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Wonder: A Film by Michał Górzyński


‘Wonder’ is a film by Michał Górzyński which features a tango performance by Melissa Sunjaya and Gennysam Delos Reyes Alcantara from the Los Sueños Association in Singapore. It was filmed in Jakarta, in Melissa’s grandmother’s house, where she grew up. The music ‘Desilusión’ was composed by Pablo Motta from Buenos Aires. In this piece, Pablo played the piano and double bass with two other musicians: Anna Kostyuchek – Violin and Ginger Murphy – Cello.

The Argentine tango is a unique dance depicting a dialogue between two people. Every action is like a sentence and dancing through a song is akin to completing a whole conversation. In social dancing, a Tango is never choreographed. For both the leader and his partner it is about listening, not only to the music tempo but to the movements of each other. The emotion and drama inherent to the tango is the reason why many call it “the dance of life.”

All great tango dancers focus on three things: being utterly grounded to the core of the body, breathing tall, and maintaining balance while creating an internal rotation along the spine. From a top view, the movements of two people dancing Tango often illustrates the symbol of infinity (∞). The tango is a spiritual dance in which two minds unite.

The latest Wonder will be available at Tulisan Boutiques on February 25, 2015.

Film by Michał Górzyński
Text by Athina Ibrahim

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Batavia Hotel Time Capsule Preview


The following video with photography by Michal Gorzynski and Hotmaida Marttianggo Nainggolan with editing done by Michal Gorzynski previews what we will launch this January 28th, 2015.

This exceptional set, the Batavia Hotel Collector’s Edition Time Capsule, is a special gift we hope can be passed on for generations for its intricate detailing. Taken from the 2011 illustrated collection written and illustrated by Melissa Sunjaya, the story is layered to depict a complex romance filled with passion and jealousy which speaks of the alarming irony of a social climber.

With only 12 editions available this is an heirloom-quality serigraph art print is made on a limited run. Handcrafted with the finest materials in small batches with signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Read more on how you can have your hands on this limited edition here.

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PEPE for Kampus Diakonia Modern


you, me, and them
we are all children who desire to play with joy and laughter, who get curious
to discover new things,
who jump to catch our dreams with thousands of smiles,
who work together
to collect all the
colors of rainbow,
who feel lonely
when no one understands us, who long for a friend
to embrace,
who believe a promise
that there will be no more tears, who wish and hope
for a brighter tomorrow, because in the end
we are all children
created equally. 

– Melissa Sunjaya

A  film by Michal Gorzynski. 

Please join us for a special dance presentation of “Pepe and The Flying Balloon” By Melissa Sunjaya with artistic direction and choreography by Lauri Kee Schep & Anne Rooze as performed by the children of Kampus Diakonia Modern (KDM).

When: 12 December 2014 at 7:00 PM 13 December 2014 at 3:00 PM
Where: Erasmus Huis, H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. S-3, Jakarta 12950

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Plume: A Film by Michal Gorzynski


This film by Michal Gorzynski demonstrates a tour of Poland’s Gdańsk in the following fashion video of Tulisan’s Plume & Wonder Fall/Winter collection 2014-2015. The video plays with light and shade in a city of trade by the baltic coast, which is home to a central seaport in Poland.

The prominent influence of the Plume & Wonder edition was based on the crossing line between the subversive conscious of our dreams and our projected reality. The film joins the ethereal connection between the self and nature, following the steps of a young woman supporting a Plume Panama Bag in Orange Salmon as she follows the haziness of sunlight, embarking on a discovery through the shifts of emotions captured through the streams of sound and the boundless landscapes.

The video accompanies Indonesian-band Polka War‘s ambient track “Horse Hooves” which will be released in their upcoming album this year.

The Plume Prints Edition will be available in November 2014.    

Film by Michal Gorzynski
Music by Polka Wars


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Explore Your Pouch

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Tulisan’s pouches have long become one of our signature style. It quickly gains popularity for its compactness and versatility as well as a favorite object of experimental for our team. We keep exploring ways to ensure they remain in parts of our lives. How have you explored your Tulisan’s pouch? – Rassi Narika

1. Clutch


Melissa folded her Large Pouch in half and carried it to a cocktail party. I seriously thought she was bringing a new product prototype for a tryout.

2. Literature Kit


I personally love bringing books wherever I go. I always make sure that it is not just book that I can read, but also a journal to capture my doodling thoughts and ideas. I use the Medium or Small Pouch to put my currently reading books and the Large Pouch to bring my sketch book – for my occasional daydreaming session.


3. Shoe Storage


Myra use her Large Pouch to bring her running shoes in her gym bag. It is also a fun ways to keep your shoe collection like what Melissa did – one for each and try to color code them, too.

4. Currency Pouch

This comes in handy when you travel beyond many borders. Shalimma and Myra  shared to us how they do it. Put one currency in each Petite Pouch to help you handle the foreign bills as you shop.

5. Headset Compartment

BAT1202NJ_TIP23Carrying your headset in your bags can be concerning, at times. You don’t want the wire to tangle or to break the muffs. So, we put our headset in the pouch, separating and keeping them from the possible fiasco that might have happened to it.

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Trotting the Beach Bag

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The endless possibilities when one holds a Beach Bag, is the very reason why we love it oh-so-much.

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Tulisan at Fang Fong Projects, Hong Kong

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Tulisan Premier Collections are now featured at the heart of Hong Kong’s SoHo district, in collaboration with the eclectic Fang Fong Projects.

Fang Fong uses vintage-modern coexist concept utilizing stock and vintage fabric to create contemporary styles.

They curate colorful swatches and playful pattern for the shop. I love how our products seem like it was meant to be there.

WP_JOU_130516FANG_05Our Hong Kong distributor and team – One Arcane Road – brilliantly translated Tulisan’s visual merchandise concepts through the window display.WP_JOU_130516FANG_07

The color schemes boldly pop as you walk by.


Fang Fong Project is at: 69A Peel Street, Central, HK | Phone: 00 852 3105 5557


One Arcane Road also visited our Flagship Store in Jakarta last Fall to shoot this video feature on Tulisan. – Rassi Narika


Also watch: Tulisan in collaboration with Fang Fong Project. 


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In Collaboration with Fang Fong Projects

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We are super excited to share that Tulisan is now collaborating with Fang Fong Projects in the heart of Hong Kong’s Soho. If you live in Hong Kong or happen to be in the area, do meet our products there. Oh, and did I mention the beautiful display they have put together? It feels like a home away from home!

Fang Fong Project is located at 69A Peel Street, Central, Hong Kong.

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Storing Essentials: Cubes

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Video: Gallery Tote

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Video: Tulisan’s Camden Market Behind the Scene

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