Yayoi Kusama

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The first time I saw a Kusama artwork, I was left mesmerized and soon after perplexed. At first glance her work was deceptively simple but as I stood still against the plethora of dots I found myself drawn into her world — a disconcerting psychedelic world filled with myriads of circles.


“My art originates from hallucinations only I can see. I translate the hallucinations and obsessional images that plague me into sculptures and paintings. All my works in pastels are the products of obsessional neurosis and are therefore inextricably connected to my disease. I create pieces even when I don’t see hallucinations, though.”


Although Yayoi Kusama’s body of work has span for over 60-years in the conceptual and contemporary art world. I only knew of her existence last year, during her collaboration with luxury brand Louis Vuitton.

This year, I was lucky enough to join the celebration of her work at Roppongi Hills, Tokyo.


The polka-dotted area was dubbed as “Love Tokyo Summer.” It consisted of beer and whiskey gardens, a café, children’s activities and creative workshops. You could even order polka dot shaved ice, cakes and other polka-dotted dishes in “The Me that I Adore” cafe. The whole event provided a full immersion into Kusama’s world.


Her work, called ‘Love is Calling’ was also one of the highlights in Mori Art Museum, “All You Need is LOVE: From Chagall to Kusama and Hatsune Miku” exhibition. The installation is an infinite world of glowing dotted tentacles that change colors.

With the wonderfully weird surreal surrounding, I am glad I could enjoy a Yayoi Kusama experience at its best.



xox, Shalimma

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Homebound: A West Sumatra Road Trip


After seven years of not setting foot in her homesoil, a fully grown woman returned. And my friends and I came along for the ride.


Earlier this year, my college best friends and I succeeded on convincing our friend Avi to take us to her hometown. Being the oldest in the family, Avi, has spent her years being the backbone of her family. She works hard. Often to the point of forgoing the luxury of coming home during the yearly Lebaran break.


My working days are often spent in Jakarta, where the suffocating grey sky has become a norm. But as I set foot in Padang, I couldn’t help but compare how the sky looks majestically blue. A mesmeric view that only got beautiful as we explore through the depths of the town.


We gossiped and giggled our way through a narrow winding road. Occasionally silenced by the surroundings as nature demanded our awe and respect. West Sumatra has everything from lakes, beaches, waterfalls to green hills and rocky mountains. Not to mention, the food that is as rich as sumptuous as the land we set foot upon.


The sun was beginning to set as we passed the very vast Danau Singkarak. We stopped to enjoy our last dusk in West Sumatera. The sky gradually changed its colors and blessed us with one of the most spectacular sunset I ever witnessed. Sitting there overwhelmed — being in Avi’s hometown and among friends — I also found my comfort to almost call this home.

– xox, Shalimma R

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Gift Essentials for Virgo


Born in the month of August 23 to September 22, Virgos are zodiacs that live under the earth sign. They may be practical and grounded beings, but their eye for detail and perfectionist character (said to be picky) make them appreciate the art of a good gift. They will love you more for putting thought into the gift you give to them.


When choosing for a gift, understand that organization is the pillar of their lives. Virgos enjoy going to great lengths to keep everything neat and clean. Go for our Atelier Box to give them a sense of order in keeping their working essentials intact. With its angular shaped corners, this box makes a perfect storage for books and their little needed pouches. For greater storage space, the Toy Box comes with larger symmetrical space — storing everything from toys, shoes, bags, to even being a resourceful groceries bag.


On top of helping a Virgo keep out a messy load, the great feat is that these boxes come with delicate patterns to quench their desire for anything of detail and great design.


– Athina Ibrahim





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Profile: Rassi Narika


Two years ago, Rassi’s email to Melissa opened her path to become one of Tulisan’s great storytellers. Since joining the team, she has produced a number of stories which includes “Mrs. Picklenuts,” “Delighfully Yours,” and  “Hotel Batavia,” making her receive a Special Recognition for Her Imprints in Literature. Before she sets out on her new adventure in the UK, I sat down with her to learn about why Tulisan is special to her and what she expects to explore in the future.

What is your role in Tulisan?

I am a brand strategist.

I focus on making the brand known. Communicating the brand from its concept and positioning.  We share anything we come up with to the audience and make sure they get the message as we want to.

How would say is your daily routine?

There are a number of audiences that I handle in communicating the brand strategy. I communicate with media, online customers, and our followers.

My daily routine would start with checking online orders every morning and online interactions. After lunch, I would proceed with replying each email. I don’t have a specific schedule in answering emails because with international audiences, they would expect us to have fast replies, so you need to handle all requests as soon as possible.


Could you tell us the story on how your first started as a writer and then the brand strategist of the company?

It kinda grew over time. When I first joined Tulisan, I was a writer for the stories behind some of Tulisan’s product. At the same time, I had always started helped in working on different tasks. At first, we wanted to make a bigger presence for Tulisan. We started communicated Tulisan’s values on various medium channels and different set of audiences.

I can’t say I gained the position — it was just a title to something I had always been doing since I joined.

What is the best thing about working in Tulisan?

You always have room for yourself. Of course you sometimes have to compromise with the commercial aspect of the brand, but I always have room where I can just write the way I want to.

What is your greatest achievement in Tulisan?

Writing the Hotel Batavia Story.

I never knew how to write fiction. I only started when I was in Tulisan. With hotel Batavia, I experimented with the history of Jakarta and actually put some visual incidents, cases, and periods of time. I had to do a lot of research for this piece.

It is a very personal piece for me. It also gave me leverage to expand writing fiction and made me wanted to explore writing a story infused with a complex layered past.

How can you translate Tulisan’s values into written words?

I think I am pretty good observer. The best way for me is just to be with the people and its surroundings. I realize every time I spend time away from the store, I loose of the warmth and the sense of Tulisan.

Visually, the colors helps in understanding the essence of it. Normally, I’d pay attention to the details and ask myself how I feel about it and put it into words.

Observation takes a big chunk. Another 35 percent is references and the 5 percent is me talking to myself.


What are your hopes for Tulisan?

I hope I will bump into it somewhere, someplace, sometime. Without me knowing it.

What activities do you enjoy doing outside of Tulisan?

I really enjoy reading and hanging out with friends. Another thing I enjoy doing is volunteering. I have been volunteering in an organization that works with exchange students. I work with young students and see them go abroad, learn new stuff, and come back sharing their experiences.

What is the most exciting thing about living in Jakarta?

The Alleys. Because it always lead you somewhere, sometimes there is a dead end but there is always hope that it can lead you to a different path.

It makes you feel like you live in a labyrinth.

Where do you like to go to in Jakarta?

Jakarta coffee house. I have been going there almost every night for the last two months. They have really good coffee. The owner of the place is obsessed with coffee. He would grind and roast his own coffee there. He is very personal with his customers and enjoys educating people about what makes a good coffee.

Good luck on your new adventures, Rassi!

– Athina Ibrahim

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Weekend Reading: Perec

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As I prepare myself for a new adventure – going back to school – this September, I took my time to slowly absorb the things that pass in life that we often take for granted. Georges Perec’s A Void is the epitome of it.

A Void – originally published in French with the title La Disparition – came with a catch: Perec did not use words that contain the letter “e”.

For me this premise goes beyond the ability to write within constraints. The absence of “e” metaphor the absence of something that is dear to us. In this novel you could not find ‘father’, ‘mother’, or even ‘dear’. The things that often times we no longer take time to acknowledge, but their absence would leave the hollowness nothing could replace.

Rassi Narika

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Ani’s Apartment: Full of Crafted Details

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“Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts,” writes American poet Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Despite often spending our time away from home, meeting new people, exploring new places, wandering and working for our fulfillment, home is a comfortable place we always return to momentarily take us away from the city’s hustle and bustle.


With Jakarta always pulsating with a dynamic energy, home becomes an important reassurance – a place to soothe us from the constant apprehension the city may bring.

While we create a home based on our own needs and ideals. Not many homes are as unique as Krishni Swandayani’s one-bedroom apartment. Located in business district of Kuningan at Rasuna Said, this apartment is favored especially for its designed aesthetics.


The owner herself, known by her friends as Ani, is a motion graphic artist of the multi-disciplinary brand Tulisan. Together with her husband, Hizki Sunjaya, they have decided to pare-down the actual construction of the apartment and focus on unfussy details of concrete floors and white walls – reason being, the couple preferring low maintenance and simplicity in their home.

To make up for the bare space, as a proud admirer of the brand since its inception, Ani has instead paid great attention to the pop colors the products offer to her home.


Upon setting foot to the apartment, we are easily welcomed on the right to a modest kitchen and dining area that stands opposite to the cozy living room. Every corner offers an amazing treatment. The living room’s sofa is lightened up with the twinge of color on its pillowcase. Taken from one of Tulisan’s oldest illustrative collection, the ‘Lucernia.’ The enchanting display of the poster ‘Delightfully Yours,’ on the walls of the dining table perfectly encapsulate the warm atmosphere a kitchen should have, as the story tells us of a grandmother who adores baking sugary delicacies for her loved ones.


Among the other spaces – made for gatherings and social interactions – the bedroom is Ani’s private solace to let her contemplative thoughts and imagination let loose. The perfect room to be decorated with a modern illustrated interpretation of the fairytale ‘Admiral Kasarung.’ Along with it sits a treasured heirloom from her grandmother, an antique study desk she painted white, serving its functional purpose.

I’m a very monotone person,” explains Ani, confirming to us the reason why Tulisan’s product is able to transform her one-bedroom apartment into a colorful home filled with charming tales to take her away from the chaotic city.


– Athina Ibrahim

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The Liliput Tote




Some totes are meant to be tiny, lightweight, and super simple. The Liliput Tote is a compact clutch with zipped closure to carry the basic indispensable items, such as mobile phone, wallet, sunglasses and scarfs. This first collection comes in four different colorways of the Marigold print editions: Yellow Sunflower, Blue Note, Orange Salmon and Orange Oriental.


Available now in Tulisan Boutique at Darmawangsa Square City Walk. With almost no traffic in Jakarta this week, it is a perfect time to visit our whimsical shop and dream away.

Tripple Kisses,


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Moonrise Kingdom

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Moonrise Kingdom is like a memory brought into screen. Wes Anderson and Roman Copolla compiled Anderson’s cinematography signature, vintage color tone, classic music and the landscape of New England‘s coast.


There is a feel of Enid Blyton’s The Famous Five adventure in this movie when Sam and Suzy’s summer was filled with performances, outdoor adventures, camping out, and the importance of having a compass in hand.


Whenever I watch this movie (and I have been watching it a dozen times), I relive another summer in Maine with tracking in pine woods, picnic at the rocky beaches, and watching lighthouses lay before the blue sky backdrop.


More than a year ago, Shalimma took inspiration from the movie and cross combined it to create our 2011 Cruise Bag Look Book.


Take time to enjoy this movie and be ready to be intrigued for an outdoor escapade this Eid ul-Fitr break. – Rassi Narika

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Eid al-Fitr Holiday

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Eid al-Fitr Holiday is coming within a week and everyone in the country has indulged to get ready – including our team. In between preparing and delivering your orders of Lebaran Hampers, pre-production setting for the upcoming line, as well as making sure we meet our personal and work deadlines, the Tulisan Team is excited to celebrate the holiday with our family and closest friends.

Our store will be close during 8-11 of August and will operate from 10.00 – 19.00 from 12-16 of August. We will resume the store as usual on the 17th of August.

Happy Eid Mubarak! We wish you lots of love, compassion, and time well spent with your loved ones!

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Holiday Shade


Our Olio Clutches are now back in the ever vibrant Green Grass and Fuchsia Fantasy shade of the Holiday Edition. They are ready to sweep into your totes and boldly accompany you in any occasion.


We managed to integrate everything one would need in a clutch – compartments for card, bills, change – and at the same time refined its process to meet the organic canvas that we want you to feel.


All pieces are hand made by artisans in small batches using internationally certified components. Each textile work is manually printed on non-bleached (chlorine-free) cotton canvas with eco-friendly water-based inks and protective PU coatings. This Holiday Edition’s Olio Clutches are available exclusively at our Flagship Darmawangsa Store in small batches periodically.


Enjoy free shipping services for Mail Order within Indonesia. For more of our latest collections, visit our Pinterest account. You can also reach us through 021-727 80235 or shop@tulisan.com for our team’s assistance. Cheers!

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Explore Your Pouch

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Tulisan’s pouches have long become one of our signature style. It quickly gains popularity for its compactness and versatility as well as a favorite object of experimental for our team. We keep exploring ways to ensure they remain in parts of our lives. How have you explored your Tulisan’s pouch? – Rassi Narika

1. Clutch


Melissa folded her Large Pouch in half and carried it to a cocktail party. I seriously thought she was bringing a new product prototype for a tryout.

2. Literature Kit


I personally love bringing books wherever I go. I always make sure that it is not just book that I can read, but also a journal to capture my doodling thoughts and ideas. I use the Medium or Small Pouch to put my currently reading books and the Large Pouch to bring my sketch book – for my occasional daydreaming session.


3. Shoe Storage


Myra use her Large Pouch to bring her running shoes in her gym bag. It is also a fun ways to keep your shoe collection like what Melissa did – one for each and try to color code them, too.

4. Currency Pouch

This comes in handy when you travel beyond many borders. Shalimma and Myra  shared to us how they do it. Put one currency in each Petite Pouch to help you handle the foreign bills as you shop.

5. Headset Compartment

BAT1202NJ_TIP23Carrying your headset in your bags can be concerning, at times. You don’t want the wire to tangle or to break the muffs. So, we put our headset in the pouch, separating and keeping them from the possible fiasco that might have happened to it.

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Idul Fitri Gift Set

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Idul Fitri has always been the perfect time to gather with your loved ones, reconnect, or cherish the people who has been around and provide meanings to our lives. We created this Idul Fitri Special Gift Set so we can embrace this moment to the fullest and we wanted to share them with you.


Each set is made by order personally by our team of creative designers. Everything is made to ensure that it is not only get a mere package, but  a box filled with love.

TEB_130721_08You can choose the set you favor by filling out this Order Form. For further assistance, reach out to our team at 021-72780235 or shop@tulisan.com.

TEB_130721_10These sets are available for a limited time. You can pick your order at our Darmawangsa Store or have it delivered to your door upon reservation until August 5th, 2013.



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The Original Editions and Our Stories


The Original Editions and Our Stories Inspired by Indonesia’s famous folk story of Roro Mendut, a Javanese princess who fought to defend her rights, I am rewriting a new angle of this tale with my original illustrated edition “Love Letter of Roro Mendut”. It is an interpretation of every woman’s journey to find freedom and herself.

WP_1205YC_02 In parallel to this, Myra Bianda, our artist in residence who also takes the role as art director of our creative team, debuts her first illustrated Original Edition “Bawang Putih and the Night Sky”. As one of my devoted artist and designer, Myra has self-taught all artistic skills and has revealed to all of us her ultra-talented sides.

WP_1205PP_04 WP_1205PP_02 All pieces are hand made by artisans in small batches using internationally certified components. Each textile work is manually printed on non-bleached (chlorine-free) cotton canvas with eco-friendly water-based inks and protective PU coatings. I hope you will enjoy this limited run artist-illustrated edition.

Triple kisses, Melissa

See our e-Catalog for the limited run of Mendut & Bawang Putih Original Editions in Organizers and Home Collection.


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Tulisan at Casa by Bravacasa

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We are excited to announce that Tulisan will be participating on CASA by Bravacasa this 19-21 July 2013 at The Ritz Carlton Ballroom, Pacific Place, Jakarta. CASA is Indonesia’s biggest art fair.


Tulisan will be at CASA by Bravacasa, Good Things Area Booth No. 7. This event is open for public 19-20 July at 12.00 – 21.00 and Sunday, 21 July at 10.00 – 21.00.

WP_BRAVA_03With loads of new ideas for home organizing solution, we can not wait to meet you there!

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When talking about avocado, I yearn for more es campur (mixed ice) or jus alpukat (avocado juice) with chocolate milk. In Indonesia as is some part of South East Asia, avocados are taken as desert companions.

WP_JOU_121211AVO_01But then Dom, Melissa’s husband, taught us to sprinkle of olive oil, salt and/or sugar on top of our avocados. I thought it was very exquisite. Olive oil boost the fruit’s creamy texture and enhance its flavor. A refined taste that is indeed delizioso!


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