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Duet in Art


For Tulisan’s collection, titled ‘PULSAR DANCE’, our founding artist Melissa Sunjaya worked a long way to visualize an emotional connection between mankind and the planet Earth.


From the start, she had imagined this concept to be expressed through a contemporary body exploration. Contemporary dance was a foreign discipline for her. Furthermore, learning this skill at 42 years of age was not an easy start.


Her essay stated her point of view that everything was possible in this universe and even chaos could open up new pathways for potential. So despite any technical disadvantage that she may have, she began studying contemporary dance with a professional dancer & choreographer, Davit Fitrik.


‘Pulsar Dance’ showcased a collaboration of two artists from contrasting creative disciplines and different skill levels, in performing art and visual art. In this duet, the two artists were challenged to synchronize their languages into a poetic movement conveying the relationship between human and mother Earth.


It took almost 8 months of strict diet and intensive physical training for Melissa to condition her body for this challenge. It was important for her to be able to balance Davit’s 20 years experience as a professional dancer. In turn, Davit also submersed himself in Melissa’s essay, ‘Pulsar Dance’, with all its visual interpretation. 


It was important to understand that the goal was never to match one another in capacity, but to convey a symbiosis of trust and complementing potentials. This was the essence of the collaboration. This perspective should ideally be the shape of human bond to his habitat.


Davit is certain that it is not easy to be a dancer or an artist. “We cannot only copy a movement or a drawing, we have to first understand the substance that we want to express. As a dancer, I have to be aware of the mechanics of my own body and the energy source of every movement. The dynamic projection has to come from the soul”, Davit explained.


WhatsApp Image 2017-02-17 at 5.36.54 PM

Davit Fitrik established his own dance academy, Sound of Movement (SOM), located in Ruko Emerald Boulevard Blok CE/A1 no 6, Bintaro sektor 9, Tangerang 15227. He has performed in several international dance repertoires. Next Sunday, 26 February 2017, SOM will present a recital in Taman Ismail Marzuki at 19:00. Tickets are available for sale through contacting: Audrey at 082123385566

Instagram: @mytulisan
Facebook: Tulisan
Twitter: @mytulisan
Youtube Channel: Tulisan Jakarta

Text by Zharfani Padmasedhana
Photography by Krishni Swandayani

Tulisan Chronicles Team

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Collective Support

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Melissa explained that her inspiration behind the story of the collection Fall/Winter 16/17 came from an astrophysicist, Jocelyn Bell Burnell, who discover ‘pulsar’ frequency in 1967.


Art movie and art photography were made in the building was built in 1710 as the city hall of Batavia.


Melissa collaborates with Davit Fitrik, a choreographer and a professional dancer to brought together ‘Tari Pulsar’ in this collection.


Due to the fact that this field was new to Melissa, she started to learning contemporary dance regularly at the beginning of 2016.


Once the artist has found inspiration, as a team, we continue to develop the concept to production. How will they look like? What is the story behind their character? How will she interact with other characters? What acts will she perform? We discuss it all during brainstorming sessions.


A costume is a crucial part of the character’s visual look and makes a major difference on the impression she will give.


Makeup complements one character’s and completes the visual look. Specific character traits can be expressed through makeup too.


Our team understands what Melissa needs to make this process easy and runs smoothly. All things are well prepared, it is not from professionals but our team can make the necessary things become possible and be the perfect result.

A gasp from the crowd, energy use, making us not feel tired and proud of the results achieved.

Instagram: @mytulisan
Facebook: Tulisan
Twitter: @mytulisan
Youtube Channel: Tulisan Jakarta

Illustrated by Melissa Sunjaya
Photography by Krishni Swandayani
Text by Zharfani Padmasedhana

Tulisan Chronicles Team

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Thank you for Ernst & Young EWW 2013

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The Founding Artist

The Founding Artist

Thank you with all my heart to all my beloved team, dearest friends and family who have supported me in winning the Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Winning Women 2013.

In my humble opinion, earning this award will grant an elevated perspective to the profile of any growing business. A perspective that would open doors to many new possibilities and would earn trust based on the essence of our business. The major obstacles that I have continued to overcome in starting this brand have always been about building the system from ground zero, setting our own standards, and establishing an impressive track record in order to validate our concepts and earn trust from the related parties we work with. Earning this highly regarded award would give confidence to my young team, would raise the barometer of our commitment, and would propel our brand to a noble ground.

Tulisan will never be a place for one solo artist with vested personal ambitions. It is an honest and clean company that is dedicated to empowering others, celebrating individuality, and caring for our world. The organizational structure has been designed to reflect a guild that accommodates artists from different disciplines and honors all forms of art from illustration, literature, music, cinematography, dance, ceramic to wood work. The manufacturing methodology has been planned carefully to showcase Indonesia’s finest artisanal craftsmanship and excellence in production quality. The design principles of our base products have always been simple and pure, which appeal to a universal audience. With this groundwork set in motion, Tulisan is preparing a blueprint for a stage that is ocean deep. A stage where a label imprinting ‘Jakarta’ will tell a different story about this city and will be a spotlight witnessed by many nations for the first time in history.

Without further ado, it takes courage, determination and constant discipline from each individual to break through the conventional molds so that we can project our very best of our beings and compose our blueprints into reality within the near future. I have hand-picked a team of young willful individuals who together have self-taught themselves in becoming a potent team of experts in the daily operations of Tulisan. As the captain of this team, I choose to devote my time in mentoring these individuals to be free thinkers, entrepreneurs and leaders.

Triple kisses from Jakarta with Love,
Melissa Sunjaya

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Halloween Photo Competition Winner

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Melissa and her team had finally pick the winners of our Halloween Photo Competition. Congratulations for all winners and thank you for the superb enthusiasm and effort from all participants. We should definitely do this more often.

First Prize: Connie Fransisca (@Cone_Knight)

First Honorable Mention: Gina Syafitri (@ginafaradila)

Second Honorable Mention: Kahori Roskamp (@ChuzaiLiving)

Third Honorable Mention: Tria Rifki (@trialogy)

Please set a time to meet our team and claim your prizes at our store between Monday, November 12 – Wednesday, November 14; from 9 am – 7 pm. If you reside outside Jakarta please kindly contact our team at info@tulisan.com for further assistance.

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In Love with Textile and Travel

Her real name is Emyra Bianda Amangku, but friends call her Myra. She was born in May, the second child of three from a multi-cultural parents. Her father was Indonesian from the region of Serang and her mother was Indonesian-Dutch from the region of Menado and Ambon. Growing up, she has always been fond of adventure stories and making crafts, such as creating raffia wigs and dresses. It was a childhood trait that later on became a life long passion in travel and art.

Her eternally poised and calm demeanor conceals a profound and radical mind. She is exceptionally perceptive and bases many of her decisions on intuition. As part of the founding team of Tulisan, she has mastered virtually every aspect of our business including, design, production, logistic, creative writing, textile, and illustration. Hardly any of these areas are related to her degree in psychology which she earned from Atmajaya University.

Her eyes will never disagree with you, even when her opinion differs greatly from yours. Only one tiny area on her face tenses up when she ventures outside of her comfort zone. Myra and I understand each other so well that we hardly have to speak in full sentences. When we discuss new ideas we are like two kids playing tangram on our moleskins. We laugh out loud when we think about how incomplete and incomprehensible we must sound to others.

Though she never studied fine art or graphic design, Myra has a raw interest in art and culture. She loves independent films, such as “The Royal Tenenbaums” and the animated works of Studio Ghibli in Japan. She also enjoys music festivals and occasionally she daydreams about living the life of a nomad. Myra’s eyes become tearful when she’s snapped out of her reverie and back into her bustling reality.

The unique inner workings of her mind are always reflected in her choice of color. Her very first illustrations for Tulisan have a strong contrasting color palette: black, white, blue, yellow, and purple. This juxtaposition implies both firmness and certainty and was very much influenced by her recent trip to Kyoto, Japan, where she purchased a series of books on textile designs from Scandinavia.

Every day Myra dresses as if she were about to go on a long voyage. You will regularly find her wearing comfortable sneakers, vintage-style dresses, vibrant cardigans, and often a colorful scarf.

Since starting with Tulisan in 2010, Myra has truly taken a colorful rollercoaster ride. Working at Tulisan can occasionally be daunting. I once asked her what motivated her to maintain such a steadfast dedication to her job. She told me that at Tulisan she’s found people who share her same spirit and outlook on life. Heading the artistic department of our atelier, Myra believes that everything in life can be self-realized with determination and steely resolve.

Tripple kisses, Melissa Sunjaya

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The Path Less Traveled

When I met Melissa for the first time in December 2011 she told me, “The only prison we have is our own mind. Everything we do should be based on intuition, such that our hearts are set free and we can be our true selves.” Although at the time I had many lucrative prospects from other companies, I immediately took the job she offered as the Chief Financial Officer of Tulisan. Her company is unique in many ways, and it was clear to me that Melissa’s vision was complex, encompassing more than simply limited edition prints and artwork.

We have since shared many lengthy discussions and have on several occasions burned the midnight oil entangled in fruitful arguments or bearing out new ideas. For the first time in my career, I am now surrounded by co-workers who are genuinely open to my rebellious nature and unconventional analytical views. Tulisan has grown for the same reasons that I have too, because it values intuition and is ever mindful of its enduring legacy.

Everything that happened with Tulisan has always started from Melissa’s spontaneous sketches which often incorporate “happy accidents.” Four months ago, there was a crucial production hiccup when we inadvertently printed hundreds of canvases with the wrong dimensions. But it was this “error” that gave birth to the design of a new product, our Hobo Tote.  This bag which has become a beloved item in the shop was inspired by nomadic travelers who believe in the spontaneous flow of the universe.

It seems mistakes are just opportunities hidden in unexpected circumstance.  I’m delighted to work someplace that shares this outlook too.

Warm regards, Fadly CAP

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A Tale of The Promenade

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My toes embraces the promenade and I feel the sun kisses my skin.

I run against the wind and hear the story of the ocean whispered in my ear.
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Les Papillons a Paris

Virginie Kasse, the writer of  “The Butterflies of Victor”, will share her story and inspirations behind the creation of  Victor book in Pages Apres Pages – a charming book shop on 29, rue des Dames, Paris. We are so happy that the butterflies have flown far and arrived safely at the heart of the City of Romance.


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Contemplating on Balzac

Tulisan’s production is moving fast to a phase that is extremely exciting yet challenging. With higher demands of our products and interests from the international market’s, we knew it is time to step things up. For the last few months, we’ve been working hard to settle a platform for our international launch: expanding our production capacity while retaining the traditional methods and idealistically insisting that our products should be made as a labor of love.

The thought of the overwhelming work to meet our deadlines and high standards – at times jittered this clueless-self the most. But giving up sounds too lifeless. Suryo, our new Head of Reserach and Development, led this project. With his experience as an automotive designers, Suryo’s precision helped developed a new standard of our collection, aiming for high quality products. Starting with creating technical packages to set up the packaging system, surprisingly we have a lot of fun doing this. Here are some pictures I took last week at our R&D meeting.

I never really contemplate on this, until one hectic day I fled for a 15 mins coffee break, my eyes got stuck on this notebook which was a gift from my significant other almost a year ago. There’s a quote from a French novelist, Honore de Balzac, on the front cover. It said, “When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt”. I hope it makes a heartwarming encouragement to you as it did to me.

xx, Myra Bianda

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Newly Minted Ideas

On a recent trip to the Mint Museum of Toys in Singapore I was so enchanted by the bright colors and fonts seen on the packages of the delighful vintage toys, that when I returned to Jakarta I immediately went to work on creating items that conveyed the same of cheerful  and flamboyant qualities.

Tulisan’s Pepe Doll project was actually inspired by treasures housed in the Mint Museum.

 These rich colors and eye-catching fonts convey a kind of idealism & nostalgia that I wanted to further explore.

I love to delve into the past to seek out inspiration.  Often I find it when I look at vintage batiks or iconic graphics, but on that day it was found in the childhood playthings from decades past. Triple kisses, Melissa Sunjaya

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