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Happy Independence Indonesia

PBO16042_HUTRI-2 copy

17 of August, when the national colours red and white will be splashed across the country and museum is a place of learning for the youth of a nation. This place is a masterpiece or a sign of a society in shaping modern society.

Given the struggle of Indonesian people’s and also the presidents, this is one proof of how all the struggles was recorded.

Happy 71st Independence Day Indonesia

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489th Jakarta

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Happy Birthday Jakarta!

Happy Birthday Jakarta!

“Jakarta is not London, Paris, New York or any other great city. Despite its pollution and bumper-to-bumper traffic, living in Jakarta is about taking chances, being close to family, and having true friends. It is a melting pot where you will find many inspiring minds and undiscovered talent. Appearances are often deceiving. This is definitely the case with a chaotic city like Jakarta, but once you delve into its inner beauty you realize that this is a place brimming with vitality and an abundance of untapped creative energy.” –Melissa Sunjaya-

Happy Birthday to our beloved Jakarta!

Tulisan Chronicles Team

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Wearing your Plume and Wonder


If you are someone who are constantly commuting and is in dire need of organisation skills to keep your day efficient and hassle free, we recommend to read through and find the following ways on how you can carry your Tulisan Plume and Wonder.


1. Pack your Shoes

When traveling, extra shoes are essential. If you end up in a country where walking is the main mode of transport, an additional pair of sneakers or any comfortable shoes will bring you a long way.

Our pick: Medium Cube – Wonder Smokey Lunar


2. Tying Gadgets as One

Chargers and extra memory in form of a hard disk will keep you updated with the timelines of work and news. Instead of rummaging through your bag for the phone charge and getting an iPad charger instead, our small cube keeps them readily available in one open zip.

Our pick: Small Cube – Plume Smokey Night 


3. Quick Make Up Fix

A quick touch up powdering your nose or glossing your lips is a necessary treat to keep you constantly refreshed for any occasion. Be it for a meeting with your client, a night out with your girls, or a romantic get-together with your partner.

Our pick: Small Pouch or Organisers – Wonder Light Coco


4. Covering Travel Essential

Passports are the closest thing to being your life when you are in a foreign country. It is the main essential which gets you from one border to the next. It is also the one thing which you will take out of your bag for an immigration check or identity purposes. To avoid this life card to be spoiled, have it cover in our choices of Passport Envelopes. In addition, it will look nice to the eyes!

Our pick: Passport Envelopes – Plume Blue Capri

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Gedung Djoang ’45

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There is a great disparity about what our fathers understood about independence day to what we learned in school. We have learned about our first president Soekarno as the first president on his fight against our freedom, however, the fight itself was not a individual struggle, it could have only be achieved through a collective force.

Gedung Djoang ’45 in Menteng thus becomes a historical record of Indonesia’s journey towards independence. This museum was then a hotel before becoming a meeting point for a political education program governed by Soekarno, A.M Hanafi, Chaerul Saleh, and Adam Malik — known as Pemoeda Menteng 31, a collective responsible in the re-enactmet of Soekarno, Hatta, and Fatmawati’s kidnapping to Rengasdengklok one day before independence day.

In this museum, we learned through a chronological tour on the people and events that followed towards the birth of Indonesia. We can witness the remains of our history through the past objects, statement posters, staged figurines and one of its exclusive feature being the official service transportation once owned by the first president and vice president as well as the car used by Soekarno during an assassination attempt at a school function in Cikini.

The only problem we found about the museum was many of its posters were digitally printed and blown up from its original scale, creating pixelated imagery, an unfortunate part which affected the whole viewing experience. Although for an entrance which only cost us Rp. 5000, – we are not complaining much, we only wish for today is everybody put a little effort in understanding pieces of our past to make sense of the present.

WP_JOU_djoang_02 WP_JOU_djoang_03 WP_JOU_djoang_04 WP_JOU_djoang_05

Gedung Djoang ’45
Jl. Menteng Raya No.31,
Menteng, Kota Jakarta Pusat,
Daerah Khusus Ibukota
Jakarta 10340, Indonesia

Text by Athina Ibrahim
Photography by Krishni Swandayani

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70 Years of Independence


The only way we can appreciate our grounds is if we understood our history. To have an open eye and ear to the roots that became the backbone of where we stand today.

70 years ago, we fought consistently for a freedom we deserved and whether we can say we are truly independent depends on those who fight and take ownership for their own self.

For Melissa her fight for freedom became a journey of discovery:

“Every Woman who wants to start something should view the journey as a fight for her own freedom. Every gain she earns in finding this freedom is about discovering something new about herself and every loss she faces is about learning her strength.”

To our proud nation who have conquered their rights and to everyone who are in the quest for freedom, have a mighty heart and push through as we did years ago.

 Happy 70th Independence Day, Indonesia!

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IdeaFest 2015: Creativity with Purpose

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Since 2011, IdeaFest has emerged in Jakarta as a platform which sparks discussions and creative action. With our creative industry emerging with eventful and potential start-ups, IdeaFest was born to network these great talents in one place in hopes to snowball into an aspiration and inspiration for our city and its people.

“We believe a good business gives benefits not only to the owner but also to the environment.”

Our own Melissa Sunjaya will take on the stage this coming 07-08 August 2015, at Jakarta Convention Centre alongside prolific entrepreneur as GoJek CEO, Nadiem Makarim, Kicky Andy Host and Journalist, Andy F. Noya, Cotton Ink Creative Director, Carline Darjanto and many other great makers.

For more information on the tickets click:


Melissa Sunjaya

Melissa Sunjaya founded Tulisan in 2010, with the initial idea was to create artist-illustrated print editions and apply them to lifestyle products, 100% made in Jakarta with an original twist. With IDR 5 million for the initial production cost, she bought one hundred yards of raw cotton canvas from an upholstery shop which sold left-over export materials and cut the canvas roll in small pieces. She launched Tulisan first line of products through The Bright Spot Market in Pacific Place during 11-14 March 2010, where her team of only four people sold a total of approximately IDR 67 million in merchandise. People were intrigued by the fact that each product had a short fiction behind the illustration. Tulisan continued introducing their products through Melissa’s home boutique in Jalan Tirtayasa, the local Jakarta community events and pop-up markets and by January 31, 2014 (ten months after initial launch), the monthly sales had reached approximately IDR 150 million.

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A Tulisan Woman: Diwien Hartono

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As you inhale the fragrance of thyme, she gently places her palms towards your head or occasionally on your back. Sometimes, she exerts pressure towards your skin with her index finger or thumb as she quietly listens to you talk. Other times, she will leave you to peacefully sleep. As you lay on the bed wondering what she does to your body as she move from one side to the next from finger to toe. Your only assurance is trusting she will help you tweak you back to the acquired balance your body is seeking for.


Only two levels above the Tulisan Darmawangsa Square store, Diwien Hartono, often awaits for our individual presence on a yellow chair in a practice called True Nature Holistic Healing. Often you will see her seated comfortably barefooted with her legs up sideways on the cushion.

She smiles and welcomes you in as if welcoming a guest to her own home.

As she walks you towards the therapy room, she offers a glass of water on every visit. “Dehydration is the cause of most illness,” she often says. Water as she explains has remarkable benefits in eliminating toxin and curing the most troublesome ailments.

But water itself is not enough. Before you start, she asks a number of questions regarding your perceived illness. She starts off by explaining the nature of this holistic practice. Holistic therapy stem from an understanding if imbalances occur in the human body, the wholeness of the person – physical, emotional, or spiritual – has a direct effect on the well-being. One aspect cannot function without the other.


“We are made up of four elements. The body, emotion and mind, psychic, and spirit,” Diwien thoroughly shares. As anyone often says, your body sickness are a manifestation of troubled emotion, mind, or psychic. Spirit is an aspect of the self which is untouchable. It bellies from your own relations to a higher power. Whereas the three foremost factors are controllable daily.

Although understanding one’s emotions is like opening layers of an onion. The traumatic events or emotional hurdles we encounter and the kinds we repress will translate instead into a tangible form of distinct pain.


It was by choice she decided to dedicated her life now to people who suffer from bringing a balance in their body. As a therapist, she had learned the hard way of battling with her own conflicted mind and body throughout the years of facing asthma and allergies. Her past job working in sales in an IT company were high strung and gave her numerous head and body aches.

By fate she met with Reza Gunawan, owner of the holistic practice, who has for years delved into the world of self-healing, where Diwien was determined to learn to take herself out of her misery of aches and give herself a peace of mind.


A high level of self-awareness is needed to bring yourself to its wholesome condition. Something not everyone is determined to understand. It takes time and practice in understanding your core purpose and expression. Indonesia and Asian culture in general are not accustomed in expressing ourselves freely. “I can only understand people from what I see and hear from them,” Diwien affirms,  “I can only help if the person is willing to cooperate.” Which is the challenge she faces. She believes, however, in process. It takes time to conquer your limiting beliefs.

There is a written philosophy in the True Nature blog which goes: I am at most responsible in nurturing, caring, and healing the health, balance, and happiness of my own life.  This becomes the aim for her to ensure everyone she encounter can have ownership to their own mishaps and live with a healthier well-being.


She has been a comfortable confidant for the Tulisan team, as most team member has sought support from her on a weekly basis. Tulisan itself has become a mirror to her self-healing journey. She has been in love with the Tulisan collection from the get go, but one story has lingered in her heart, “Anima reflects a lot about my lifestory.”

Anima revolves around the pull of the subconscious and our projected reality. For Diwien, she has found herself in The Oracle of the Catfish, one of the central characters in Anima which dabbles into the world of divinations and tampers with both tangible and intangible world. Coincidently, Oracle was the name of the company she previously worked in.

Visible similarities are even experienced through the five kingdoms of Anima – Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Air – where she currently studying the healing practice with essential oils of those five elements.

As she constantly becomes a foundation for us who were on the road to contentment, I was curious and had asked her how she keeps herself going forward positively. To my surprise, she explained she is not for the concept of positive self-affirmation.

“Affirmation only last for a short while. You need to accept every negative aspect of your life before you can fully embrace the positive aspects,” She concludes.

Text by Athina Ibrahim
Photography by Michał Górzyński

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Happy 488th Birthday Jakarta!

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There is a strange relationship people have between Jakarta. Being a city synonymous with the word chaotic, every inch of the city from the sky-high concrete squares to the soil everyone steps on breeds a life of its own. There is a gap so large between what is there for us and the dream of the city we wish to attain. Yet, despite the on-going bicker and sweat poured to make our day worthwhile. Jakarta still is home to those with a warm welcoming embrace. Even though we often wish to be away from the chaos, Jakarta is an open gate available to be unlocked by those willing to try over and over again for the loops of opportunity available in abundance — only if we are willing to look for them.

Jakarta is not London, Paris, New York or any other great city. Despite its pollution and bumper-to-bumper traffic, living in Jakarta is about taking chances, being close to family, and having true friends. It is a melting pot where you will find many inspiring minds and undiscovered talent. Appearances are often deceiving. This is definitely the case with a chaotic city like Jakarta, but once you delve into its inner beauty you realize that this is a place brimming with vitality and an abundance of untapped creative energy.” – Melissa Sunjaya, Co-founder and Artist of Tulisan

Happy 488th Jakarta!

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S+N: Sarah and Neil’s Wedding Celebration

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My mother Didi and I are crazy about dancing. I had a back injury from this activity in 2008. It was then, when I met Doctor Neil. I was another one of his many problematic female patients. He was extremely sexy, polite, and caring. He had all the qualities I needed to get better. In fact, when we first went to his clinic, there was an Indonesian magazine lying around in his waiting room where Dr. Neil was listed as one of this universe’s top ten eligible bachelors.

When we were called in to his medical room, my mother and I walked in together because we knew we always appeared to be a very docile duet. When Dr. Neil adjusted Didi, my mother screamed, “Aduh, gila, enak banget.” Meaning: “Ooh, crazy, so good!” as we heard his staff outside the chamber giggling away from Didi’s signature comment. After the adjustment, Didi immediately told Dr. Neil that he was very handsome and if he was single, he should join us for salsa dancing. He blushed and answered he was together with a girl and that she would not be happy if he went dancing with us.

After a couple of treatments, Didi and I tried again: to persuade him to join our salsa- tango party team. His good looks would make us a very desirable team. We were so delighted to find out he was heart broken from a recent atomic break-up. We took his desperation as an opportunity to convince him in taking a series of salsa-tango classes by buying a pair of shiny silver dancing shoes. “If you dance well, you will get all the girls!,” Didi said.


Didi and I really wanted the sexy Dr. Neil to be happy, so we began a serious match making service for him. We started hooking him up with several girls from the dancing community. From all the efforts, we made two short scores: one was my beautiful young cousin and another one was Indonesia’s Salsa champion. Neither of them was a right match for him. He told me these girls were all very beautiful, but he could not find a satisfying conversation with any of them. I told him it was normal to be that way, I, myself could not get a satisfying conversation with many girls. But as I said those words to him,  Sarah’s face suddenly popped in my head.

So I told Neil about my one true best friend by the name, Sarah. If I were a man, she would be the only woman to love. Sarah is passionate, witty, and organized in what I labelled ‘a mentally deranged’ cleaning habit. She does not fall in love easily, the only opening to her heart is through soulful words and music. I remembered when I invited Neil and Sarah to our regular dancing nights, Neil did a back flip and Sarah got excited. Since then, the two started texting each other. I could see from my best friend’s eyes that she was falling for this sushi boy. Her eyes would lit up every time a text message came from him.


After a couple of fun years, I suddenly received a hasty call from Sarah. We met and she expressed to me her impatience with Neil’s uncertainty about their love affair. I told her she should also be firmed with her mind on this. Although it did not mattered what I had to say, I let her babble away with all her explosive emotions. In the same week, I called Neil and asked, “What’s the plan?!” Neil had told me about proposing to Sarah about a year ago. He kept on waiting for the perfect moment, perfect ring, and perfect music that he never got the chance to take action.

That day, I pushed him so hard to get a ring – ANY RING! I told him his true intentions is what matters most. Now we are running out of time. In my head: Sarah was driving me crazy too. I told him to just go get a rubber band, or a hello kitty plastic ring; or (to go really insane) get a giant gold bling- bling puma ring from Cartier. For a moment, I thought Neil was going to follow my desperate advice. I think that became the biggest test for Neil’s genuine love to Sarah: to follow his heart or to follow my devilish suggestions. In the end, he firmly stuck to his over-complicated plan in proposing her.



It became a very good lesson for me too. Love is not about demanding from one another. Love is not about becoming the other person’s vision. Love is about accepting each other’s differences. Love is about embracing each other’s mistakes. Today, Love is about Sarah and Neil. I love you both deeply.

Triples kisses, Melissa Sunjaya

On March 6th, 2015 Sarah Sechan and Neil Furuno made a vow to each other. Filmed in Los Angeles, the following video by Michał Górzyński celebrates their loving journey in an intimate wedding ceremony and reception with their closest friends and family. The music “End of the Rainbow” was written and performed by Sandhy Sandoro to complement this graceful union.


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A Tulisan Woman: Putri Miranti Indra

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“I was hooked by the enjoyment and appreciation of seeing the expression people had over my cooking”Putri Miranti Indra

A hazy yellowish tone accompanied by a classic French chanson and the mysterious arms pouring sugar over a steel pot. Discreet and unknown, this anonymous body adorning a Tulisan Admiral Kasarung Apron then gently fuses the ingredients together to form a delicately sticky form of caramel as our view is later shifted to the face of the taster and cook as she quietly moves away from the focal shoot. This was my first memory of Putri Miranti in a cooking video before finally having met her a year later.

Two things that immediately attracted my attention to Putri Miranti upon our first encounter were her brightly lit red lipstick and her bulging eyes. All of which speaks volume to her vibrant personality. With her straight-cut bangs that gave ample attention to her eyes, Putri embraces a wonder to whatever comes across her. She radiantly throws her confident smile as we shook hands and moved on to our meeting.


Any cook I have encountered would always mention the love of cooking to start from the home. As for Putri, whose family owns a catering business, the exposure to the cooking world was natural for her. Her favorite pastime as a child would be playing cook, “I have always been an ambitious cook,” explaining her process in a cooking set-up where she favored creating a make-believe ‘Gado-Gado’ (Indonesian mix vegetable dish) with leaves or Chocolate Chip Cookies with mud and stones. “I always dreamed of having a Doraemon pouch filled with cooking utensils.”

Even during high-school years, she knew where she was headed, she forgo the Science Major by requesting the school Principal the course would not be convenient for her future interest to pursue cooking wholeheartedly.


What she does today in becoming a cooking host for an independent cooking YouTube Channel, KokikuTV, and mastering the balance of teaching cooking lessons and becoming a private dining chef may be perceived to happen by instant in this self-made generation. But Putri has actually gone through a series of exploration before finally setting foot on a path she confidently feels arranges her love for cuisine. She has worked 12 hours straight in a day in the hospitality business in Singapore which resulted in a serious case of backpain for the tedious routinity of carrying 12 or 15 kilograms of mixers and repeatedly doing the same form of recipes.

It was as if she was guided by her two TV food personalities, Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson, who became the benchmark to express her true artistic vision. After the pain of overworking, she decided to take a break from the culinary world to take on an offer which answers her love for traveling. She became a TV host for a traveling program, in hopes she could shift gear back into her main love of making food.


Early on, before having her own cooking show, I asked – rather awkwardly afraid of using the wrong words – of her love of being in the spotlight, to which my reserved question she dismissed confidently, “You mean whether I love appearing in the spotlight? Of course! I prefer talking for hours than writing” (The exact words she used in Indonesian was “Banci Tampil” which is roughly translated as being a “Spotlight Hogger”) as she laughed her giddy laugh.

It was the priorities of a married life which pushed her to review her frequent travels. “Maybe it was meant to bring me back to creating.” Putri realised the initial discipline behind the kitchen combined with the curious tastebuds from traveling made her want to influence and share her knowledge to a wider audience. The more viral it is through media, either print or online, the more she feels of it as a learning experience to upgrade her skills.


Today, her recipes are a merge of techniques and recipes of international and local. Especially after having two people, her mom and the much-respected father of Indonesian culinary, William Wongso comment on using the variety and abundant resources found in Indonesia. For the Tulisan team, she made the Banana Profiterole which was inspired by the classic Indonesian Banana Fritters.

She continues to innovate with much perseverance and a stimulated motivation, “I like to have fun in the kitchen, once you are rigid, it shows in your food.” As Putri’s voice animates from lines of squeaking sentences to glaringly laugh without reservation, she embodies the fun and excitement ready to fire blaze and lit the room with her persona and visual treats.


Text by Athina Ibrahim
Photography by Michal Gorzynski
Styling by Alexander Zulfikar Lalisang

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Pepe and The Flying Balloon Performance


As we end the year of 2014, we reflected on the many events we proudly are able to share with you. On December 12, 2014, Melissa Sunjaya’s beloved story “Pepe and the Flying Baloon,” was transformed into a magical performance performed by the KDM (Kampus Diakonia Modern) children, a non-profit organisation dedicated to rescuing abandoned children from the streets of Jakarta. Choreographed by Lauri Kee Schep & Anne Rooze, the performance brought forth a different light to the Pepe and The Flying Balloon story as we could feel the actual despair of the children as performed by the main actor as she struggles against the harshness of the street and falls into the embrace of those who took care of her.

Thank you for the lovely KDM children who gave their soul to this story, thanking also Eramus Huis for their support, Lauri Keep Schep & Anne Rooze for giving life to every moment and Vanessa Henoque for the costume designs.

– Tulisan Chronicles Team
Photography by Michal Gorzynski and Hotmaidah Nainggolan

WP_JOU_50114_PP02 WP_JOU_50114_PP03 WP_JOU_50114_PP04 WP_JOU_50114_PP05 WP_JOU_50114_PP06 WP_JOU_50114_PP07 WP_JOU_50114_PP08 WP_JOU_50114_PP09 WP_JOU_50114_PP10 WP_JOU_50114_PP11 WP_JOU_50114_PP12 WP_JOU_50114_PP13

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Happy New Year!


Melissa Sunjaya always mentions, “life always leads us to mysterious paths that are filled of imperfections and fractured corners.” As we embrace the new year and reflect the past 2014, the whole Tulisan team wishes everyone a new beginning. “The beauty of life lies on facing our biggest mistakes and loving our most dreadful self-portraits.Only after passing that point, we can capture a clear view over the horizon that human beings are not made of flesh and blood, but we are an infinite idea that we choose to project.”

May your 2015 bring you the whimsical luxuries of life!

– Tulisan Chronicles Team

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Happy Mother’s Day!


“You need a partner. You need a very strong partner who believes in you 100%. To me that is the key. Rather than having a big investment and a large capital.” – Melissa Sunjaya on her business partner and mother, Didi Hersubeno.

To all the powerhouse mothers — who gives without concern and who loves without condition. May you be showered with all the love from your daughters and sons every single day!


– Tulisan Chronicles Team

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Exit Through the Gift Shop


After watching the film “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” Melissa and I shared a lengthly discussion about the value of art. “Exit Through the Gift Shop” created by Banksy chronicles the obsession of  self-proclaimed filmmaker ‘Thierry Guetta’ on documenting the movement of graffiti and street art movement which unravels many well-known graffiti artist as Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Space Invader and many others. Having being profusely obsessed about the creation of art, Thierry on a fate encounter with Banksy decided he wanted emulate the process of street art himself by making his own identity “Mr. Brainwash.”

The film touches interesting points on the subject of art as an expression, as a replica, and  art as a craft. While Thierry instantly labeled himself as an artist and earned recognition for it, his motives was questionable. As I continued my discussion, Melissa shared her thoughts which pertained to the idea of the increasing value of your craftsmanship , “If human beings consume products that contain empathy and deeper value, the products will get passed on to many generations instead of having shorter life cycles, where at the end of the cycle the products usually get tossed.” 

If anything, the film remarkably pokes fun on what it means to been an artist. As Melissa continues “The values of art work gets raised as people understand the methodology and conceptual thinking behind the artist. It is exactly what makes Banksy one of the highest rated contemporary artist in our time.” Perfectly capturing the essence that being an artists is not mere recognition, but as Bansky also puts in the film, it is about years of perfecting your craft to finally seeing the value in it.  

Warmest regards, Fadly C.A.P

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The Launch of Tulisan Plaza Senayan Store


Last week on Wednesday 10, December 2014 marked the new journey of Tulisan as we officially launched our second flagship boutique in the very busy location of Plaza Senayan. Having to place our name on a waiting list for almost two years since 2012, we were ecstatic to realize the opportunity that presented the last quarter of 2014. We invited a few of our friends for tea and delicacies with our founder Melissa Sunjaya and co-founder Didi Hersubeno where they explained to the media about the concept of the store being inspired by an Artist’s Loft – a place of creation and ideas. (Read more about the concept here: Behind the Glasshouse)

With handmade craftmanship being the hallmark of all creations and visual aesthetics seen at Tulisan, we made a special showcase where Melissa demonstrated the techniques she uses to illustrate the typography, “Jakarta Rocks,” brushing each stroke to the canvas carefully — a process she calls therapeutic. The Japanese may have a term, “Wabi-sabi” which translates to a Japanese term in visually accepting the idea of imperfection. This is the idea Melissa tries to constantly portray through each artwork and project in hand — embracing the beauty behind the imperfection of her strokes and inks of craftsmanship as she continues her remarkable journey through Tulisan.

The event finished with the melodic performance by violinist Ivan Lutfie.

Visit our second flagship store soon at the follow address:

Tulisan Store
Plaza Senayan, Level 2,
Jalan Asia Afrika 8,
Jakarta 10270. 

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WJOU141104_PSLAU117 WJOU141104_PSLAU118
WJOU141104_PSLAU113 WJOU141104_PSLAU114 WJOU141104_PSLAU115 WJOU141104_PSLAU116

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