Kaki Lima: To Market, To Market

GAB-20140731-724-Edit  Preface 

KAKI LIMA: (Kaki = Feet/Leg; Lima = Five) In literal translation, Kaki Lima means five feet. In Jakarta, the term is often used to describe the ubiquitous street vendors who willingly push their three-legged cart with their strong two feet. With Tulisan, we take you to stroll and commute with us to the streets of the capital, to immerse in your senses and pay attention to the sight, sound, and scent beyond the cityscapes.

Kaki Lima: To Market, To Market

“To market, to market, to buy a plum bun,” was her favorite nursery rhyme growing up. As her mother went to buy her daily supplies of fruits and vegetables, she became accustomed to the aroma of home cooked meals and her mother spending the day churning up her favorite banoffee pie. 

Although juggling a cramped schedule occasionally calls for the convenience of supermarkets, she stills enjoy the prime luxury of knowing what goes into her meal. The ripeness of apples, the tenderness of poultry, and the dash of herbs chosen to her own preference. 

While it is easy to indulge in instant gratification, she enjoys the downshift of simplicity, taking the ra-ta-ta of bright orange bajaj, slightly slower than the average motorcycles and cars but always reminding her to slow down and surrender to the unknown alleys filled with the traditional ideals of living. 

GAB-20140731-627-Edit-Edit GAB-20140731-597-Edit






Text by Athina Ibrahim
Photography by Gabriela Bhaskar

Tulisan’s Cruise Bag and Toy Box
Top by Proklamasi
Dilyana from Amore Models Jakarta 

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Discover Events This Week!


Inside the Apple | September 15 – 16, 2014

Inside the Apple is Kateřina “KATT” Chroboková’s first album. KATT writes her own songs, a mixture of electronic organ and modern trend with a taste of electro-pop. KATT will play different works in her two nights concert.

KATT was born and raised in the industrial area of the northeast part of Czech Republic. She started her international career after she won the Oundle International Organ Festival in England. Since that, she regularly performs in different festivals along with prestigious orchestras in Czech Republic, Europe, and Mexico. Her study abroad has also helped her to get intimate with different genres of music. KATT is currently undertaking her doctoral program at the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts, Brno, and at the Technologies des Arts, Paris.

Teater Salihara
Jl.Salihara No.16.,
Pasar Minggu

For more information: salihara.org


Localfest | September 18 – 21, 2014 

Localfest.co.id is a festival created to bring out the greatest of local potentials within the younger generation of Indonesia within the compounds of Local.co.id, from creative talent to local fashion brands.

Grand Indonesia Hall Lt. 5
Jln. MH.Thamrin No.1,
Jakarta Pusat

For more information: www.localfest.co.id


Sea of Ancestor | September 19, 2014

The author and photographer Beat Presser presents his story of the Dhows (traditional boat) along the East African Coast and Pinisi in Indonesia.

The exhibition will showcase 79 pictures not just about the traditional boat but also celebrates the spirit of the seaman from East African coast and the well-known Bugis tribe. His view also extend to culture, landscape and history of the maritime traditions.
Beat Presser lived and worked in Madagascar from 1988-1992 and later continued in 2009-2010 along the East African Coast. Now he looks into ships, trade and travels in the Indonesian Archipelago.

Galeri Foto Jurnalistik Antara
Jl. Antara no. 59,
Pasar Baru,
Jakarta 10710

For more information: www.facebook.com/Museum.Galeri.Antara

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The Man Who Knew Too Much

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A solidly built man, about six feet in height, who looks like a good weighted sailor – broad-chested, ample arms, but slightly thin in the legs. Often dressing casually in a plain gray tee, cropped pants and flip-flops or Spanish espadrilles, as if he is always ready for an adventure under the scorching sun.

He may not be a sailor, but having come from a place where shipyards and sailboats is a cultural norm, he has long been interested in the essential purity of being caressed against the wind and sea.

His tone of voice implies firmness occasionally with an air of affliction arising as he talks about the distant familiarity of the place he is currently discovering as he focuses on a design project with Tulisan. He moves to countries out of curiosity and has spent his greatest attention for structure and the moving images.

Here was a man of many interests and a desire to explore the untouchable grounds of the East.

I spent 20-minutes of my time with Michal Gorzynski.


So you are into Yachts Design?

I come from the Northern part of Poland and we have long traditions of Ship yards there. So my interest grew from there. The studio where I studied Yachts design was the only one in Poland. I had a choice to go for furniture, fashion, visual design, and Yachts, so I went for the latter, even though I am not a sailor myself, I can appreciate the concept and purity of the sailboat and the fact it is propelled by the wind. In fact, I worked in a couple of companies and ended up working on various luxurious boats.

I worked on the exterior of the boats, it is somewhere between product and architecture because of the scale of it, but I needed a break and going back for something which is more functional and mass-produced. I find it more fun to have a number of people enjoying my design rather than focus on a client with specific needs.

I felt like going back to product design, projects where you design for specific clients.


I am amazed at how you can juggle a lot on your plate.

After focusing in product design, I actually went to film school for four years and did animations and movies. Finally did Yachts then moved to Holland, and worked for a really well known design office that worked on shipyards and luxury boats. I then had this idea to move to London, to spend a few months in London, interviewing a few companies, I approached Dominic again, just to ask for references, he was happy to hear from me, but Melissa at the time, was really looking for someone to join the team.


From designing big heavy boats to making attractive bags – why the change?

It happened naturally for me. I could easily move from one media to the next, and I do not see a problem there. With experience you realize these is different industries but the approach is always the same. It requires the same kind of sensitivity.

This mix-medium helps in influencing the design process, I think it is helpful, it gives you a broader view, I get inspired by different fields, whether architecture or interior design.


How different was it working on a project with Tulisan?

Compared to my experience back in working in LA it was a consulting firm. Here, Tulisan is Melissa’s own product, there is much more to consider because you are responsible for all the decisions. We are quite picky to get things right.

As a team, all of us had a western background and working for western companies, so the process was very much the same, and I was already familiar with it.

But from what I heard, when you are looking for new members for the design team it is difficult to find people here who has the same minimalistic approach, you see Jakarta and it is a really busy environment, there are so much stuff and it is really cramped, people are not used to making things simpler. It is difficult to find people with the same mentality.


Melissa has a playful character of wanting to infuse the rich character of the city. What aspects of minimalism are you implying?

The minimalistic approach can be seen in the product design side of the bag. Designing a bag is like origami, when you look at the cutting pattern it is so clean and every surface is used then she doesn’t want to add to many details and she keeps it simple. The patterns stands on its own, but if you see the bag as a canvas.

We now introduce various stylish bags which highlights the shape of the bag, but they are still kind of simple and basic, you don’t have additional details. Keep the product as simple as possible, the patterns gives character it itself, other than that the product is simple and clean.

Designing a product requires a lot of restrain from the designer, when I start a project I like to set the limits, if you are free to do whatever you can you cannot do anything.


When do you know when to stop and be proud of what you have made?

There is actually two sides to that coins, sometimes you overdo things, sometimes you sketch and it is not finished and you are dreaming of it and you start overdoing it. And then, you see the final product and you still want to change. But we are lucky to have the opportunity to change if for the final collection. So we have this batch of eight, we introduce it with a special lining for this and the prints are handmade. Even though, we would always want to change something, the base of the product is already great and we think the clients would be very happy to get it in this form.

You know designers are very picky, quite often sometimes the users do not see the details that you see.


Happy birthday and welcome to the newest member of Asta Design Consultancy Group, Michal!

Text by Athina Ibrahim
Photography by Melissa Sunjaya

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Kaki Lima: Cycling Through Time



KAKI LIMA: (Kaki = Feet/Leg; Lima = Five) In literal translation, Kaki Lima means five feet. In Jakarta, the term is often used to describe the ubiquitous street vendors who willingly push their three-legged cart with their strong two feet. With Tulisan, we take you to stroll and commute with us to the streets of the capital, to immerse in your senses and pay attention to the sight, sound, and scent beyond the cityscapes.

Kaki Lima: Cycling Through Time 

At an old post office sits a man, coarse yellowish skin who looks stiff and beaten. His existence tells the story of love and lost, of the unconditional and the forbidden. A symbol of defeat retold through a Javanese folktale about a man who fell in love with his lost mom.

This man is found at the old town, a place breathing of nostalgia. Each wall corrodes and has become an ear to the changes of time. Passing tales about triumph and foreign possession, where each windowpane has opened the doors of the forgotten.

Today, the hands of the contemporary has sought its worth and bridged her with her ancestors. She cycles her way around the town square, noticing the jolt of kids’ laughter enjoying each second of running freely. While the visible has been altered, sound  remains her strongest emotional link to the space which has recollected the coming of age and a time of becoming. She cycles her way back to the future.











Text by Athina Ibrahim
Photography by Gabriela Bhaskar

Bag Tulisan’s Marigold Knit Liliput Tote
Dilyana from Amore Models Jakarta 

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Discover Events This Week!

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A JAZZ LIFE | Wednesday, 10 September 2014 

The Salamander Big Band, a Jazz ensemble of 30 young musicians from Bandung, was founded in 2006 and has ever since rehearsed and established a very high level of performances in the Indonesian Jazz scene, with concerts usually completely booked out. The Goethe-Institut regularly invites experienced Jazz musicians to help those dedicated young musicians develop their skills in the Big Band Clinic. For the band’s 8th anniversary, we are very glad to welcome Ack van Rooyen, a Big Band expert for three fantastic concerts in Bandung and Jakarta.

Erasmus Huis Jakarta 
Jl HR Rasuna Said Kav S-3, Setiabudi,
Jakarta Selatan

For more information: www.goethe.de/ins/id


BAND Performance: SORE | Saturday, 13 September 2014

In welcoming the Salihara Festival, a number of young and energetic bands will be preforming in complementing for the larger and main performances during the event. Each will bring their own style and centre to give for a memorable performance.

Taman Serambi 
Jl.Salihara No.16.,
Pasar Minggu

For more information: Salihara.org


Magical Mystery Tour | Saturday & Sunday, 13 – 14 September 2014

Animé String Orchestra will perform a number of musical works by the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP), which are re-arranged and played with string instruments.

Animé String Orchestra was founded by Haryo “Yose” Soejoto in 2001.  As a life performance ensemble they are characterized by the absence of a conventional audio system which appreciates acoustic musical instruments played. Haryo “Yose” Soejoto studied music at the Academy of Music Indonesia (AMI), the Jakarta Institute of Arts Education (LPKJ, now IKJ), Wellington Polytechnic, New Zealand, and atthe ISI. Some compositions are “Music for Trombone 12 (1998),” Anticipation for Computers and Percussion “(1998),” Lava to 3 Marimba “(1997) and” Homage for John Cage “(1991).

Teater Salihara
JL. Salihara 16,
Pasar Minggu,
Jakarta Selatan

For more information: Salihara.org

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Bibliofiles: The Snow Leopard

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BIbliofiles: The Snow Leopard

Modern life is brimming with comforts and conveniences that decades ago only existed in the realm of science fiction. Times have certainly and irrevocably changed.  But strip away the façade we craft with social media, and the busyness that has become so normal, and what would we find?

Such is the journey Peter Matthiessen undertakes in his book The Snow Leopard. Though published in 1978, Matthiessen’s quest to escape the trappings of modernity to better understand himself is a theme that still feels relevant today. Along with field biologist George Schaller and a team of Sherpas and porters, Matthiessen travels for two months in Nepal to study the Himalayan blue sheep and hopefully lay eyes upon the rare snow leopard.

For Schaller the trip is purely an academic pursuit, but for Matthiessen (a student of Zen Buddhism who lost his wife to cancer the year before) the expedition is a spiritual mission. Matthiessen articulates what he observes with such seamless detail that I finished his book feeling like I had seen the snowy mountain peaks and persevering villagers for myself.

BIbliofiles: The Snow Leopard

As Matthiessen navigates the peaks and valleys of the mountains, so too does he meander through an emotional landscape with highs and lows all its own. Some (including myself) may wonder how the author could leave behind his 8 year old son who so recently lost his mother in order to undertake a treacherous journey–a question that looms every time danger emerges. But it seems that part of Matthiessen’s nature is a sort of restless discontent that compels him to forever seek an inner peace, which remains ever so slightly just out of reach.

BIbliofiles: The Snow Leopard

Using the trip as both an escape from and a means to understand his life and circumstances, Matthiessen grapples with his yearning to find Zen balance, which is often at odds with his disposition. It’s a topic that is relatable even when Matthiessen is unlikable. The author is at times self-absorbed and moody, but in revealing every nuance of his character, his book becomes that much more honest, real, and in the end, meaningful. When the final word on the final page has been read, the insight gleaned from the pages feels authentic and profound.

How far would you go to find inner peace? How much pleasure would you be willing to sacrifice to find contentment? And in the end, having surrendered so much, if you didn’t find what you were looking for, would the journey have still been worthwhile? The answer is of course deeply personal, and just such a reply is rendered in The Snow Leopard.

~Melany Zwartjes

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Kaki Lima: Crossing Tracks

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KAKI LIMA: (Kaki = Feet/Leg; Lima = Five) In literal translation, Kaki Lima means five feet. In Jakarta, the term is often used to describe the ubiquitous street vendors who willingly push their three-legged cart with their strong two feet. With Tulisan, we take you to stroll and commute with us to the streets of the capital, to immerse in your senses and pay attention to the sight, sound, and scent beyond the cityscapes.

Crossing Tracks

Crossing with an abrupt passing of sound. They are kept hidden and obscured often tucked underground. Once there and then gone again. Working unnoticed as they occasionally change tracks to avoid unwelcoming collisions of other vehicles. 

Just as she moves in life, these trains and their tracks resemble the encounter she has with people who come into her life, cherish her being, and move to their own ideals. She stays for a loving embrace, a pat of support, and if possible, avoid unnecessary friction of the union. 

She becomes a nomad in search for fulfillment, but always return to the familiar who calm her apprehension. Each progression in motion as she take on the trail towards the people who make the day a little less cloudy and her baggage a little more lighter. 

She opens a beeping message from her dear friend, “I’m here, waiting for you at our usual meeting point.”




Text by Athina Ibrahim
Photography by Gabriela Bhaskar

Bag Tulisan’s Marigold Knit City Tote
Dress by Ensemble The Label
Dilyana from Amore Models Jakarta

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Discovery: Älska Store

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Just as the store owner, renowned fashion photographer Nicoline Patricia Malina,  Älska embodies the same alluring spirit.


During a past interview Nicoline has stated her adoration for culture and heritage, she strays from uniformity and searches for details which are outlandish, eclectic, and tells a bit about the places she has discovered during her years of living and working abroad.


As much as she adores the ever-vibrant heritage Indonesia offers, her yearning for texture, patterns, and history has brought her to places and stumble upon artisanal items which are now present at her humble home-like store.


The store welcomes you to a range of wooden homeware products, from the finest selection of Japanese ceramic bowls, Indian cushion covers, and Sumba wicker baskets.


The store also features an extensive range of succulents, cacti, and airplanes as well as the collectible choices of vintage and tribal trinkets made of beads and stone from different corners of the world.


Älska is taken from a swedish word meaning To Love and our quick visit to the store has showed us that when products are made by the hands of loving artisans, there is only much fondness one can have over the rarity of treasured items.


Cipete Raya 7D
Jakarta Selatan
Indonesia +62 21 75904783

Text by Athina Ibrahim
Photography courtesy of Älska Store 

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Discover Events This Week!


We Bop! | Friday, 5 September 2014

We BOP! is the first installment where the W_Music team will be putting some glide in your stride through a few hours’ worth of raw, gritty and unadulterated jazz, soul and funk for you to hoochie coochie the night away.

Fat Cat Ffonz
Stereo Stranger

September 5, 2014
Friday 8 PM
at Tree House, Kemang 

For more information visit: www.whiteboardjournal.com/events


Watercolor painting workshop | Saturday, 06, 13, 20 September 2014

This class will teach you some basic techniques in watercolor painting. Managed by the method of prioritizing workshop practice, this class will stimulate the participants to create works of art that they want with the inspiration from the natural surroundings. The material taught is different within each meeting, and will include painting with plants and natural objects of plants, animals and portraits of the human face.

The workshop will take place in three meetings and will be taught by an Indonesian artist.

Teater Salihara
JL. Salihara 16,
Pasar Minggu,
Jakarta Selatan

For more information: Salihara.org

Cucino in Italia | September 2014

For Italians, eating good food is a must. And eating together, feeling at home  is even more important.Learn how to cook like in a real Italian home: 4 dishes, a whole 4-course menu, from appetizer to dessert.

Istituto Italiano di Cultura Jakarta,
Jl. Cokroaminoto, 117,
Menteng, Jakarta Pusat

For more information: www.iicjakarta.esteri.it/IIC_Jakarta

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Suwun from London!


On August 17th, a new concept store at London was launched to celebrate products which crosses the ideals between gender, fashion, and ethics. Duo owner, Tigana Sari and Egle Rutkausk in their recent introduction believes, “By focusing on non-gender specific products, we provide a welcoming and non-judgemental environment for anyone who believes that style is beyond gender.”

They have carefully curated products which personally speak to their interest in supporting independent artists, makers, and embraces the thought of consuming thoughtfully and ethically. The products are sourced by working with people and brands from London and around the world to advocate a discussion on producing ethically – in hopes it can also build connections between fellow creators.

If in London, be sure to make your way there and take a peek at the Tulisan products they have nicely displayed at their store.

Netil Market E8 3RL
13-23 Westgate Street
E8 3RL London, United Kingdom

WP_JOU_140826SUWUN_02 WP_JOU_140826SUWUN_03 WP_JOU_140826SUWUN_04



Text by Athina Ibrahim
Photography courtesy of Christa Holka 

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Kaki Lima: Her Morning Charm



KAKI LIMA: (Kaki = Feet/Leg; Lima = Five) In literal translation, Kaki Lima means five feet. In Jakarta, the term is often used to describe the ubiquitous street vendors who willingly push their three-legged cart with their strong two feet. With Tulisan, we take you to stroll and commute with us to the streets of the capital, to immerse in your senses and pay attention to the sight, sound, and scent beyond the cityscapes.

Her Morning Charm

The passing of days and the illuminating morning lights. She breathes the air of today and carefully zooms her attention towards the powerful play of vehicles. Loud voices of car honking, the rumble of motorcycles, and the clunking and tapping of morning preparations. Everything marching at haste towards different directions. 

She stays on her own pace as she gets on the next bus filled with the murmuring voices of the heart’s desires. She sits to enjoy her book, quietly flipping through the pages of sparkling possibilities. For a minute she pauses to think of what proceeded. As night has its way to keep our heads down, the peek of sunlight reminds us to not look upwards to the source of light but ahead towards the visible abundance at sight.   

As she strides towards her morning beginnings – she forgets about yesterday and makes no excuse for tomorrow.





Text by Athina Ibrahim
Photography by Gabriela Bhaskar

Bag Tulisan’s Gallery Tote in Luca Blue Note
Skirt by IKYK
Dilyana from Amore Models Jakarta 

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Discover Events This Week!

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Mereka & Coretan | Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Sketch or drawing is a liberal realm, a comfort zone, a sanctuary of creativity that exist within the creative process. Yet, it is a crucial element and data in documenting the artistic and aesthetic progress of an artist. And they are S. Teddy D., Yustoni Volunteero and Farhan Siki who had done it in their works in this “Mereka dan Coretan” exhibition. They present the exploration of their preliminary sketches, doodles, drawings on canvas and display them to a wider audience.

opening by Ni Luh Sekar,
editor in-chief dewi magazine

Dia.Lo.Gue artspace 
jl kemang selatan 99a
jakarta 12730, indonesia

For more information: dialogue-artspace.com


A Little Fairy Tale | Saturday, 30 August 2014

In the world of figure theatre The Magical Little Theatre has become a household name in a short time and is attracting visitors from home and abroad. The Magical Little Theater has won many awards. Charlotte Puijk Joolen is the artistic genius of The Magical Little Theatre. She is not only the artistic director, but designs, makes and plays all the performances herself. She is specialized in puppetry.

Eramus Huis
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said kav. S-3,
Kuningan, Jakarta

For more information visit: erasmushuis-in.nlmission.org

Young and Old, Old and Young | Until 13 September  2014

This exhibition is a collaboration between the Indonesian photographer Rainer Oktovianus and the Dutch photographer Marco van Duyvendijk.

Dutch photographer Marco van Duyvendijk shows us a series of portraits of the young generation. As a photographer he always preferred working with young people. He likes their dynamics and sensitivity. On the contrary to the Indonesian photographer Rainer Oktovianus who shows us a series of portraits of the old generation. He captures people in general in daily motion and activities.

Eramus Huis
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said kav. S-3,
Kuningan, Jakarta

For more information visit: erasmushuis-in.nlmission.org

- Tulisan Chronicles Team

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Gift Essentials For Virgo

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Last year, we gave a quick choice for the Virgos born in the month of August 23 to September 22 and settled with our lofty Toy Box. As we know Virgo’s trait to focus on the  nitty-gritty of details. Be reminded Virgo’s are exceptional perfectionist. They may be practical but they yearn for finer things in life which they can neatly organize at any given moment.

Our recommendation this month, falls to our reliable Journalist Tote. A handy complementary feat to the busy Virgo who work their way through disorganization with their notebooks, journals, or documents in tact and other life’s valuable carried on constant mobility. The journalist tote you can choose comes in the color Fuchsia Dessert which suit Virgo’s birth color, Sapphire or select the Smokey Plum Journalist Tote which shines their birth element, Earth, with the ideal feature of the Marigold flower.

- Athina Ibrahim 

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Discovery: Chicory European Patisserie


On having one piece of Madeleine dipped in his tea, renowned French philosopher Marcel Proust shared the profound discovery the pastry had to his palate, “An exquisite pleasure had invaded my senses, something isolated, detached, with no suggestion of its origin.”


This statement is suggestive to us that food when made well has the ability to evoke a certain emotion and awaken a recalling memory. It should be able to amuse our sensory experience.


Craig and Pricilla of Chicory European Patisserie intend to explore this notion. The two well-versed chefs first met during their days residing in Perth, Australia. While Craig specializes in cuisine and Pricilla in pastries, both have dedicated their time and hand to the relatively new Patisserie based in Jakarta. 


The charm is seen towards their concentration on detail. The outside of their Patisserie is covered with raw brick walls reminding us of the inviting feature of suburban homes. As Craig mentions is ideal in maintaining an intimate place where they can converse with customers at ease.


Inside, as you immerse yourself with a dose of sunlight, the walls are painted in a welcoming Pistachio Green with the Tegel Kunci tiles complementing the overall timelessness of their ambiance. The main focus however is immediately directed to the murals influenced by a classic children story illustrator.


The pastries are refined to say the least, having to carefully procure their ingredient from the best sources. They have constantly experimented with flavors in hopes it can delicately intrigue customers to explore their taste buds. The chocolate tart, “Flavors of Persia” balances an aromatic fuse of its rose petals and pistachio without having the bite of the chocolate’s sweetness overwhelm you. Their savory “Asparagus Tart” also dedicates same balance of opening up to new juices of flavors upon each bite.


As dedicated artisans of their craft, Craig and Pricilla puts their best interest to value the practice of process in serving variety and the very best. Technology-wise, the couple admits on being behind the pacing wave of digital marketing, although they have proven well when it comes to favorable delicacies, word-of-mouth is still their best scheme.

Chicory European Pattiserie
Jl. Sumenep, No. 9, Menteng,
Central Jakarta,
p, 62-21/3192-5799.
Hours: Mon-Sat 8am-6pm.

- Athina Ibrahim
Photography courtesy of Chicory European Patisserie 

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Discover Events This Week!

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ARTHOUSE CINEMA Der Himmel über Berlin | Monday 18, August 2014

Wim Wenders turns Berlin into a metaphysic place where loneliness, desperation, love and hope melt into a pathetic and cryptic composition. As a represent of New German Cinema and one of the founders of the Filmpublishing of Authors, he was awarded with the European Film Price as well as with the Price for the Best Direction at the International Film festival Cannes in 1987.

Film starts at 7 PM

Jalan Sam Ratulangi No. 9-15
Menteng, Jakarta Pusat
Free Admission

For more information: www.goethe.de/ins/id


Korea-ASEAN 25th Anniversary | Until 07 September 2014

The exhibition New Icon: Pop in Asia will introduce the works of Asian artists which were inspired and influenced by pop culture. The artists will assimilate images and mechanisms in the mass media and transform them into variety of styles. This exhibition will not only explore the differences in style and sensibility of each artist, but also improve the relations and cooperation between them equal.

Working closely with Salihara Community, Arts Center and Community Management (ARCOLABS), University of Surya, Tangerang, they have worked on this exhibition as an international exchange program of the first annual. ARCOLABS also work closely with the Mission of the Republic of Korea for ASEAN to celebrate 25 years of dialogue relations between ASEAN and the Republic of Korea.

Teater Salihara
JL. Salihara 16,
Pasar Minggu,
Jakarta Selatan

For more information: Salihara.org


A Festival About Coffee | Saturday – Sunday, 23 – 24 August 2014

This is a two-part event: the first part is a celebration of our local specialty coffee community — including booths, seminars, and workshops from some of the finest innovators in Indonesian coffee, from the farmers to baristas.

The second part is the Southeast Asian premiere of A Film About Coffee. After sweeping through festivals and winning rave reviews across the United States, A Film About Coffee is coming to Jakarta, with the invite-only premiere on Saturday, August 23rd and two completely free screenings on Sunday, August 24th.

Lotte Shopping Avenue
Jalan Professor Doktor Satrio No.5,
South Jakarta

For more information: afestivalaboutcofee.com


We The Fest | Sunday, 24 August 2014

Following the massive success of Djakarta Warehouse Project in 2013, Ismaya Live returns with the debut of their newest festival. We the Fest 2014 will feature an eclectic musical line-up including Ellie Goulding, Azealia Banks, Mayer Hawthorne (DJ Set), Jessie Andrews, BANKS, Havana Brown, and many more!

Parkir Timur Senayan,
Jakarta 10270.

For more information: wethefest.com

- Tulisan Chronicles Team 

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