A Cheerful Arrival

The past few weeks have welcomed many new and exciting arrivals. The first, our arrival in the new studio.

A quaint spot nestled in the heart of Old Town Pasadena, the space makes the perfect West Coast home for Tulisan. The Studio is complete with hardwood floors and exposed brick walls – a signature in this part of town.

A few candid shots of the California team, hard at work…

Doris and I are pretty shy so when Melissa brought the camera out, we caught a fit of the giggles…

Colin had no trouble smiling for the camera…

The second, highly anticipated arrival was the Tulisan collection to the Studio showroom. It gives our new home a pop of color and an excited energy that is contagious amongst the team. I’ve been watching as people pass by, it is impossible to walk by without smiling. Impossible.

A cheerful display of the collections being introduced stateside soon!

Kaitlin McIntyre

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Toy Box of Goodies from Trader Joe’s

One of the things I miss about living in California is going to Trader Joe’s market. They offer fresh, delicious and organic produce at a great value.

We went there today and filled up our Tulisan toy box with many delightful things including their dark chocolate bar with caramel and black sea salts -their chocolate selection is insane!

The toy box held two bags worth of groceries and goodies, enough to last us through the weekend.





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Twirly Hair à la Régne

We went to the grand opening of Régne, haute blow dry salon on Holly Street in Old Pasadena last night.

The salon has a pleasant, sage colored interior with elegant floral printed wallpaper and exposed brick accent walls. Each dressing table is equipped with an iPad giving it a modern twist. Women of all ages, including our two daughters, came to get their hair coifed and be pampered for the night.

We met the lovely owner, Monica, the day before. She handed me her business card, imprinted with a quote by Margaret Thatcher:

“If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.”

The salon does everything from a simple blow dry to hair styling and head massages at a very reasonable price. Check out their portfolio and services at http://www.regneblow.com.










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One Fine Day in Venice Beach

We spent last Saturday playing with the kids at Venice Beach, California.

It had been a while since I spent a good intimate holiday with my family. My two happy sprouts, Miya and Clio, were both so content sitting next to us, while building free style sand sculptures

The day reminded me of my own childhood at the Carita Beach with my parents in 1978. Those quality times will always be priceless and memorable.



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The Little White Label

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‘Tulisan’ means ‘hand writing’ in Bahasa, Indonesia. I chose this simple word because my work around Tulisan is about staying true to oneself, making your mark and sharing with others. To those who wear our collection, it is about colorful storytelling through handcrafted products made with love in small batches. However, behind the scenes, this brand started as a tiny workshop in Jakarta filled with passionate people who simply believe in each other and are determined to follow their dreams.

Jakarta is not London, Paris, New York or many other great cities. Despite heavy pollution and bumper-to-bumper traffic, living in Jakarta is about being close to family, taking chances and having true friends. There is a strange air of excitement and hope – where people are always positive and high-spirited. It is a melting pot where you meet many inspiring minds and undiscovered talents. It is here, in Jakarta, that I wish to live my dream and to share this joy with those around me. 

This is the real deal: Tulisan is designed and made in Jakarta by Indonesians. I built my team slowly and organically, by selecting willful individuals who honor their intuitions and follow their hearts. Many of them have crossed over from their academic or professional background to doing what they do today for Tulisan. Together we empower each other to do things that we never thought were possible to do. The result is often a nerve-racking experience to a self-discovery, yet what is most important for me is that they live their dream every minute. It is a normal eight-hour job, yet it is also 1/3 of the day, so we need to spend this time on projecting the very best of our being. True beauty does not spring from gorgeous cities, but it comes from being raw and true to who we are. 

It is through this journey that I hope to bring a different light to this place and to present an honest creation from the heart of its people. 

Warmest regards, 

Melissa Sunjaya 

The artist and founder of Tulisan

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Write A Note, Leave A Memory

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We miss the days when all messages were handwritten in a crisp sealed envelope and the smell of the writer’s fragrance. The instant and twitted messages today – although prompt and spontaneous – were incomparable to record the celebrated graduation, the jolly holidays, or the thank you notes for a friend who gave their room and hugs during your breakups.

In the ever moving transfer of online dispatches, a heartwarming and personalized piece like this is a treat. So, we start sparing our time again to write a simple paragraph for our loved ones, we put our lips signature and a monogram initial from Tulisan. It will surely last longer than the ones left in the timeline.

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Sound of Dawn// A Story Retold

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Melissa’s Sound of Dawn edition is one of my most favorite design and story, amongst others. I worked with my friend Iqbal and Riska to interpret Melissa’s eloquent story. And it was indeed true, the sound of dawn speaks in silence and the period is utterly vulnerable. by Rassi Narika

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Melissa Sunjaya at The Peak

We got a pleasant review at “The Peak – Indonesia” last March. Thank you Geraldine Tan for the delightful article!

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Tulisan’s Dreamland

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A while ago we took the time to shoot this video. We wanted to show you – who might live out of Jakarta, thus might have never been to our store – to also experience the wonder we feel every day.

The store’s interior is divided into three main areas, the verandah, the living area, and the pantry/ kitchen studio. Each is colored with a combination Tulisan’s quirkiness and Melissa’s private collection of vintage furniture. The organizers and stationeries collection are laid on the library and wardrobe shelf, while the outfit collection can now be easily find in a wardrobe closet on our way to the studio’s kitchen where teapot covers, aprons, tea towels, and teacups are set. Every thing interacts and creates a subtle concept to intrigue the customers’ imagination.

We are looking forward to share this experience with you in person, seven days a week from 9 am – 9 pm. Contact our team at info@tulisan.com or call our store at 62-21 72780235.

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Tulisan is Pinteresting!

Tulisan is now on Pinterest and we are loving it. In our boards we have: products collections, the store/behind the scene pictures, and more tips on how to explore the functions your Tulisan collection. An impromptu “On The Move” board, will also have pictures of Tulisan products that we bumped into every time the team travels. If you have a picture of you and your Tulisan collection in our board, tag us and we will re-pin them in our board.

Follow us here and we will meet you in every pinning session!

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Walk in Time

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Story by Melany Z./ Image by Myra Bianda.

Stepping through the doors of the Bumi Sangkuriang Hotel, I felt as though I had traversed time and wound up in the past. The restless streets that pulled my attention in so many directions whittled down to a dusty road where I found myself feeling strangely anachronistic yet simultaneously, at home.

I had come to see my grandmother, her body recently frail but her spirit was as witty and engaging as ever. She had called me days earlier requesting a visit I was happy to grant. For our visits, I always stayed at a hotel close to her house so as not to burden her with the strain of having a houseguest. It was at this very hotel that she had met my grandfather. She was working at the front desk; he was a young man on a business trip. She would often joke that as she checked him in, he checked her out.

I stayed here because in one sense it was where my story began. Plus, no matter how much I protested, when I stayed at my Grandmother’s house, she still cooked my meals and coddled me as if I were still a child. The only way to ensure that she would relax when I came to visit was for me to stay nearby. And this was the only place she approved of.

Unlocking my hotel I set my bags on the bed. It’s a family tradition that upon college graduation a travel-related gift is given. These colorful bags thoughtfully chosen by my grandmother, were given to me with a simple note that read, “May your travels be as colorful and quirky as these bags are.” Once again it seemed that Gran knew me better than I knew myself. Her beautiful gifts have accompanied me on several incredible adventures. Over time they have become my good luck charms, perpetually bringing to mind comforting thoughts of home, even when I am far away.

As reality seeped back into my thoughts and I quickly set out for afternoon tea with Gran. Her nurse answered the door ushering me to the bedside of the now fragile lady I so loved. “Gran, I brought you the muffins you like and the jam you hate.” I said, hoping to impart a smile. “Well, you got it wrong AGAIN.” She shot back. “You were supposed to bring the muffins I hate and the jam I like. But you brought me you, so I guess I’ll forgive you…This time!”

I was so glad I came for a visit for as she patted my hand while we chatted over tea, I felt I was granted inexplicable serenity. Here she was, at the end of a life well lived, and was as seemingly happy and vibrant as ever. Her laughter carried perspective.

Afternoon faded into dusk, and I felt that she surely must be tired, even though she assured me she wasn’t. “I’ll see you tomorrow Gran” I said with a hug and a kiss on her cheek. She always ended our visits the same way, and this time it was no different. She looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Whatever you do, don’t look back.” Often I imagined this was because she didn’t want me to look over my shoulder and catch her crying after we said our goodbyes. Rather than ponder her meaning, I assured her I wouldn’t.

Back in my hotel room, I had a restless night. Unable to sleep I wandered the hotel grounds hoping to grow weary enough to return to sleep. I sat at the edge of the pool and dipped my toes in for an impromptu dip. Lost in my thoughts I didn’t notice the lady who had greeted me as I checked-in was at my side asking me if something was wrong. “No, just chronic insomnia,” I replied. “Oh, would you like some muffins or jam, to go with your thoughts.” I laughed at the familiarity of her offer. She had a friendly way about her, and soon we were chatting like old friends, discussing everything from boyfriends to politics, to the politics of boyfriends. Before I knew it the sun was peeking over the horizon. “Oh my, look at the time, my shift ended an hour ago, but I was having so much fun I completely lost track of time” she laughed.

As I ended our conversation with the conventional platitudes, she looked at me with a piercing gaze I’ll never forget and said, “I’d like to give you a piece of advice that has served me well. As you venture through life it’s important to look perpetually forward and not be weighed down by mistakes or perceived failures…I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t look back.” As I stood there rendered breathless by her revelation, my grandmother’s nurse appeared with tears streaming down her cheeks. She wrapped me in a tight embrace, and whispered in my ear, “I’m so sorry but your Grandmother passed away in her sleep an hour ago.”

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A Subtle Touch

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Meet Gazo and Kabe a new addition from the Giclee family. “Gazo” and “Kabe” carry pattern ornaments – a derivative from our illustration – which plays with color ways in different sizing. And now our minds thirst for a living space arrangement session! Put them together in as a panel in your living room or rotate them as a head board for your bed. You can go for a room make over with it.

The first Gazo and Kabe collection is the one from our second illustrative edition: Celosia Cristata. Available in three color ways, they are made just after you order. Contact our team at store (021-72780235) or order them online (shop@mytulisan.com). For a complete collection, peek them here.


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A Little Pepe Story

Pepe’s stories had been told and spread out rapidly ever since he was first introduced to you. We are pleased to tell you that Pepe Dolls are being spread all around the world through the hands of the kind customers of Tulisan and volunteers at KDM. It’s great to see every one come together for this cause.

We put together a petition board so that everyone who made a purchase could show their support to the children of the street at KDM. Hopefully, more lives are again inspired and more hearts thrill for these children.

Updates: Tulisan and KDM are continuing this project, we welcome your support through Pepe Doll purchases and help us spread the words. If you have more ideas to show the support you can share, you can visit www.kdm.or.id and share them your idea.

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A Pad on the Shoulder

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It’s always pleasing to find our products functioning in a public space to help build the room the way it should be, and Pad28 at Tulodong did just that.

This bar, bistro, and coffee corner feels like a common room that you would have in your house. It has real novels and reading materials that you can actually indulged in, a menu description that tells what is in a course without too many hassle, and the people who seemed to be even more cheerful whenever you arrive.

The space feels very honest and is a new favorite with their flat white – a cappuccino like drink with more milk and less foam and rich flavored Four Cheese Pizza. Finally a place that keeps itself from too much layering.
– Rassi Narika
Click here to get directions to Pad28.
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Midnight in Paris

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Paris is breathtaking and Woody Allen is brilliant. The city has been captured in so many movies yet he made it again filled with enchantment. Allen’s Paris was made with the vibe of its songs and dances were its vibe; with arts as part of their quotidian.

Salvador Dali, Fitzgerald, and Hemingway swarming in this movie and around the city as if they were original Parisiens. They were so alive it almost felt as if the city breathed these liveliness to them.

I have been mesmerized for weeks now, as I slightly wish that anytime at any corner of Jakarta, I would bump with Hemingway who would confront my stories over sips of brandy. – Rassi Narika

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