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Ever Thine Home


A home by Melissa Sunjaya. Fun, vibrant, and just quirky enough to make you smile.



“These catastrophic eruptions prompting reformation to the Earth’s contours became the solo direction in sustaining this pulsar dance. This was the essential part of the relationship between Earth and humans.” –Excerpt from Surat No. 1, by Melissa Sunjaya



“Only with this shelter, would my veins begin to vibrate between imagination and reason.” –Excerpt from Surat 1, by Melissa Sunjaya


This perspective might be difficult to understand in a linear manner, because a one-way point of view hardly brought any results.” –Excerpt from Surat 1, by Melissa Sunjaya


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Artwork by Melissa Sunjaya
Photography by Bima Chris

Tulisan Chronicles Team

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Tari Pulsar: 3/3


“… The dance between the earth and mankind was a fairy tale of love with a musical composition named ‘Fuga’ where all of the notes were stacking over, chasing, and calling on each other. This transcendental melody escorted a messed-up condition which was extremely concrete and unsweetened. Through these notes, my ears perceived a call to dismantle the robe of romanticism which often pictured a perfection so hard to attain in this age–a summons so my tomorrow could yield a plate of magical tones. Through the telescope of ‘Fuga’, my soul captured an authentic personality which no longer wears the veil of mere beauty.


…For as long as this pulsar dance continued to pulsate, I had to carefully examine the chronology of events in the shape of a dynamic rotation to conclude thousands of new concepts presenting many probabilities capable of penetrating through all directions. When this dynamic rotation came to an end, a bunch of connections would cross each other into knots. During this tangled fiasco, all sorts of seeds forming new unity were possible. Horrible events would disappear from memory and history would only speak of an amazing contemporary artwork. This evaluation is my personal method in formulating precise problem solving. I related this method to ‘Deviasi’ movement in a war strategy–a mindset dispersing in all directions to gain a noble vision.” –Excerpt from Surat No. 1, Melissa Sunjaya.



Prints Edition: Deviasi & Fuga
will be released this coming
Wednesday, 22th of March 2017
at all of Tulisan Jakarta Boutiques,
in Colony Kemang, Plaza Senayan,
and Darmawangsa Square The City Walk.

Please find the link below for full catalog
The New East Indies: March Release


We offer free delivery for order destination within Indonesia
Give us a call at:
Plaza Senayan +62 (21) 5790-0412
Colony Kemang +62 (21) 2952-9927
Darmawangsa Square The City Walk +62 (21) 7278-0235
WA Messenger at +62 (815) 1051 7424
or email us at if you need further assistance.

Twitter: @mytulisan
Instagram: @mytulisan
Facebook Fan Page: Tulisan
Youtube Channel: Tulisan Jakarta

Artwork by Melissa Sunjaya
Photography by Bima Chris
Choreography by Davit Fitrik

Tulisan Chronicles Team

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5 More Days Before X-Mas


Free Gift-Wrapping Service and Free Delivery within Jakarta area.
Come to Tulisan Shops in Darmawangsa Square City Walk and
Pop-up Store in Plaza Indonesia – Level 4.

Holiday Gifts Ideas:
01 | Tea Towel – IDR.298,000
02 | Cushion Cover Original Edition – IDR.472,000
03 | Cushion Cover Prints Edition – IDR.368,000
04 | Petit Journal in 9 unique illustrated Covers – IDR.108,000
05 | Hampers and Gift Sets – IDR.500,000 – IDR.3,000,000
>>> See Holiday Gift Sets catalog: CAT_HOL2013_FORM




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Reissue: The Secret Garden of Admiral Kasarung

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We are thrilled to present you with the reissued edition of The Secret Garden of Admiral Kasarung. This edition went under numerous production challenges involving precise silk-screen process with a high level of manual dexterity, as it applies three color plates and intricate details in the drawings.


The delicate Teal Mint and playful Red Letter illustrated edition come in both Home and Totes collections.

JOU_TOTEBAG1201_ORIGINALS_05For a complete line up of the collection, visit our e-catalog in our Pinterest account.

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Travel Light and Bright

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Traveling is never about the distance for me. It is about the journey and being on the road. So, it is important for me to pack light and bright.


I use the Medium Cube to store outfit and beach wear. It keeps everything neat and allows me to color code.


Toiletries and body care fit in the Small Pouch. It is an easy grab and go.


Putting sandals and flats inside a Large Pouch keep the sand away from littering my bag. It can even store your high heels – for a possibility of fancy nights.


WP_JOU130419BAT_TS_07And books! A must bring. I love spending my travel, reading. It really adds up to the journey. Usually I brought a couple that could fit inside a Small Pouch.

WP_JOU130419BAT_TS_05 WP_JOU130419BAT_TS_04

I load everything inside a Tulisan Atelier Box and bring it with me into the cabin or for a day trip to the beach. How do you travel? – Rassi Narika


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Cruise 2013: Casual Look


The Cruise 2013 Collections expand the reverie of monochromatic playfulness in every day look. You can find Beach Bags, Siesta Totes, Hobo Totes, and Gallery Totes in three new swatches: Nero Jet, Green Lime, and Teal Sea.

Available exclusively at Tulisan Flagship Store The Goods Dept. Outlets, and Online Orders through

Free shipping within Indonesia applies. For a complete Cruise 2013 Collections, visit our Pinterest account here.

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The Best Three Hours Drive

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Often the most memorable time came from making a spontaneous trip with an ideal companion. This one was a three-hour drive from Jakarta to Bandung, with a girl named Cella in one sunny weekend. With her, everything seemed to flow effortlessly in modesty and without pretense. We chatted about many things, argued on a few cases and giggled away on some humiliating incidents. Time flew and for once it did not matter.

From Bandung, we continued to travel South until we reached the White Crater, also known as Kawah Putih lake. The lake is one of the two craters of Mount Patuha, a relatively stable stratovolcano with no significant records of activity since 1600 among many numerous volcanoes in Java.

Standing 2,430 meters above sea level, the air around the lake was brisk and surreal.

It was breathtaking to watch the lake change its color from teal blue to pale jade, depending on the temperature and sulphur concentration.

The acidity of the lake had painted the sand and rocks around the crater with a white wash, making the whole scene charmingly mysterious.

Driving back, I thought of how some people could easily be unconscious of the natural richness and beauty surrounding them. Sometimes, we hardly need to travel so far and spend the high expenses to find one of these unforgettable experiences. It could just be standing close to you.

Warmest regards, Fadly CAP

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Write A Note, Leave A Memory

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We miss the days when all messages were handwritten in a crisp sealed envelope and the smell of the writer’s fragrance. The instant and twitted messages today – although prompt and spontaneous – were incomparable to record the celebrated graduation, the jolly holidays, or the thank you notes for a friend who gave their room and hugs during your breakups.

In the ever moving transfer of online dispatches, a heartwarming and personalized piece like this is a treat. So, we start sparing our time again to write a simple paragraph for our loved ones, we put our lips signature and a monogram initial from Tulisan. It will surely last longer than the ones left in the timeline.

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Tulisan is Pinteresting!

Tulisan is now on Pinterest and we are loving it. In our boards we have: products collections, the store/behind the scene pictures, and more tips on how to explore the functions your Tulisan collection. An impromptu “On The Move” board, will also have pictures of Tulisan products that we bumped into every time the team travels. If you have a picture of you and your Tulisan collection in our board, tag us and we will re-pin them in our board.

Follow us here and we will meet you in every pinning session!

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Soft Opening: Darmawangsa Square Store

Last week we finally set out our new store at Darmawangsa Square. We are now open every day from 10 am-9 pm at unit 24 Ground Floor. See you there!

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Miya’s Bougainvillea Story

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Girls, it’s weekend and we are launching new products! This collection is our “REVERSED” print series from “Pepe and the Flying Balloon” edition. It comes in two color way: Mediteranean Blue and Scarlet Red. This illustrated bougainvillea is my first collaborative project with my six year old daughter Miya Symons. She used pastel to draw the flowers. Then I used her sketch as the printed pattern on the dress of the valiant street kid character in my story. This “REVERSED” print series of “Pepe and the Flying Balloon” are available in four product styles: siesta tote, club tote, runaway bag and confidence clutch. Cheers, Melissa

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Pepe and The Flying Balloon

Pepe and The Flying Balloon is our Fifth illustrated edition this year. I created this piece after Tulisan’s workshop at Kampus Diakonia Modern. It is a place full of hope and inspiration for the children of the streets. I highly recommend for anyone to visit KDM. They appreciate your contributions and volunteering efforts. Find out more at

I hope you enjoy this new story. Triple kisses, Melissa Sunjaya


Once upon a time, there were two little mice who lived an adventurous life in the heart of Jakarta. Hiro and his wife Sur had always been a hard working and courageous duo. No matter how tiny they were, both their hearts were set in rescuing the abandoned children of the streets. Sometimes they slept under the rooftops of big houses, where they could steal some foods for these children. Other times they spent the nights in a clothing factory, where Sur would sew little scarfs from the left over materials. But of all the places they had trotted, they spent most time under a bridge of the vintage train station at Kota – the old town – where about twenty to thirty neglected kids sought shelters for the night. It had a nasty and damp atmosphere, but under this bridge was where they experienced the deepest emotion of humanity. As the children slept, Hiro would discreetly wrap their neck with the scarf that Sur made and placed the food next to them. None of the kids ever found out who their secret guardians truly were.

Many nameless children with mysterious stories came to this dark corner. After a while, some would leave where destiny took them next. A few suffered tragic ends. One day, a shaved head child came limping to this place. The dark, thin, and flat chest body suggested that it was a boy. Yet, starring deep into the child’s large almond eyes, Sur knew this poor soul was a little girl. Her expression buried a mix of rage, fear, and long sorrow; but her eyes held the burning flame of Srikandi’s spirit – an ancient Javanese warrior goddess. Acting like an angry boy was her means to survive the abuse and violence of the streets. It seemed that she had been running for hours from something. Her lips were pale and cold. Her body was shaking from exhaustion. She fell into a deep sleep inside the torn packing box Hiro got from the factory. There was an intensity on her face, and Sur fell in love with the girl’s fighting spirit.

Sur sat down next to her and started to sew a tiny doll while humming an enchanting lullaby. This loving mouse had a miraculous power when she sewed. Every stitch she made was performed with a solemn wish for the child. As she completed the doll, there was a falling star from the blue sky above them. It broke into tiny fireflies which came glowing around this wishful doll and blessed it with a smile. Sur named this doll ‘Pepe’ after the label printed on the box in which the little girl slept. When she carefully put the doll inside the child’s embrace, an air of joy filled the girl’s face as if she had just entered a magnificent dream. The cluster of fireflies twinkled above this girl and lit an image of what seemed to be her dream.

In her dream, this little girl found herself running through a mystical forest. She was wearing a long cotton dress with huge bouganvillea flowers painted on it. There, she met Pepe – a sparkling and witty doll with a warm human heart. Pepe loved jazz and played trumpet like any other crazy musician. The music he played casted a spell that turn some dreams into reality. He listened to her stories and made her laughed, something that she had not been feeling for a long time.

The little girl gave Pepe a big hug and said, “I have been chasing the horizon endlessly, running from the monsters that kept haunting me. Destiny has brought me to you, so that for a few minutes of my life I could discover warmth and tenderness. Please take me away from this dark place so I can stop running. I wish to fly and be in a world where I can stop pretending and be my true self.”

Pepe held her hand and looked deep into her teary eyes. As he whistled a melancholic melody, a striped balloon magically appeared. She climbed and sat on top of it as it slowly raised to the sky. With a small kite to navigate the balloon, they followed the wind which carried them from the dark forest, passed the mountains, above the cities’ sky scrappers, and through the clouds. From up above, she saw people living different lives. Some enjoyed a more fortunate moments, while many others had to face a more traumatic and challenging fate than hers. Yet, even the fortunate ones felt lonely and suffered deeply in their soul for they chose to see their lives from only one point of view. She found that she could paint her life in any colors she wished and draw her own horizons without having to reach out for them. Sorrow and monsters existed only in her minds, not in her reality. It all depended on how she would look at them. And now seeing it from a new perspective, she felt better.

She was on the top of her universe when Pepe gave her a sudden warm kiss, flew away and disappeared behind the moon. Her funny valentine was nowhere to be seen. The balloon drifted down at a speed she could not control, her breath was thin and the world was again a fearful place. She collected the remaining courage that she had, took a deep breath, and slid away from the top of the balloon. Her white cotton dress served as a parachute so that she could gracefully make her landing. As she touched the ground, the little girl woke up from her sleep and found herself holding unto the little Pepe doll that lied in her embrace.


Pada suatu hari, ada dua ekor tikus yang hidup berpetualang di tengah kota Jakarta. Hiro dan istrinya Sur adalah pasangan yang pemberani dan giat bekerja. Walaupun tubuhnya kecil, hati mereka tetap teguh menyelamatkan anak-anak jalanan yang terlantar. Terkadang mereka tidur di bawah atap rumah yang besar, tempat mereka mencuri makanan untuk anak-anak itu. Mereka juga suka bermalam di pabrik pakaian, dimana Sur dapat menjahit selendang dari sisa kain yang ada. Tapi dari semua tempat yang telah mereka jelajahi, mereka paling sering berada di bawah jembatan stasiun Kota Tua. Di sana ada sekitar 20 hingga 30 anak terlantar yang mencari tempat berteduh pada malam hari. Tempat itu kotor dan lembab, namun di bawah jembatan inilah mereka menemukan rasa kemanusiaan yang paling dalam. Saat anak-anak ini tidur, Hiro diam-diam menyelimuti leher mereka dengan selendang buatan Sur dan menaruh makanan di samping mereka. Tidak ada yang pernah mengetahui siapa pelindung mereka yang sesungguhnya.

Banyak anak tanpa nama maupun latar belakang yang jelas datang ke sudut gelap ini. Setelah beberapa lama, sebagian pergi kemana nasib membawa mereka. Sebagian lagi mengalami kisah yang tragis. Suatu hari, seorang anak yang rambutnya dicukur habis datang dengan tertatih-tatih. Kulit kusam dan tubuhnya yang kurus menyerupai anak lelaki, namun saat Sur menatap bola matanya, dia tahu bahwa anak yang malang ini adalah seorang gadis kecil. Wajahnya menyiratkan kemarahan, ketakutan dan kesedihan yang panjang, tetapi matanya memancarkan kekuatan Srikandi – seorang dewi ksatria dalam kisah Jawa kuno. Dia bersikap seperti anak lelaki yang pemarah untuk dapat bertahan dari siksaan dan kerasnya hidup di jalanan. Sepertinya ia telah melarikan diri dari sesuatu. Bibirnya pucat kedinginan sementara tubuhnya bergetar karena kelelahan. Gadis ini tertidur lelap di dalam kardus bekas yang Hiro bawa dari pabrik. Ada ketegangan di wajahnya, Sur pun jatuh hati dengan semangat juang gadis ini.

Sur duduk di dekatnya dan mulai membuat sebuah boneka kecil sambil menyenandungkan lagu pengantar tidur untuk gadis kecil itu. Tikus penyayang ini memiliki kekuatan ajaib ketika ia menjahit. Setiap jahitannya dilakukan dengan harapan yang tulus bagi anak itu. Ketika Sur menyelesaikan boneka itu, sebuah bintang jatuh turun dari langit biru. Bintang itu terpecah menjadi kunang-kunang kecil yang datang mengelilingi dan menganugerahi boneka itu dengan sebuah senyuman. Sur menamakan boneka ini ‘Pepe’ yang diambil dari tulisan di kardus tempat gadis itu tertidur. Ditaruhnya Pepe dengan hati-hati di pelukan sang gadis, dan tiba-tiba sentuhan kebahagiaan memenuhi wajah anak itu seakan dia sedang memasuki mimpi yang sangat indah. Sekumpulan kunang-kunang berkelip di atas kepalanya dan membentuk bayangan mimpinya.

Di dalam mimpinya, gadis itu berlari di hutan yang menyeramkan dengan menggunakan gaun katun panjang bermotif bunga bougainvillea. Lalu ia bertemu Pepe – boneka jenaka yang berkilau dan memiliki hati manusia. Pepe menyukai musik jazz dan bermain terompet seperti musisi hebat lainnya. Musik yang dia mainkan mengeluarkan mantera yang dapat mengubah impian menjadi kenyataan. Ia mendengarkan cerita gadis itu dan membuatnya tertawa, sesuatu yang telah lama tidak dirasakan gadis itu.

Gadis kecil itu memeluk Pepe dengan erat dan berkata, “Selama ini aku telah mengejar kaki langit, berlari dari raksasa yang menghantuiku. Takdir telah membawaku kepadamu, supaya untuk beberapa menit di hidupku, aku bisa menemukan kehangatan dan kelembutan. Kumohon bawa aku pergi dari tempat gelap ini agar aku bisa berhenti berlari. Aku ingin terbang dan berada di dunia dimana aku bisa berhenti bersandiwara dan menjadi diriku sendiri.

Pepe menggenggam tangannya dan menatap matanya yang berkaca-kaca. Sembari menyiulkan melodi yang sedih, sebuah balon bergaris tiba-tiba muncul. Gadis itu memanjat dan duduk di atas balon yang naik perlahan ke angkasa. Dengan bantuan sebuah layang-layang untuk mengarahkannya, mereka mengikuti angin yang membawanya dari hutan rimba, menyeberangi gunung, melewati gedung-gedung pencakar langit, dan menembus awan. Dari ketinggian ini, sang gadis melihat orang-orang menjalani kehidupan masing-masing yang berbeda. Beberapa menikmati masa yang menyenangkan, sementara yang lain harus menghadapi nasib yang lebih buruk dan menantang dari yang ia alami. Mereka yang lebih beruntung pun merasa kesepian dan jiwanya menderita karena memilih untuk memandang hidup hanya dari satu sisi. Dia sadar bahwa sesungguhnya dia dapat mewarnai hidup seperti impiannya dan melukis kaki langit tanpa harus mengejarnya. Kesedihan dan raksasa yang menyeramkan hanya ada di dalam pikirannya, bukan sesuatu yang nyata. Semua bergantung dengan caranya berpikir. Kini setelah melihat dari sudut pandang yang baru, dia merasa lebih baik.

Sang gadis sedang berada di puncak dunianya saat Pepe memberi kecupan hangat, terbang, dan menghilang di balik bulan. Kekasihnya tidak terlihat lagi. Balon udara itu turun begitu cepat sehingga dia tidak bisa mengendalikannya. Napasnya tersenggal dan dunia kembali menjadi begitu menyeramkan. Dia mengumpulkan sisa keberaniannya, menarik napas dalam-dalam, lalu meluncur dari atas balon udara itu. Gaun putihnya menjadi parasut yang membawanya mendarat dengan anggun. Saat dia menyentuh tanah, sang gadis kecil terbangun dari tidurnya sambil menggenggam Pepe yang kini berada di dalam pelukannya.

My daughter Miya contributed her sketch for this edition. I used her flower doodle as part of the bouganville flower print on the little girl’s dress.

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Psychedelic Sorbet

Psychedelic Sorbet is a series of designs made by Melissa Sunjaya in 2010 for Tulisan. Six different characters of Melissa’s illustrations:  Kakaktua Raja, Contemplation, Gardener’s Note, Arachbiscus, Coral Wonders, and Mrs. Picklenuts imaginarily meet in this tea set. The set is a combination of all illustrations, individually presented with its vibrant color and unique design. Each character stands strong as a cup, tells its own story, and intensifies as a full tea set. The Psychedelic Sorbet tea set collection is made exclusively for Kedaung Group.


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Ruba’iyat of Amma Supahilo

In celebration of Tulisan’s first year anniversary, I have created my final year end project which will be exhibited at Artsphere Gallery, Darmawangsa Square, from 27 November – 27 December 2010. This show, titled RUBA’IYAT OF AMMA SUPAHILO, consists of twelve single edition screen printed illustrations (90 cm x 117 cm) telling a story about the search for the most precious matter in life. This project is a complete reflection of my passions and creative pursuits, from story telling, constructing rhymes, creating code or symbols, lettering and drawing.

In conjunction with this exhibition, Tulisan is also introducing 18 different numbered and signed (editions of 24) screen printed canvas totes, each reflecting a meticulous craftsmanship and detailed illustration.

A percentage of the proceeds from this exhibition or Tulisan products will be given to the relief efforts for the victims of Merapi and Mentawai disasters.


Concept Story Behind The Artwork:


by Melissa Sunjaya

On a cold rainy night, I fell asleep and met a girl who told me about her life. We became very close, therefore she taught me a special alphabet so we can communicate with each other in code. Before we parted, she wrote me a short poem. The structure of this stanza was similar to a Ruba’iyat, a Persian quatrain consisting of four lines and rhyming with AABA. Each line was written in iambic pentameter, with double meanings and dual perspectives.

“A dream so vast sends me sky high too fast
I roam the distant lands from dusty past
Upon a stage which bears countless charades
In hope to cast the endless sun at last”

She told me that if I could figure it out, I would get rid of all my nightmares and my heart would stop sleeping. In return, I gave her six of my pen and ink drawings based on her ruba’iyat as a symbol of our eternal friendship. My drawings were all in solid jet black. She smiled while starring at my original sketches, then she whispered that we should try to slow down our thoughts and to breathe every syllable of the poetry. ‘Listen well!’ she said, ‘every sound produces two tones, as every slice of life always presents itself in different colors…’

Then I watched the wind take my new friend before my eyes. She was a free spirit who served no master with diabolic personalities. Her original character was a balanced mixture of kindness and malice, the past and the new, light and dark. Her name was Amma, the last survivor from the family of Supahilo. Amma lived inside a teapot that carried a sweet scent of lemongrass. A loyal garden ogre guarded her habitat amongst a bundle of gigantic edelweiss flowers. Beside her ogre who kept her safe, she nurtured three other giant pets. Gustav was the elephant with whom she travelled to many places. Tatiana was her wise tortoise who gave her guidance. Finally, Sophia was the hummingbird who provided consolations and inspirations. Amma lived in world so far from me. Through her eccentricity, she became my urban hero.

Opening Reception:
Saturday, 27 November 2010,at 17.00
at Artsphere Gallery Darmawangsa Square, City Walk, Second Floor, Unit 16
Jalan Darmawangsa VI & IX, Jakarta 12160

phone/fax +62 21 727 86661

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