Inspiration of Bio Fantasy

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Bio Fantasy is a series of visual, musical, and storytelling experiments inspired by abstract microbes and their relation to human being. The inspiration and research behind Bio Fantasy came from personal observations on the interconnectedness of the universe. Just as cells communicate with each other to continuously deliver messages throughout the body, so too do humans as we relay information to each other.

Recent technology has greatly advanced this practice, taking our ability to communicate to a whole new level while diminishing the obstacles that distance, age, gender, and social status typically present in our everyday lives. Our smartphones and their associated technologies have become an extension of ourselves. Today we carry in our pockets the key to a secondary universe, which has its own distinct culture. This modern anthropology has presented a new type of interactions in our society which are more neutral and multi dimensional, as in the captivating imagery of microscopic cells.

Bio Fantasy is a tribute to Chairil Anwar. He was a modern man even by today’s standards and as such his work has never ceased to inspire young people or cultivate new ideas.  Even though he revered individuality, with Bio Fantasy we sought to extend his notions further, and celebrate the value individuality has within a larger society.  After all, social media – which extols personal expression – is useless without an audience. Indeed, art is not simply a personal commodity or national asset but should instead be preserved as part of our collective human heritage.

This project presents the viewer with a beautifully layered experience which I hope, like the timeless words of Chairil Anwar, will be remembered and cherished for years to come.

Triple kisses, M. S.

(Photography by Michal Gorzynski)

1200_EDT_150908_Bio_Fantasy_BTS_55 1200_LB_150908_Bio_Fantasy_27

Tulisan will debut Bio Fantasy, Fall-Winter 2015-2016 Collection
at Tulisan Plaza Senayan
Jalan Asia Afrika No. 8, South Jakarta
on Wednesday, 28 October,
10.00am – 10.00pm

This event is open for public

1200_EDT_150908_Bio_Fantasy_BTS_57 1200_LB_150908_Bio_Fantasy_45 1200_EDT_150908_Bio_Fantasy_BTS_58 1200_EDT_150908_Bio_Fantasy_BTS_59

Your words get into the vein
Reviving what was once dead

Breathing a genetic mutation
Penetrating electrical chemo invasion

Who are you, who am I
Not them, nor anyone

Living cells will die in vain
Only when senses stop being understood

– Excerpt from Bio Fantasy by Melissa Sunjaya –

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Pink Courage

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‘Dulu saya kira penyakit kanker itu sangat jauh dari hidup saya, sampai secara mendadak ibu saya terkena. Dan saya disadarkan bahwa kanker tidak pernah memilih, tapi kita sendiri bisa memilih untuk tanggap dan mengobati dengan mengubah pola pikir dan gaya hidup. Dan dari situ juga saya percaya akan sebuah keajaiban. Ibu saya sembuh. Melissa, terima kasih karena dengan imaji dan dedikasimu pada karya seolah mengingatkan saya agar terus mawas dan tak henti berbagi pengalaman, yang menjadi titik balik kehidupan saya’ – Happy Salma


Along the journey to love ourselves, first we have to be aware of the facts and understand our options to help us respond better. It is necessary for us to grasp the big picture so we can work on our next action.

As a child, I was very close to my grand mother, Sunarti Hersubeno. She once told me of her miraculous victory over cancer. At her mid-thirties, my grand mother was diagnosed with cancer in a late stage. After two operations and several radiation treatments, the doctors had informed her family that she had only less than a year to live. Shortly after this diagnostic, she discovered a book, titled ‘Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures’ written by Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy in 1875.

Mrs. Eddy explained about our true identity as a spiritual being and its power in boundless possibilities. One of my favorite passage from this book is: ‘Love is impartial and universal in its adaptation and bestowals.’ The understanding of this Divine Love had freed my grandmother from cancer. My grandmother wrote in an article regarding her healing, ’I suddenly realized that we must face courageously all the mountains of problems standing before us, with no doubt whatsoever that we are able to climb up to the top of the mountain and thus master the problems.’

As a spiritual healer and happy seamstress, my grand mother lived a healthy and fulfilling life until the age of 68. She had helped me in overcoming my worst fears, mental traumas, and childhood illnesses. I called her ‘mbahtik’ (short for: ‘mbah cantik‘ = ‘pretty grandma’) because she was a beautiful soul. I love her and I miss her dearly.

Triple kisses, M. S.

LIFE IN PINK (See, Understand & Love) 
A Breast Cancer Awareness campaign
brought to you by Monolog Coffee & Tulisan
at Monolog Coffee in Plaza Senayan, Jalan Asia Afrika
1 – 31 October 2015


Seeing the facts will give us knowledge.
Understanding our options will empower us.
Loving every molecule of our being will give us peace.
Now is the time for us to fight breast cancer.


During the month of October all proceeds from the exhibit will benefit underprivileged patients receiving palliative care from dr. Maria Witjaksono.

Warmest Regards, Tulisan Chronicles Team

(Photography by Michal Gorzynski)



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Life in Pink

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‘Semua manusia punya pilihan dalam memandang kehidupan. Seperti yang dilakukan Melissa Sunjaya dalam setiap karyanya. Apa yang dia alami, baca, dengar, lewat hatinya bisa berubah jadi suatu kejutan manis yang ditunggu banyak orang. Kita semua punya pilihan ini dalam hidup; melihat sesuatu dari sudut pandang berbeda. Tak terkecuali mereka yang sedang merasakan kesedihan atau kegelapan. Mau terus menangis atau bangkit dan mulai memeluk kehidupan dengan segala warna di dalamnya? Berbagai kejutan indah dalam hidup akan senantiasa menghampiri kalau semangat dalam jiwa selalu ada.’
– Sarah Sechan


‘Bio Fantasy’ is a tribute to Chairil Anwar, depicting a series of visual and storytelling experiments inspired by abstract microbes and their relation to human emotions. Six art prints by Melissa Sunjaya were selected especially for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and are a prelude to our Bio Fantasy illustrated editions which will debut on 28 October 2015.

During the month of October all proceeds from the exhibit will benefit underprivileged patients receiving palliative care from dr. Maria Witjaksono.


LIFE IN PINK (See, Understand & Love) 
A Breast Cancer Awareness campaign
brought to you by Monolog Coffee & Tulisan
at Monolog Coffee in Plaza Senayan, Jalan Asia Afrika
1 – 31 October 2015

Seeing the facts will give us knowledge.
Understanding our options will empower us.
Loving every molecule of our being will give us peace.
Now is the time for us to fight breast cancer.


Each special work includes a short story and a red film lens for a second layer viewing experience. Available in petite size: 250 x 200 x 40 mm (Rp.650,000) and in medium size: 500 x 650 x 40 mm (Rp.2,000,000). Giclée orders will take 5 working days – FREE shipping is included.

Warmest Regards, Tulisan Chronicles Team

(Photography by Michal Gorzynski)

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Letters Edition


Tulisan proudly presents the newest piece of our Bio Fantasy collection: the Letters Edition. These exclusive prints by Melissa Sunjaya, are made of the finest materials in the style of hand-lettering. This collection showcases simple and straightforward designs fit for everyone, while still maintaining the quality and aesthetic of Tulisan.


BBT 1510 – LE: Boat Bag, Aku, Light Ecru  |  Rp350,000

The artworks in this edition feature the excerpt “Aku ini binatang jalang” which was taken from one of the most famous works by literary maestro Chairil Anwar, Aku (1943). The excerpt conveys the message of someone who refuses to be subordinate to society at large, and instead chooses to remain confident and unapologetic for who they are.


This edition is presented on two styles of bags: Boat Bag & Postal Bag. These are available through Tulisan Boutiques in Plaza Senayan and Darmawangsa Square on Wednesday, 30 September. The styles that are included in this edition reflect our belief that confidence and comfort should be extremely accessible to everyone.

Triple kisses, M. S.

(Photography by Michal Gorzynski)


BPS 1510 – PR: Postal Bag, Aku, Purple Rain  |  Rp450,000

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A Hope to Many

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dr. Maria Witjaksono is one of the few doctors in Indonesia who specializes in palliative care. For patients with serious illnesses, like cancer, palliative care focuses not on curing the disease, but on improving the quality of life for both the patient and their loved ones.

My good friend Evie Karsoho invited me to chat with her and dr. Maria at the Dharmais Cancer Center in Slipi to better understand the benefits and implications of this type of healthcare.

A recent article by the Ministry of Health revealed that the cancer incidence rates are on the rise. There were approximately 330,000 people living with cancer back in 2013 and the numbers have continued to increase each year.


“It is important that we become aware of the facts regarding breast cancer and understand that there are options to fight it,” explained dr. Maria Witjaksono. For the patients dr. Maria cares for, fighting cancer doesn’t necessarily involve curing the disease, but rather finding relief from the pain, stress, and mental anguish that the illness entails.

Every day, dr. Maria dedicates her time to palliative care beginning at 6:30 every morning and often finishes around midnight. With the help of a team of nurses, she provides care to an average of 12 patients per day, spending at least one hour with each. For over 15 years dr. Maria has dedicated her time and services to providing this specialized healthcare.

With palliative care, the practitioner takes into consideration not only the patient’s medical condition but also other important aspects of their life such as their family situation, financial needs, and their psychological well-being. It is a personalized approach, regardless of the medical diagnosis.


“My role as palliative care physician is not only for those who has no access to treatment, but also to support those who are receiving cancer treatment, so that their quality of life can be maintained or improved. We address their psychological distress, social difficulties and spiritual concerns. For those whose physical states are too weak or too sensitive to undergo cancer treatments, we provide special care for them so that they can live with better conditions.”
– dr. Maria Witjaksono

dr. Maria was first introduced to this type of treatment while working at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in the USA. Upon returning to Indonesia, she recognized that palliative care could provide vital support to the increasing number of people diagnosed with cancer.


dr. Maria’s work in palliative care brings hope to many people in Indonesia. It is for this very reason that Evie and I decided to assist dr. Maria’s ongoing efforts with a special exhibition that will take place at Monolog in Plaza Senayan during the month of October 2015. This exhibition is dedicated to “Life in Pink” – a breast cancer awareness campaign, featuring 6 art editions from my Bio Fantasy collection. All proceeds will be donated to dr. Maria Witjaksono’s palliative care services for breast cancer patients who do not have access to proper healthcare in Indonesia.

Tripple kisses, M. S.

(Photography by Evie Karsoho)


Save the Date:

A Tribute to Chairil Anwar, ’Bio Fantasy’ Exhibition by Melissa Sunjaya.
Featuring 6 illustrated archival giclée prints

at Monolog Coffee in Plaza Senayan, Jalan Asia Afrika
1 – 31 October 2015

LIFE IN PINK (See, Understand & Love)
A Breast Cancer Awareness campaign
by Monolog Coffee & Tulisan in the month of October 2015.

Available size:
Medium giclée (500 x 650 x 40 mm on stretched canvas)
Petite giclée (200 x 250 x 40 mm on stretched canvas).

All proceeds will be donated to dr. Maria Witjaksono’s palliative care services, for breast cancer patients who do not have access to proper healthcare in Indonesia.

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Inking Chairil Anwar’s Words

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The craft of hand-lettering plays a big part in my next science fiction project, Bio Fantasy. The project is a tribute to Chairil Anwar. He had transformed the way our language, Bahasa Indonesia, was used in the past. He deconstructed formal syntax, to create different layers of emotion in his poetry. My exploration was about adding sensuality to the letterforms of his words.


Like all handmade crafts, hand-lettering allows ourselves to experience mistakes. This craft can be therapeutic on a neurotic day.


Imperfections are bound to happen with this craft. Mistakes such as misspelling of a word, smudged ink or a bad curve line.


When I do find these technical defects on my page, I continue to ink. Until the flaws become a charming aspect of the work.


It is important to get rid of the fear of making mistakes. I often get so anxious of making all the possible mistakes. This fear can stop me from inking the page. So the real challenge is to face this fear and to see the real beauty in many forms. The esthetic is subjective, so I have the option of breaking some lettering standards.


What is most important for me is the experimental process which can open our mind. If the first word is ugly, the next one will be better and the 100th word will be inked with joy. So I practice a lot.


The satisfaction from hand-lettering happens when the hand movement is free flowing like water. The aim is to make the pressure of the stroke to be light weight.


We can twirl the pen as we drag it across the page to produce contrasting thick and thin strokes. Contentment and confidence usually produce a better quality of line.


This year I have hand-lettered excerpts from Chairil Anwar’s poetry. The first one of this series is ‘Aku ini binatang jalang’. This work will make its debut on 30 September 2015 as part of Tulisan’s new product line – the Letters Edition.


I hope you will enjoy this collection.

Triple kisses, M.S.


(Photography by Michal Gorzynski)

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A Tribute to Chairil Anwar

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In the following six months, my work is a tribute to Chairil Anwar. It is my first science fiction project, titled ‘Bio Fantasy’.

Bio Fantasy is dedicated to honoring Chairil Anwar’s legacy with the intention of reconnecting with his values that forever changed literature and language in Indonesia. I have invited fellow artists to explore their own interpretation of Bio Fantasy. Using the avant-garde principles inherent to Chairil Anwar’s literary approach, each artist had to relinquish their conventional work habits, defy their rationales and tear down any strategical methods, in order to manifest and explore new emotions.

Chairil Anwar was the pioneer of “Angkatan 45” (Indonesia’s art and literary movement that began in 1945). Most Indonesians are familiar with Anwar’s most celebrated poems ‘Aku’ and ‘Krawang-Bekasi’; however, today, information pertaining to his work, his life, and his credo are not widely available. This year-long project, Bio Fantasy, seeks to continue the discourse Anwar began. He was a literary mastermind who single-handedly broke through every conventional protocol and created a new paradigm for Indonesian poetry. His rebellious use of casual diction, unorthodox patterns, and innovative syntax has never failed to inspire new generations of artists, philosophers, and poets.

The first chapter of this Fall-Winter collection will make its debut in October 2015. With this project, I hope you will enjoy Chairil Anwar’s work from a different perspective.

Triple kisses, M. S.

Photographed by Lia Subianto

Photographed by Lia Subianto

Voice of the Night, Chairil Anwar's Poetry with English Translation by Burton Raffel

‘Voice of the Night’, Chairil Anwar’s Anthology of Poetry and Prose with English Translation by Burton Raffel, was the book that inspired me to undertake this ‘Bio Fantasy’ project.

Chairil Anwar

Chairil Anwar


Saya berharap proyek seni ‘Bio Fantasy’ karya Melissa Sunjaya dapat mengabadikan warisan budaya ayahanda, Chairil Anwar, sehingga semua generasi bisa menikmatinya dalam khayalan hayati masing-masing, untuk seribu tahun lagi.

– Evawani Alissa Chairil Anwar
Jakarta, 15 September 2015

Save the Date:
1 October – 31 October 2015
LIFE IN PINK (See, Understand & Love) 
is a Breast Cancer Awareness campaign by Monolog Coffee & Tulisan
in the month of October 2015. The campaign features
6 illustrated archival giclée prints of ‘Bio Fantasy’ by Melissa Sunjaya.

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Wearing your Plume and Wonder


If you are someone who are constantly commuting and is in dire need of organisation skills to keep your day efficient and hassle free, we recommend to read through and find the following ways on how you can carry your Tulisan Plume and Wonder.


1. Pack your Shoes

When traveling, extra shoes are essential. If you end up in a country where walking is the main mode of transport, an additional pair of sneakers or any comfortable shoes will bring you a long way.

Our pick: Medium Cube – Wonder Smokey Lunar


2. Tying Gadgets as One

Chargers and extra memory in form of a hard disk will keep you updated with the timelines of work and news. Instead of rummaging through your bag for the phone charge and getting an iPad charger instead, our small cube keeps them readily available in one open zip.

Our pick: Small Cube – Plume Smokey Night 


3. Quick Make Up Fix

A quick touch up powdering your nose or glossing your lips is a necessary treat to keep you constantly refreshed for any occasion. Be it for a meeting with your client, a night out with your girls, or a romantic get-together with your partner.

Our pick: Small Pouch or Organisers – Wonder Light Coco


4. Covering Travel Essential

Passports are the closest thing to being your life when you are in a foreign country. It is the main essential which gets you from one border to the next. It is also the one thing which you will take out of your bag for an immigration check or identity purposes. To avoid this life card to be spoiled, have it cover in our choices of Passport Envelopes. In addition, it will look nice to the eyes!

Our pick: Passport Envelopes – Plume Blue Capri

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Gedung Djoang ’45

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There is a great disparity about what our fathers understood about independence day to what we learned in school. We have learned about our first president Soekarno as the first president on his fight against our freedom, however, the fight itself was not a individual struggle, it could have only be achieved through a collective force.

Gedung Djoang ’45 in Menteng thus becomes a historical record of Indonesia’s journey towards independence. This museum was then a hotel before becoming a meeting point for a political education program governed by Soekarno, A.M Hanafi, Chaerul Saleh, and Adam Malik — known as Pemoeda Menteng 31, a collective responsible in the re-enactmet of Soekarno, Hatta, and Fatmawati’s kidnapping to Rengasdengklok one day before independence day.

In this museum, we learned through a chronological tour on the people and events that followed towards the birth of Indonesia. We can witness the remains of our history through the past objects, statement posters, staged figurines and one of its exclusive feature being the official service transportation once owned by the first president and vice president as well as the car used by Soekarno during an assassination attempt at a school function in Cikini.

The only problem we found about the museum was many of its posters were digitally printed and blown up from its original scale, creating pixelated imagery, an unfortunate part which affected the whole viewing experience. Although for an entrance which only cost us Rp. 5000, – we are not complaining much, we only wish for today is everybody put a little effort in understanding pieces of our past to make sense of the present.

WP_JOU_djoang_02 WP_JOU_djoang_03 WP_JOU_djoang_04 WP_JOU_djoang_05

Gedung Djoang ’45
Jl. Menteng Raya No.31,
Menteng, Kota Jakarta Pusat,
Daerah Khusus Ibukota
Jakarta 10340, Indonesia

Text by Athina Ibrahim
Photography by Krishni Swandayani

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Melissa Sunjaya at Ideafest 2015

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“Idea is the future for all of us,” said Triawan Munaf, the head of the Creative Economy Bureau of Indonesia as he opened the second day of Ideafest 2015. The event was held in Jakarta Convention Center in Senayan, where more than 800 people attended the seminars, talkshows, and conferences on ideas and how they can change the way people live.


Among the keynote speakers, Tulisan’s Melissa Sunjaya was one of them. Being the first conference in the morning, people queued up in front of the gates and when it finally opened at 10 a.m., they rushed to get the best seats in the room. The huge room was filled with enthusiasm, as DJ Hogi warmed them up before Sarah Sechan as the host introduced Melissa and Carline on to the stage.

Sitting along with Carline Darjanto of CottonInk and moderated by Dien Tirto Buwono, they discussed the creative process behind the retail business and how the company operates while having a creative background in the session: Anatomy of Modern Indonesian Brands.


Melissa shared her story with the audience on how she and her mother built Tulisan from scratch, and how they strived for excellence on every aspect of the business, including the process of planning and calculation of every decision they made as a company. “She is the ideal business partner: the one you can trust to be honest with you the whole time,” said Melissa, as the audience clapped with admiration.

The whole session felt heartwarming as both the speaker talked about their experience in running a business with their own partner. The sincere tone in their speech and the confident gestures made the audience realized however strict and discipline they are in running their business, they are both human after all.


Text and Photograph by Yuda Dilianzia

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70 Years of Independence


The only way we can appreciate our grounds is if we understood our history. To have an open eye and ear to the roots that became the backbone of where we stand today.

70 years ago, we fought consistently for a freedom we deserved and whether we can say we are truly independent depends on those who fight and take ownership for their own self.

For Melissa her fight for freedom became a journey of discovery:

“Every Woman who wants to start something should view the journey as a fight for her own freedom. Every gain she earns in finding this freedom is about discovering something new about herself and every loss she faces is about learning her strength.”

To our proud nation who have conquered their rights and to everyone who are in the quest for freedom, have a mighty heart and push through as we did years ago.

 Happy 70th Independence Day, Indonesia!

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IdeaFest 2015: Creativity with Purpose

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Since 2011, IdeaFest has emerged in Jakarta as a platform which sparks discussions and creative action. With our creative industry emerging with eventful and potential start-ups, IdeaFest was born to network these great talents in one place in hopes to snowball into an aspiration and inspiration for our city and its people.

“We believe a good business gives benefits not only to the owner but also to the environment.”

Our own Melissa Sunjaya will take on the stage this coming 07-08 August 2015, at Jakarta Convention Centre alongside prolific entrepreneur as GoJek CEO, Nadiem Makarim, Kicky Andy Host and Journalist, Andy F. Noya, Cotton Ink Creative Director, Carline Darjanto and many other great makers.

For more information on the tickets click:


Melissa Sunjaya

Melissa Sunjaya founded Tulisan in 2010, with the initial idea was to create artist-illustrated print editions and apply them to lifestyle products, 100% made in Jakarta with an original twist. With IDR 5 million for the initial production cost, she bought one hundred yards of raw cotton canvas from an upholstery shop which sold left-over export materials and cut the canvas roll in small pieces. She launched Tulisan first line of products through The Bright Spot Market in Pacific Place during 11-14 March 2010, where her team of only four people sold a total of approximately IDR 67 million in merchandise. People were intrigued by the fact that each product had a short fiction behind the illustration. Tulisan continued introducing their products through Melissa’s home boutique in Jalan Tirtayasa, the local Jakarta community events and pop-up markets and by January 31, 2014 (ten months after initial launch), the monthly sales had reached approximately IDR 150 million.

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A Tulisan Woman: Diwien Hartono

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As you inhale the fragrance of thyme, she gently places her palms towards your head or occasionally on your back. Sometimes, she exerts pressure towards your skin with her index finger or thumb as she quietly listens to you talk. Other times, she will leave you to peacefully sleep. As you lay on the bed wondering what she does to your body as she move from one side to the next from finger to toe. Your only assurance is trusting she will help you tweak you back to the acquired balance your body is seeking for.


Only two levels above the Tulisan Darmawangsa Square store, Diwien Hartono, often awaits for our individual presence on a yellow chair in a practice called True Nature Holistic Healing. Often you will see her seated comfortably barefooted with her legs up sideways on the cushion.

She smiles and welcomes you in as if welcoming a guest to her own home.

As she walks you towards the therapy room, she offers a glass of water on every visit. “Dehydration is the cause of most illness,” she often says. Water as she explains has remarkable benefits in eliminating toxin and curing the most troublesome ailments.

But water itself is not enough. Before you start, she asks a number of questions regarding your perceived illness. She starts off by explaining the nature of this holistic practice. Holistic therapy stem from an understanding if imbalances occur in the human body, the wholeness of the person – physical, emotional, or spiritual – has a direct effect on the well-being. One aspect cannot function without the other.


“We are made up of four elements. The body, emotion and mind, psychic, and spirit,” Diwien thoroughly shares. As anyone often says, your body sickness are a manifestation of troubled emotion, mind, or psychic. Spirit is an aspect of the self which is untouchable. It bellies from your own relations to a higher power. Whereas the three foremost factors are controllable daily.

Although understanding one’s emotions is like opening layers of an onion. The traumatic events or emotional hurdles we encounter and the kinds we repress will translate instead into a tangible form of distinct pain.


It was by choice she decided to dedicated her life now to people who suffer from bringing a balance in their body. As a therapist, she had learned the hard way of battling with her own conflicted mind and body throughout the years of facing asthma and allergies. Her past job working in sales in an IT company were high strung and gave her numerous head and body aches.

By fate she met with Reza Gunawan, owner of the holistic practice, who has for years delved into the world of self-healing, where Diwien was determined to learn to take herself out of her misery of aches and give herself a peace of mind.


A high level of self-awareness is needed to bring yourself to its wholesome condition. Something not everyone is determined to understand. It takes time and practice in understanding your core purpose and expression. Indonesia and Asian culture in general are not accustomed in expressing ourselves freely. “I can only understand people from what I see and hear from them,” Diwien affirms,  “I can only help if the person is willing to cooperate.” Which is the challenge she faces. She believes, however, in process. It takes time to conquer your limiting beliefs.

There is a written philosophy in the True Nature blog which goes: I am at most responsible in nurturing, caring, and healing the health, balance, and happiness of my own life.  This becomes the aim for her to ensure everyone she encounter can have ownership to their own mishaps and live with a healthier well-being.


She has been a comfortable confidant for the Tulisan team, as most team member has sought support from her on a weekly basis. Tulisan itself has become a mirror to her self-healing journey. She has been in love with the Tulisan collection from the get go, but one story has lingered in her heart, “Anima reflects a lot about my lifestory.”

Anima revolves around the pull of the subconscious and our projected reality. For Diwien, she has found herself in The Oracle of the Catfish, one of the central characters in Anima which dabbles into the world of divinations and tampers with both tangible and intangible world. Coincidently, Oracle was the name of the company she previously worked in.

Visible similarities are even experienced through the five kingdoms of Anima – Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Air – where she currently studying the healing practice with essential oils of those five elements.

As she constantly becomes a foundation for us who were on the road to contentment, I was curious and had asked her how she keeps herself going forward positively. To my surprise, she explained she is not for the concept of positive self-affirmation.

“Affirmation only last for a short while. You need to accept every negative aspect of your life before you can fully embrace the positive aspects,” She concludes.

Text by Athina Ibrahim
Photography by Michał Górzyński

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Happy Children’s Day!


I will paint or I will cook,
At times even read a book.
I scribble or I nibble,
Occasionally have a giggle.
I tiptoe or I jump,
When I am not in a grump.
I see and I will do,
Often without a clue.

Happy Children’s Day!

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Eid Operational Hours


Another Ramadan month has passed us quickly and before we know it by tomorrow we will be celebrating this whole “challenging” but equally blessed up with a winning triumph of fighting with perseverance. As the whole Tulisan team will be off for a few days to enjoy time with our loved ones, we also would like to announce the store closing time and dates:

Darmawangsa Store:
Lebaran Break: Closed 17th of July to 19th of July 2015
Normal Operations: 20th July 2015 from 9:00 to 21:00

Plaza Senayan Store:
Lebaran Break: Closed on the day of Lebaran – 17th of July 2015
Normal Operations: Normal operating hours after the Lebaran break. 

Selamat Idul Fitri 
Mohon Maaf Lahir dan Batin!

– Tulisan Chronicles Team

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