Gift Essentials for Cancer

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Born in the month of June 21 – July 22, Cancers are the homebodies from the rest of the zodiac family. They enjoy the pleasure of the home and their families. Often they enjoy to retreat in their crabby shell as they surrender in their restless mood. In receiving gifts, the Cancers in general will be open to a heartfelt and sincere gift but they do appreciate the gift when presented in a gracious way.


Select a Tulisan gift which will impress their tendencies to devour in anything relating to the home. We recommend going for our selection of the Home Collection: Cushion Covers, which will keep them glued to their comforts of a sofa reflecting on life as they drink down glass of wine. The Cushion Cover comes in various prints but we recommend to go for the Luca Collection of Smokey Night to complement their rather reserved personality or go for the bright Fuchsia Desert which suits their birthstone color Ruby.

- Athina Ibrahim

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Survival Herbal Elixirs Workshop

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Due to the ridiculous amount of times I get sick in a year – from the common cold to the occasional acid reflux – I took a vow last year to stop my dependency on consuming modern medicine. Although, I may still struggle in committing to the idea wholeheartedly, especially if the urgency of sickness requires me to bed rest in a hospital, I have instead sought better possibilities of living a healthier lifestyle.


This includes exercising regularly, consuming more greens and fruits in my diet, and following up on an alternative form of medicine when my body requires a quick tweak. Some may call it new age, or some sort hippie-organic movement nowadays, but in fact Indonesia has for centuries carried the abundant resources taken from leaves, roots, and fruits to form our traditional herbal medicine. We call this Jamu. Last Saturday, I took a chance to learn a thing or two on what constitutes a single cup of Jamu.

This event was hosted by the company Nyonya Meener, established by a woman of the same name, who in the early 1900s started making her own mix of herbal medicine for her sick husband, not long before her peers starting requesting to have some for their own sickness. Today, Nyonya Meener is a household name known for generations for their traditional mix to revive the body.


Below are the ingredients that can be mixed in a cup of Jamu:

Temulawak (Javanese Ginger) | Health Benefit: Improves better digestion, neutralizes toxins, dissolves muscle joint pains, and lowers cholesterol levels.

Kunyit (Turmeric) | Health Benefit: Great to reduce problems of the stomach as acid reflux or digestion issues, also beneficial to improve the skin’s condition either to make it smoother or get rid of allergies.

Jahe (Ginger) | Health Benefit: Leaving a soothing and strong aftertaste, Ginger is good for things related with the common cold and feverish conditions as nausea, headaches, or stomachaches. Ginger keeps the body warm.

Daun Jeruk (Orange Leaves) | Health Benefit: The leaves of the orange fruit also contains vitamin C which becomes a natural antioxidant and can improve the immune system. Great for coughs.


Daun Pandan (Pandan Leaves) | Health Benefit: Used as a treatment for the body and hair. When consumed the leaves creates the sweetness towards the Jamu made. Benefits include making the hair darker or good for muscle aches.

Kayumanis (Cinammon) | Health Benefit: An additional spice added to drinks or food, Cinnamon reduces inflammation, have antioxidant effects, and fight bacteria.

Ketumbar (Corriander) | Health Benefit: These leaves has health benefits which is good for anemia, improves the menstruation cycle, and can also help with diarrhea.

Adas (Fennel) | Health Benefit: Taken from a plant, Adas has an oil which is best used to cure the common cold and also helps in improving sleeping problems.

Secang (Sappanwood) | Health Benefit: A natural and reddish dye, Secang is good for digestion and for better bloodflow.

Polo (Dried Nutmeg) | Health Benefit: Polo helps cure insomnia and helps when one has headaches.

Cabe Jawa (Javanese Chili) | Health Benefit: This rough and dried chili is perfect to deal with feel in of weakness, digestion problems, fever, or acting as an ovary cleanser after one has given birth.


Based on the instructor who taught us that day, we can experiment and choose five kinds of ingredients from the choices above andmash them all together with a pestle and mortar to infuse and release the aroma of each roots or leaves before finally boiling it for a few minutes and pouring it with a filter.

- Athina Ibrahim
Photography by Athina Ibrahim


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Gift Essentials for Gemini

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Born in the month of May 21 to June 20, Gemini’s are said to be one of the talkative bunch in the zodiac group. Their two-face symbolic sign signifies a face of duality, they are all about pairs. The yin and the yang, the good and the evil, they can choose to be one thing and also the opposite other. When it comes to gift giving, their natural curiosity needs to be intrigued, they are naturally social people and enjoy a youthful adventure in the outdoors.


When considering a Tulisan gift, go for the Coterie Bag which perfectly captures their multi-functional tendencies. This is both a bag which also keeps a foldable picnic mat inside. Useful for spending some time in the outdoors with good friends, good food, and great company of friends. Keeping themselves entertained by nature while also enjoying the downtime intellectual talks with their peers becomes the double enjoyment they prefer. The Coterie Bag comes in various colors and prints, but knowing Gemini’s element is Air, we recommend to opt for the Luca collections in Blue Note or Light Coco.

- Athina Ibrahim

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Celebrate Jakarta’s 487th Anniversary!


Despite the daily antics we all get carried away with on a daily basis. It is hard to deny that Jakarta is a hidden gem waiting to make its global breakthrough. The increasing number of international peers visiting and planting their feet to the city and the common businesses built by locals who had their fair share of living abroad brings an air of positive hope to the dynamic potential this city has.

To celebrate the 487 anniversary this coming weekend, the Tulisan team as a great appreciator of the city that gave birth to us, provides you a  few list of traditional markets and classic eateries that made Jakarta what it is today.



Pasar Baru: Despite its name meaning “New Market,” Pasar Baru has been one of the oldest witnesses of Jakarta’s development. The narrow-walkway of the market offers everything from vintage wear to the choices of cameras both old and new that you can either buy or fix.

Pasar Mayestik: A favorite go-to market for the Tulisan Team, this market located at South Jakarta sells everything from fabrics, household appliance, clothing accessories, to the choices of Indonesian snacks. We could spend hours looking for strange finds here. 

Pasar Senen: Even though this market surprised us by the accident of catching fire a few months ago. We still are relieved it is around to sell us the more than abundant choices of vintage wear which is a great bargain for our pocket. Imagine seven dresses for the price of Rp. 100.000.

Jalan Surabaya: A favorite place for both tourist and locals to dig into relics of the past. This market sells everything from the antique choices of lamps, clocks, to the many choices of records for those currently into collecting vinyls.

Pasar Asemka: This market is the perfect go-to place if you are looking for all the little necessities of stationeries or even a gift you would like to give a friend. The market sells notebooks, kids toys, inline skates, to bags.



Kopi Tak Kie: Since 1927, Kopi Tak Kie has been a morning and day staple coffee shop for residents who live around the small alleyway of Gang Gloria, at Kota. Bare as it is with the classic red painted font of the name, this humble coffee shop serves the classic ice black coffee or with milk and also an abundant choices of food from fried rice, noodles, to fries around the alley.

Trio Restaurant: Glaring in bright green, this breezy looking restaurant opened since 1947 serves an authentic choice of Chinese food in portions fit to share with friends and family. Known favorably for its fried frog legs and sautéed beef slices, this classic eatery is filled with a group of older men who have probably gone through generations of dining in the warmth of company.

Bubur Kwangtung: Open 24-hours every single day, Bubur Kwangtung has been a go-to place for those looking for a hefty bite in the brink of midnight. Recognized with the prominent framed pictures of famous celebrities of Jakarta, Bubur Kwangtung keeps your night full with its tasty choices of shrimp, chicken, or beef porridge.

Jaya Pub: This pub has been one of the oldest pubs in Jakarta since 1976. Long time customers would often spend their nights drinking while being entertained by the choices of bluesy rock or jazz both local and international. Although for a couple of years now, the regular show “Superbad” have bought in a resurgence of young local talents monthly.

Batavia Café: No place can introduce the history of old Jakarta more than being in the square called Taman Fatahillah where it is surrounded by three museums, Museum Fatahillah, Puppet Museum, and the Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics. The Café right at the epicenter is a place to take in the beauty of Jakarta.

As Melissa Sunjaya, Tulisan’s proud founder always mentions, Jakarta is not London, Paris, New York or any other great city. Despite its pollution and bumper-to-bumper traffic, living in Jakarta is about taking chances, being close to family, and having true friends. It is a melting pot where you will find many inspiring minds and undiscovered talent. Appearances are often deceiving. This is definitely the case with a chaotic city like Jakarta, but once you delve into its inner beauty you realize that this is a place brimming with vitality and an abundance of untapped creative energy.”

We hope this list will keep you inspired as you discover different parts that made Jakarta what is today.

- Athina Ibrahim
Photography by various sources

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Bibliofiles: Silas Marner

image_1My Grandmother always said that you have to be smart about love.  She felt that who you love is up to you.  It was certainly not something to be left to impulse, whimsy, or chance.  Love was a considerable commitment and required assessment, good judgment, and to be taken seriously.  Her perspective was perhaps the product of a generation raised to cherish practicality and revere discipline.  She was married for over half a century and with all the ups and downs that the decades proffered, her devotion to those she loved was as steadfast and meaningful as the wedding ring she was buried with.


But, being “smart” about love is not quite as easy as it seems, and thankfully so.  My Grandma was a wise woman, but having never made a spontaneous, life-altering decision, she was not an authority when it came to certain matters of the heart.  The ramifications of impulsive commitment are beautifully articulated in George Eliot’s Silas Marner.  In her book the heroic misanthrope Silas Marner reveres the gold he earns from his loom, lovingly counting it each night until one day he is robbed and in an instant seemingly loses everything meaningful to him.  Devastated, he carries on in a miserable state until one night an orphaned toddler wanders into his home, and immediately his heart thawed.  Without brooding over details or implications Marner decides to take her in and raise her as his own.  When the child’s mother dies her biological father, Godfrey Cass, having kept his child and marriage a shameful secret, allows his daughter to be adopted by the town recluse rather than claim her as his own.  Godfrey painstakingly considers the consequences of revealing his relation to the mysterious orphan against remaining silent and letting the situation play out without his direct involvement.  Realizing that by asserting his paternity he might ruin his chances of a future marriage and permanently mar his reputation, Godfrey Cass chooses to take on role of concerned bystander.  Having carefully studied his options and each outcome they afforded, Godfrey decides that it was in his best interest to let his child be raised by another.  Arguably he made the smartest decision.  As the decades wear on, one man’s life becomes rich in love while the other becomes rich in secular pleasure.  But who is happiest?  I’ll leave that for you to decide.

Though written over 150 years ago, Eliot’s book explores with wit and nuance the hope and hypocrisy that surround religion, the chance connections that become stronger than kinship, and the meaning of true wealth.   Her characters become distinctly relatable as their lives unfold in this eloquent and uplifting moral tale.

image_2It seems that in life you don’t get to choose when or how you will meet the people who ultimately impact you the most.  But that doesn’t really matter.  As long as you remain as open hearted as Silas Marner, your future will remain rich and meaningful.  I imagine that’s the smartest message intimated by the pages of the book.  And, I think my Grandma might agree with me.

~Melany Zwartjes

**What’s up next?  #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso.  Let’s read Amoruso’s story where, “…Success is about trusting your instincts and following your gut, knowing which rules to follow and which to break.”  Her story is as courageous and fascinating as the fashion empire she’s created.

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Discover: Events this week!

For the next few weeks, our team will give you an early week guide to what events – everything from music, exhibitions, performances arts, or discussions  - you can attend to in Jakarta. Have a lookout for these cultural events around Jakarta this week:


Mélissa Laveaux | Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Mélissa Laveaux is a Haiti-descent singer and guitarist  who was raised in Canada and now lives in Paris. Together with drummer, Anne Paceo, also the jazz frontman of Triphase who once was invited to Jakarta by IFI in December 2011, Mélissa will be performing her own musical style influences of folk music, jazz, electro and rock.

Opening act: SORE!

Taman Suropati
Central Jakarta

For more information visit:


Art House Cinema: Das Wunder von Bern | Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Germany 1954: The German football team prepares for the World Cup in Bern. Meanwhile, a prisoner of war comes back to his homeland. After being detained for several years in Russia, he has difficulties to settle in and to recognize his wife and children. 

Jl. Sam Ratulangi 9-15
Jakarta 10350

For more information visit:



Kota Tua Creative Festival  | Saturday & Sunday, 21 – 22 June 2014

Kota Tua Creative Festival is a free public event that invites Jakarta citizens and visitors to explore the potential of the unique open public spaces and abandoned heritage buildings in the treasured yet often forgotten part of Jakarta.

Programs to look out for:

Pop-Up Shops, Jelajah Bangunan Bersejarah Contemporary Art Exhibition, Photography Exhibition IMAJI, Smart Nature Exhibition MVRDV, Pop Art Exhibition,Culinary booths, Bamboo installation KCA, Indonesia’s Railway Exhibition KAI, and many more.

Kota Tua Jakarta
Jalan Taman Fatahillah
Jakarta Barat

For more information visit:


Duo Ubiet & Tohpati | Saturday, 21 June 2014

Tohpati and Ubiet is a collaboration of musical genre. The collaboration of guitar and music instruments of different size and the vocal combines both the essence of jazz and eclectic singing. Both parties work together through a spectrum that covers rhythm, metrum, melody, harmony, and event texture and colorful sounds.

Teater Salihara
JL. Salihara 16,
Pasar Minggu,
Jakarta Selatan,

For more information visit:

- Tulisan Chronicles Team

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Cinematheque: Latcho Drom

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Latcho Drom is a movie that ignites curiosity and wanderlust like a long, fragrant incense, that lingers well after it’s been extinguished. I cannot tell you which came first the wanderlust or the movie, but whatever it was one did eventually fall in love with the other, and they are now stuck together forever. Maybe it reminds me of my dancing childhood and the jingly bells I wore on my ankles, or why I was lured by the call to prayer to majestic walls of Mosques that woke up and fell asleep along the Bosphorous, or the reason I was seduced by the Flamenco singing gypsies in a hidden plaza witnessing the shadow of the Alhambra fade away with the setting sun, but whatever it is, it is there, like that “clever, North Wind”.

GatlifTony-LatchodromMusicDances-4It is hard to deny the emotions this movie stirs. It seems more appropriate to dance and cry your way through the movie than be seated quietly in darkness.  A 1993 French documentary by director and writer Tony Gatlif about the migration of the Romani people from North India to Spain, Latcho Drom is sewn together with a string of chillingly honest vocals, and punctuated by mundane and quiet moments.


Tony Gatlif records the soul of the people through their music and dance and how their nomadic life transformed their culture and traditions. Latcho Drom has few spoken words, but instead is painted with a brush of lyrics and canvas of instruments.

This incredibly emotional film, moves from one country to another with a viscous fluidity, like honey from a spoon. you become entranced and before you know what happens it’s on to the next place. The film begins with a single, singing boy with an eerie, yet upbeat and celebratory presence, and maintains this spirit as they pass through Egypt, and Turkey. As they move into Hungary, Romania and Slovakia, the coldness of winter,  sets in and we witness a dark struggle of the journey these people made. There are so many beautiful symbols in the film of how music infects, including a very beautiful scene of gypsies playing music across a set of railway tracks to a rather wealthy woman and her son, who can’t help but be enchanted by their fiddles and voices.

LatchmoDrom_aWithout giving too much else away, I will say that no matter how hard you try, this movie will leave you with the deepest, longing itch, maybe it will be yearning for your next adventure or an undeniable desire to pick up that musical instrument you’ve told yourself you’d love to learn.

Lacho Drom

By Gabriela Bhaskar

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Discovery: Everyday Occurrence

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“Defining daily occurrence is a way to delve into the essence of daily experience: To get out of routine and doubt by finding a certainty that is real, to become human which are able to nurture awareness.” - Manisfesto Keseharian 


Every two years, Galeri Nasional Indonesia presents the most awaited and expansive biennale exhibition named The Manisfesto, presenting the range Indonesia’s fine artists. Entering its fourth edition, the exhibition features the work of 79 mix-medium art form from paintings, sculptures, art prints, to photography held in three sections of the building, taking space of building A, B, C, and pool of Indonesia National Gallery exhibition space.




This year, the theme takes on the subject of everyday occurrence, Mencandra Keseharian (Knowing Daily Life). The exploration of work takes on the idea of taking people out of their daily routine, to stop and reflect and find connectivity between what’s “here” and “there,” between local and global, and the discussion of private and public property. The subjectivity of daily events creates a question of boundaries between the artists of what is perceived to be real for them which also indicates a reflection of current times.



The diversity of culture seeps into the different contemporary art work, when entering the exhibition, you will see various presentation about religion, about profanity, family, or the observing juxtaposition of what contemporary art is.


For almost two weeks, the biggest exhibition is back again to show to us the development of aesthetics and the progressive critical minds of Indonesia’s contemporary artist. 

Manifesto Keseharian #4
Mencandra Tanda-Tanda Masa

20 May – 7 June 2014
Jalan Medan Merdeka Timur No.14,
Gambir, Kota Jakarta Pusat,
DKI Jakarta 10110, Indonesia

Gallery Tour
7 June 2014
Time: 11:00 am – End

- Athina Ibrahim 



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Inside Tulisan’s Creative Process #9

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Step 9: Final Products

After following through all the eight process of sitting to brainstorm, create concepts, stories, and getting down and dirty by being hands on towards the constructions of the bag. The products you see on display can finally be delivered to your doorstep. While the creative process may seem to end right here, there are various aspects to be checked to showcase the final product as a whole. From here on, the products completed will be organized by the production team while the creative team keeps their gear on to prepare for the lookbook and final product presentation. Burst of colors, fabrics, and extra ornaments are needed for the packaging of the products. At times, recycled transparent plastic bags are re-used as the final cover of the bags which are shipped abroad to avoid waste.

Tulisan’s artist-illustrated editions are also divided into three classifications of art work: Prints Editions, Original Editions, and Collectors’ Edition ‘By Ms with Love’.

Here are a few of the things which should be considered after from products are completed:

1. Photoshoot


2. Packaging


3. Visual Display (Visual Merchandising)



“Tulisan products are designed to be a messenger of a dream or a wish to others. When they touch another person’s life, they become a work of art and bear the story of their guardian.” – Melissa Sunjaya, Founder and Artist behind Tulisan


Read the previous steps below:
Step 1: Preliminary Research and Sketching
Step 2: Writing the Stories
Step 3: Research and Development
Step 4: Prototyping (Print)
Step 5: Prototyping (Design)
Step 6: Silk Screening and Protective Coating
Step 7: Editing Material and Construction
Step 8: Quality Control

- Tulisan Chronicles Team


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Cinematheque: Cutie and The Boxer

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Cutie and The Boxer follows the journey of New York based Japanese artist duo Ushio Shinohara and Noriko Shinohara. ‘Cutie’ which definitely is the pet name for the wife has since her arrival to New York in her early twenties adored the intensity of emotions Ushio puts into his art. Boxer has been a name to proclaim one of his art techniques of dipping paint on his boxing gloves and punching on a blank canvas.

They are 20 years apart, but her admiration and her own idealism of constantly affirming “Art is everything” has made Noriko decide a grave turn in her life from security and wealth to pursue her yearning for the arts and for the man she wishes to emulate.

Throughout the documentary, we evaluate the study of contrast. Ushio has always been the boastful center of attention both in the relationship and his own artwork. His artwork has always been bursting with chaos, paint exploding in colors, ordinary items piled together into abstract form as if symbolic to his fiery persona. While Noriko, always the sensible one remains quiet and at times gullible to the audacity and struggle Ushio often places her in. She remains the sensitive one but doubtful of her own sense in the arts, although clearly she might be the one who deserves the recognition.

Cutie and The Boxer takes us into the complexity of a relationship – the constant disagreements, the undying support, and the oddities of remaining faithful to your partner. Towards the end, Boxers asks Cutie a question as she uplifts her sense of being, “Does Cutie hate Boxer?” To which she replies, “No, Cutie loves Boxer very much.” As she slowly lifts herself from the shadow she has lived for years and brush her own sense of identity.

- Athina Ibrahim

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Inggit: Woman at the Brink of History

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There she was. Sitting on an antique bed with four post and a white transparent curtain that surrounds it. As if sharing a fairytale to her grandchildren, Inggit Garnarsih sat at the edge of her bed opening a story about the ill fate Javanese Queen, Ratu Ningrum Kusuma, the King’s wife who was cast out from the palace with the arrival of Jembawati who teased his husband to make him fall in love with her. Inggit Ganarsih sighed as she recalls the story resembling her own.

This was activist and artist, Happy Salma acting as the late Inggit Ganarsih, the second and most loyal wife of the late first president of Indonesia, Soekarno, warmly known by Inggit as “Koesno.” Her tale retold and interpreted by Adha Imran from the book ‘Kuantar Ke Gerbang’ by Ramadhan K.H.

For two hours we follow the narration and subjective experience of a woman who followed a man of ambition, a man so consumed in the noble pursuit against colonialism that he swayed his personal life with the charm of his words. Soekarno, a man with the brilliance of youth and idealism was not a man without limitation, in fact, his weakness lied in his infidelity and his incapability to remain committed to only one woman.

The bed in the play was symbolic of their relationship, a private place of virtue, a place where secrecy and warmth is honored, but a place where the blazing fire of intimacy can subside with differences.  Despite giving her undying support of making a living for Koesno and herself, while he was shouted the words of independence, at school, at public orations, or at prison, Inggit remained a devoted partner who cared for his needs.

Amid her affliction, she realizes a bitterness she has chosen to live with, “to love is to accept pain,” she exclaims to the words she finally surrenders to. By fighting her anger, her repulsion of loving, of serving a man she has chosen to sacrifice herself for, Inggit rises above each rejection of her limitation by finally saying ‘no’ to the man who wishes to marry again.

Inggit Garnasih, is a tale of love, dignity, and lost. A powerful woman behind a powerful man, who chose to live her life quietly at the brink of history exchanging all the promise of a nation and the wealthy life of a palace to regain her identity at her peaceful abode in Bandung.

Chuck Palahniuk once wrote, “We spend our lives according to stories…being male or female. And we spend our lives looking for evidence – facts and proof – that support our story.” Through Happy Salma, and her intensely built emotions, we have grasped a little part of Inggit’s story that needed to be heard.

20 years I have kept him company wherever he went, there were no words said other than “No” to colonialism and imperialism. If he were able to say those words, why weren’t I able to say those same words to him, even if my body was not destined to conceive and be a mother, does that mean I had no right to say “No”? - Monolog: Inggit Ganarsih

- Athina Ibrahim

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#TulisanMyStory: May Giveaway

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GAB-20140416-044_fin05We’re super excited to be hosting a giveaway this month at Tulisan!


Follow us on Instagram and Twitter.Post a pic of your favorite way to style your Tulisan items and add #TulisanMyStory!


Get creative and wild! You can submit multiple entries! AND, if you have a story to share about anything that has happened with you and your Tulisan add it in the comments section of your pictures! It can seriously be anything: fiction, how you first met Tulisan, an adventure you and your Tulisan went on, etc. etc.


The contest opened May 1 and will run through May 31 11:59PM WIB! The Tulisan Team will select their favorite photo, and the winner will receive some Tulisan Apparel and a few other swag!

GAB-20140416-032We CANNOT wait to see how you all get creative and style your favorite Tulisan items.

GAB-20140416-037xx Tulisan Team


**Tulisan Team Members, Tulisan affiliates and family members are not eligible for the giveaway ***


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A Tulisan Woman: Amalla Vesta

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Always arriving with a colorful burst of clothing, Amalla Vesta has a charm of her own. She is tall and lean and carries a clean cut jaw-length haircut, “Oh yes, I was once a model,” she affirmed as I ask, “During those days before I decided to do something noble and take engineering,” she continues to laugh it off knowing her work these days has nothing to do her previous college pursuits.

These days, Vesta, as she familiarly introduces herself, is never set in one place. She has a love for adventure and has established her own independent travel consultant she names Swanky Traveler to answer her calling to place traveling as one of her priorities. Her ideals of travel are not only for discovery, but to incorporate her other excitement for fashion. She ploughs her day with certainty and careful consideration of exploring while having options to always look proper.

The Tulisan team spent a day following the always prepared and avid Tulisan follower, Amalla Vesta.


11:30 – Meet up Mojo Restaurant Senopati

Our social media strategist Gabriela Bhaskar contacted Vesta, where she asked us to meet her at Mojo Restaurant. Being the active women she is, we arrived at the restaurant when she was still finalizing a meeting with executives of a Bali resort. As we waited at a table across her, we saw her in her casual attire and comfortable white sneakers, delivering the meeting with a burst of laughter every now and then. The encounter seemed casual while she seemed to present an air of authority as she sat between two men who gave her full attention of the meeting.

She took a quick glance at us, said her hello, and told us to wait a few minutes before we were off to our next location.

13.30 – Make-up at Laris Love Salon


As soon as she was done with her meeting, we joined her as she drove to Laris Love Salon to get her make-up done. “I have been going here for years, they do pretty good make-up, plus the price is reasonable compared to other Salons.” The place was crowded with guests and staff swarming around each corner. In fact you can see a row of awards on the shelves, which we weren’t sure whether it answered to the popularity of the place.

She sat down prepared to be glammed while exchanging a number of friendly conversations with the varying personalities prepared to dress for the interview.


15:00 – Interview with O Channel TV Station 


As she drove us to Senayan towards the TV station, she wore a purple jumpsuit combined with a yellow stone necklaces and green heels. A colorful mix which was just enough to make her look pleasant and not over the top. She always has to have options of clothing style. Traveling by backpack will never be her option. “It probably is my weakness, but better be prepared with the right style than set with only three pieces of clothing,” she mentions as she answers her phone every now and then, preparing her rest of the day.


The staff at O Channel greeted us. While we waited we briefly talked about her traveling experience and how she always makes sure she tastes the food of the country she is – her guiltiest pleasure is to enjoy a fine dining experience. On set, Vesta is a natural, as soon as the camera starts to roll, she poises with ease explaining her best traveling experience in both inside and outside of Indonesia. When in Japan, she mentioned her choices of choosing to travel to smaller cities, where she can completely engulf in the foreign culture. In Indonesia, one of her favorite choice would be the lushness of Raja Ampat Island.


17:30 – Launching of at Kosenda Hotel


Before last scheduled event, she already changed to a white top and flared black pants, where we met her mother in Plaza Senayan to exchange the car and have a driver drive her to her next location which lies further away at the centre of the city.


At Kosenda hotel, we arrived to the launching of an app in relations to traveling. She briefly chatted with a few other travel bloggers, a few times, she talks with a few familiar personalities – she has established a rounded network for the work she enjoys doing – she has even maintained a good relationship with the director of the ministry of tourism. “In 2012, I worked closely with the ministry of tourism and creative economy to manage a tourism campaign by inviting renowned bloggers around the world to travel to key travel destinations in Indonesia.”

Before we bid her goodbye and run our own errands, I asked her what she expects to do next? “I wish to closely work with the ministry in hopes to be a country ambassador to Indonesia.”


- Athina Ibrahim
Photography Gabriela Bhaskar

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Inside Tulisan’s Creative Process #8

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Step 8: Quality Control

Once the product has come to full form and has been thoroughly edited, each product must be carefully evaluated piece by piece manually by the hands of our very trusted people to ensure each products are dismissed according the standard we withhold.


In this step a few things that are looked for are for irregular silk screen seen on the materials since the process are manually made and can cause the ink to be spread out unevenly. This however, can create the character of the bag on its own and ensures the hand-made products retains their own quality. What we need to ensure though is that it still the irregularity is not too oblivious which damages the whole outlook of the bag and other accessories we sell at our store.


Moreover, the other aspects needed to spotted are the unparalleled stitching, or the unevenness in each construction. Once the prototypes are approved and the number of product are produced in a larger quantity, our production team becomes hands on in making sure the components of each product posses the same form of the made technical packages.

All this are done to make sure each products which reach your hand maintain our standards while still are valued for its own imperfect qualities.

Read the previous steps below:
Step 1: Preliminary Research and Sketching
Step 2: Writing the Stories
Step 3: Research and Development
Step 4: Prototyping (Print)
Step 5: Prototyping (Design)
Step 6: Silk Screening and Protective Coating
Step 7: Editing Material and Construction

- Tulisan Chronicles Team 

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Don’t Forget about Mom!

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photo-(7)Our mom’s are always THE BEST! They are the best cooks, they give the best hugs and kisses, they hold our hands when we need it the most, they also tell it like it is and bring us back down to earth well when we are flying a little too high or lift us up when our spirits are sweeping the floor…Essentially, mom’s rock.

That’s why we take any opportunity we can to spoil them rotten for all the time they have and continue to spoil us rotten!

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, there is no better excuse to show mom how special she is!

Here are a few gift ideas to show your mom how much you appreciate her.
1. Breakfast with Mom

Breakfast is the classy woman’s dinner. Let’s be real, dinner was so last night. We’re not really sure what’s so special about breakfast but we do know that nothing beats the sweets and savory treats while hearing the birds chirps over a cup of coffee (or tea).

Try planning a quick homemade breakfast for mom where you both cook together! Not only do you get the awesome chat but you also get to share the time while you are cooking.

DISCLAIMER: If your mom hates cooking, maybe skip to number 2.

GAB-20140508-043Roro Mendut Apron IDR 378,000/- , Roro Mendut Tea Towel IDR 298,000/-, Pot Holder IDR 168,000 /-, Breakfast by Jody Vassallo.

2. Mom and Me Picnic

Picnics are another favorite past time of ours and we think mom would love to spend a day lounging in the grass, shoes off, with her favorite people. This requires as much or as little cooking as you want and if she likes, swap the sparkling juice for her favorite bottle of bubbly! The next best part is that she now gets a new purse and mat!

GAB-20140508-028Coterie Bag IDR 1,398,000/-

3. 10 Notes to Mom

This simple yet utterly touching little gift will bring your mom to tears! Write a personal note in each card and seal it with a monogram of her initial (or yours). She will have so much fun reading these little notes. Throw in a daisy loop for her bag and she will be constantly reminded of what a lovely child you are. We guarantee you will beat your siblings for best child award! ;P

GAB-20140508-050Monogram Stickers IDR 20,000/- (available by order or in stores), Personal Note Card Set IDR 98,000/- and the Daisy Loop IDR 86,000/-

To All you Moms out there, Tulisan wishes you a very, very, Happy Mother’s Day. We don’t know what we’d do without you!

xx Tulisan Team

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