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Tari Pulsar: 1/3


Tessitura – Blue Note

“The fate of the orangutans, who have gradually been deprived of their living habitat, did not affect how I slept, primped, or ate. At least, I was this naive when I first received data showing that the orangutans were on the border of extinction. In 2016, their population had reached a critical point, around 55,000 of the Pongo Pygmaeus species which settled in Kalimantan and only 200 of the Pongo Abelii which still survived in the Sumatran rainforests. Including myself, hardly anyone panicked due to the fate of these orange-scarlet haired creatures with intelligence and behavior almost identical to those of humans. Its enormous head and robust demeanor with a height of almost 1.5 meters surely did not have to scare me. Even with their huge teeth, they were not beastly predators. They only consumed honey, mushrooms, nectar, and other plants. With their sensitive intuition, they would only attack humans if we were to upset their lives.


Skipper Bag – Tessitura, Nero Forest

The endless and unruly forest fires in Indonesia had impelled me to imagine if my home were to be set on fire by an inconsiderate neighbor; if I were to moan in pain due to the heat of the surrounding flames; if I were to have a defective respiratory system due to heavy smoke pollution; if I were to lose all my family; and if I were to live all alone in this world. If all of these things happened to me, I would definitely go crazy in one day. Facing an unbalanced gender population, these rainforest inhabitants would suffer a breeding depression, where their successors would no longer have the vigorous genetics necessary in order to survive in their natural domain. Extinction would eventually take place. Without these orangutans, I was still curious about how much this fact would alter my personal life.” Excerpt from Surat Pertama, Melissa Sunjaya.


Sailing Bag – Tessitura, Blue Note


Original Edition: Tessitura & Filogenesis
will be released this coming
Wednesday, 25th of January 2017,
at all of Tulisan Jakarta Boutiques,
in Colony Kemang, Plaza Senayan,
and Darmawangsa Square The City Walk.

Please find the link below for full catalog
The New East Indies: January Release


Feliz Tote – Tessitura, Blue Note


Feliz Tote – Filogenesis, Nero Forest

We offer free delivery for order destination within Indonesia
Give us a call at:
Plaza Senayan +62 (21) 5790-0412
Colony Kemang +62 (21) 2952-9927
Darmawangsa Square The City Walk +62 (21) 7278-0235
WA Messenger at +62 (815) 1051 7424
or email us at if you need further assistance.


Twitter: @mytulisan
Instagram: @mytulisan
Facebook Fan Page: Tulisan
Youtube Channel: Tulisan Jakarta

Illustrated by Melissa Sunjaya
Photography by Bima Kris
Choreography by Davit Fitrik

Tulisan Chronicles Team

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Imaginative Vortex: 3 of 3


Beloved Friends,
will be released this coming
Wednesday, 7th of December 2016,
at all of Tulisan Jakarta Boutiques,
in Colony Kemang, Plaza Senayan,
and Darmawangsa Square The City Walk.

Please find the link below for full catalog

The New East Indies: December Release

Started at the end of 2015, I did research relating to this collection, when I concluded that there was an ‘imaginative vortex’ in the development of our civilization. I tried to interpret the concept of ‘imaginative vortex’ into 6 points of view, 2 of them are Deviasi and Fuga.


Deviasi – Metrpole Bag

Deviasi: An attitude in problem solving which was conducted in many directions to reach a higher or a noble vision. I noticed that there was a spirit in our community for a change, where all experiential aspects were redefined. Truth and transparency became an absolute objective, and not a goal of a collective group. I visualized this attitude as a tentacular composition which portrayed an existence with no segments nor prejudice.


Fuga – Concerto Purse

Fuga: An attitude to forget perfection, which is hard to obtain, and to see what we have in the present to reach progress. I believed that wishful dreams were never an impossible matter. If it became difficult to accomplish the dream, we just had to repaint our dreams. I visualized this attitude with a composition of pen scratches, chaotically overlapping each other between dreams and realities.

We offer free delivery for order destination within Indonesia
Give us a call at:
Plaza Senayan +62 (21) 5790-0412
Colony Kemang +62 (21) 2952-9927
Darmawangsa Square The City Walk +62 (21) 7278-0235
or email us at if you need further assistance.

Instagram: @mytulisan
Facebook: Tulisan
Twitter: @mytulisan
Youtube Channel: Tulisan Jakarta

Illustrated by Melissa Sunjaya
Choreographer by Davit Fitrik
Photography by Bima Chris

Tulisan Chronicles Team

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Unconditional Love From Melissa

Melissa Sunjaya with her art-works

Melissa Sunjaya and her art-works

After five years of working for Tulisan, now Melissa Sunjaya revisited her prose and then created a series of modern visual interpretations. Located at Plaza Senayan, South Jakarta, Wednesday, May 27, 2016, Tulisan launched the latest collection, ‘The Sound of Dawn’ for Spring-Summer 2016 with the art of wood-block. This edition was made by Melissa in 2011. The Sound of Dawn edition has become one of the most searched amongst Tulisan collector’s items. This edition also examines the concept of self-love. Prose full of sensuality is peeling a spiritual awakening that encourages the discovery of ecstasy and happiness within ourselves.

Sound of Dawn by Melissa Sunjaya

Sound of Dawn by Melissa Sunjaya

Luna Tote, Pete - Green Herb by Melissa Sunjaya

Luna Tote, Pete – Green Herb by Melissa Sunjaya

Original Editions in 2016 for The Sound of Dawn dipects opposite polarities: female and males. A symbol of dualism which dwells inside the heart of everyone. As the excerpt in the story for this edition by Melissa Sunjaya, “Every life form begins with love,” Melissa prove how she shared her love.


Melissa enjoys meeting with Sahabat Tulisan who share the same love and passion for Tulisan.

Melissa with winners of photo contest

Melissa with winners of photo contest

Melissa with winners of the photo contest.

Melissa Sunjaya reveals the story behind The Sound of Dawn

Melissa Sunjaya reveals the story behind The Sound of Dawn

Melissa with the media friends

Melissa with the media friends

Melissa loves sharing her experience to the media friends who always support her journey.


Raeshita Hadisurya, Didi Hersubeno (Melissa’s mom), and Bambang Ari Prasodjo

Tulisan's team

Tulisan’s team

Full support from the people behind Tulisan.

The complete collection of The Sound of Dawn can be seen on the following link,
The Sound of Dawn Catalog

Illustrated by Melissa Sunjaya
Text by Zharfani Padmasedhana and Krishni Swandayani
Photo by Bima Chris

Tulisan Chronicles Team

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Have A Wonderful New Year

Dear Beloved Friends,

New Year 2016



Tulisan Chronicles Team

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Letters in December

Postal Bag - Red Rumor

BPS1509-RR: Postal Bag, Aku mau bebas dari segala, Red Rumor | Rp450,000

The New Letters Edition “Aku mau bebas dari segala”
has arrived at our stores today
Wednesday, 16 December 2015,
at Tulisan Boutiques,
in Plaza Senayan and Darmawangsa Square The City Walk.

BPS1509-PR: Postal Bag, Aku mau bebas dari segala, Purple Rain | Rp450,000

BPS1509-PR: Postal Bag, Aku mau bebas dari segala, Purple Rain | Rp450,000

Now available in three bold colour ways:
Red Rumor,  Purple Rain, and Light Ecru

BBT1509-LE: Boat Bag, Aku mau bebas dari segala, Light Eru

BBT1509-LE: Boat Bag, Aku mau bebas dari segala, Light Ecru | Rp350,000

The artworks in this edition feature the excerpt “Aku mau bebas dari segala” which was taken from one of the most famous works by literary maestro Chairil Anwar, Merdeka (1943).

Give us a call at +62 (815) 1051 7424
or email us at
if you need further assistance.

Tulisan Chronicles Team

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November Colours


Malam Prints Edition
will be released this coming
Wednesday, 18 November 2015,
at Tulisan Boutiques,
in Plaza Senayan and Darmawangsa Square.


These November colours, Malam Nero Burgundy and Malam Red Sangria, are collectible and to be adored for generations. With a mindset of ethical business practice and environmental awareness, we have hand-crafted our whimsical soft goods in small batches through sustainable fabrication methods.


Available styles can be browsed through the following catalog:


We offer free delivery for order destinations within Indonesia.
Give us a call at +62 (815) 1051 7424
or email us at
if you need further assistance.

Warmest Regards,
Tulisan Clientele Services

(Photography by Michal Gorzynski)


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Free Gift Services


It’s hard to believe, but we are already half way through November! The holiday season and all sorts of celebrations are only one month away: office party, school farewell, and Christmas gathering. Plan your vacation and prepare your gift list in advance, so you don’t need to be stressed out with all these year-end events. Tulisan has created a special gift guide with free services. Select any of the items listed in the gift guide below to enjoy our free gift-wrapping services and free delivery for destinations within Jakarta area.

Click here to browse through our Free Gift Services catalog
and follow these easy steps:

Step 1.
Select one from the assortment of 8 exclusive gift-wrap sets. Each set includes a wrapping paper, a ribbon, a greeting letterhead and a matching envelope.

Step 2.
Select any of the five hand-lettered greeting notes: ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Congratulations’, ‘Happy Holidays’, ‘Love’ and ‘Thank you’.
Then, personalize it with the name of the sender and the receiver.

Step 3.
Select the gift item and fill-in the order form.

Give us a call at +62 (815) 1051 7424
or email us at
if you need further assistance.

Warmest Regards,
Tulisan Clientele Services

1200_EDT_151015_Gift_service_14 1200_EDT_151015_Gift_service_061200_EDT_151015_Gift_service_12 1200_EDT_151015_Gift_service_02

(Photography by Michal Gorzynski)

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Embarking on Bio Fantasy


The truth is everyone in our team was both super excited and extremely nervous about the launching event on last Wednesday, 28 October 2015, at Tulisan in Plaza Senayan. The collection was quite unexpected compared to the ones from the preceding seasons. It seemed like it was such a swift passing moment since we first discussed this topic internally in July 2014. Our team worked until 3 a.m. in the morning in setting up the store, transforming the space into a fresh theme with new vibrant colors.

When the store opened at 10 a.m., there were already several of Tulisan’s enthusiasts who came to hunt down the ‘Only One’ collection. By mid day, all the bags from this one-of-a-kind collection were sold out, returning the focus back to the ‘Nocturno’ Originals Edition. Many guests came to see the preview of ‘Bio Fantasy’ book. A compact exhibit table was equipped with a headset and sound system for one to experience reading the book while listening to the new musical rendition by Windra Benyamin.

Tulisan had invited three artists to create their own personal interpretation of Bio Fantasy project. This collaborative work presented an anthology of five musical compositions by Windra Benyamin, a series of posters by Fero Utama, a short film by Condro Wibowo (to be released in 2016), and a sci-fi story with an accompanying series of 75 illustrated prints by Melissa Sunjaya. An intimate and casual discussion was held in the afternoon between the four ‘Bio Fantasy’ artists and our guests of honours, Ms. Evawani Alissa Anwar and Ms. Anastasia Adha Rizka, daughter and grand daughter of the late Chairil Anwar whose complete poetry are featured in this project.

The discussion underlined that the main goal of this project was solely to present an inspiring access to Chairil Anwar’s work. An access which is crucial for the millennial generation to understand how Chairil Anwar’s groundbreaking ouevre had contributed a linguistic progress to Bahasa Indonesia.

We believe that an awareness to culture is one step towards mental liberation and this awareness should be accessible for everyone. Through Bio Fantasy project, we seek further funding to enable us present a larger installation for a broader audience. Thank you for your support and belief in our work.


Warmest Regards,

Tulisan Chronicles Team



Exhibit table displaying a preview of the ‘Bio Fantasy’ book is available at Tulisan Plaza Senayan until Wednesday, 4 November 2015.

1200_JOU_151028_BF_Launch_09 1200_JOU_151028_BF_Launch_92 1200_JOU_151028_BF_Launch_71 1200_JOU_151028_BF_Launch_73 1200_JOU_151028_BF_Launch_10 1200_JOU_151028_BF_Launch_12 1200_JOU_151028_BF_Launch_13 1200_JOU_151028_BF_Launch_21 1200_JOU_151028_BF_Launch_35 1200_JOU_151028_BF_Launch_41 1200_JOU_151028_BF_Launch_48
1200_JOU_151028_BF_Launch_49 1200_JOU_151028_BF_Launch_56 1200_JOU_151028_BF_Launch_59

Ibu Anastasia Adha Rizka (grand daughter of Chairil Anwar), Ibu Evawani Alissa C. Anwar (daughter of Chairil Anwar), Ibu Ria Alisjahbana (daughter of Sutan Takdir Alisjahbana, niece of Chairil Anwar), and Ibu Didi Hersubeno.

1200_JOU_151028_BF_Launch_101 1200_JOU_151028_BF_Launch_103

Intimate discussion with the Bio Fantasy visiting artists: Condro Wibowo, Windra Benyamin, and Fero Utama.


Ibu Evawani Alissa C. Anwar and the Bio Fantasy artists.


1200_JOU_151028_BF_Launch_85 1200_JOU_151028_BF_Launch_87

Assorted refreshments from Monolog Coffee were served throughout the day.



(Photography by Michal Gorzynski)

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Only One


Beloved Friends,

Please join us for a discussion with artists of Bio Fantasy Project:
Condro Wibowo, Fero Utama, Windra Benyamin and myself:
Wednesday, 28 October 2015
2 pm to 5 pm
at Tulisan Boutique
in Plaza Senayan, on Level 2,
Jalan Asia Afrika 8.

Our new collection is aimed at honouring Angkatan ’45 – Chairil Anwar’s art and literary movement. Thus I created 45 basic drawings with pen and ink as the primary visual elements, arranged into 75 final illustrated editions depicting a cornucopia of imaginary microscopic cells.

After editing these artworks to be composed as textile designs for our Fall & Winter 2015-2016 collection, there were too many splendid options. A selection process followed, and difficult decisions had to be made. The Fall & Winter 2015-2016 collection was born consisting of two Original Editions and 4 Print Editions.

Many beautiful samples have been made but will never be published. At 10am sharp on Wednesday October 28th, we will be making these one of a kind samples available for sale in our Plaza Senayan store. Each product of this ‘Only One’ unreleased Prints Editions is handmade and one of a kind. First come first serve only, no prior reservations.

If you wish to have these ‘Only One’ Prints Editions published, please voice your thoughts and email it to

Triple kisses, Melissa


‘Only One’ Prints Editions, include the following colors:

Perhitungan Red Letter  |  Edition No. 1525-RL


Perhitungan Smokey Lunar  |  Edition No. 1525-SL


Ina Mia Smokey Plum  |  Edition No. 1526-SP


Ina Mia Nero Indigo  |  Edition No. 1526-NI


Aku Nero Velvet  |  Edition No. 1527-NV


Aku Red Wine  |  Edition No. 1527-RW


Dalam Kereta Red Blush  |  Edition No. 1528-RB


Dalam Kereta Yellow Butter  |  Edition No. 1528-YB




(Photography by Michal Gorzynski)

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Chapter One of Bio Fantasy: Nocturno



Tulisan will debut Bio Fantasy,
a Tribute to Chairil Anwar’s Legacy:
Fall-Winter 2015-2016 Collection
at Tulisan Plaza Senayan

Jalan Asia Afrika No. 8, South Jakarta

on Wednesday, 28 October,
10.00am – 10.00pm

This event is open for public


Bio Fantasy is Tulisan’s Fall/Winter 2015-2016 collection. Chapter one of this season features 75 illustrated giclée prints by Melissa Sunjaya, depicting a cornucopia of imaginary microscopic cells. Excerpts of Chairil Anwar’s poetry are hand-lettered and secretly embedded behind these works of art, in which hidden layers can only be viewed with a red film lens.

The first Originals edition will also make its debut in two color-ways: Nocturno Red Blush and Nocturno Nero Jet. The Originals editions are offered in Carita Bag (new style), Concerto Purse and a whole range of home accessories products.

For comprehensive information about Bio Fantasy collection,
please view our online catalog: BIOFANTASY_FW1516.pdf


Similar to microbial symbiosis, our modern society is always evolving. Cyber-anthropology examines the changing role that distance, age, gender, and social status play in modern life. With this new field of study in mind, Tulisan developed a collection that embraces the ideas embodied by the millennial generation. Using vibrant color palettes paired with modern yet practical silhouettes, we aimed to craft stylish and dynamic products that celebrate the drive to explore one’s own unique individuality.


It took over than a year for Tulisan Art Division to develop this collection. As part of our commitment to a better world, the entire collection was handmade in limited batches using environmentally friendly and sustainable methods. We have established an alliance with an Indonesian bluesign® certified manufacturing partner. Bluesign® Swiss system is a strict screening designed to monitor the responsible use of resources, clean processes, water and air emissions from the factory, and safe procedures for the workers as well as a safe final product for the consumer.


While preserving our national heritage and culture, we hope to fuse fresh ideas into traditional methods of product fabrication. Through every step of the process, we are dedicated to deliver excellence in design, production and customer care.

Warmest regards,
Tulisan Chronicles Team

(Photography by Michal Gorzynski)

1200_EDT_150908_Bio_Fantasy_BTS_26 1200_LB_150908_Bio_Fantasy_03

CONCERTO PURSE, Nocturno Red Blush

Nocturno (Fragment)
karya Chairil Anwar, 1946

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . .

Aku menyeru—tapi tidak satu suara
membelas, hanya mati dibeku udara.
Dalam diriku terbujar keinginan,
juga tidak bernyawa.
Mimpi yang penghabisan minta tenaga,
Patah kapak, sia-sia berdaya,
Dalam cekikan hatiku.

Terdampar . . . . . .  Menginyam abu dan debu
Dari tinggalnya suatu lagu.
Ingatan pada Ajal yang menghantu.
Dan demam yang nanti membikin kaku . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . .

Pena dan penyair keduanya mati,


CARITA BAG, Nocturno Nero Jet

Nocturno: A Fragment
by Chairil Anwar, 1946
translated by Burton Raffel

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
I shouted­­—but no one
answered, my cry died in the frozen air.
Desires stretched in me, too,
also dead.
The last dream begged for strength,
The axe broke, swung hard, in vain,
And my heart strangled.

Stranded . . . . . . I taste ashes and dust
From a left-over song:
A whiff of that haunted Emptiness
And the fever that, some day, is going to stiffen me . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Pen and poet, both dead,

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2. A Tribute to Chairil Anwar
3. Inking Chairil Anwar’s Words

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Letters Edition


Tulisan proudly presents the newest piece of our Bio Fantasy collection: the Letters Edition. These exclusive prints by Melissa Sunjaya, are made of the finest materials in the style of hand-lettering. This collection showcases simple and straightforward designs fit for everyone, while still maintaining the quality and aesthetic of Tulisan.


BBT 1510 – LE: Boat Bag, Aku, Light Ecru  |  Rp350,000

The artworks in this edition feature the excerpt “Aku ini binatang jalang” which was taken from one of the most famous works by literary maestro Chairil Anwar, Aku (1943). The excerpt conveys the message of someone who refuses to be subordinate to society at large, and instead chooses to remain confident and unapologetic for who they are.


This edition is presented on two styles of bags: Boat Bag & Postal Bag. These are available through Tulisan Boutiques in Plaza Senayan and Darmawangsa Square on Wednesday, 30 September. The styles that are included in this edition reflect our belief that confidence and comfort should be extremely accessible to everyone.

Triple kisses, M. S.

(Photography by Michal Gorzynski)


BPS 1510 – PR: Postal Bag, Aku, Purple Rain  |  Rp450,000

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Wearing your Plume and Wonder


If you are someone who are constantly commuting and is in dire need of organisation skills to keep your day efficient and hassle free, we recommend to read through and find the following ways on how you can carry your Tulisan Plume and Wonder.


1. Pack your Shoes

When traveling, extra shoes are essential. If you end up in a country where walking is the main mode of transport, an additional pair of sneakers or any comfortable shoes will bring you a long way.

Our pick: Medium Cube – Wonder Smokey Lunar


2. Tying Gadgets as One

Chargers and extra memory in form of a hard disk will keep you updated with the timelines of work and news. Instead of rummaging through your bag for the phone charge and getting an iPad charger instead, our small cube keeps them readily available in one open zip.

Our pick: Small Cube – Plume Smokey Night 


3. Quick Make Up Fix

A quick touch up powdering your nose or glossing your lips is a necessary treat to keep you constantly refreshed for any occasion. Be it for a meeting with your client, a night out with your girls, or a romantic get-together with your partner.

Our pick: Small Pouch or Organisers – Wonder Light Coco


4. Covering Travel Essential

Passports are the closest thing to being your life when you are in a foreign country. It is the main essential which gets you from one border to the next. It is also the one thing which you will take out of your bag for an immigration check or identity purposes. To avoid this life card to be spoiled, have it cover in our choices of Passport Envelopes. In addition, it will look nice to the eyes!

Our pick: Passport Envelopes – Plume Blue Capri

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70 Years of Independence


The only way we can appreciate our grounds is if we understood our history. To have an open eye and ear to the roots that became the backbone of where we stand today.

70 years ago, we fought consistently for a freedom we deserved and whether we can say we are truly independent depends on those who fight and take ownership for their own self.

For Melissa her fight for freedom became a journey of discovery:

“Every Woman who wants to start something should view the journey as a fight for her own freedom. Every gain she earns in finding this freedom is about discovering something new about herself and every loss she faces is about learning her strength.”

To our proud nation who have conquered their rights and to everyone who are in the quest for freedom, have a mighty heart and push through as we did years ago.

 Happy 70th Independence Day, Indonesia!

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Happy Children’s Day!


I will paint or I will cook,
At times even read a book.
I scribble or I nibble,
Occasionally have a giggle.
I tiptoe or I jump,
When I am not in a grump.
I see and I will do,
Often without a clue.

Happy Children’s Day!

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Eid Operational Hours


Another Ramadan month has passed us quickly and before we know it by tomorrow we will be celebrating this whole “challenging” but equally blessed up with a winning triumph of fighting with perseverance. As the whole Tulisan team will be off for a few days to enjoy time with our loved ones, we also would like to announce the store closing time and dates:

Darmawangsa Store:
Lebaran Break: Closed 17th of July to 19th of July 2015
Normal Operations: 20th July 2015 from 9:00 to 21:00

Plaza Senayan Store:
Lebaran Break: Closed on the day of Lebaran – 17th of July 2015
Normal Operations: Normal operating hours after the Lebaran break. 

Selamat Idul Fitri 
Mohon Maaf Lahir dan Batin!

– Tulisan Chronicles Team

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