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Kengo, The Fever Man


“Taste takes much longer to develop – that comes from keeping an open mind to music, listening to whole albums rather than just the singles and generally being hungry for music you haven’t heard before.”Kengo Oshima

The late Jeff Buckley once stated, “Be awake enough to see where you are at any given time and how that is beautiful and has poetry inside.” The man I had an encounter with on his visit to Bali took this adage to heart and has kept his eyes and ears open from his surrounding experiences.

Kengo Oshima’s first musical influence was in the 90s. He had heard a track “You Can Call Me Al” by Paul Simon in the album Graceland firstly from his friend’s father. “The bass riff was most memorable, then the poetry really grew on me,” as he recalls the trigger to his musical sensibility.

Kengo took his first childhood exposure to the piano and guitar. This initial interaction later led to forming bands in high school and exploring the endless possibilities records stores provided. To date, he is part of the entertaining musical group, The Cuban Brothers, where Kengo on his biography is said to be the “a dancer and a fever man.”

The Cuban Brothers are a musical group who pride themselves on giving a full on performance of music, comedy, and a whole lot of dancing. They make sure they challenge themselves and have fun while they do it and this translates very much to Kengo’s outlook in life by wholeheartedly taking on the role of a DJ, dancer, and choreographer.

Although looking very much fluid on the dance floor, Kengo shares his suave for dancing to happen by accident. He explored break dancing when he was 18 before eventually making dancing a lifestyle,”I really got into it straight away because I enjoyed the physical aspect of it, the fusion of body and music and the challenge of training and improvement — trying to do something you can’t do.” He personifies a level of enjoyment which equals the dedication and training in constantly improving his craft.

While his upbringing did not support the idea of exploring music, his art teacher once said Kengo to have the “temperament of an artist” – a restless urge to constantly produce fulfilling work. Although, he states, “I’m not one of those dedicated artists who can priorities their art before paying the rent or eating,” Kengo values balance and realizes the need to make ends meet.

Since leaving school, he quickly understood that to maintain your interest there are times you needed to do anything to support yourself. He was once a chef, an English teacher,  and even stockbroker while balancing his musical calling by performing for The Cuban Brothers. It was only during The Cuban Brother’s peak time, where Kengo committed his time to them wholeheartedly.

The key to being as productive as Kengo is to be hungry. His sense of inquisitiveness arrived to him from indulging and sharing his music collection since high school, he would make eclectic mix tapes of anything from Bulgarian choir to Motown to punk to classical which then continued to his current profession as a DJ. “The technical aspect of mixing which you can learn in a short amount of time, taste takes much longer to develop – that comes from keeping an open mind to music, listening to whole albums rather than just the singles and generally being hungry for music you haven’t heard before.”

Like a burning sensation of a fever, Kengo has embraced his itch for music early on and decided to make his mark, “with anything if you are going to do something you should always put your stamp.”

 Head to our flagship store in Dharmawangsa to get a taste of Kengo’s music playlist at our store. 

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Camden Calling Jakartans


Camden calling all Jakartans!!! Take a picture at Tulisan Camden Market Pop-Up Installation and tweet your funky photos to @mytulisan.


Express yourself, dress crazy, and be original. Win our MOST WANTED Collector’s Edition Portico Tote and other goodies.


Join the fun and see you there!

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Tulisan Pop Up Installation: Camden Market

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Tulisan Pop-Up Installation of


JAKARTA 11 – 17 FEB 2013



• Limited prints of Melissa Sunjaya’s first pen & ink sketches from her London days in 1989.

• Her latest typography and hand-lettering work in Tulisan Block Type and Giclée.

• The new Cruise 2013 print collection of Hobo and Siesta totes in 3 colorways.

Mark your calendar to join our photo competition:

Dress up as a Londoner, take a picture at Tulisan Camden Market and tweet us your photo! Prizes include: Collector’s Edition Portico Tote, Tulisan Block Type, and Tulisan Poster.

For more information, reach us via Twitter, Facebook, or info@tulisan.com.


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Camden Market

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Since 1974, Camden Market has been the most popular open-air market in London, showcasing handmade arts and crafts. It is a very eccentric district and is also known as the birthplace of Rock and Britpop artists. Many music legends such as Sex Pistols, Jimi Hendrix, The Stone Roses, and Amy Winehouse had started their carrier and made their marks in this place. Prince (a.k.a. ‘The Artist’) started his own purple painted shop in Chalk Farm Road.

JOU_CAMDEN06In 1988, I used to live in London and visited Camden Town on every other weekends to buy vintage street signs and biscuit tins. I remembered the alleys, the market, and the street musicians. What inspired me the most from this place was the street artists selling hand-lettering and pen-ink sketches. In fact, it was the year when I started to take my first art studio class in pen and ink. From Camden, I knew that I love typography, that I am crazy about sketching and that one day I will open my own painted shop.


I would like to relive this memory by creating Tulisan’s version of ‘Camden Market’. Please come and share this reminiscence of 1988 with me at Grand Indonesia, Sky Bridge, Floor 3A, on 11-17 February 2013. I will have a limited number of blank cards with my very first pen & ink sketches that were created when I was fifteen.

Triple kisses,


P.S.: Here are some photos of London that I took during those days!


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