Kengo, The Fever Man


“Taste takes much longer to develop – that comes from keeping an open mind to music, listening to whole albums rather than just the singles and generally being hungry for music you haven’t heard before.”Kengo Oshima

The late Jeff Buckley once stated, “Be awake enough to see where you are at any given time and how that is beautiful and has poetry inside.” The man I had an encounter with on his visit to Bali took this adage to heart and has kept his eyes and ears open from his surrounding experiences.

Kengo Oshima’s first musical influence was in the 90s. He had heard a track “You Can Call Me Al” by Paul Simon in the album Graceland firstly from his friend’s father. “The bass riff was most memorable, then the poetry really grew on me,” as he recalls the trigger to his musical sensibility.

Kengo took his first childhood exposure to the piano and guitar. This initial interaction later led to forming bands in high school and exploring the endless possibilities records stores provided. To date, he is part of the entertaining musical group, The Cuban Brothers, where Kengo on his biography is said to be the “a dancer and a fever man.”

The Cuban Brothers are a musical group who pride themselves on giving a full on performance of music, comedy, and a whole lot of dancing. They make sure they challenge themselves and have fun while they do it and this translates very much to Kengo’s outlook in life by wholeheartedly taking on the role of a DJ, dancer, and choreographer.

Although looking very much fluid on the dance floor, Kengo shares his suave for dancing to happen by accident. He explored break dancing when he was 18 before eventually making dancing a lifestyle,”I really got into it straight away because I enjoyed the physical aspect of it, the fusion of body and music and the challenge of training and improvement — trying to do something you can’t do.” He personifies a level of enjoyment which equals the dedication and training in constantly improving his craft.

While his upbringing did not support the idea of exploring music, his art teacher once said Kengo to have the “temperament of an artist” – a restless urge to constantly produce fulfilling work. Although, he states, “I’m not one of those dedicated artists who can priorities their art before paying the rent or eating,” Kengo values balance and realizes the need to make ends meet.

Since leaving school, he quickly understood that to maintain your interest there are times you needed to do anything to support yourself. He was once a chef, an English teacher,  and even stockbroker while balancing his musical calling by performing for The Cuban Brothers. It was only during The Cuban Brother’s peak time, where Kengo committed his time to them wholeheartedly.

The key to being as productive as Kengo is to be hungry. His sense of inquisitiveness arrived to him from indulging and sharing his music collection since high school, he would make eclectic mix tapes of anything from Bulgarian choir to Motown to punk to classical which then continued to his current profession as a DJ. “The technical aspect of mixing which you can learn in a short amount of time, taste takes much longer to develop – that comes from keeping an open mind to music, listening to whole albums rather than just the singles and generally being hungry for music you haven’t heard before.”

Like a burning sensation of a fever, Kengo has embraced his itch for music early on and decided to make his mark, “with anything if you are going to do something you should always put your stamp.”

 Head to our flagship store in Dharmawangsa to get a taste of Kengo’s music playlist at our store. 

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Namarina Youth Dance: Hotel Batavia

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The visual marvel of ‘Batavia Hotel’ by Melissa Sunjaya is filled with bold and comical flairs which compelled me to create a theatrical rendition of this piece into a contemporary ballet performance.Maya Tamara, Artistic Director of Namarina Dance

Come join the celebration with us tomorrow and Sunday!

Namarina Youth Dance presents the 9th Dance Performance:
Batavia Hotel
pieces of 1930s Jakarta in contemporary ballet

Day 1: 29 November 2014, 3PM & 8PM

Day 2: 30 November 2014, 4PM

At Gedung Kesenian Jakarta.

For tickets kindly order at:

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We will be in Plaza Senayan!

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As we extend our utmost thank you for your continuos support. This year, Tulisan have taken the next leap to introduce to you the opening of our second permanent store at Plaza Senayan on the second week of December 2014.

Have a look out for more details soon!

- Tulisan Chronicles Team

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ANIMA: Voyage Through the Collaborative Mind


Since last December 2013, Melissa Sunjaya and a Swiss Canadian Artist, Sébastien Théraulaz has already been in the works of the Anima limited edition playing cards which explores the crossing between the subversive conscious of our dreams and our projected reality. 

From the initial idea to its final execution, Melissa and Sébastien has pushed their limit in uncovering their awareness of what Anima embodies. They have gone through extensive research of analyzing Carl Jung (the founder of analytical psychology) and his theory of Anima, being an realization of one’s opposite gender which identifies our truest self and finding our source of creativity.

I talked with the two artist, Melissa Sunjaya, whose instinctive drawings are already the heartbeat of Tulisan, as well as Sébastien, who has an eclectic interest in comprehending the visual language, to understand the workings behind their artwork.

You both determined a theme Anima in mind. Can you share both of your role in this collaboration?

Sébastien (S): We wanted to collaborate on a project for a long time together. Melissa liked the idea of a series, something where we can really explore and create a sense “family” or “tribe” idea. The card deck was a perfect fit, so she proposed to me to work on it.

We did a brainstorm to find out the “worlds” we wanted to create, and by talking and searching we ended up with the four basic elements, which brought us to the old Alchemy, magic and divination arts. Each animal kingdom has its own symbolism related to it. The alchemists believed in the power of the particules but it also has a deep link to our imagination, the soul and our brain capacities. That was a good path to explore: the elements, the brain, and the soul of a human being.

After choosing the animals we wanted to portray, Melissa started working on the animal faces and I would research about the topic of the world and draw the complete costume and accessories of the animals.


Melissa (MS): In February 2013, I visited a game museum in Vevey (Switzerland) and discovered some historical facts about playing cards: how they were used to write memos or as mind reading game. The vintage cards had beautiful and intricate designs and they were printed on fine woven papers. I wished to relive the luxury of these traditional cards, by creating a set that are filled with fine details and symbolism.

Séb was a perfect match for me to do this artistic duet because as an art professional, he has always placed a lot of meanings and research behind all his work. He could get crazy and intense from time to time, but he has always been very reliable and expedient in his deliverables. His role were as follows: to research on the history and visual references; to set up the attributes of each character through illustrating the costumes; and to create a skeleton of the story. My role were: to set up the production parameters, to draw the different animals and to write the story. It was a simple plan, but the work structure was organized.

How did you get yourself immersed into Carl Jung’s theory on Anima?

S: Searching through these themes, we came across the Anima theory of Carl Jung. Not only did Carl Jung say that we have a self, but he also said that there is a complementary side in every one of us, which is the masculine or feminine side of the being. It is a bit like the Ying and Yang. Once a person finds his Anima (for a man) or Animus (for a woman), he can open a door to his subconscious mind, know what is inside him, and maybe become someone more complete. A full soul which can create and act in free will.

MS: I have always been interested in the study of mind, body, dreams and connectivity.

Anima talks about the unconscious feminine and masculine psychology. Did it help that you both were of opposite gender? 

S: It helped to really define the concept and refine it. I think that we have both a strong personality. Our imagination met somewhere between the dream and the reality, but I do not think it is a question of gender but more of a look at the world that we live in.

MS: I would only do this project with Séb as an individual, regardless if he were a female, male or transgender. His research and sensitivity to the subject was what was important for me. He was good in pushing the limits. Since we were living in a different place and culture, this made the project even richer.


What was the challenges of working together? 

S: One big challenge was the transatlantic work, me being in Switzerland and Melissa in Indonesia. Jumping from one idea to the next, reading about playing cards, magic andold legends. The challenge for me was to fit into Melissa’s aesthetics, most collaborative project fail because the style is not merged into one. I wanted to blend with her particular vision. At the end as Carl Jung says: once you found your Anima, you become complete. The strength of the result is the addition of our skills.

MS: The best approach for us was not to be egoistic. The rule of engagement was: never to repeat a drawing. So both of us learnt to accept our mistakes and to work with the original sketch with all its imperfections until we find a composition that gives the sketch a respectable stage.

Did this exploration of the subconscious mind made you more aware of your artistic exploration? 

S: It made me aware that with a bit of imagination, a lot of passion, anybody can make beautiful things happen. Any subconscious mind wants to be happy, loved, and appreciated. I guess this is why people to art. To feel connected to the world.

MS:  What I learned the most from this collaboration was that one should always place great care into the details of the work. We can find a whimsical luxury in such a simple project, if we put our hearts into it.


How far did you personally go to reveal segments of your subconscious self? Were their any important realizations?

S: I reveal segments of my mind in this project, that is a fact, but my job is to draw and the job of the people who like the cards is to read between the lines, there are thousands of interpretations and details. Each of them opens a door to a different world, it is up to the people to explore, as what I did with Melissa on this project.

MS: The most important personal realization for me was that reasons cannot stand by itself in our civilization. Our mind should be supported by a healthy body and sensitive intuition, in order to make a wise decision.


- Tulisan Chronicles Team 

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New Beginnings for Tulisan

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WP_JOU14_CEO01“My achievement in Tulisan is the ability to bring out the professionalism of the people. With the right working ethics, the team are more likely to work earnestly without having personal feelings intervening. Instead they would focus on solutions and would think of the company’s best interest.” – Fadly C.A.P

On our initial meeting a year ago,  Fadly had mentioned about his idealism in achieving a collective success for Tulisan. After two years of being the chief of finance and operations and handling the nitty-gritty details of the company from persistently improving working standards and operational aspects of the company, on Thursday 13, 2014, Muhammad Zulfadly was appointed as the new CEO of Tulisan. With his passion to initiate fast and rational decisions for the company, this decision was made on a synonymous agreement by the board of directors in seeing a brighter and greater outreach Tulisan will have in years to come.

As Fadly become CEO, our founding artist Melissa Sunjaya with a welcoming spirit believed on her artistic and creative ability of having once owning a creative consultancy and being the artistic icon behind Tulisan wholeheartedly supported her ventures to take on the position of being creative director at Tulisan. With the rapid success of the company within the last two years alone, it was imminent we needed to branch out and invite a new eye and vibrant expertise to be part of the team who can overlook the company’s direction from a bird’s eye view. On that note, we would like to also welcome the ever graceful  Raeshita Arwati Hardisurya, who has spent her years dedicating her professional life in being a committed member of an insurance company to be our new commissioner along side Didi H. Hersubeno and Bambang Ari Prasodjo.

As team work is the pinnacle for any establishment to move forward positively, we hope this new direction will enrich a positive impact both internally and externally.

Our newly appointed CEO: Fadly C.A.P
Creative Director: Melissa Sunjaya
Commissioner: Raeshita Arwati Hardisurya, Didi H. Hersubeno, and Bambang Ari Prasodjo.

Congratulations and welcome Tulisan to its new beginnings!

- Tulisan Chronicles Team

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ANIMA: The Collection Set

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Anima are Tulisan limited edition playing cards illustrated by Melissa Sunjaya and a Swiss Canadian Artist, Sébastien Théraulaz. The project has been on the works together through the internet and long distant communications since last December 2013. The four suits correspond to the four classical elements: Air (Hearts), Fire (Spades), Water (Clubs), and Earth (Diamonds).


Anima is represented by the Supreme Hippocampus who symbolizes the awareness of one’s opposite gender. This subconscious knowledge creates balance and provides nourishment to the soul.  According to Carl Jung (the founder of analytical psychology) the Anima is an archetype which epitomizes our truest self and is the ultimate source of our creativity.


The Oracle of the Catfish

The notion that reality plays but a part in the totality of our human existence is perhaps difficult to grasp. However, when we reminisce, dream, contemplate and imagine, it becomes easier to understand the limitations inherent to reality itself. The Oracle of the Catfish is a simple diviner that momentarily ceases our routine, and allows us to acknowledge that the intangible in fact co-exists with the tangible.


Terra (Earth): the Confederation of Rhapsodic Voyagers

The suit of black diamonds embodies the first classical element of earth. It is the sacred soil which holds and nourishes the seeds and roots of many organisms. In the ANIMAdeck, Terra is defended by a confederation of adventurous seals and walruses. They are an armada of rhapsodic voyagers who see change as a journey to a better state. The Queen Seal is a wild seductress, while the Jack Walrus is a dauntless explorer. The King Walrus is regarded as a true maestro due to his extraordinary artisanal abilities.


Aqua (Water): The Legacy of Magical Believers 

The suit of indigo clubs represents the second classical element of water. This aquatic territory is inhabited by a legion of magical frogs who have the power to see into the future. Their sixth sense is a gift passed down through the generations. These clairvoyant amphibians dwell in the realm of dreams and imagination. The Queen Frog spends her days interpreting her visions. The Jack Frog is a trickster who uses illusions to obscure the truth. The King Frog has the ability to manifest his premonitions into reality.


Aer (Air): The Guild of Transcendental Alchemists 

The suit of scarlet hearts symbolizes the third classical element of air. The atmospheres of day and night are guarded by a guild of wise owls who specialize in the study of transcendental alchemy. Their philosophy centers on using one’s intuition to reach a heightened state of awareness. The Queen Owl inspires unconditional love in all who meet her. The Jack Owl is profoundly wise. The King Owl possesses powerful metaphysical skills and has the ability to liberate the minds of others from fear, worry, and weakness.


Ignis (Fire): The Empire of Founders

The suit of blazing spades portrays the fourth classical element of fire. In the ANIMA deck this celestial flame is protected by an empire of vigilant and trustworthy lynx. Their collective ambition is to create a balance that protects their ever-evolving civilization. The Queen Lynx upholds justice. The Jack Lynx controls the progression of society. The King Lynx is a strong ruler who empowers his citizens.

- Tulisan Chronicles Team 

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Presenting the F/W 14 -15: Plume Prints Edition


Dear Tulisan Friends,

As we all know, November’s sullen weather is not easy to compromise with. But this upcoming Wednesday we promise to bring a little warmth and brightness as we release our Fall/Winter Collection ‘Plume’ Edition.

The textile design are based on a few original pen and ink drawings which are then arranged manually into motifs. For the 2014 prints editions, ‘Plume’ is an Art Nouveau inspired illustration of an owl. The November collection will be available in two Plume Prints Edition color ways: Orange Salmon and Blue Capri Light on 16 types of bags, organizers, and pouches.

We will be hosting the intimate launch at our boutique in Darmawangsa Square City Walk, Jalan Darmawangsa VI, Ground Floor, next to Ranch Market. This event is opened to the public on Wednesday, 26 November 2014, from 09:00 to 15.00. The artist Melissa Sunjaya will be available for a bag signing.

Come by for an autograph and better yet swim in the fantastical world of ANIMA, Tulisan’s limited edition playing cards illustrated by Melissa Sunjaya and a Swiss Canadian Artist, Sébastien Théraulaz which are also available at our store.

Warmest wishes,
Tulisan Team


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Tulisan x Anomali: The Art of Coffee


After months of keeping our mouths sealed tight with this secret collaboration. We can finally announce the release of  The Art of Coffee.  This project stemed from the founding artist Melissa Sunjaya‘s compulsory morning ritual in having a cup of ‘Picollo’ from Anomali. Understanding the level of dedication Anomali has recreated in coffee brewing the best of Indonesia’s nature to the public’s attention. This collaborative effort works seamlessly with the ideas of celebrating our local abundant resources through a sense of whimsy which Tulisan always dreams upon.

The Art of Coffee is the first collaborative effort by Tulisan and Anomali to promote the wealth of resources in Indonesia. Inspired by the collective effort in promoting sustainability of operations, The Art of Coffee honors the artisanal craftmanship of its product by treasuring the genuine connection towards nature, communities, and the arts.


Anomali and Tulisan strives on the same ideals of improving quality of its product by using sustainable methods to foster a healthier environment and a fair working condition. Both Tulisan and Anomali invest time in training and employing artisans in Indonesia to establish a product of quality.


Anomali works directly with the coffee growers from each region of Indonesia. The coffee beans are handpicked and roasted to perfection in order to give the best flavor and aroma.


By operating fairly and ethically with the finest artisanal craftsmanship from Indonesia, we hope to present an honest creation of art for people to enjoy.


The Art of Coffee are available in these three gift sets:

1. 6 kind of 200g coffee beans and a special edition Tulisan tea towel: IDR 450,000/-
2. Drip glass, coffee server, filters, latte shaker, coffee tumblr, 200 mg coffee beans, Special edition Tulisan tea towel: IDR 785,000/-
3. French Press, latte shaker, Coffee Tumblr, Special edition Tulisan tea towel: IDR 965,000/-

All these sets are available at all Anomali Jakarta outlets and at Tulisan Darmawangsa Square Flagship Store.

- Tulisan Chronicles Team 

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Pepe and The Flying Balloon Live Performance


On the often-murky asphalt roads, we see little scurry feet roaming around knocking car window over car window asking a single dime to trade in for comfort.

A face with no name, a view with no recalling memory, and a lifetime of fear and harshness rooted in their skin.  We often live at haste often forgetting the eyes which will forever long for a warm loving embrace.

This is the story of the street children in Jakarta elaborated through Pepe and The Flying Balloon, a story written by Melissa Sunjaya. This December 2014, KDM Street Children together with the production A Chance to Dance are bringing the compassionate story to life through a live performance coming this December 2014. Expect a enchanting performance by the earnest group who will surprise us by bringing this story closer to our hearts.

The performances are shown twice on the following dates:

12 December 2014 | 7 PM
13 December 2014 | 3 PM

HET Erasmushuis
Jl. Hr Rasuna Said Kav. S-3
Jakarta 12950

Read through the beloved story of Pepe and The Flying Balloon here.


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Papermoon Puppet Workshop


Puppeteer Jim Henson and Kevin Clash always mentioned about the gift of storytelling. At a young age, they have paved their path to inspire people through the celebration and art of puppeteering. The people behind Papermoon Puppet Theatre are no different. The masters of the craft, Maria Tri Sulistyani and Iwan Effendi are the main founders of Yogyakarta-based troupe determined to address stories which are close to their hearts. Many of their stories became a voice and a social commentary to the forgotten pieces of history. Other times, it is the simple portrayal of human connection.


On a sunny Wednesday afternoon in the month of October, Gabbie and I decided to dive into the craft and understand the process of creating our own human puppet guided by the masters sitting by our side.


Held at the spacious Dia.Lo.Gue, we made our own puppets using the simple materials of rattan, newspaper, tape, scissors, webbing, and glue. The rattan is used as the skeleton of the body. We were taught if we wanted to make our own puppets at home, we would need to use thinner shoots of rattan which are bendable to make the structure of the ribs, hips, and each body parts. The head, palm, and feet are then made using crumpled newspaper which are placed over each other in repetition and taped over with white tape to hold it together. The webbing is used for the joints of the body creating movement to the whole body.


The characters of the faces can be explored with finger punches or adding newspaper pieces over the faces to create the eyebrows, protruding cheeks or chin. But it all depends on the expression and personality we wanted our puppets to portray.

While the workshop was made to be done in a matter of three hours, some of us who were very into finalizing the final art form spent till late night munching, laughing, and being hands on in creating the puppet. This enjoyment of creating our own puppet is maybe the first step in bringing our puppets to life.

Text by Athina Ibrahim
Photography by Gabriela Bhaskar

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Tulisan Pop-Up Store at Hyundai Mall


For those going through the chilly autumn breeze in South Korea can be warmed by our Marigold and Luca Prints which are now available at Hyundai Mall, Kintex Point. For only one week, we suggest you fight the urge of staying in your home and dive into the bold selection of home accessories, totes and bags.

27th of Oct to 9th of November 2014
Hyundai Department Store
Kintex Point
South Korea

WJOU141104_KOR02 WJOU141104_KOR03 WJOU141104_KOR04 WJOU141104_KOR05 WJOU141104_KOR06

Photography by Farid Irnaldi 

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Discover Events This Week!

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Jakarta Fashion Week 2015| Saturday – Friday 1 – 7 November 2014

As the most influential fashion week in South East Asia, Jakarta Fashion Week has the potential to deliver the Indonesian fashion industry to become a world fashion player. The impact of Jakarta Fashion Week has been recognized by professionals in the fashion industry which include the credible journalists, buyers, photographers, stylists and even international models who make this annual event even more popular. This year, Jakarta Fashion Week will be held on 1 to 7 November 2014 Senayan City.

Senayan City
Jl. Asia Afrika Lot 19,
Jakarta Pusat

For more information:

Cédric Andrieux Contemporary Dance | Thursday 6 November 2014

Cédric Andrieux is a solo dance created by dancer Cédric Andrieux. This dance flashes through his ​​journey as a dancer since his day studying contemporary dance at Brest, then in the Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris, and when he became a dancer for Merce Cunningham in New York and recently at the Ballet de l ‘Lyon Opéra.

Jalan Sam Ratulangi No. 9-15
Menteng, Jakarta Pusat

For more information:


Indonesian Dance Festival 2014: Expand | Saturday, 8 November 2014

>The Indonesian Dance Festival (IDF) is a biannual international contemporary dance festival. This year IDF is held in several venues in Jakarta, including Komunitas Salihara. On the closing night of the festival at Komunitas Salihara, we will present Kris Is, a collaboration between Arco Renz-Kobalt Works (Belgium) and Ali Sukri (Padangpanjang). This dance work combines dynamic and intense dance movements and theatrical gestures that are based on Minangkabau-style martial art silat.

Teater Salihara
Jl.Salihara No.16.,
Pasar Minggu

For more information:

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Happy Halloween!

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An eye for a scream and a tooth for a sweet
Haunting down the streets for a little mistreat
Legends of mystery coming alive from its history
The day of mischief buried in a pool of grief
Daunting harrowing tales leaving children shivering pale
Held once a year dusting days full of cheer
Have a scary ghoulish day!

Are you in for a treat? Or would you dare for a trick?

- Tulisan Chronicles Team

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Plume: A Film by Michal Gorzynski

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This film by Michal Gorzynski demonstrates a tour of Poland’s Gdańsk in the following fashion video of Tulisan’s Plume & Wonder Fall/Winter collection 2014-2015. The video plays with light and shade in a city of trade by the baltic coast, which is home to a central seaport in Poland.

The prominent influence of the Plume & Wonder edition was based on the crossing line between the subversive conscious of our dreams and our projected reality. The film joins the ethereal connection between the self and nature, following the steps of a young woman supporting a Plume Panama Bag in Orange Salmon as she follows the haziness of sunlight, embarking on a discovery through the shifts of emotions captured through the streams of sound and the boundless landscapes.

The video accompanies Indonesian-band Polka War‘s ambient track “Horse Hooves” which will be released in their upcoming album this year.

The Plume Prints Edition will be available in November 2014.    

Film by Michal Gorzynski
Music by Polka Wars

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ANIMA: Voyage to the Subconscious Mind


ANIMA are Tulisan limited edition playing cards illustrated by myself and a Swiss Canadian Artist, Sébastien Théraulaz. We have been working on this project together through the internet and long distant communications since last December 2013. The four suits correspond to the four classical elements: Air (Hearts), Fire (Spades), Water (Clubs), and Earth (Diamonds). Additionally the deck features two jokers depicted by the artists’ Oracle of the Sacred Catfish and two special Anima cards portrayed by their Supreme Hippocampus.


Time passes through and divides our lives into several facets. My very first sensory of this life was the warm skin of my mother. The very first shape of emotion was her eyes that gave me a blanket of protection. Since then, between reality and dream, I hold a set of cards which unfold both weaknesses and strengths. Every encounter and dialogue with other individuals became a game where we exchange our cards, for the better or for the worse. As I play my game, I discover something new about myself.


We all live in four different dimensions. The first fundamental dimension is an awareness of the corporeal body and its changes.


The second dimension is our dream and our vision. The third dimension is our soul and spirit. The fourth is our mind and how we conquer it.


These dimensions are like chambers of games.


Only the self have the ability occupy the four chambers at all times. A balance person takes full control of these four dimensions.


With most other players, we share at least one dimension. If we are lucky, we would meet another player whom we get to share three chambers. Then at a very rare occasion, we might cross our path with another player who plays the game in the same four dimensions.


The Anima Playing Cards is a project is about facing the truth of our being, confronting the worst of our fears, embracing all imperfections and setting the mind free from any dogmas.

Throughout history playing cards have served a variety of enigmatic purposes. Originally only the front of cards were printed, while the backs were left blank. This free space combined with their petite size made them ideal for use in sending secret love letters and covert messages. Playing cards have also been linked to secret societies as it is believed that the seemingly benign symbolism used for the cards’ suits and values actually relayed hidden messages. This complex and mysterious history adds to the charming allure inherent to a deck of cards. Whether it is through the love of games or secrets, playing cards have been bringing people together ever since their creation hundreds of years ago.

Tripple kisses,

Melissa Sunjaya
Founding Artist

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