Team

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Warm Christmas Ideas!


Eventhough many are saying blue is the warmest color (We know it is from a movie title) or that you can never go wrong with black. It is hard not to celebrate christmas season with the traditional color of red. So to pay tribute to the classic and shocking red that easily take people’s attention, this Christmas we are tributing a few gift-giving ideas in the red hues!


1. Delightfully Yours Cards Rp. 98,000.-
2. Amma Supahilo Giclée Petite Rp. 685,000.-
3. Polka Dots Red Blush Gift Wrap Rp. 35,000.-
4. Hung Pao Envelopes Rp. 100,000.-
5. Red Sangria Traveler’s Clutch Rp. 618,000,-
6. Orange Salmon Panama Bag Rp. 1,498,000

For more information kindly visit our store at Darmawangsa Square or Plaza Senayan or email us at:

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We will be in Plaza Senayan!

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As we extend our utmost thank you for your continuos support. This year, Tulisan have taken the next leap to introduce to you the opening of our second permanent store at Plaza Senayan on the second week of December 2014.

Have a look out for more details soon!

– Tulisan Chronicles Team

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Plume: A Film by Michal Gorzynski


This film by Michal Gorzynski demonstrates a tour of Poland’s Gdańsk in the following fashion video of Tulisan’s Plume & Wonder Fall/Winter collection 2014-2015. The video plays with light and shade in a city of trade by the baltic coast, which is home to a central seaport in Poland.

The prominent influence of the Plume & Wonder edition was based on the crossing line between the subversive conscious of our dreams and our projected reality. The film joins the ethereal connection between the self and nature, following the steps of a young woman supporting a Plume Panama Bag in Orange Salmon as she follows the haziness of sunlight, embarking on a discovery through the shifts of emotions captured through the streams of sound and the boundless landscapes.

The video accompanies Indonesian-band Polka War‘s ambient track “Horse Hooves” which will be released in their upcoming album this year.

The Plume Prints Edition will be available in November 2014.    

Film by Michal Gorzynski
Music by Polka Wars


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A Tulisan Woman: Nadine Zamira Sjarief

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“You have to start with your closest surroundings. You have to be a testament to change by being consistent in what you believe in” – Nadine Zamira

Change is a difficult quest. When you have built a life surrounded by daily comforts, it is hard to bring yourself down and plunge back into what is considered bare necessity. The participation of change is often faced with resistance to the unfamiliar and the tremor of fear as it tempers with your consciousness  often creating a resonance of doubt to your beliefs.

Change comes with a price. A price Nadine Zamira courageously convince will be for the better. She once posted in her instragram account, the wisdom of Socrates, “The secret of change is to focus your energy, not fighting the old, but on building the new.” An adage she has genuinely strived for in advocating for the environment.


From a relatively young age, Nadine Zamira has been exposed to the great outdoors. The value of appreciating nature was quickly instilled to her family through her experiences of hiking, bird watching, to urban farming. These constant interactions were pivotal in her life and have since molded her sensitivity to be cautious to the environment.

“It is a way of life,” she often exclaims. Today, foreseeing the lack of awareness towards environmental conservation in Indonesia, Nadine has developed her start-up as both her cause and personal pursuit for living. She has built a Public Relations agency specializing in environmental communication she names LeafPlus – proudly marking the agency to be the first of its kind locally.

“I was only fulfilling my destiny.” She once mentioned to me, when I first asked of her motivation to pursue this field.


My first encounter with Nadine happened three years ago when we were first introduced by a former co-worker. From our initial meetings to the experience of traveling to a global lecture series in Ubud, I had developed an understanding that balance was a great priority for her. She is bold, smart, and equally masters an eye for anything aesthetic pleasing. Her love for beauty and observing nature evolved into her appreciation towards arts and design. Her exquisite charm and slender figure can easily mistake her for a model, but as the popular saying goes, Nadine carries both “beauty and brain” with much admiration.

A good challenge for both the mind and body is something she does not back down to. Other than once being the former contestant of Miss Earth, becoming guest speakers in seminars or writing multiple essays on her cause, she has been involved in activities which give her an adrenaline kick, she joined the Amazing Asia Race with her closest friend and have previously been an active member of a cross-fit gym. Both activities that require not only a mental drive but also a strong physique.



Breaking old habits is a difficult task for anybody, especially, when the habits involve is for a greater cause. Habits may be changed psychologically, but to be consistent requires the right emotional trigger. I asked Nadine, in offering a service that promotes people to reevaluate their behaviors, what her trigger would be:

“One of the most effective ways is really being exposed to nature, social problems, and the needs of people that are less fortunate.  I know it sounds simple, but ironically a lot of people do not go out of their bubble – they stay in their comfort and convenience and they do not think they feel they have any other responsibilities beyond that.”


Meanwhile in terms of influencing her team members and clients, she instill a “client-in-training” concept, where she digs deep to ask the core questions of why they feel obliged to associate with these issue and why their involvement is important.

The key very much lies in focusing on being a role model, “I do what I do because I believe in something so much, and I focus on that. I really believe it [and] I do hope to influence or inspire them.” As a leader, she has discovered realization of becoming a leader who manages and nurtures at equal measures. “The hardest things I see with employees, I think they are in conflict with themselves as well, because they want to achieve something else for themselves.” What Nadine encourages is to grow together, be intuitive, and change their roles to maintain a level of exploration and enjoyment.



“Sustainability itself is a concept to protect human interest, we propose this balance and equilibrium, but the main agenda is to protect humans so we can still thrive.”

While implementing a thoughtful living has been ingrained in her, getting people on the same wagon proves to be a challenge. Nadine mentions time and again, the problem in an urban setting is the act of consuming without thinking. Although there is an apparent and healthier shift to promote a slow and less wasteful living, many are still dubious on what Sustainability is for their own self.

Sustainability is a rational concept, to sustain is to think of longevity. As people strive on short-term thinking, a sustainable life requires sensibility in thinking for a long and productive life. With this harmonious desire for balance of human and nature, Nadine shares her own interpretation:

The overreaching value for Sustainability for me is respect. Respecting others, respecting living beings in the planet by creating a balance. The overall mission of Sustainability and with I am trying to do is achieve happiness. Rest assured, whatever you are doing is not compromising the well-being of other people in the planet.”

In order to achieve that ideal happiness, “you need to create your own reality,” Nadine mentions. She has chosen to contribute to something bigger than her own self by ploughing consistently with care. As history has proven that change takes on the side of courageous, Nadine Zamira thrive on her belief with a fundamental spirit, “I want to prove I can do this.”

– Athina Ibrahim
Photography by Gabriela Bhaskar 

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First Bud of Summer

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I was in the crowd
who dreamt of applause
carried through the waves
of blurry frequencies
So I kept myself from falling in a knot
When she came with the first bud of summer
She said, time remains and friends withstands
And, darling, you should bloom,
And turn away from the noise,
To the subtle calls within yourself,
against the overbearing shadows.
With the visions of green grasses,
Under the setting sun. 

– Athina Ibrahim


WP_APP13_15 WP_APP13_16

Andalusia Skirt in Red Sangria IDR 649.000/- available at the Tulisan Flagship Store in Darmawangsa Square or by mail order at

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