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Grand Opening: Tulisan by Plus62


 If in Singapore, you have one more day to get your hands on our Tulisan products!


 An event open for public the grand opening will feature
Autograph session by founding artist Melissa Sunjaya.
Creative process and Live Drawing Session by the artist.
Music performance by Polkadot + Moonbeam
Indulge in a dessert bar and sparkling wine by Straits Wine Company


Tulisan’s store by Plus62 Grand Opening!
Mandarin Gallery Orchard Unit 4-28, 333A
Orchard Road, Singapore 238897
Grand Opening hours: 11 am – 7 pm

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A Grand Welcome in Singapore


 From our favourite Amma Suphahilo Giclée to the latest Anima Principia Tote. We our humbled to introduce Tulisan in the very exuberant location of Singapore at Mandarin Orchard.


Organised nicely by Ima S Chambers, Richard M Hurst, and Farah S Suraputra, our distributor, Plus 62 will be hosting a Tulisan Grand Opening this coming Wednesday, 27th of May, 2015. 


An event open for public the grand opening will feature
Autograph session by founding artist Melissa Sunjaya.
Creative process and Live Drawing Session by the artist.
Music performance by Polkadot + Moonbeam
Indulge in a dessert bar and sparkling wine by Straits Wine Company

Tulisan’s store by Plus62
Mandarin Gallery Orchard Unit 4-28, 333A
Orchard Road, Singapore 238897
Grand Opening hours: 11 am – 7 pm

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Save the Date: Tulisan by Plus62 Grand Opening!


Save the date as our regional store in Singapore presented by our distributor Plus62 will be hosting a grand opening next Wednesday, May, 27, 2015!


We welcome our friends to come for:
Autograph session by founding artist Melissa Sunjaya.
Creative process and Live Drawing Session by the artist.
Music performance by Polkadot + Moonbeam
Indulge in a dessert bar and sparkling wine by Straits Wine Company


Tulisan’s store by Plus62
Mandarin Gallery Orchard Unit 4-28, 333A
Orchard Road, Singapore 238897
Grand Opening hours: 11 am – 7 pm

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Easter Egg Hunt


All the riches in the world
Maybe glitzy and gold

But not one suffice
This valuable slice 

It is fragile and round
But will need to be found

It has a solid outside
But oozes on the inside

It could out in the wild
Or at home of a child 

Find it on the miles
The riches which brings smiles

Send your friends and family your easter egg clues with our lastest editions of Tulisan’s Hung Pao. Happy Easter Day!






Text by Athina Ibrahim
Product Styling by Athina Ibrahim, Aulia Zharfani, & Hotmaida Nainggolan
Photography by Michał Górzyński

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Dance Presentation: Pepe and The Flying Balloon


Please join us for a special dance presentation of “Pepe and The Flying Balloon” By Melissa Sunjaya as performed by the children of Kampus Diakonia Modern (KDM).

When: 12 December 2014 at 7:00 PM 13 December 2014 at 3:00 PM
Where: Erasmus Huis, H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. S-3, Jakarta 12950
Artistic Direction & Choreography by Lauri Kee Schep & Anne Rooze

Tulisan, Chance to Dance, and Erasmus Huis are proudly teaming up to present a contemporary dance performance by the children of KDM. This special event is a continuation of Tulisan’s ongoing commitment to helping children in need. KDM (Kampus Diakonia Modern) is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing abandoned children from the streets of Jakarta. Since 1972 KDM has annually provided shelter and education to 60-70 neglected children.

Inspired by the creative energy of these children, Tulisan founder Melissa Sunjaya sought to create a simple project that would teach them valuable life skills while creating a product, which through its sales, would be beneficial and self-sustaining. Thus, she created Pepe, the whimsical little doll who stars in his own illustrated adventure, “Pepe and The Flying Balloon.”

Melissa along with her team from Tulisan held special workshops with children at KDM and taught them how to craft the beloved Pepe dolls using Tulisan’s surplus fabric
scraps. To date this project has sold more than 1700 Pepe dolls, earning more than IDR 165,000,000, with all profits benefiting KDM. The sale of each doll, handmade by the children themselves, provides a child at KDM with, a proper meal for five days, a week of schooling, 6 months’ worth of learning materials, or ten visits to the local healthcare center.

In 2013, choreographers Lauri Kee Schep and Anne Rooze, from the Chance to Dance Foundation volunteered at KDM to teach children the fundamentals of contemporary dance. Chance to Dance is a non-profit organization which helps underprivileged children to realize their dreams of dancing. Chance to Dance believes that through dance children are able to build their self-esteem, improve their self-confidence, and master teamwork. They believe that all children deserve the opportunity to dance. After two months of practicing with children from KDM the results were phenomenal: dancing, just like Pepe, had given the children confidence and hope. Thus the idea to join forces with Tulisan and merge the charitable projects evolved and soon the children and their choreographers had created a special rendition of “Pepe and the Flying Balloon” for all to enjoy!

– Tulisan Chronicles Team


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Tulisan x Anomali: The Art of Coffee


After months of keeping our mouths sealed tight with this secret collaboration. We can finally announce the release of  The Art of Coffee.  This project stemed from the founding artist Melissa Sunjaya‘s compulsory morning ritual in having a cup of ‘Picollo’ from Anomali. Understanding the level of dedication Anomali has recreated in coffee brewing the best of Indonesia’s nature to the public’s attention. This collaborative effort works seamlessly with the ideas of celebrating our local abundant resources through a sense of whimsy which Tulisan always dreams upon.

The Art of Coffee is the first collaborative effort by Tulisan and Anomali to promote the wealth of resources in Indonesia. Inspired by the collective effort in promoting sustainability of operations, The Art of Coffee honors the artisanal craftmanship of its product by treasuring the genuine connection towards nature, communities, and the arts.


Anomali and Tulisan strives on the same ideals of improving quality of its product by using sustainable methods to foster a healthier environment and a fair working condition. Both Tulisan and Anomali invest time in training and employing artisans in Indonesia to establish a product of quality.


Anomali works directly with the coffee growers from each region of Indonesia. The coffee beans are handpicked and roasted to perfection in order to give the best flavor and aroma.


By operating fairly and ethically with the finest artisanal craftsmanship from Indonesia, we hope to present an honest creation of art for people to enjoy.


The Art of Coffee are available in these three gift sets:

1. 6 kind of 200g coffee beans and a special edition Tulisan tea towel: IDR 450,000/-
2. Drip glass, coffee server, filters, latte shaker, coffee tumblr, 200 mg coffee beans, Special edition Tulisan tea towel: IDR 785,000/-
3. French Press, latte shaker, Coffee Tumblr, Special edition Tulisan tea towel: IDR 965,000/-

All these sets are available at all Anomali Jakarta outlets and at Tulisan Darmawangsa Square Flagship Store.

– Tulisan Chronicles Team 

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Happy Halloween!

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An eye for a scream and a tooth for a sweet
Haunting down the streets for a little mistreat
Legends of mystery coming alive from its history
The day of mischief buried in a pool of grief
Daunting harrowing tales leaving children shivering pale
Held once a year dusting days full of cheer
Have a scary ghoulish day!

Are you in for a treat? Or would you dare for a trick?

– Athina Ibrahim

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Sunday Lunch: Beet Hummus with Baby Carrots

BLOG-TUlisan-GAB-20140404-007.JPG_effectedI know, we’ve expressed our love of treats here at Tulisan, but under it all we really are on the hunt for the best flavor and health ratio. With that in mind, we’ve whipped this awesome treat!

Not only is it so tasty, with those baby carrots, it’s gluten-free, great for your blood, cholesterol, high in protein and is also a crowd pleaser that will also appeal to your vegan friends!

BLOG--Tulisan-GAB-20140404-017.JPG_effectedSo it’s as simple as this:

-1 1/2 cups Beetroot, peeled, cubed and roasted until soft
1 can Organic Beets

-1 1/2 cups garbanzo beans soaked and boiled
1 14oz can garbanzo beans

– juice of 1 lemon

– 2-3 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

– 1 tbsp Organic Tahini

– sea salt to taste

– 1-2 cloves roasted garlic
– feta crumbles (Non-Vegan Option)

Toss is all in a blender.

BLOG--TUlisan-GAB-20140404-014.JPG_effectedWe used some organic baby carrots to dip. You can use a toothpick to poke some deep holes into the top of the carrots and the cilantro fits perfectly!

This is also really tasty with warm pita bread, pretzel chips, or any other array of fresh veggies! AND, if you have leftovers, use this instead of mayo in your sandwiches!
BLOG-Tulisan-GAB-20140404-009.JPG_effectedBon Appetit!

xx Gabbie

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The Last Hurrah & More…

FB ProfileAs Spring is around the corner, we are preparing to put winter behind us, but not before we release the VIth and Final Delivery of the FW 13/14 collection of the Marigold Knit: Smokey Plum and Fuchsia Fantasia. Smokey Plum and Fuchsia Fantasia are the perfect transitional pieces to move from Winter to Spring, with colors just bright enough to evoke the spring spirit but subtle enough so you’re not dreaming of summer before spring even sets in!


We also know since we released the collection in October, many of you have been just dying to get your hands on the Journalist Tote (Trust us, we have been waiting rather impatiently here too!) Well people, the time is now!

Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset

On Wednesday, March 19, 2014, we will be releasing both the Fuchsia Fantasia and the Smokey Plum plus the Journalist Tote in 12 colorways! We will be serving tea and some cookies to anyone who stops by from 9AM until closing, and Melissa Sunjaya will be around from 1-3PM for signings!

BLOG-VI--Delivery-1So many options!!! We’re so confused about what to choose. What are your most excited about?
See you Wednesday.
xx Tulisan Team

P.S. Don’t forget that if you can’t join us in the store that you can order online at shop@tulisan.com AND that orders within Indonesia enjoy FREE shipping! 

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Bibliofiles: The Species of Spaces and Other Pieces

perec2Breakfast on Tuesday.  8:14 a.m.  Warm toast.  Salted butter.  Milk forming lazy swirls atop the dark coffee in my cup.  The butter takes precisely 1 minute 47 seconds to dissolve into a salty puddle (which is just the way I like it).

These are the little things that you begin to take notice of after reading Georges Perec’s Species of Spaces and Other Pieces.  This book is a collection of the author’s essays and articles translated from his native French into English.  Even in its translated state each passage retains the author’s signature word play and his passion for the artifacts and instances that form and inform the everyday experience.

It is perhaps no surprise that a man who held a full-time job as an archivist in a science laboratory for all but a few years of his adult life would be infatuated with observing and classifying what he encounters.  What is surprising is that this same man was a key member of the OUvroir de LItterature POtentielle (commonly referred to as OuLiPo).  This collective of writers and mathematicians focused on word games and the use of formal constraints in literature, a practice that Perec wrote about with a deft gift for examining the mundane (or infra-ordinary as he would say) and extracting meaning from its seemingly drab façade.

Perec’s writing grapples mainly with examining, questioning, and occasionally solving life’s micro mysteries.  He writes:

“To question the habitual.  But that’s just it, we’re habituated to it.  We don’t question it, it doesn’t question us, it doesn’t seem to pose a problem, we live it without thinking, as if it carried within it neither questions nor answers, as if it weren’t the bearer of any information.  This is no longer even conditioning, it’s anesthesia.  We sleep through our lives in a dreamless sleep.”


To avoid this dreamless sleep, Perec urges his readers to fully and thoughtfully examine their everyday habits and surroundings.  By perpetually observing, questioning, comparing, and analyzing what we take for granted, we learn about ourselves as individuals as well as a society.  To help the process along throughout the text he offers up several simple exercises.  With each assignment the author advocates you to “force yourself to see more flatly” for in doing so you are able to detect and deduce more information.  Where the eyes and mind are more attracted to the grandiose, out-of-the-ordinary, salacious, attractive and/or unusual, this is not where essential information is established or where fundamental questions are initiated.

It’s a refreshing perspective that transforms the backdrop to our lives into the stage on which we dwell.  It’s no wonder that Kerri Smith, author of the wildly popular interactive journals, Mess, Wreck this Journal, and Tear Up This Book (among others) has listed Perec’s Species of Spaces and Other Pieces as one of her all time favorite books.  It’s at once avant-garde and very down to earth.  Georges Perec manages to pair the cogent sensibilities of an adult with the precious imagination of a child, all the while encouraging his readers to do the same.

So, in the spirit of the book I have an assignment for you.  Don’t worry, you won’t be graded!  I ask that you take a perfectly timed ten minutes to sit somewhere in public (on the steps outside your apartment, in a coffee shop, on a bench in a mall) and document every single sound you hear.  For extra credit you can classify the noises you hear into arbitrary categories of your own design.  Most importantly after paying full attention to what would otherwise go unnoticed, what did you come away with?

~Melany Zwartjes


**Up next from our bookshelf:  Born Under a Lucky Moon:  A Novel by Dana Precious.  Let’s delve into this engaging and quirky story of family, love, scandal, and new beginnings!

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Kopi Asli Indonesia: Anomali Coffee & Promoting Indonesian Coffee

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetHere at Tulisan, our coffee ritual is on the verge of sacred. Like clockwork, every morning, lunch and afternoon, someone is basking in their coffee, and like fingerprints, and snowflakes, the art, and preparation is different for all of us. Between Nescafe, Nespresso, Starbucks and Ibu Didi’s Bali Coffee, it’s everywhere.

That said, hands down one of our favorites is Anomali Coffee, Kopi Asli Indonesia. We all have an Anomali love story, of our first love at first sip.

image_7Anomali’s goal and title, Kopi Asli Indonesia, aims to present Indonesian coffee to the world. From a brand taking its’ inspiration from Indonesia’s vibrant culture, and geography and with the same goal, introducing what Indonesia has to offer to the world, Anomali is one more muse, and reason for us to be proud. Although Indonesia is the 4th largest producer of coffee in the world (and 3rd for Robusta), countries like Ethiopia and Costa Rica are still one of the first choices for a cup of Java (hello! JAVA, like Javanese, like the Indonesian Island, perhaps it’s just me but it wasn’t until I came here that it clicked). Because Indonesia is known most for it’s Robusta coffee, it is assumed that Indonesia does not have high quality Arabica varieties to offer. Anomali is out to set this story straight.


image_3With their brick covered walls crawling with ivy, warm lighting, funky vintage chairs and tables, the sack covered trays, and their beautiful packaging, it’s really just the perfect place to go to work, for a business meeting, to think, read a book or just daydream.

Let’s not forget the mention the most IMPORTANT part. We just go ga-ga over the quality of the coffee. Their baristas go through an extensive training, and their single origins are truly decadent and just SO smooth. Just like a fine wine, you truly taste all the notes from each variety, and it’s genuine to the legendary deep body and low acidity attributed to Indonesian coffee. Not to mention, the coffee is roasted onsite. I lived in Seattle, one of the coffee drinking capitals of the world, home the the infamous Starbucks, and it wasn’t until Anomali, that I became hooked.

image_2 image_5So next time you grab your cup of Java, remember that you can also have a fabulous cup of Papua, Bali or my favorite, Sumatra Mandheling (…or many many more).

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Until the next time, we’ll be daydreaming & people watching over our cup of coffee.


xx Gabbie

PS. There are a few other wonderful Indonesian Coffee companies with similar missions of promoting high-quality, sustainable Indonesian coffee. Below there are a few links of some of them!

Morph Coffee
Kopi Kopi NYC
Jakarta Coffee House

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Loving you all year long: A DIY Gift from the heart

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DSCF2822-topWith Pink and Red hearts plastered all over town, it’s hard to forget that Valentine’s day is approaching fast.

Romantics as we are, we love any excuse to love but as we started thinking about Valentine’s Day gifts for our lovers, and friends we started thinking about gifts that last longer than just a dinner, or date. We are not suggesting that the romantic dinner is unwanted. Candlelit dinner…uh YES, PLEASE! but love is more than just that dinner, and sometimes the off moments are when we need to know most.

So here is a suggestion for a long lasting, funny, cute and handmade, DIY gift that doesn’t take too long to make!

Open when… Cards.

DSCF2841Create as few or as many as you like, and put it somewhere your lover, or you can easily reach, and use them all year long.

They are super easy to make.

DSCF2818All you need are:

Small envelopes
Blank Cards/paper

We chose to put quirky little sayings, but make as personal as you want or make it simpler by doing away with the doodles.

Pair it with these sweet treats: Box of Love Homemade Banana Bread all wrapped up for the occasion.
DSCF2812-2Box of Love Homemade Banana Bread available at our Darmawangsa Square Shop for IDR 100.000/-


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Sunday Lunch: Sweetheart Strawberry Popsicles

DSCF2071 copy.jpg_effected-001With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we wanted to whip up a festive and yummy treat that is great for a big party or just a couple enjoying a night together.

DSCF2060 copy.jpg_effected

Strawberries forever scream ROMANCE in my books (ok, they remind me of summer and strawberry picking too, but that’s another story). Cheesecake is one of my favorite desserts. Put the two together, ROMANCE and DESSERT and I’m all ears!

DSCF2040 copy.jpg_effectedGUYS LISTEN CAREFULLLY: If you forgot to make dinner reservations, and you are forced to stay in and cook your lady a meal, we have dessert covered! This recipe is so delicious, easy to make and it will definitely knock her socks off.

It does take a little while, simply because if you don’t have a popsicle mold and you decide to use a funky, vintage fork as the stick like we did, you will need to wait about 3 hours for the pops to solidify just enough to get the fork in to ensure that they stay upright.

DSCF2046 copy.jpg_effectedIngredients:
2 cups Fresh strawberries, washed & de-stemmed (depending on how many popsicles you are making also leave a few strawberries sliced lengthways to add a pretty little feature)
1/2 cup cream cheese
5 tbsp caster sugar
approx. 1 1/2 cups whipped cream (I made mine by whipping about 8oz whipping cream, a splash of vanilla and 1 tsp sugar in the blender)
2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
1 tsp lemon zest

Puree strawberries, cream cheese, lemon juice & zest and the sugar in a blender until smooth.

Gently mix the puree and the whipped cream.

Place slices strawberries at the bottom of your mold (I used a massive ice tray from Crate and Barrel)

Divide the mixture into molds.

Freeze 3 hours, then add fork or stick.

Freeze another 3 hours.

Run the outside of your molds with some warm water to let the popsicles loose.

Serve COLD!

DSCF2081 copy.jpg_effected-002

Bisous xx


Photography by Urip

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Caffeinate Your Skin: A Homemade Coffee Scrub Recipe

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WP_DSCF1885As the new year comes around, many of us make many resolutions: exercise, eat better, impress the boss, get a raise, spend more time with your kids. They are all well intentioned but when it comes down to it, it really just means less beauty ZZZs, unless you put rest more on your list of resolutions of course. 😛

For those of us that did NOT add sleep more to that list, there are a few things that get less and less attention as the year starts picking up speed, one of the first being our skin! Aside from drinking heaps and heaps of water, sometimes we still need a little pick me up after a long week.

My favorite part of 3pm is the little caffeine break I take, a quick Macchiato and bam! I am back the front of the race. Well, it turns out that caffeine works the same way for your skin. DUH?! The magic drink does it again!


So if you’re having a long week, or just feel like a little natural pick me up for your skin, body or face, try this SUPER easy little recipe. I swear by it. The best part is that you probably already have all of the ingredients sitting in your kitchen cupboard!

WP_DSCF1876So here it is:
1 part Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 parts Coffee grounds (a super fine grain like Turkish or Espresso are recommended if you plan to use this for your face)
2 parts Brown Sugar or Palm Sugar.

FOR FACE: I recommend using honey for your face because even the the finest grain sugar can be a little rough for the gentle skin on your face. So try cutting the oil, and substituting it with honey.

WP_DSCF1920Mix it all together. Then scrub!

WP_DSCF1916If you find the combination a little too oily for you, cut down on the oil, and subtitute the remainder of the liquid with honey to wet the grounds and sugar.

I like to do this right before I sleep so I can let the olive oil moisturize my skin after that energizing coffee boost. You know, channelling my inner Greek Goddess!

xx Gabbie 
Photography by Urip

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It’s Here! And you are INVITED!

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release_effected-002Our latest delivery is here and we would love to cordially invite you to the official release party for our Marigold Sangria Red and Nero Jet color ways on Wednesday, January 22, 2014 at our flagship store at Darmawangsa Square. We are open 9AM-9PM

cny3_effected In celebration of the Chinese New Year, we will also be serving tea and homemade banana bread and chocolate oatmeal cookies. The delicious homemade banana bread and chocolate oatmeal cookies will also be available for sale in their own festive attire, and ready to be gifted. Don’t forget we have a limited edition print of Ang Paos, specially designed by Melissa Sunjaya, for the year of the horse.

cny4_effected cny1_effected

Melissa will be available for signings from 9AM to 3PM.

cny release_effected-001We hope you will join us on this joyous occassion as our Marigold Nero Jet and Red Sangria are just waiting to be yours. Gong Xi Fa Cay!

cny2_effectedFor more info, please leave us a comment, give us a call at +62 (0)21  7278 0235 or send us an email at shop@tulisan.com

xx The Tulisan Team

Photography by Urip. 

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