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Space In Your Home


It happens to all of us: you walk into a Tulisan store, fall completely in love with some gorgeous of art and have to take it home, only to realise that it’s not the right fit. For one reason or another, Tulisan has some sizes for your wall, giclée in petite to master size.



Cushion Cover: Filogenesis & Tessitura

It’s important to remember that decorating is personal. At the end of the day, your opinion is what matters most. Simply adding art to an empty space, pick something that speaks to you. From there you can make sure that it chances. Chances are if you like it, it will.


Tea Towel: Tessitura – Blue Note

Empty wall deserves grand and glorious for wall decor. This way your room won’t get lost or look misplaced.


Tea Towel: Filogenesis – Nero Forest

You can also use moderately in the same theme or colour to create a stunning gallery wall.

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Illustrated by Melissa Sunjaya
Text by Zharfani Padmasedhana
Photography by Bima Chris

Tulisan Chronicles Team

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Kaki Lima: Crossing Tracks

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KAKI LIMA: (Kaki = Feet/Leg; Lima = Five) In literal translation, Kaki Lima means five feet. In Jakarta, the term is often used to describe the ubiquitous street vendors who willingly push their three-legged cart with their strong two feet. With Tulisan, we take you to stroll and commute with us to the streets of the capital, to immerse in your senses and pay attention to the sight, sound, and scent beyond the cityscapes.

Crossing Tracks

Crossing with an abrupt passing of sound. They are kept hidden and obscured often tucked underground. Once there and then gone again. Working unnoticed as they occasionally change tracks to avoid unwelcoming collisions of other vehicles. 

Just as she moves in life, these trains and their tracks resemble the encounter she has with people who come into her life, cherish her being, and move to their own ideals. She stays for a loving embrace, a pat of support, and if possible, avoid unnecessary friction of the union. 

She becomes a nomad in search for fulfillment, but always return to the familiar who calm her apprehension. Each progression in motion as she take on the trail towards the people who make the day a little less cloudy and her baggage a little more lighter. 

She opens a beeping message from her dear friend, “I’m here, waiting for you at our usual meeting point.”




Text by Athina Ibrahim
Photography by Gabriela Bhaskar

Bag Tulisan’s Marigold Knit City Tote
Dress by Ensemble The Label
Dilyana from Amore Models Jakarta

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