Tulisan is the Finalist of OEA 2011!

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Tulisan has been selected as one of the Finalist of Clicks Society’s Online Entrepreneurship Award 2011. Please vote for us now through this link: CLICKSSOCIETY/TULISAN. The judging would be in two days. So, please have your votes coming int to support us.

We will be at FX Lifestyle Center on 10-12 June 2011 during and after the judging period. Vote and visit us there !

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Running Away

In between the fun we have at Tulisan, another thing that we love is to run away from the routine. It could be as simple as a lunch out or a couple of drinks after all the works are done. But running away to a whole new place or a new experience is the ultimate running treat for us.

Life is nothing common when you are on the run. The place does not have to be the exotic beach out on Maldives because running away is all about the attitude. You just want to not feel like it is the everyday. A trip to grandma’s house where everything reminds you to the good ol’ days could be just as exhilarating. So, we made a runaway bag to help us in our run.

The bag was made spacious, handy, and light. We wanted the ease of being able to put everything into one big bag. It is light that it hardly adds to the total weight of your luggage and we love the fact that it is foldable – to be put into your existing travel bag in case you need it after those shopping sessions. And while we can figure hundreds of reasons why this bag suits our runaway plan so well, we decided to stop thinking about the reasons and start thinking about destinations to wherever.


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The Thought of You

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On May 11th 2011, Google celebrated the 117th birthday of Martha Graham (May 11, 1894 – April 1, 1991, an American dancer and choreographer who was celebrated for bringing contemporary dance which spoke and tell stories with moves and passion.

The thematic animation that Ryan Woodward made for Google was so powerful in capturing Martha’s passion in dancing, we went straight to visit his site and had our breath taken away by this short animation he made.We got the shivers. It captured such a large emotion that we found no words could help to convey his portrayal. You just have to see it for yourself.

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A Letter from Aniza Santo

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I started Tulisan, in my journey to rediscover myself. So, I feel honored when people come to share their stories on how Tulisan have helped them to to rediscover their true self. Tulisan has been a way for me to transfer my energy, and in some mysterious way, the energy reach back to me like this one from Aniza Santo.

Hi Melissa,

I stumbled into your blogsite today and I’m really inspired with your work.
In a weird way I’m also doing the same thing where I try to create illustrations to the short stories, thoughts & poems I’ve written the past 10 years.
Last November I resigned from a high stress job due to creative burn out. I wanted my soul, my creativity, my life back. For some time I’ve just been an everyday wanderer trying to figure things out or in my words: an aimless being floating amidst the clouds conversing with the sun and moon.
I literally love talking to the clouds and sky… I believe it’s my home up there.

The last 2 months I’ve been going through my writing and exploring some illustrations ideas to make a book. It’s one of those things you don’t know where it might take you but in your heart you know you have to do it. My journey is just beginning and stumbling into your work gave me a boost like an arm around your shoulder saying “It’s good, it’s possible. Do it!”

I’m inspired and grateful.

Thank you,

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Melissa on Happiness

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An interview by Clicks Society

“Setelah 15 tahun berkecimpung di Graphic Design dan Brand Consultancy di Amerika, aku kangen “Siapa sih diri aku sebenarnya?”. Aku senang bercerita, mengkhayal, dan menggambar…”

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Tulisan at Rumah Inspirasi

Tulisan at Rumah Inspirasi: A home and dream to share.

The small presentation at Martha Stewart Living’s Rumah Inspirasi at Grand Indonesia on Saturday, Feb 5, was such a pleasant and intimate experience for Tulisan. James de Rave – founder and principal of Kedaung Ceramic was talking that day on “Table Setting ala Indonesia”. Along with Tulisan, H. E. Arlinda Frona, a ceramic painter who happened to be the ladu ambassador of portugal also came to present her hand made ceramic painting of wayang and other ornaments, labor of love as James put it.

James was trying to make a point that it was not only how you put your china and crystals with your songket on the dining table that matters. It was significant that you treat and make your guests feel warm and special when they are being hosted. He introduced Tulisan with the sweet story of when he first came to a house and served dinner of buncis, tempe, and telor ceplok – a must have for most nights according to informants. Not a fancy dinner, but the touch of warmth and simple elegance lasted with him as one of a kind.

The house he referred happened to be what Tulisan also refer to home. As Melissa grew in the home that gave so much comfort; she and her Mom, Didi wanted to make a line of product that also made women felt comfortable and wished they were 12 years old again when wearing Tulisan. Last year, it was a dream she wanted to share and indeed it was shared. Rassi, the new member of the team remarked on how she was startled with the dream and how much was put in by the team. She had only joined them for a couple of days, but the faith they had on Tulisan transmitted in such way that she could not avoid. She hoped the energy goes to every one who encountered Tulisan.

As the day was wrapped with laughter amongst tea and canapé, we hoped that the dream had been shared too between the talks. If you wish to encounter Tulisan, the ladies of the audience had agreed to stop by at Jl. Tirtayasa one of these days. You are welcomed to come and join to feel 12 years old again.

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Delightfully Yours

Oxytocin was the word that crossed my mind when I sketched ‘Delightfully Yours’ in December 2010. Also known as the ‘love hormone’, oxytocin is a super power female hormone that is released within our body in large amounts during labors, breastfeeding, or orgasm. It has so much miraculous quality in healing: It makes our skin glows, it feeds our babies, and it pushes away the hardest pain. What truly astounds me about oxytocin is the fact that it is triggered by our natural instinct called ‘LOVE’. When we are in love sincerely with someone or any matter or even food, our eyes smiles and our movement becomes light. Sometimes within my daily chores, I often feel robotic and forget that life needs love. So I did this sketch to remind myself every day that I MUST LOVE ME. Only with so much love within me, I can begin to love people around me. Love is a universal law in which no one hates, no one gets sick and no one is a prisoner.

I emailed this sketch to my friend Rassi, so she can write her second short story for Tulisan. Thanks for your writing, Rassi!Triple kisses, Melissa Sunjaya

by Rassi Narika

The smell of ground cinnamon fills the air perfectly, like a mix of the exotic scent of tropical forest and the tender touch of winter. From beneath the pile of assorted sweets and candies, a wooden puppet starts to move. Her body is made out of planks, while her joints are glued and screwed. She approaches the stove to see if the caramel has shimmered. As she stirs the hot caramel, her hips start to dance.

Every morning, she crushes rosemary twigs and sprinkles them into the pot. The first fresh bread of the day always brings the biggest smile to her face. The sweet steam rushes with magic from the movement of her hands. Each additional ingredient she puts would make the world a nicer place.

Nevertheless, she is made of cedar with a heart of a little girl. She breaks into tears when the cupcakes refuse to rise. Cooking is not about perfection. With all the mistakes, it is truly about having things within proportion. When her wooden arms get cramps from moving too much, she sends her pain away by holding on to delightful dreams.

……………(in Indonesian)………………

oleh Rassi Narika

Wangi serbuk kayu manis memenuhi udara dengan sempurna, bagaikan sebuah perpaduan aroma eksotis hutan tropis dan lembutnya sentuhan musim dingin. Dari balik tumpukan permen dan gulali, sebuah boneka kayu terlihat mulai bergerak. Tubuhnya terbuat dari papan dan persendiannya disambung dengan perekat dan baut. Dia beranjak mendekati panci untuk melihat apakah saus karamel sudah mendidih. Sembari ia mengaduk karamel panas, pinggulnya mulai menari.

Setiap terbitnya surya, dia menggerus daun rosemary dan menaburkannya ke dalam panci masakan. Roti pertama yang matang di tiap pagi selalu memberi senyuman lebar di wajahnya. Asap manis mengepul dalam ruangan dengan kekuatan sihir dari adukan tangannya. Setiap bumbu yang ia tambahkan ke dalam ciptaannya menjadikan dunia ini suatu tempat yang lebih indah.

Biar bagaimanapun, dia tersusun dari kayu cendana dengan hati seorang gadis kecil. Dia selalu menangis saat adonan kuenya gagal mengembang. Seni masak bukanlah tentang mencari kesempurnaan. Dengan segala kesalahan yang terjadi, memasak adalah mencari suatu keseimbangan. Ketika tangan kayunya mulai letih karena terlalu banyak bergerak, ia menepis kesakitan itu dengan berpegang sepenuhnya terhadap keindahan impiannya.

siesta tote Delightfully Yours

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Mrs. Picklenuts

On the night of January 28, 2011, I received a heartfelt email from this unknown. Her name is Rassi Narika. She wrote:

“… I was reading an article of you about how you love details, and how you have grown to deal with stencil sets, vintage, and again details. You revived what I thought I should do in life, and this time I promise myself I’m taking the action to make it. Over the past couple of years, I have been exposed to the beauty of living in Indonesia. We’re a contained, beautiful chaos with the mixture of people, problems, and unsolved issues. Yet, I always found myself amazed that I always found warmth at every corner. I love to write journals and found myself ecstatic every time I have to choose a new one. I would have to start doing the selection process of my journal to suit the mood and quality of life I want to portray. Just like you made your dream, I want to have mine. I want to have my little book shop where people can come and find themselves playing around to feel the warmth of being there and knowing that the journal will contain the life that they have. So be it if it’s going to be not as easy, I want to live it to share it. Thank you for sharing Tulisan. You have no idea how relieved I am to feel my dream again…”

Her email moved me, so I invited this girl to meet. We clicked immediately as
if we were blood sisters from the previous life. So in return to her kindness,
I asked her to write a short story based on my last illustration edition in 2010
‘Mrs. Picklenuts’. So here is what she did in 30 minutes:

by Rassi
Narika – Jakarta, 4 Feb 2011

Mrs. Picklenuts was the lady who lived on the corner of the street. She told me the story of an arrogant king who would walk naked down the road with an invisible robe, and of how an Asian tribe would lengthen the neck of their ladies for the sake of beauty. As she hugged me that night, she said I was beautiful even though my neck was short.

She taught me how to make a cup of tea taste just right. A tip of a teaspoon of sugar was what she recommended. “We need to taste the bitterness just enough before you could recognize the sweet. Only when you acknowledge both feelings, you would learn to respect.” She took me gardening every spring and let me gather some wild flowers for her living room. For her, these cast off blossom which no one wanted were still a beauty, nonetheless.

Growing up required too many things to do and friends to catch up with; and putting wild flowers together is no longer on my list. Now there are no more stories being told after last winter when she left, I was not there and I missed her. Today I put together the first bloomed flowers of the spring and wrote a note with no story.

……………………the end……………………

We welcome Rassi as a new member of Tulisan family. She spends her weekend
contributing short stories for Tulisan’s limited edition illustrations.

Triple kisses, Melissa Sunjaya

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Ruba’iyat of Amma Supahilo

In celebration of Tulisan’s first year anniversary, I have created my final year end project which will be exhibited at Artsphere Gallery, Darmawangsa Square, from 27 November – 27 December 2010. This show, titled RUBA’IYAT OF AMMA SUPAHILO, consists of twelve single edition screen printed illustrations (90 cm x 117 cm) telling a story about the search for the most precious matter in life. This project is a complete reflection of my passions and creative pursuits, from story telling, constructing rhymes, creating code or symbols, lettering and drawing.

In conjunction with this exhibition, Tulisan is also introducing 18 different numbered and signed (editions of 24) screen printed canvas totes, each reflecting a meticulous craftsmanship and detailed illustration.

A percentage of the proceeds from this exhibition or Tulisan products will be given to the relief efforts for the victims of Merapi and Mentawai disasters.


Concept Story Behind The Artwork:


by Melissa Sunjaya

On a cold rainy night, I fell asleep and met a girl who told me about her life. We became very close, therefore she taught me a special alphabet so we can communicate with each other in code. Before we parted, she wrote me a short poem. The structure of this stanza was similar to a Ruba’iyat, a Persian quatrain consisting of four lines and rhyming with AABA. Each line was written in iambic pentameter, with double meanings and dual perspectives.

“A dream so vast sends me sky high too fast
I roam the distant lands from dusty past
Upon a stage which bears countless charades
In hope to cast the endless sun at last”

She told me that if I could figure it out, I would get rid of all my nightmares and my heart would stop sleeping. In return, I gave her six of my pen and ink drawings based on her ruba’iyat as a symbol of our eternal friendship. My drawings were all in solid jet black. She smiled while starring at my original sketches, then she whispered that we should try to slow down our thoughts and to breathe every syllable of the poetry. ‘Listen well!’ she said, ‘every sound produces two tones, as every slice of life always presents itself in different colors…’

Then I watched the wind take my new friend before my eyes. She was a free spirit who served no master with diabolic personalities. Her original character was a balanced mixture of kindness and malice, the past and the new, light and dark. Her name was Amma, the last survivor from the family of Supahilo. Amma lived inside a teapot that carried a sweet scent of lemongrass. A loyal garden ogre guarded her habitat amongst a bundle of gigantic edelweiss flowers. Beside her ogre who kept her safe, she nurtured three other giant pets. Gustav was the elephant with whom she travelled to many places. Tatiana was her wise tortoise who gave her guidance. Finally, Sophia was the hummingbird who provided consolations and inspirations. Amma lived in world so far from me. Through her eccentricity, she became my urban hero.

Opening Reception:
Saturday, 27 November 2010,at 17.00
at Artsphere Gallery Darmawangsa Square, City Walk, Second Floor, Unit 16
Jalan Darmawangsa VI & IX, Jakarta 12160

phone/fax +62 21 727 86661

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Eastern Reflection

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I have always been fascinated by the splendor of Islamic architecture and the exotic world of the Middle East. It makes me wonder about the glorious costumes of their Sheiks, the morning fragrance of their street markets, their seductive acoustic melody, and their vivid gem like colors that populate all their fabrics. I indulged myself in illustrating these decorative ornaments, by taking inspirations from the different regions. The six final ink drawings of this Eastern Reflection Series are titled: ‘Persian Mornings’, ‘Moroccan Afternoons’, ‘Arabian Nights’, ‘Turkish Evenings’, ‘Indian Sunset’, and ‘Moorish Sunrise’.

The first four editions of this series are now produced as pray sets, each include a quilted meditation mat and a light canvas bag. Most people use this pray set in many different ways  to reflect on life. My brother Adit and his wife Ani use the set to complete the sacred ritual of Salat. My two münchenberries, Miya and Clio, use them to play picnic and tea party in our patio. Just like in the magical ballad of ‘One Thousand and One Nights’, I sit on the soft mat while sketching or reading so I can fly away to those distant lands where the plants are taller than the skyscrapers in Jakarta.
Pura vida!
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Fun and Easy Goody Bags

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Anyone living in Jakarta with kids quickly learns that a birthday can be a big social event for the little ones. When the kid is in kindergarten or nursery, the parties can happen almost at a monthly or even a weekly basis. The cake is usually the center of the show, but the goody bags and party souvenirs become the sweet icing to these events.

To make it easy for the mums and fun for the kids, we have created some ideas for goody bags using the Tulisan gift tags. Little ones love these colorful gift tags and these become a memorable touch to the event. You can even attach a string and make a loop to the package, so that they can play ‘fishing the goody bags’

If you use our Tulisan gift tags for your goody bags, please send us pictures to shop@mytulisan.com and we will post it on our blog. Hope you will find these pictures useful and inspiring!

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Eid-ul Fitr Just Around the Corner

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We’re having so much fun this week and it keeps getting better. While the showcase at Darmawangsa Square is still going on, a new product is finally done at the right time. Yeah.., it is right on time for The Ramadan season. These 4 personal blank cards are inspired from Middle Eastern architecture. It makes a perfect gift as well as a greeting note to share this blessed moment, a very joyous day with friends & family and real joy for the health, strength and the opportunities of life.

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Darmawangsa Temporary Showcase

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This week ‘Tulisan’ will be available at Darmawangsa Square, we were excited for this opportunity. This isn’t the first time for us invited by Darmawangsa for temporary showcase. But we’ll sure it’s going to be so much fun like before!! So see you there..

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Kakatua Raja

For every new sketch, I love to work with an imaginary character that would help me in setting the overall tone through the entire collection of that specific print edition. For last July 2010, I created a special story about ‘Kakatua Raja’ – an exotic empress inhabiting an enchanted tropical forest, her very own magical universe. She is a symbol of strength, resilience, and purity against all odds. Her unique and solitary life becomes a solace to all wound.

The process is really about handmade labor of love. From the original pen and ink sketch, I developed three art work: the signature art (the original sketch refined), surface study (a layout where we experiment with different ink textures), and tile work (a repetitive composition using some element of the signature art). Each of these art work are silkscreened on to cotton materials with a limited print run for every color way. The colors are hand-picked to best depict the spirit of ‘Kakatua Raja’ using tropical tones of fresh green, coffee brown, orchid pink and navy.


Melissa Sunjaya

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